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6-6, 269Born: 11-1-1988College: Grambling StateDrafted: ---

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Game Recaps

2016 Week 1 vs DAL (2 / 1 / 15 / 1 rec)

Larry Donnell made only one catch but at least it was for a touchdown. Donnell is clearly the more talented tight end in this offense but is very inconsistent with his game. Donnell did score from the red zone on an excellent read from his quarterback. Donnell exploded off the line on a seam route and got behind his out-of-position defender while turning around to secure the catch in bounds. Donnell was invisible for the remainder of the game however and really was not relied upon for big plays when the Giants needed them. Donnell has size and speed but his hands and route running are average, which leads to inconsistent fantasy production. He belongs on the bench in deep leagues and waiver wire in shallow leagues.

2016 Week 2 vs NO (5 / 4 / 24 / 0 rec)

Larry Donnell managed only 4 grabs for modest gains as Manning focused on getting the ball to his wide receivers. Donnell got several curl and out patterns against the defense but wasn't able to turn these into big plays. Donnell took a big hit after a short grab but held on well as he lost his footing. Donnell was targeted in the endzone but failed to come up with the high ball and got lost in the shuffle after these early targets. Donnell will struggle to compete with talented receivers like Shepard, Beckham jr and Cruz. Manning likes the big tight end as an endzone target but production has always been highly inconsistent from a fantasy perspective. He should remain on the bench at best until it is clear that he can produce in this offense as it is currently set up.

2016 Week 6 vs BAL (7 / 6 / 34 / 0 rec)

Larry Donnell got his hands on 6 balls but most of these were very short passes that left little room to work with. Donnell is a large target and gave Manning an easy target to identify. He caught a lot of curl patterns over the middle and made the most of any room with yards after the catch. Donnell has typically been a strong redzone candidate for Manning but the Giants didn't look his way in this game. Beckham jr. also stole the show with 2 touchdowns that left little else to go around for guys like Donnell.

2016 Week 7 vs LA (3 / 1 / 8 / 0 rec)

Larry Donnell had a very poor game and should not be owned in fantasy leagues. Donnell fumbled his very first catch in this game, a catch & run over the middle where he had the ball jarred loose by a defender. Donnell has had a rough time holding onto the ball so far this year and this won't help his production moving forward. The Giants aren't likely to give the tight end much more work as a result, stay away.

2015 Week 1 vs DAL (4 / 3 / 21 / 0 rec)

Larry Donnell was used very sparingly on Sunday as a receiving option and was competing with Daniel Fells at the tight end position. Donnell got targeted on mostly quick out patterns at the line of scrimmage, to pick up first downs in key situations. Donnell got only 3 catches as the Giants spread the ball a lot and had a few takeaways on defense which reduced their number of possessions of the football. Donnell has somewhat of a name value as a player but should not be played as a fantasy option anytime soon. He hasn't produced much in recent games and the Giants have strength at receiver, which they will always have to prioritize.

2015 Week 2 vs ATL (6 / 4 / 28 / 1 rec)

Larry Donnell had a nice game for the Giants on Sunday as he struggles to stay relevant in this offense. Donnell was open in the endzone in the second quarter but failed to adjust to a pass thrown by Manning in his direction. However, Manning came right back to Donnell the very next play and threw a perfectly placed ball in front of him on a post route for the score. Donnell has shown questionable hands in the past with drops and double catching but caught this ball very well. Donnell got his hands on some shorter routes late in the game with curl and quick outs from Manning but ended the game on a poor note as he failed to haul in a catchable seam pass from Manning on the final drive. Donnell has shown to be a redzone threat in his short career and the Giants may lean on him in the future if given the opportunity but his production is not very consistent. Start him if you must.

2015 Week 3 vs WAS (6 / 3 / 32 / 0 rec)

Donnell had a somewhat disappointing performance as a lot of plays were left on the field for the tight end. Donnell got his hands on a quick out pattern early in the game and ran mostly short patterns in the first half. Donnell was open in the redzone on a slant pattern but Manning misfired and missed him, which was unfortunate as Donnell would have had an excellent opportunity to score after the catch. Donnell was open again the redzone on a slant pattern but he dropped the pass as a Redskins player was waiting nearby, though there would have been enough time to secure the ball and brace for impact. Donnell did break free on a nice seam pattern downfield after play action, going uncontested for the catch and picking up a big first down. Donnell can't seem to put together complete games and showed promise but a lack of execution with his dropped pass.

2015 Week 4 vs BUF (7 / 5 / 38 / 0 rec)

Larry Donnell wasn't able to score a touchdown or contribute much on Sunday as the Giants relied upon their receivers and backs to get the job done. Donnell was not targeted very often but did manage to catch 3 passes. Donnell's first catch was a simple out pattern that left him no room to run after the short catch. Donnell then got wide open on corner route after play action froze the defense and allowed a big first down through the air. Donnell's last catch was a simple out pattern in the flat but Donnell managed to outrun his defender to the sideline before turning upfield for a relatively big gain after the catch. Donnell did not see much action as a redzone threat as Manning was successful throwing to his receivers and Donnell hasn't been very reliable as a pass catcher with his hands looking questionable at times. He can still be started as a low end option vs. a good match up if needed (better in PPR leagues) but expectations should be low as his production is not consistent.

2015 Week 5 vs SF (7 / 6 / 35 / 1 rec)

Larry Donnell was having a relatively quiet and underproductive night against the 49ers on Sunday until the final drive. Donnell got his hands on mostly quick out patterns and short curls over the middle, often merely check down plays which afforded Donnell very little room to work with. Manning tried to hit Donnell in the redzone early but the pass was overthrown and out of reach. Donnell got his hands on 5 balls up until this point but had little yards to show for it as he was tackled very quickly after most of his receptions. Donnell stepped up and was asked to make a terrific play on a pass from Eli on the final play for the Giants. Manning threw a high pass on a seam route for Donnell who made a perfect adjustment to the ball and gripped it very tightly with just his fingers initially. Donnell did a great job also to hang onto the ball throughout the process despite him not having a perfect grip, which we have seen many NFL players struggle with.

2015 Week 6 vs PHI (5 / 3 / 29 / 0 rec)

Larry Donnell only had 3 catches and made a lot of costly errors for his team. Donnell started off well as he picked up passes over the middle of the field and caught them well in stride. Ball security plagued him again however as he lost the ball to an interception as an Eagle linebacker wrestled the pass away from him after he tried to secure it. Donnell was also targeted down the field on a go route near the sideline with a perfectly placed ball but he let it slip through his fingers. Donnell did not do himself any favours and Manning may struggle to trust the young tight end who can't seem to replicate solid performances back to back.

2015 Week 7 vs DAL (5 / 4 / 18 / 0 rec)

Larry Donnell accomplished very little in the passing game on Sunday but the entire Giant passing game was kept quiet for the most part. Donnell got his hands on some passes early in the game but then quickly was forgotten about. Donnell caught some a few out patterns and slants over the middle and picked up decent yards. Donnell was also targeted in the redzone on a quick slant out pattern but there was no room to run after the short pick up. The Giants began to lean heavily on the run and Donnell simply got very few looks from Manning down the field. The pass protection issues were a factor in the redzone, where Donnell has shown up before. The Giants relied on other areas of the team to win this game and Donnell was simply not asked to do a lot, though he was on the field for a lot of plays.

2015 Week 8 vs NO (1 / 1 / 22 / 0 rec)

Larry Donnell made one spectacular catch in this game but then left the game with an injury and got only one legitimate target. Donnell got his hands a seam route in the redzone and made a terrific play on the ball to come down with it. Donnell was touched down 1 yard shy of the goal line unfortunately and didn't see the field much after that. The hot/cold tight end streak continues for this talented but somewhat unreliable young player.

2014 Week 1 vs DET (8 / 5 / 56 / 1 rec)

Larry Donnell might have had his somewhat breakout game against Detroit on Monday as he caught 5 passes including a touchdown pass. It looked like Manning and Donnell developed chemistry throughout the offseason and the Giants offense featured the tight end often. Donnell's first catch was a big catch down the seam from Manning who threw it perfectly in stride for Donnell who was able to hang onto the pass despite being flipped upside down from the tackle. Donnell got a pass thrown his way on a corner route in the endzone which he was able to get his hands on but unfortunately placed his foot just out of bounds and the pass was ruled incomplete. The Giants clearly liked the matchup however and the size advantage that was present as Manning threw a high fade pattern up for grabs to Donnell who was able to secure the score more easily the second time. Donnell got another big play down the middle on a post pattern from Manning as he got a free release at the line of scrimmage and found the soft spot in the zone coverage to haul in the big first down. Donnell and Manning had some miscommunication however late in the game. Manning threw his way while Donnell was running a different route and the ball hit his leg before being tipped into the air just enough for a Detroit linebacker to pick it off. Donnell found a soft spot in zone coverage again later in the game on a short seam pattern up the middle to pick up another big first down to keep the offense alive. Donnell looked dangerous and was able to get open often against Detroit and the Giants targeted the young tight end often so perhaps this performance was not a fluke and a possible indication that the Giants found a new weapon.

2014 Week 2 vs ARI (9 / 7 / 81 / 0 rec)

Larry Donnell was the leading receiver for New York on Sunday and he looked like Manning's favorite target. Donnell showed he is not a one game wonder and made a lot of big time catches against Arizona. Donnell used his size early to catch a slant pattern over the middle and then caught a big gain on a screen pass down the sideline. Donnell has an excellent catch radius and showcased this by grabbing very high passes over his head while making it look easy. Donnell also had a terrific diving catch over the middle on a deep in breaking route, holding onto the pass despite taking a big hit. Donnell had a big catch and run on an out pattern but this was negated by a holding penalty. He has a terrific ability to catch the football and caught another high pass from Manning using just his finger tips. Donnell was not a factor in the redzone as the Giant had too few plays in the redzone, but we saw last week that he can be a factor on the goal line. Donnell is slowly developing into a legitimate weapon for Manning and one that is sorely needed right now in New York. He caught a wide variety of short and medium patterns against Arizona and uses his excellent concentration and catch radius to snag everything thrown his way.

2014 Week 3 vs HOU (6 / 6 / 45 / 0 rec)

Larry Donnell had somewhat of a quieter game against Houston Texans, though made some nice plays when called upon. His day started off poorly however, which may have damaged Manning's or the coach's confidence in the young player. Donnell got a quick out in the redzone and turned upfield but a defender dislodged the football with a well placed hit and it was subsequently lost. The Giants then began to feature running back Jennings heavily with the ground attack and there was few opportunities for receivers like Donnell to capitalize upon. Donnell did show good chemistry and timing from Manning, who threw a high ball over the middle for Donnell who outjumped the defense at the right time and secured the ball for an impressive first down. Donnell also showed excellent hands with a finger tip catch on an out route, securing the ball well in time to get a lot of yards after catch. Donnell accomplished little else however, as the Giants leaned heavily on the rushing attack while Manning focused a lot of his attention on Cruz in the passing game.

2014 Week 4 vs WAS (8 / 7 / 54 / 3 rec)

Larry Donnell had another huge performance for the Giants on Thursday and was a touchdown machine against the redskins. Donnell has a very big frame to work with and he routinely boxes out defenders when fighting for the football thanks to his size. Donnell's first touchdown catch came on a seam route from Manning. Manning threw the pass high and away from the defender perfectly, which allowed Donnell enough room to leap and snag the pass away from the defender. Donnell took a big hit as he caught a pass over the middle after play action but showed toughness and concentration to hang onto the pass regardless. Donnell was left completely open on the goal line for his second touchdown on a post route as the defender looked lost in coverage. Donnell used his free release to create big separation and Manning found the big tight end easily. Donnell's third touchdown came thanks to very savvy route running by the youngster. Donnell faked a move inside on the goal line before running a fade pattern and jumping high to catch another high ball from Manning. Donnell repeatedly used his frame to his advantage against smaller defenders and caught high passes from Manning all game long. The tight end has exceptional hands also and made difficult grabs look very routine while showing off an impressive catch radius.

2014 Week 5 vs ATL (1 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Larry Donnell did not register a single catch in a very surprising performance against the Falcons. Eli Manning simply did not look at the tight end much when progressing through his reads and Donnell had to take a backseat on Sunday. Donnell was targeted rarely and did not seem to be a feature player. The Giants also found great success with rookie receiver Beckham and the ground game was also a big focus which didn't help Donnell's fantasy production. The Falcons secondary was vulnerable throughout and Manning connected well with his receivers and did not have to rely on Donnell at any point. This game is sure to be simply a minor setback for Donnell who previously looked very impressive.

2014 Week 6 vs PHI (2 / 1 / 6 / 0 rec)

Larry Donnell only managed one catch on Sunday night as his cold streak continues for at least another week. Donnell was a victim of poor Giants pass protection for Manning and the entire offense never found rhythm. Donnell was targeted in the redzone a few times but only had one decent shot at a touchdown. Donnell made a terrific one handed grab on a pass thrown behind him over the goal line but a holding penalty for the Giants erased this impressive play. Donnell was invisible for a large part of this game as Manning rarely had time to look downfield and had to rush most of his throws in passing situations. The pass rush for Philadelphia was overpowering at times and Donnell had very few passes thrown his direction.

2014 Week 7 vs DAL (7 / 7 / 90 / 0 rec)

Donnell rebounded from a quiet Week 6 in this game against Dallas. He made a highlight reception with a full-extension catch down the seam. His athleticism continues to be a difference-maker in the middle of the field against linebackers. Despite the strong numbers, two fumbles marred his otherwise excellent game. As Donnell was twisting to convert a third down after the catch, he was stripped. That turnover staked Dallas in field goal range early in the fourth quarter as the game began to slip away. Donnell padded his stats with two receptions in garbage time, the second of which he was stripped again. The lost fumble ended the game as the Giants were soundly defeated in the second half on the road.

2014 Week 9 vs IND (8 / 4 / 25 / 1 rec)

Larry Donnell was not a factor in this game while it was still competitive and his production has dropped off massively from where it was earlier in the season. The entire Giant offense struggled on Monday night and Donnell was a victim of the offensive woes in the first half. Donnell started the game off with a few targets and hauled in a slant over the middle early for a first down. Manning tried to find Donnell down the field but he was covered well and the pass would have had to have been perfect. Donnell caught another short pass but was largely forgotten about as the game progressed. He did manage to score a touchdown but this could be considered as garbage time as the game was out of hand. Donnell ran a corner route in the endzone and made a diving catch for a well placed pass from Manning for the score. Donnell and the entire offense struggled to get a lot of targets apart from Beckham Jr. and the inconsistencies that exist with the Giants offensively look to continue as they are unable to repeat good performances.

2014 Week 10 vs SEA (6 / 4 / 26 / 0 rec)

Larry Donnell was a mere role player in this offense once again on Sunday and has accomplished very little in recent weeks in the passing game. Donnell got his hands on some passes but they were always short and for minimal gains through the air. Donnell was open on a seam route near the endzone but Manning was not accurate enough and it was broken up. This was by far Donnell's biggest opportunity to score as he only managed some curl routes for the rest of the game and never looked threatening. Manning's attention seemed to be focused on Beckham for most of the game and Donnell was an afterthought at best. Donnell has shown flashes as a nice redzone target in this offense but has failed to score in recent weeks. The Giants were rarely in the Seattle endzone, especially in the second half. Manning also looked down the field often at his wide receivers and needed big plays throughout the game to keep up with Seattle which further hurt Donnell's production.

2014 Week 11 vs SF (6 / 3 / 54 / 1 rec)

Larry Donnell had only three catches on Sunday but he made them count as he was the only Giant player to score a touchdown in the game. Donnell scored in the first quarter on a seam route play up the middle of the defense. Manning used play action to disguise the play which allowed Donnell to run free and haul in a perfectly thrown pass over the shoulder. Donnell was open later in the half on a corner route against the sideline but Manning overthrew him by a lot and it fell incomplete. Donnell made a terrific catch down the field on a go route from Manning. Manning heaved a pass towards Donnell who out leapt the defender in coverage and secured the pass at its highest point, showing excellent hands and concentration on the play despite the defender also being flagged for interference. Donnell caught a short out for minimal yards in the second half and almost scored as time was running out. Manning threw a fade pass for Donnell in the corner of the endzone which he was able to get his hands on but unfortunately could not secure it in time and it fell incomplete. Donnell seems to have returned as a redzone threat for New York and had decent production as tight end, though it was disappointing he did not score in the endzone on the fade play.

2014 Week 12 vs DAL (4 / 2 / 24 / 0 rec)

Larry Donnell managed only two grabs on Sunday and was mostly invisible throughout the game. Donnell didn't make a catch until the fourth quarter. Manning focused most of his attempts on Beckham and Donnell hasn't been a feature player in weeks for the Giants. Donnell secured a nice first down over the middle on a pass that was thrown into a very tight window in heavy traffic. Donnell hauled in another short grab to the outside for a minimal gain. Eli Manning then missed him on a short pass due to a highly inaccurate ball. Donnell did not even have the most receiving yards amongst Giant tight ends on Sunday night and his production has been somewhat poor over last 2 months. Beckham jr. has become the focal point of the offense and there is often little else to go around for the rest of the team. Donnell is talented and the Giants don't have elite talent at tight end but his production is highly inconsistent and not reliable as a fantasy option.

2014 Week 13 vs JAX (7 / 5 / 55 / 0 rec)

Larry Donnell started off this game with some excellent plays. Donnell got good separation from his defender on an out route towards the sideline and caught a well thrown pass from Manning for a nice first down. Donnell then got wide open on a deep seam route and Manning found him for a big catch and run. Donnell could have potentially scored a touchdown if the pass was thrown in front of Donnell and in stride. Donnell grabbed another short out play from Manning on a rollout play but then had a very costly fumble. Donnell caught a short pass on the outside from Manning but lost the ball as he was tackled low and the Jaguars scored a touchdown on the return. Donnell dropped a curl route pass later in the fourth quarter also and didn't have much other input into this game. Donnell shows flashes every now and again but he's not consistently productive for the Giants and they do not use him enough. The fumble was a bad mistake but it was a fluke as Donnell does not fumble regularly.

2014 Week 14 vs TEN (7 / 4 / 28 / 0 rec)

Larry Donnell had another relatively unproductive game for the Giants despite being the most targeted tight end in this offense currently. Manning targeted Beckham a lot on Sunday and the Giants ran the ball very well which played a part in the mediocre production. Donnell caught a short out in the redzone and turned upfield for more yards but unfortunately was stopped just 2 yards shy of the goal line. Manning tried to connect with Donnell in the back of the endzone on a jump ball situation but the pass was far too high, possibly deliberately so. Donnell got another quick out route pass and managed to pick up the first down, getting around his defender enough for the necessary yards. Donnell had another catch in the redzone later in the second half but slipped as he tried to turn upfield. Manning tried to connect with Donnell on a seam route late in the game but the pass was dropped by Donnell and almost picked off after it fell out of his hands. Donnell cannot complete with Beckham jr. in this offense it seems and is unreliable for fantasy owners. If the Giants run the ball and Manning's pass attempts are somewhat limited, receivers like Donnell will struggle to produce in this offense as the bulk of the attempts go Beckham's way.

2014 Week 15 vs WAS (2 / 2 / 11 / 0 rec)

Larry Donnell only managed two catches on Sunday as his role shrinks even smaller in this offense. Donnell ran mostly short routes against the redskins and both of his catches were small gains on hitch plays. Donnell made an impressive catch short over the middle as he took a huge hit from a waiting defender but managed to retain possession of the ball to secure the catch. Donnell was mostly invisible for the rest of the game however as Beckham jr. stole the show again. Donnell has shown promise as a deep threat for New York but the Giants rarely involve him recently in the passing game. Donnell has become almost irrelevant in fantasy as his numbers are too low and the entire passing offense has been taken over by Beckham jr.

2014 Week 16 vs STL (5 / 4 / 42 / 0 rec)

Larry Donnell did not have many targets on Sunday against the Rams but did provide a small spark in the passing game with a big play on the sideline. Donnell got free down the field and Manning floated a tall pass his direction, which he caught despite the fact it was somewhat underthrown. Donnell appeared to lose control of the ball after he hit the ground but the play stood as he was ruled down by contact. Donnell got his hands on several other out patterns from Manning but these were for minimal gains as the defense swarmed him quickly before he could turn upfield. Donnell did have one drop on a short pass from Manning as he was trying to escape pressure but the gain would have been small even if caught. Donnell has made some down the field catches for New York this season but the consistency is not there as he contributes little else on the field. He is not athletic enough to convert short gains into big ones but does a good job hauling in high passes from Manning on intermediate/deep routes.

2014 Week 17 vs PHI (6 / 2 / 26 / 0 rec)

Larry Donnell had a highly disappointing game on Sunday that left a lot of big potential plays on the field. Donnell was open on a go route as he got a step ahead of his defender but Manning overthrow Donnell in the redzone that would have resulted in a touchdown. Donnell then dropped an easy pass on a post route from Manning that failed to move the chains for the Giants. Donnell was open again in the endzone but the pass was thrown too far in front of the tight end and fell incomplete. Donnell did not have difficulty getting open but didn't look very confident as a receiver when the pass was thrown his way. The Chemistry with Manning was also not good as a lot of passes fired his direction were off target by a yard or two.