WR Victor Cruz - Free Agent

6-0, 200Born: 11-11-1986College: MassachusettsDrafted: ---

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Game Recaps

2016 Week 1 vs DAL (4 / 4 / 34 / 1 rec)

Victor Cruz had a very strong performance against the Cowboys and looked like the old Victor Cruz. He was quick, able to gain separation and still possessed his incredibly reliable pair of hands. Cruz had a few short balls to the outside which resulted in minimal gains for the Giants but appeared to give him the confidence boost that he can still compete. Cruz unravelled over the middle against the Dallas secondary on a crossing pattern and picked up a huge first down. Cruz later secured his first touchdown of the season from the redzone. Cruz was given time to work his way around defenders and ran away from coverage to get open in the back of the endzone to give fantasy owners the long awaited salsa dance. Cruz wasn't targeted as much as Beckham jr. but showed very promising signs that he can still contribute a lot to this team. His quickness and route running was on form and looked like a threat to the Dallas secondary anytime he touched the ball.

2016 Week 2 vs NO (8 / 4 / 91 / 0 rec)

Victor Cruz continues his comeback season with another impactful performance, though he was unfortunate not to get more out of this game. Cruz was targeted early on a slant inside but lost the ball was he went down to the ground, failing to secure it. Cruz showed excellent speed and route running hauling in a quick pass to the outside before racing down the sideline for a big gain. Unfortunately Cruz didn't see a defender come from behind late and he lost the ball as a fumble during the process. Cruz was also unlucky not to score in the redzone on a quick out route from Manning as the pass was tipped at the line of scrimmage. Cruz had another ball jarred loose from a defender as he looked to have caught a deep fade pass from Manning. Cruz made up for these mishaps with an unbelievable catch which sealed the game. Cruz was well covered by the Saints corner on a streak pattern deep but outfought the defender at the highest point and wrestled the pass away for a big gain. Cruz showed some mental lapses which was unusual for the receiver but his talent level as a playmaker has not diminished despite his absence.

2016 Week 3 vs WAS (3 / 3 / 70 / 0 rec)

Victor Cruz had a quiet day of three catches with the longest one going for thirty-seven yards. These types of days can become more often as Victor lines up outside more frequently than year's past. Playing as Eli's main safety valve and zone buster isn't primarily his duty anymore as the rookie Sterling Shepard helps as well.

2016 Week 4 vs MIN (9 / 5 / 50 / 0 rec)

Victor Cruz was held in check for this game but still managed to outproduce his fellow wide receivers on the stat sheet. Cruz was only able to get his hands on short-intermediate routes as the Giants offense struggled to push the ball down the field throughout the game. Cruz was solid at picking up small gains on curl routes and in breaking patterns but had to contend with a tight Vikings secondary that prevented many yards after the catch. Cruz was targeted in the redzone on a slant pattern from the slot. He wasn't able to come up with the ball but was flagged for defensive pass interference which helped the Giants secure the score. Cruz has successfully returned to the Giants as a strong contender in the passing game and this outing didn't change much. His talent as a route runner and his quickness has not diminished; his biggest problem as a fantasy option is his competition with Beckham jr and Shepard every week.

2016 Week 5 vs GB (2 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Victor Cruz didn't get a single reception and looked invisible for most of the game, you might think he didn't play. Cruz didn't even get a target from Manning in the first half as the Pack rattled the Giants QB and offensive line. He simply couldn't get any attention from his QB as Greenbay dictated the game with their pass rush. Manning tried to find Cruz deep on a fade pattern but the pass was woefully underthrown and could have been picked off. The Giants simply aren't able to get the ball to guys like Cruz with the way the offense is underperforming currently. He has the talent like we saw in week 1 vs. the Cowboys but he can't do it himself.

2016 Week 6 vs BAL (7 / 3 / 31 / 0 rec)

Victor Cruz tried his best to fight for any ball his way on Sunday but only ended up with 3 balls. The Giants weren't achieving much in the passing game early on and relied heavily upon Beckham jr in the second half. Cruz was open early on a slant pattern but Manning's pass was thrown behind him and it fell incomplete. Cruz then dropped a simple pass outside to the sideline but would have resulted in a minor gain. He was targeted on a deep shot from Manning but the pass was overthrown this time. Cruz almost scored however on a comeback route in the redzone. He got a lot of separation on his break towards the pass but was taken down just yards short. Cruz was arguably open on a redzone slant route but Manning's focus was towards the back of the endzone at that time. Cruz showed he can still get open in this league and has the confidence in his body to perform again but the Giants are not consistently getting him the ball. Fantasy owners should edge on the side of caution and bench him until he at least gets back in the endzone.

2016 Week 7 vs LA (8 / 5 / 55 / 0 rec)

Victor Cruz started his day off poorly with a drop on the outside, taking his eyes off the ball before securing it and failing to pick up a first down. Cruz shook this early mistake off and was the leading receiver for the Giants, though this only took 55 yards. The Giants kept the passing game very short and safe, which gave Cruz little room to threaten a defense down the field. He had a nice diving catch on a low ball to the outside from Manning, showing good concentration. Cruz also made a man miss after catching a slant inside and taking it for a big play down the sideline instead. The Giants ran a lot in the redzone however and this hurt the fantasy production of guys like Cruz. He should be seen as a low number 3 fantasy at best in PPR leagues and should not be started if it can be avoided.

2016 Week 9 vs PHI (1 / 1 / 46 / 0 rec)

Victor Cruz only got one grab on Sunday against the Eagles as he had to leave with an injury he sustained early in the game. Cruz made this catch count however with a big play downfield to set up the Giants in the redzone. He got good separation on a slant and go route deep downfield and was helped with a perfect pass into his hands from Manning. Cruz showed he still has the quickness and speed to get open deep. It was unfortunate to see him leave the game after this splash play but hopefully he will not be out for long.

2016 Week 11 vs CHI (2 / 1 / 48 / 0 rec)

Victor Cruz wasn't able to accomplish much on his return from his injury but did contribute a big splash play late in the game. Cruz drew a holding call early in the game and was occasionally targeted downfield by Manning but the duo struggled to connect. Cruz got open on a broken scramble play down the field from Manning. Manning fired a pass down the sideline on the run for Cruz who had unravelled away from the defense to pick up a massive gain after the catch. Cruz showed nice speed and quickness to separate on this play but he was somewhat invisible for the rest of the game. The Giants leaned heavily on the running game throughout and Cruz has to contend with Shepard and Beckham jr. these days.

2016 Week 12 vs CLE (5 / 1 / 37 / 0 rec)

Victor Cruz was another victim of this bizarre game as he only registered one catch, though it was a big play. Cruz got open deep down the sideline and made a terrific play on the ball to secure it in bounds despite close coverage by the Browns cornerback. He was targeted later in the game on another deep pass but it was poorly thrown and he had no chance to catch it in bounds. Manning spread the ball evenly amongst all receivers not named Beckham jr in this game and Cruz just couldn't get enough looks. He is a somewhat risky play as a #3 receiver as his production is quite inconsistent, only play if desperate. His talent has not diminished as a player but the Giants offense has been somewhat underperforming for most of this season. Beckham jr also demands a lot of attention which hurts the fantasy potential of guys like Cruz.

2016 Week 13 vs PIT (0 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Victor Cruz did not receive any targets in this game, continuing on from the theme of ignored receivers with Shepard avoiding any balls the previous week. The Giants passed the ball for the majority of the time but Manning simply didn't look his way. Beckham jr/Shepard/Tye/Jennings got the vast majority of the targets and guys like Cruz could not get a look in. Fantasy owners should obviously avoid to play Cruz right now at all costs and he can be dropped for better options.

2016 Week 14 vs DAL (4 / 1 / 4 / 0 rec)

Victor Cruz did not get much of a look in on Sunday night and has become irrelevant in this offense in recent weeks. Manning struggled to push the ball downfield and focused on Beckham/Shepard when he was afforded an opportunity. Cruz was an afterthought with very few targets that resulted in only one catch for 4 yards on a quick out. He had a chance at a post route early in the game but the pass was just off target and made it too difficult for Cruz to realistically catch. A defender also stepped in front of a pass intended for him that was picked off late in the game. Cruz has not produced in a long time at this stage for the Giants and can remain on the waiver wire at this point if you can find better options.

2016 Week 15 vs DET (2 / 1 / 29 / 0 rec)

Victor Cruz got one splash play on Sunday but disappeared for most of the rest of the game. This has been typical for Cruz this season unfortunately and he has lost most of his fantasy relevance. Cruz got good separation going deep down the sideline on a go route and hauled in a nice ball before going out of bounds, showing good concentration to secure the catch. He was targeted on another deep sideline pass but had no separation this time on a delayed ball that was fortunate not to be picked off. Cruz has been upstaged by Beckham in recent times and the Giants offense isn't explosive enough to support more than one star, keep him on the waiver wire for now.

2016 Week 16 vs PHI (13 / 8 / 84 / 0 rec)

Victor Cruz had a surprisingly strong game on Thursday despite being largely ignored this season. He displayed strong pair of consistent hands for the most part and was crucial in converting several downs for the Giants. Cruz snagged a terrific over the shoulder grab from Manning deep down the sideline, doing an excellent job to keep his feet in bounds and keep the ball away from the defender. He continued to haul in short curls/outs to keep the Giants moving and had good separation at times from the Eagles defense. He was not targeted in the redzone/endzone much unfortunately and this level of production is more of an anomaly for Cruz this season. Beckham and Shepard are often targeted a lot more than Cruz and he doesn't quite have the same level of speed/youth that they possess, leaving him on the outside. He is still a strong play with his hands and versatility but could be gone from the Giants after this season.

2016 Week 17 vs WAS (4 / 2 / 7 / 0 rec)

Victor Cruz managed only 2 catches for very minor gains as he continues to look almost invisible in this offense. The Giants had an emphasis on the running game which hurt the production of everyone in the passing attack but Cruz has not produced much noteworthy plays this season regardless. Cruz got a short screen pass but was tackled immediately. He then hauled in a short out pattern to secure a first down but accomplished very little otherwise. Cruz is unlikely to remain with the Giants in the offseason as the lack of production this season is glaring. He has enough left in the tank to produce as a low end #2/high #3 receiver somewhere else but his fantasy days as a Giant are over.

2014 Week 1 vs DET (6 / 2 / 24 / 0 rec)

Victor Cruz was quiet in this game by normal standards for him. The Giants and Manning targeted him somwhat often considering the circumstances of the game but the timing and accuracy of some of the passes was subpar. Cruz was targeted early in the game over the middle but was fouled by a defensive back and drew a penalty. Cruz was open on a comeback route in the first half but Manning failed to get enough zip on the pass and it fell short. Cruz was able to haul in a pass down the sideline between two defenders in a tight window however, showing good concentration and hands. Cruz then went go up for a high pass over the middle but lost control of the ball as he took a big hit from a Detroit defender who was waiting. He then also dropped a simple out pattern in the second half and didn't quite look himself in this game. Cruz was open on a rollout down the sideline from Manning but a high lofty pass hung in the air and a defender stepped in front of the pass to pick it off instead. Cruz was targeted often but Manning was under pressure from the Detroit front 7 frequently and this affected a large volume of throws that went his way. This should not continue to damage Cruz's as he remains the biggest threat at WR that the Giants but he needs more help from his teammates going forward.

2014 Week 2 vs ARI (10 / 5 / 60 / 0 rec)

Victor Cruz had a disappointing performance against the Cardinals and won't be pleased with the number of drops he had in the second half. Early in the game Cruz was able to snag some passes over the middle and showed good adjustment to the ball on some slightly off target throws from Manning. Cruz then was able to draw a crucial pass interference penalty that set up the Giants on the 1 yard line which ultimately led to a touchdown. Cruz had three poor drops in the second half however and all came at bad times as the Giants needed every catch to try and stay alive in the game. Cruz let passes sail right throw his hands and failed to control a deep pass on a corner route that he got his finger tips on, though the catch was not an easy play by any means. The Chemistry between himself and Manning was slightly off but there is still no excuse for the drops we saw. Cruz and the Giants offense had few opportunities in the redzone. The offense continues to struggle as turnovers heavily impact the scoring chances for this team and players like Cruz will suffer as a result.

2014 Week 3 vs HOU (6 / 5 / 107 / 1 rec)

Victor Cruz had a very nice game for New York and showed he still has big time play making ability when given enough chances. Cruz only got 5 catches as the Giants leaned heavily on their very effective running game but Cruz made every catch count. His first big play came on a short slant inside as he split the defense and accelerated down the sideline before being caught from behind before he could reach the goal line. Cruz was able to score a much needed touchdown and end his drought also in this game. Cruz caught another medium slant inside as he made one defender miss and then simply outran the safety to the pylon to secure the score. Cruz caught some other simple out and quick slant plays as he becomes a big important piece in this new west coast offense for New York. Cruz doesn't possess elite speed or size as a receiver but he his hands and quickness over the middle allows him to become a very dangerous threat for opposing defenses. He is also a good weapon with the ball in his hands and is good at making the first tackler miss in the open field.

2014 Week 4 vs WAS (10 / 6 / 108 / 0 rec)

Victor Cruz had a great game in the passing attack for New York and was pivotal for Manning as he kept drives alive with crucial first down plays. Cruz dominated the middle of the field at times in typical fashion and made a lot of yards after the catch using his quickness to elude tackles. Cruz got his hands on a lot of slant and option route plays over the middle, showing his reliable hands as he plucked fastballs from Manning. Cruz also hauled in a deep out pattern which really help set up the Giants for a field goal opportunity before the first half ended. Cruz managed to break free from the secondary on a seam route down the middle and would have easily scored a touchdown but the pass from Manning sailed over his head as it was slightly overthrown. Cruz also got his hands on fade pattern pass in the endzone but unfortunately he had just stepped out of bounds after completing the catch which ruled it incomplete. Cruz almost scored again as he hauled in a short pass over the middle from Manning. He eluded the first defender but was taken down by others 1 yard shy of the goal line. Cruz looked very dangerous for New York and played well, despite the fact a lot of plays were left on the field due to slight timing issues between himself and Manning. His quickness/agility and reliable hands was crucial in picking up important first downs for New York over the middle and he showed he still has the speed to threaten deep when called upon.

2014 Week 5 vs ATL (6 / 3 / 22 / 0 rec)

Victor Cruz had a quiet performance on Sunday as Eli Manning got his other teammates more involved in the passing game. Manning spread the ball very well and did not allow Atlanta to focus on any one defender. Cruz got his hands on some short passes and picked up a few first downs when called upon. Cruz was targeted deep by Manning on a fade route near the goal line but an excellent pass break up by the Atlanta secondary caused the ball to fall incomplete. Cruz did have a very impressive grab on a short pass to the outside, using only his finger tips to secure a fastball from Manning. The Giants featured the running game a lot in this game which did not help Cruz's fantasy production. Manning did not have to rely on Cruz for first downs either as the entire offense was clicking. Cruz may become somewhat of a role player in this offense if Beckham and Donnell continue to emerge as big talents for Manning to throw to.

2014 Week 6 vs PHI (3 / 2 / 16 / 0 rec)

Victor Cruz only managed two catches in this game as he ultimately had to leave with an injury. Cruz failed to make an impression in this game and couldn't overcome the bad situation the Giants found themselves in. The pass protection was not good enough and Manning went down often before he had an opportunity to look at players like Cruz. Cruz got in breaking route early in the game and had another short catch in the redzone but got tackled short of the goal line. Cruz' biggest opportunity came on a corner pattern in the endzone. Cruz got open towards the corner and Manning found with a well thrown pass but the pass bounced off his hands as Cruz looked to have sustained an injury on the play. Cruz did not see the field much in the second half as a result and may miss the rest of the season, which would leave a hole in this offense for a younger Giants receiver to attempt to fill.

2013 Week 1 vs DAL (8 / 5 / 118 / 3 rec)

Victor Cruz may have only had 5 catches on Sunday night but he made the most out of every grab and proved to be a vital cog against Dallas. Cruz showed poor concentration on a dropped slant pass early on but quickly shook this off and become a thorn in the Cowboys side. Known for big plays, Cruz blew by two Dallas defensive backs for a long touchdown pass down the field. The defenders were not on the same page schematically and Cruz was allowed to run free for the score. Cruz scored again shortly after on a terrific throw and catch on a post route. Cruz found the soft spot in the Dallas defense over the middle and hauled in the pass before taking a hit. Cruz almost lost the ball as he outstretched his arm to ensure the touchdown but it easily crossed the white paint. Victor Cruz continued his hot streak on a fade route in the corner of the endzone as the Giants mounted a comeback. Cruz got by the defender at the line and created enough separation to the back pylon for Eli Manning to throw a high pass that only Cruz could take advantage of.

2013 Week 2 vs DEN (11 / 8 / 118 / 0 rec)

Victor Cruz was New York's best offensive weapon on a day where New York did not have many great offensive weapons. When New York needed a clutch first down, Cruz was the guy to get open and move the chains. Cruz also had the longest reception of the game by either team, showing off his deep speed on a 51-yard reception down the middle of the field.

2013 Week 3 vs CAR (8 / 3 / 25 / 0 rec)

Cruz had by far the most targets in this offense on Sunday but fantasy owners will be far from pleased at his production. The entire passing unit for the Giants had a dismal performance that struggled to complete any passes throughout the entire game. Eli Manning was under a tremendous amount of pressure which really damaged Cruz's potential for numbers in this game. Cruz was used primarily in his most comfortable role, as a slot receiver catching short passes for the most part but occasionally being used as a deep threat on the outside. Cruz was held to short catches in this game and never had the chance to turn a small play into a big play. Cruz hauled in slants and curls against a defense that was playing somewhat soft/conservative with a lead that they held for almost the entire game. Cruz did have one drop on a slant route and still occasionally lacks attention which leads to a higher number of drops than a receiver of his calibre should have. Cruz did pick up some first downs for his team however and first downs were a rarity on Sunday for the Giants. Cruz caught used his speed and agility on short catches to ensure he got enough for the first down. The Giants were completely out matched however and Cruz wasn't given a chance to blossom in this game. Eli Manning tried to force a pass down the field when times turned desperate but Cruz was covered well and it was simply a prayer.

2013 Week 4 vs KC (16 / 10 / 164 / 1 rec)

Victor Cruz was the only consistent and dangerous threat in Kansas City. Cruz started off his day with an explosive play down the sideline for a touchdown. Cruz used his above average speed to simply blow by the defender as he blazed down the sideline to haul in a perfectly thrown ball in stride for the score. Cruz then began to catch shorter routes and pass plays as the Giants struggle to maintain pass protection. Cruz showed toughness and good hands as he caught many contested balls with defenders all over him. Cruz was also Manning's favorite target on third down and showed clutch nature by getting open on 4th and 2 as the Giants were driving. Cruz also looked dangerous with the ball in his hands, catching passes in space and getting a lot of yards after the catch before getting tackled. Cruz is clearly the #1 wide receiver right now for the Giants as he works the slot and outside positions with incredible quickness and deceptive speed. He was a big play threat on Sunday and can take any play to the house. His production can be hampered at times by the lacklustre performances of his teammates but it was still impressive to see a stat line like his against the Chiefs despite the offensive line struggling as it is.

2013 Week 5 vs PHI (12 / 5 / 48 / 0 rec)

Victor Cruz had a very average performance against Philadelphia on Sunday despite a relatively high number of targets from Eli Manning. Cruz caught a lot of short passes but couldn't quite connect on any deep attempts. Cruz hauled in a lot of slants, curl and comeback routes for first downs and did well to move the chains with tight coverage. Cruz was the targeted receiver on a lot of deep targets from Manning but they all fell incomplete. Cruz did manage to draw a pass interference penalty on a post route, which helped set up a Giants redzone opportunity. Manning attempted to show faith in Cruz on a jump ball attempt but the Eagle player outfought Cruz for the football. Manning began to heave deep balls in Cruz's general direction but he was either well covered or the pass was overthrown. Cruz is still playing very well but the connection with his quarterback was not there on Sunday afternoon. The two were not on the same page down the field and Manning was very erratic with his passes at times. Cruz's teammate, Hakeem Nicks, also played a large role in this game which somewhat hurt the production of Cruz.

2013 Week 6 vs CHI (5 / 4 / 68 / 0 rec)

Victor Cruz had a decent but somewhat under productive game for the Giants on Thursday. Cruz was able to pick up a lot of first downs and move the chains for his team however. Cruz ran a lot of curl/comeback routes where he was able to get wide open against the Bears cover 2 defense. Cruz used good route running and consistent hands to keep many drives alive with Eli Manning. Manning looked to Cruz often when he was afforded extra time in the pocket. Cruz had a nice looking grab on a fade route on the sideline, getting wide open and hauling in the pass before getting knocked out of bounds. Cruz did get a good shot at a pass in the redzone from Manning but the defender committed a foul and he drew a pass interference penalty instead. The production in the passing game was helped out by the presence of the running game with Jacobs. This gave Cruz a lot of one on one situations on the outside, which he was able to take advantage of. Eli Manning still struggled with turnovers however and prevented a lot of potential redzone opportunities for players like Cruz.

2013 Week 7 vs MIN (7 / 5 / 50 / 0 rec)

Victor Cruz had the most catches on Monday night and was a vital cog in this Giants offense. Manning depended on Cruz routinely for crucial catches over the middle of the field to keep drives alive. Cruz caught a slant, out, curl and comeback patterns to keep defenders guessing and pick up first downs. Cruz showed a great rapport with Manning and the two were on the same page as was evident by perfect ball placement by Manning on his throws. Cruz had a good shot at a deep pass in the redzone from Manning on a fade route but the Vikings defender batted the pass away at the last second to prevent the score. Cruz is Manning's most dependable and reliable receiver in this offense and has a lot of roles for his team. Cruz was able to get wide open against defenders that couldn't guess his route pattern and showed very consistent hands to secure catches. Manning did spread the ball somewhat evenly amongst his teammates however. The Giants were also able to keep the running game alive as they held the lead, which somewhat hurt the potential production for Cruz.

2013 Week 8 vs PHI (10 / 7 / 86 / 0 rec)

Victor Cruz had a high volume of targets and catches in this offense on Sunday against Philadelphia but his production was still somewhat pedestrian. Cruz was mainly used on short routes and plays to pick up first downs and Eli Manning rarely tried to hit the big play. Cruz caught curls, slants, in breaking routes and comebacks for consistent yardage. Early in the game, Cruz slipped on two pass plays that targeted him and apparently changed his cleats after this which seemed to improve his traction. Cruz got a terrifically thrown ball on the sideline from Manning on a rollout corner route, which fell right into Cruz's hands. Cruz had a shot at a deep play again down the field which he was not able to come up with but did draw a pass interference penalty in the process. Cruz took a big hit as he was slammed to the field in the second half but did not end up missing a lot of this game and showed distinct toughness and willingness to play on. Cruz had a nice catch on a third down in the fourth quarter over the middle which helped kill the clock for his team. The Giants offensive unit really struggled in the redzone and they did not register a single touchdown which hurt the production of a player like Cruz.

2013 Week 10 vs OAK (10 / 3 / 37 / 0 rec)

Victor Cruz and Eli Manning did not have to put up big numbers to win on Sunday. Cruz played well when he was targeted but there was too few pass attempts overall. Eli Manning spread the ball evenly across the board and did not depend on one receiver. Cruz got his hands on a quick out pattern early in the game to set up a first down for his team. Cruz looked confident and strong as he out leapt his defender over the middle on a high pass from Manning, plucking the ball at its highest point while securing an important first down. The Giants had a free play due to an Oakland post snap penalty and Manning tried to hit Cruz in the endzone but he could not come up with the ball and it fell incomplete. Cruz had a slight lapse in concentration and dropped a slant pattern late in the game. Cruz did manage to get open on the goal line and would have easily scored the touchdown but Eli Manning threw a woeful pass that missed Cruz by a wide margin. The Giants won without a big day from any receiver but they'll definitely need him down the stretch of the season if they want to keep any playoff dreams alive.

2013 Week 11 vs GB (11 / 8 / 110 / 0 rec)

Victor Cruz was very active on Sunday evening and posted a solid stat line as a result. Cruz got his hands on the football via a variety of routes and was a thorn in Green bay's side all game long. Cruz got open consistently throughout the game and converted many third downs through the air that helped the Giants win the game. Cruz used his speed to get open at the line of scrimmage against close by defenders and caught the football extremely well. Cruz was able to get wide open on an in-breaking pattern over the middle of the field and pick up a lot of yards after the catch. Cruz had a shot at a touchdown late in the game on a deep pass from Manning but a great pass breakup by the Packers prevented the score. Cruz showed his utility as a deep threat by hauling in a bomb from Manning on the sideline also. Cruz was incredibly versatile as always for the Giants on Sunday and Green bay could never figure out how to defend him throughout the game. Cruz was unable to score a touchdown as the Giants ran the ball well in the redzone but Cruz's clutch play enabled these redzone opportunities. Cruz has consistently shown he is the number one receiver on his team and routinely outperforms his teammates. Manning depends on him in many situations, especially on third down and Cruz excels in this role with the aid of option routes.

2013 Week 12 vs DAL (4 / 2 / 27 / 0 rec)

To suggest Cruz struggled on Sunday wouldn't exactly be fair to the WR as there just wasn't much from Manning to go around, but Cruz's impact was certainly felt. Only posting two catches on his four targets, both would be felt by the time the game ended. Cruz picked up his first catch of five yards on the Giants third drive, but it obviously wasn't the length that was noteworthy. With his forward progress clearly stopped as a slew of Cowboy defenders drove him towards the sideline, Cruz was ultimately stripped by Orlando Scandrick just before he could get out of bounds. Jeff Heath scooped the fumble and returned it 50 yards for a TD. Cruz didn't make another catch until the final drive and it proved vital to the Giants eventually getting into the end zone. Facing a 3rd and seven, Cruz blazed down the middle of the field as Manning targeted him on the play. A poor throw considering the position it put Cruz in, he was forced to open his hips, elevate and turn his back knowing a DB was bearing down on the play. Cruz not only made the leaping catch, but also did a tremendous job to immediately tuck the ball and protect it from the impending contact. The play went for 22 yards and moved the offense to the Dallas five-yard line.

2013 Week 13 vs WAS (7 / 6 / 80 / 0 rec)

Victor Cruz played another solid yet unspectacular fantasy game on Sunday night. Cruz was an excellent option for Manning on third down and his athletic ability allowed him to get open consistently and make plays for the first down. Cruz ran a lot of short pass plays that were designed to beat zone coverage. Cruz was able to find the soft spot via comeback and curl patterns. Cruz and Manning showed their good rapport routinely as this strategy resulted in many first downs. Cruz was very unlucky not to score on a post route play as he was taken down just short of the goal line. Cruz has never been a big player in the redzone for New York, getting a lot of his touchdowns on explosive plays down the field or big runs after the catch. Though he got open a lot against the Redskins, he could never break a big run or get behind the defense. The Giants did not throw the ball downfield often on Sunday and the running game was always a factor which decreased the number of passing attempts. The defense respected Cruz's explosive ability and often played off-coverage, which allowed him to take advantage of curl and option routes with Manning.

2013 Week 14 vs SD (6 / 5 / 42 / 0 rec)

Victor Cruz had an abnormally quiet game by his standards on Sunday. Cruz only managed 5 catches and all of these were short gains. Cruz played well and made the plays that were available but Manning struggled with turnovers which hurt the entire offense. Cruz had an impressive catch and run on a short pass to the outside, using a stiff arm to pick up a first down. Cruz had another good looking catch as he kept his feet inbounds against the sideline after hauling in the ball on a comeback route. While impressive these plays were, Manning did not have his best performance and Cruz could only watch as his quarterback struggled.

2013 Week 15 vs SEA (7 / 2 / 25 / 0 rec)

Victor Cruz took some punishment on Sunday and was unusually unproductive in this offense. Cruz tried to get his hands on a short play over the middle but took a big shot from a Seattle defender and the pass fell incomplete. Cruz did have a big first down on a corner route from Manning on a rollout play, diving for the ball and getting low to secure the catch. Cruz, however, was outfought for a deep pass from Manning and the pass was intercepted as a result. The pass should have never been thrown as the coverage was excellent and was evidence that Cruz struggled to get open against the Seahawks throughout the game. Cruz tried to make a leaping grab for a high pass late in the end but his head hit the ground hard and the pass fell incomplete. Cruz was held back after this play as the scoreboard was lopsided and the Giants aired on the side of caution. Cruz struggled to get open against the Seattle secondary and they bracketed him well. Manning also made some very poor decisions and receivers like Cruz were never given a decent chance to make plays.

2012 Week 1 vs DAL (11 / 6 / 58 / 0 rec)

Victor Cruz and the entire Giant offense looked very rusty and out of synch vs. the Cowboys. Cruz started the game with some short, efficient catches for good yards including an excellent play down the sideline for 26 yards. However, mistakes then dogged Cruz and he had 3 drops in the game. Cruz showed poor concentration and a desire to run with the ball before he had secured the catch which cost him a lot of production. Cruz was still the #1 target in the offense but looked like he didn't deserve to be necessarily and simply was because nobody else on the Giants offense stepped up. The Giants did not run block well and a lot of the offense was placed on Manning and the passing game. Cruz possesses the agility and speed, usually in a combination with terrific hands that makes him a lethal threat out of the slot and likely had some week 1 rust to get rid off against the Cowboys. The Giants failed to have many receiving options outside of Cruz on Wednesday and the running game also put more pressure on Cruz.

2012 Week 2 vs TB (17 / 11 / 179 / 1 rec)

Victor Cruz almost single handedly took over parts of this game on Sunday. Cruz was a constant threat all over the field for the Giants and Tampa Bay never figured out a way to stop or even slow down the lethal slot WR. Cruz bounced back in a big way after having his hands and concentration questioned by the media and fans. Cruz did not drop a pass the whole game and picked up many first downs for his team over the middle of the field. Cruz showed a willingness to come back to the football on a deep comeback catch that was highly contested. He got open over the middle of the field on slants, curls, post routes and left the defence grasping for air and frustrated at how many times Cruz converted third downs. Cruz took advantage of questionable play from the TB secondary as DB Barber guessed wrong on the route and let Cruz streak down the field alone. Cruz hauled in a big touchdown catch for his team before doing his trademarked salsa dancing for his recently deceased grandmother. The Bucs never learned to contain Cruz over the middle of the field and he ran excellent routes that gave him big separation.

2012 Week 3 vs CAR (8 / 6 / 42 / 0 rec)

Victor Cruz, despite only catching six balls for 42 yards, can be labelled as the straw that stirs the drink that is the Giants offensive attack. With Hakeem Nicks out, the Panthers defense often shifted coverage to Cruz' side, allowing one-on-one match-ups for Ramses Barden and Martellus Bennett. Cruz caught the football consistently against the Panthers' off coverage and kept the chains moving on a few third down plays. The Giants' dominance meant that Cruz was not asked to run deep patterns and instead was playing the role of the true possession receiver. Cruz is a strong WR2 with WR1 upside going forward.

2012 Week 4 vs PHI (13 / 9 / 109 / 1 rec)

Victor Cruz was matched up against rookie CB Boykin for most of this game and the Giants looked to take advantage of this mismatch throughout. Cruz used his well known speed and quickness to explode out of his routes and shake away from defenders over the middle of the field. He caught many short passes over the middle and was able to squirm his way past defenders for vital first downs to keep drives alive. Cruz erased any doubt about his hands and made tough sideline catches look routine as he snagged the ball and kept his feet well in bounds to secure the catch. Cruz was able to get into his routes fast against the rookie CB and take advantage of inside breaking routes as a result. Cruz got inside release on a slant play in the redzone and blew by his DB for the touchdown catch over the middle of the defense. On 4th and 1 near the redzone, the Giants looked to Cruz over the middle of the defense again and picked up a huge chunk of yards to keep the drive alive. He found good success against the rookie, exploiting the match up and getting good inside releases to punish the defense over the middle of the field. Cruz was extremely reliable when Manning looked his way in favourable situations, caught the ball extremely well and got big yards after the catch which helped him have a good day through the air on Sunday night.

2012 Week 5 vs CLE (8 / 5 / 50 / 3 rec)

Victor Cruz only had 5 catches on Sunday but he made them count with scoring 3 touchdowns on an extremely efficient day on offense for the Giants. Cruz started the game with a nice catch on a comeback route and then scored his first touchdown. QB Manning used play action which froze the secondary and allowed Cruz to easily beat his man to the outside for the easy touchdown. Cruz then made a Browns DB look silly as he was shading too far on the inside of the field. Cruz ran a corner route, took the DB by surprise and was open by many yards on the touchdown play. Cruz was then able to blow past a DB on a streak pattern, getting a step ahead and QB Manning threw a perfect pass over the shoulder for the third touchdown. Cruz almost had another big play down the field but the pass got tipped in the air after it looked like the DB interfered with him and it resulted in an interception. The Giants offense remained very balanced on Sunday, ran the ball a lot but still relied on the staples of the offense such as Manning - Cruz when a play is needed. Cruz can play slot or on the outside and is productive almost every week.

2012 Week 6 vs SF (13 / 6 / 58 / 1 rec)

Victor Cruz had a typically productive game for the Giants and QB Manning relied on him often when a play was needed to be made. Cruz made a lot of catches on the outside and short middle over the field for first downs in clutch situations when a conversion was needed. His hands and concentration looked perfect as he snagged passes in between two defenders. Cruz got a touchdown early in the game. Manning used play action in the redzone to allow Cruz to unravel easily on a slant route over the middle of the field for the easy score. Cruz also showed his athletic ability jumping up for a high ball on the sideline before catching his feet in bounds after the tackle. Cruz even managed to save an interception for his team by breaking up a pass that DB Rogers had a great chance to intercept. Cruz had a shot for a big play touchdown down the field late in the game but there was miss communication with QB Manning and the ball was overthrown as QB Manning had to hurry the throw. The Giants took the foot off the pedal early in this game, settling for a lot of field goals in enemy's territory after 49ers turnovers and easily could have had 2-3 more touchdowns if the game wasn't so lopsided.

2012 Week 7 vs WAS (11 / 7 / 131 / 1 rec)

Victor Cruz had another very productive game against the Redskins on Sunday and is easily the Giants #1WR right now, especially while Nicks is still returning from injury. Cruz was a menace for the Redskins on third down picking up firsts with comeback routes, curls, slants and out routes. Cruz and Manning connection was present, especially on third down and the chemistry between the two was evident. Cruz remains the Giants best option in the slot on third down but he is a dual threat as a deep threat. Cruz doesn't have elite speed but runs great routes and takes advantage of defenses that forget to cover the big play. Cruz almost had a big catch on go route in third quarter but QB Manning overthrew him slightly. The Giants took note of this and scored on a big touchdown pass late in the game to Cruz to seal the game. Cruz caught the defense off guard and blew by the CB and S as he streaked down the field before hauling in a perfect pass over the shoulder from Manning. Cruz can attack the defense in many ways from the slot and he has success at running every route as he is such a well rounded receiver with elite hands and quickness. Cruz benefits from Nicks being slightly held back by his knee but he will always be productive and the Giants depend on him to move the chains frequently.

2012 Week 8 vs DAL (8 / 2 / 23 / 0 rec)

The Dallas Cowboys had the perfect game plan to take Victor Cruz almost completely out of the game and make him a non factor on Sunday. The Cowboys put CB Scandrick on Cruz in the pocket and CB Carr on Cruz on the outside. Both CB's had great success sticking to Cruz on deep, short and intermediate routes all over the field. Cruz was never able to shake them and get big separation. The cowboys also had two deep safeties most of the time to prevent the big play and kept their CB's in press man coverage. The Giants were not able to run the ball and stay balanced either on offense, this making them far more predictable for Dallas to take advantage of. The Cowboys have been successful at limiting Cruz's impact in both games and have been one of the few teams to be able to do so. Cruz was able to make a few catches but for minimal yards. Cruz got a quick out early in the game and found a soft spot in zone coverage over the middle for a slightly bigger gain. Cruz had one dropped pass late game, coming on well thrown ball to the outside but the pass sailed through his hands. Manning also tried to force it to Cruz over the middle of the field but the pass was deflected from Cruz's hands and resulted in an interception. Manning and Cruz could not connect well consistently throughout the game. Credit goes to Dallas for shutting down the Giants running game and to the excellent play of their corner's sticking to Cruz very closely all over the field.

2012 Week 9 vs PIT (11 / 5 / 67 / 0 rec)

Victor Cruz was the only slight offensive spark on Sunday in another wise dismal performance by the Giants. Cruz started the game off well, catching an out pattern before turning on the jets and racing to the outside for a decent chunk for the first down. Cruz was almost the recipient of a touchdown pass in the first half but an inaccurate throw from Manning caused it to be incomplete. Manning rolled outside of the pocket and threw behind Cruz, which turned Cruz's head as he absorbed a big blow from S Clark. The play, though looking perfectly legal, was flagged as a personal foul on Cruz and helped the Giants score their first touchdown. Cruz and the entire Giants receiving corps struggled to get open on Sunday as they did the previous week against Dallas. The PIT DB's stuck to their assignments well, gave the Giants very few plays and the Giants simply didn't execute when an opportunity presented itself. Cruz will always get a high number of targets from Manning but he will always benefit and produce more when he isn't the only threat offensively. The Giants could not run the ball and no receiver apart from Cruz stepped up to threaten/open up the Steelers defense.

2012 Week 10 vs CIN (4 / 3 / 26 / 0 rec)

Victor Cruz has not shown up for the Giants in the passing game for third time out of past 4 games. Teams are doing excellent job at studying the tendencies of NYG and the Giants are not reacting to this. The Bengals did a great job bracketing Cruz and facing him 1 on 1 with tight coverage. Cruz barely got any targets on Sunday as he could not shake loose defenders from the line of scrimmage and QB Manning had poor decision making. Cruz didn't even register a catch until late in the second quarter, right before halftime on a short out play for minimal yards. He did make some plays over the middle for first downs but the game felt over halfway through the third quarter as CIN had built a commanding lead. Cruz had a shot at making the score look respectable late in the game as Manning found him deep in the endzone with a perfect pass but it inexplicably fell right through Cruz's hands as an incomplete pass. Cruz will continue to be a casualty of the NYG collapse until they right the ship, whenever that is.

2012 Week 12 vs GB (6 / 3 / 36 / 1 rec)

Victor Cruz did not quite have the productive game people might have expected while looking only at the score of Sunday night's game. The Giants piled the points on Greenbay early, often and hardly needed to produce any offense after only the first half. WR Nicks was a bigger factor in the passing game which hurt WR Cruz's production. The Giants also ran the ball consistently and well which decreased the possible opportunities for Cruz. Cruz didn't help himself early in the game, as he dropped a very routine slant pass out of the slot position that would have easily went for first down. Cruz then disappeared for a large part of this game but returned to score his touchdown. Cruz hauled in a pass over the middle on a crossing route against double coverage and turned upfield for the short touchdown catch, showing good hands and quickness to separate from two defenders in the redzone. Cruz was sometimes passed over in favour of Nicks by QB Manning, who has returned strong from his injury and is taking away targets from Cruz who still struggles with drops every now and again.

2012 Week 13 vs WAS (8 / 5 / 104 / 0 rec)

Cruz broke the century mark for the fourth time this season on a five-catch, one hundred and four yard performance that featured him routinely beating the Redskins' coverage. The Giants moved Cruz all around their formation, using him in the slot and also split wide opposite Hakeem Nicks. Eli Manning targeted Cruz a total of eight times, including a play that saw Cruz get separation from the Washington secondary and reel in the pass for a forty-nine yard gain. The Redskins had no answer for the UMass product, who beat defenders off the line of scrimmage using a variety of moves. Cruz shook off coverage on a critical third-and-ten play at the Giants' twenty-seven yard line for a thirty-yard gain on a deep crossing route. His catch in traffic allowed the Giants to sustain their only touchdown drive of the evening.

2012 Week 14 vs NO (9 / 8 / 121 / 1 rec)

Victor Cruz was dominant against the Saints on Sunday and they had no solution to his play making ability. The Manning-Cruz connection and chemistry was available for all to see as they connected all over the field. Cruz caught short slants, comebacks, deep outs and fade patterns which kept the defense guessing all afternoon. Cruz was able to beat his man deep on the sideline, running a wheel route and hauling in a perfect pass from QB Manning before going out of bounds. Cruz showed great hands and concentration as he snagged a pass one handed on an out route. Cruz also caught a seam route in between several defenders thanks to another perfect pass from Manning that was in stride and allowed Cruz to get a lot of yards after the catch using his quickness. Cruz got his well earned touchdown in the redzone on a play the Giants love to run near the goal line. QB Manning used play action and found Cruz wide open in the back of endzone after Cruz juked his defender at the line of scrimmage with a terrific fake inside before turning outside and completely shook free as a result. Cruz carried this passing game on Sunday, converting many third downs and never allowing the defense to relax. The versatility of Cruz keeps defenses guessing and he is incredibly hard to stop when the Giants can also run the ball consistently.

2012 Week 15 vs ATL (5 / 3 / 15 / 0 rec)

Victor Cruz was almost shutout against the Falcons and most of the blame shoulders on the coaches and QB Manning for the execution of the offense. On numerous occasions, Cruz was open over the middle but Manning was inaccurate and the ball sailed over his head or hit the ground. Cruz' only catch was a short curl over the middle and he struggled to connect with Manning throughout the game. The Giants turned the ball at inopportune moments, failed to convert 4th downs and their defense couldn't help out as they gave up too many points to the Falcons. Cruz was not given much of a chance at creating plays as a result. The Falcons were also paying heavy attention to Cruz and Nicks and the Giants failed to adjust their defensive strategy.

2012 Week 16 vs BAL (5 / 3 / 21 / 0 rec)

Victor Cruz only had 1 catch for 3 yards at half time and never looked like the Giants play making receiver he did earlier in the year. Cruz was completely taken out of the passing game by BAL whose powerful pass rush was a big reason for the failures by NYG's passing attack. Cruz managed only one short gain on a curl route in the first half. He did make a nice grab on the sideline from Manning right before he took a big hit from S Reed but the game was long decided at this point. The Giants cannot protect Manning well and it's severely affecting Cruz's production in the passing game. The Giants also have few weapons producing to take some of the pressure off of Cruz. Cruz is the same quick player he once was. The pass protection is not the same however and the coaches need to re-assess how they attack defenses because nothing has worked in the past two weeks.

2012 Week 17 vs PHI (6 / 4 / 52 / 1 rec)

Victor Cruz was not asked to do too much on Sunday against the Eagles but he still managed to make one big play to become fantasy relevant. Cruz started off his day by using his quickness to gain good separation on curls and out routes against soft zone defense by PHI. Cruz timed his jumps right and beat the defender to the ball that was placed accurately by his QB. Cruz then made a big play on a streak pattern. Cruz blew by his DB in coverage and was wide open for the easy touchdown strike. The Giants running game was heavily involved and reduced the need for Cruz to have a high workload which somewhat decreased his production on the day. It was nice to see WR Cruz return to form with QB Manning and hopefully the duo can continue their symbiotic relationship moving forward into next season.

2011 Week 2 vs STL (2 / 2 / 17 / 0 rec)

Victor Cruz is trying to fill also an open position at slot WR but was little more than a checkdown option for Manning on Monday night. Cruz was found twice when Manning was facing the blitz and was able to turn these into first downs but he will have to a lot more to win this job as NYG slot WR with bigger plays downfield and more consistency.

2011 Week 3 vs PHI (5 / 3 / 110 / 2 rec)

Victor Cruz was an undeniable star of this game and a huge story moving forward. The Giants have a gaping hole at slot WR and Cruz made a big case for more work on sunday. This happened despite the fact his QB overthrew him early in the game that would have been a sure touchdown. Cruz made his name known minutes later as he turned a short gain into an incredible touchdown catch and run. Cruz caught a short curl pattern and had the first down but simply shrugged off lousy tackles from several Eagle defenders as he salsa danced his way to the endzone. Later Manning showed great faith in Cruz in the form of a hail mary type pass toward the goal line. Cruz was in great position and out jumped two Eagle defenders to snag the ball out of the air and score his second touchdown. This game could easily have been Cruz's best of the year but I have no doubt in my mind the Giants will work him in more to the offense with this spectacular performance.

2011 Week 4 vs ARI (9 / 6 / 98 / 0 rec)

Victor Cruz looks to have sealed his role in this offense as a slot WR and he gets significant time on the outside too. Cruz deserves all he is getting as he is stepping up for his team and getting production and first downs for a team that was lacking a passing game just a few weeks ago. Cruz was able to use his quickness to run around a defender for a first down early in the game and showed great body control to keep his feet in bounds on a deep play to the sideline. He is clutch on third down situations and acted as a safety blanket for Manning when facing the blitz. His only mistake was the famous fumble, not ruled a fumble after a catch over the middle. Cruz and the referees were claiming he gave himself up while almost everyone else thought he had fumbled the ball. Regardless of the mental mistake, look for more of the same from Cruz week in and week out.

2011 Week 5 vs SEA (11 / 8 / 161 / 1 rec, 1 / 3 / 0 rush)

Victor Cruz had the strangest day a WR can ever have. Cruz scored on a truly memorable and wacky play that he will never forget. A deep pass attempt from Manning was batted in the air and a spinning Cruz was able to turn around before the ball somewhat landed right in his hands as he scurried into the endzone for perhaps the luckiest touchdown so far this year. Cruz is the answer the Giants have been looking for at slot WR but people are being slow at taking notice and trusting in him. He is here to stay folks. He has the raw play making ability, elusiveness to get open and evade tacklers a slot WR needs and thats despite the fact he is a lightning rod for special and bizarre plays. The Giants lost slot WR's Hixon and Stokely to injury and cuts respectively and he has the position almost solely to himself. He will continue to get a lot of looks in this offensive as defences focus on stopping the running game and taking away WR Nicks.

2011 Week 6 vs BUF (4 / 2 / 12 / 0 rec)

It was a very quiet day for Cruz this week as the Giants mainly operated out of their base formation with 2 WRs and 2 TEs. Playing mostly in certain passing situations, Cruz could not get open for any of the big plays that he's been making in recent weeks. Targeted four times in the game, Cruz finished with only 2 catches for 12 yards. Making matters worse, he had a bad drop in the game when he was wide open over the middle but had the ball bounce right off his hands.

2011 Week 8 vs MIA (9 / 7 / 99 / 1 rec)

Victor Cruz impresses again and whatever doubters still remain will likely re think their evaluation as he has done this in almost every game this year. Cruz plays in the slot a lot but he's not just a small ball slot WR, he can make big plays from this position. Cruz has great concentration and hands and it really is uncanny how big plays seem to just find him. Cruz hauled in his biggest catch of the day on a post route over the middle towards the goal line and simply bounced off some poor tackles to waltz into the endzone and do his famous salsa dance. Cruz and Manning are on the same page and have a great chemistry. On several plays, Manning checked to Cruz who adjusted his route and got open quickly over the middle to pick up key first downs and keep the drive alive. Cruz is starting to prove that ex Giants WR Steve Smith needed the Giants more they needed him as he has taken this role and excelled more than any fantasy owner or NYG fan could have hoped.

2011 Week 9 vs NE (11 / 6 / 91 / 0 rec)

By now everyone should know who Victor Cruz is and just incase you didn't before this game, you did at the end. He continues to give QB Manning a great option in the passing game when he is blitzed and over the middle. Cruz has great chemistry with Manning and Manning will look to get rid of the ball to a shifty Cruz who can exploit the deep middle of a defense. On several plays, the pocket fell and Manning rolled out to find WR Cruz wide open. Cruz knows how to keep plays alive and help out his QB by getting big separation if his QB buys him some time. Cruz was unable to score but was targeted in the redzone and drew a big pass interference penalty which set up the Giants score to win the game. Due to the absence of WR Nicks, Cruz got some playing time out wide aswell which increased his chances for passes.

2011 Week 10 vs SF (11 / 6 / 84 / 0 rec)

Victor Cruz has almost exhausted the rulebook in terms of using it to bail him out at times. Cruz got tackled by a 49er defender and lost the ball while going to the ground. The play looked like a fumble but the ruling was that his forward progress was stopped, the whistle was blown and you cannot challenge this. Cruz dodged another bullet. He put this behind him to have a huge day however. Cruz has really emerged as the Giants slot WR and he can truly scare defences over the middle. He works the short routes and deep middle most of the time and got a lot of catches this way vs. the 49ers. Cruz did have a drop in 2nd quarter as he turned his head too fast and failed to secure the catch. He did have a big fade over the shoulder catch late in the game and really contributed a lot of first downs for his team. Manning likes to go to Cruz when he needs a play as he was able to convert a 4th down play. Cruz needs to be played and will continue to see a lot of work.

2011 Week 11 vs PHI (10 / 6 / 128 / 1 rec)

Cruz was the Giants' most effective receiver against the high-profile Eagles' secondary, finding openings in the coverage from the slot position and providing a reliable target for Manning when he needed a critical completion (the lone exception being a drop on a crucial would-be 10-yard completion late in the first half in the 2-minute offense). Picking up decent chunks of yardage throughout the game, Cruz made his largest contributions in the 4th quarter, a 24-yard TD where he beat Nnamdi Asomugha deep and a 47-yard completion on the Giants' final possession that took the Giants deep into Eagles territory. Cruz caught the ball in the gap between defenders, made a beautiful cut, and turned up field to outrun the Eagles' D down the left sideline.

2011 Week 12 vs NO (12 / 9 / 157 / 2 rec)

Victor Cruz continued to prove his superb Chemistry with QB Manning on Monday night with a very productive game. Cruz ran and caught almost every kind of route, in, out, corner, hit and streak. Manning looks to Cruz as his go-to-guy on the Giants from the slot who can exploit the middle of the defense. Cruz was wide open on a lot of his catches, getting great separation on a medium slant over the middle. He was able to lose his man in the endzone and become completely free to grab his first touchdown on corner route. Cruz also benefitted from a defensive blown coverage as nobody went with him downfield and he easily caught and ran in a big touchdown catch. He did have a drop in this game but more than made up for it with a perfect curl pattern on third down, catching it just beyond the marker for the first down. Cruz has consistent production every week. He can almost take over games at times from the slot and DB's often struggle to stay close to Cruz when he runs his routes.

2011 Week 13 vs GB (9 / 7 / 119 / 0 rec)

Victor Cruz was a dominant and indefensible player at times on Sunday. He has developed into much more than a slot WR as he played on the outside a lot and brings an explosiveness to his game. Cruz was found downfield on many passes as he has developed a good level of trust with QB Manning. On Cruz' big play to set up the NYG, he ran a terrific route on a post to completely uncover and give QB Manning a big window to throw into. Cruz showed amazing hands and a sense of toughness that is surprising from such a small player. Cruz got another big play on a blitz play as he broke off his route early and turned a short catch into a big run downfield. Cruz was a thorn in GB's side all game as he was a threat to make big plays throughout the game. Cruz also was invaluable on third down as he runs reliable routes and is in the spot he should be for QB Manning. He is an amazing find for the NYG this year and brings a big play ability that the Giants never had with ex WR Steve Smith.

2011 Week 14 vs DAL (9 / 6 / 74 / 0 rec)

Victor Cruz did not manage to exert his usual influence on the game between the numbers, and he had a couple of unforced drops to dent his confidence. To his credit, he bounced back with some key receptions down the stretch for first downs. Consider this to be one of the rare down weeks for Cruz. He and Manning have a good connection that should continue to flourish.

2011 Week 15 vs WAS (9 / 5 / 44 / 0 rec)

He was wrapped up quick when he managed to receive a target from Eli. Cruz has made a living this season by breaking tackled and taking them to the house but it was not meant to be this week as he mostly ran short routes and was left very little room to run.

2011 Week 16 vs NYJ (8 / 3 / 164 / 1 rec)

Cruz didn't get his wish to prove that Darrelle Revis wasn't all that, and it probably worked out best for the Giants overall. Cruz was mostly covered by Jets cornerbacks Antonio Cromartie and Kyle Wilson and while he caught very few balls, his biggest play made both of them look like Pop Warner players. On his 99 yard touchdown run, Cruz caught the ball for a gain of just 10 yards. He had already made one move to shake Cromartie during the route, and after the catch, he planted his foot and changed direction so quickly he left Cromartie grasping at air. Wilson also missed a tackle and then it was a footrace and there was just no way anyone was catching Cruz, who possesses some very good speed. The touchdown changed the momentum significantly, as the Jets had been dictating what the Giants offense could do for most of the half. It also gave the Giants the lead, which they never again relinquished.

2011 Week 17 vs DAL (11 / 6 / 178 / 1 rec)

- Victor Cruz did it again on Sunday and has everyone scratching their head how he was missed by everyone except the Giants. He has made a huge splash in almost every game he's played in this season and teams haven't figured out a way to eliminate him from the stat sheet. Cruz is a big time slot receiver who can also play on the outside if necessary and makes huge plays out of routine catches. Cruz was able to turn a simple quick out for the first down into a monstrous touchdown down the field early in the game. Similar to the 99 yard play vs. the Jets last week, Cruz was just looking for the first down but poor angles by out of position DAL DB's and great quickness and speed by Cruz turned into a big catch & run down the sideline for the score. Late in the second half, Cruz made a terrific down the field catch that looked eerily similar to the catch by David Tyree. Manning made a big play to spin away from defenders and threw a high pass down the field to Cruz who was in single coverage. Cruz turned around in time, located the ball and was in the best position to snatch the football at its highest point and never let the DAL DB near it. Cruz always comes through in clutch situations when the NYG need a play and they would be below 0.500 without him. Cruz later caught a well thrown In-pattern which set up another NYG touchdown and did more than could be asked of him every time QB Manning looked his way.

2011 Week 18 vs ATL (5 / 2 / 28 / 0 rec)

Victor Cruz' usual high-flying plays were nowhere to be seen in this game. The Falcons defense kept Cruz in check, although he was the reason that a lot of other offensive skill players for the Giants were able to make plays. Cruz attracted the attention of linebackers and safeties underneath for the entire game. He also dropped a couple of passes, which were a combination of poor passes and a lack of concentration.

2011 Week 19 vs GB (5 / 5 / 74 / 0 rec)

Victor Cruz has seen a slight drop in production these past two weeks which is mainly due to the huge plays being made by WR Nicks. Cruz still had a very productive game on Sunday and his value to his team is immeasurable. Cruz was not able to break a big run after the catch or go deep down field as GB made an effort to double him at times over the middle and tried not to let Cruz beat them for first downs. Cruz' play came in important third down situations and his clutch catches on third and long opportunities proved to be a big difference in the game. Manning was afforded ample time in the pocket on third downs as the GB defense only rushed 3 linemen. In these situations, Manning took his time in the pocket and allowed his receivers a great deal of time to get open. Cruz was one of the WR's able to take advantage of this situation and he was able to get away from defenders and settle down in soft spots in zone defense to give QB Manning big windows to throw into. Cruz had a lot of big catches on simple curl and basic option routes to get open and he was able to convert third and long situations for his team. Cruz caught a big ball over the middle to give the Giants a first down and continue the drive that ultimately sealed the game in their favour.

2011 Week 20 vs SF (17 / 10 / 142 / 0 rec)

Cruz was a force in the first half, getting free from Carlos Rogers and accounting for 56 yards on the two-minute drill alone to help the Giants go into the locker room with a lead. He also reeled in the only successful deep ball for the Giants on the day to set up the team's only long TD drive of the day. After a quiet first two playoff games, Cruz came alive just as Hakeem Nicks got banged up. He should have a great Super Bowl against a poor Patriots secondary.

2011 Week 21 vs NE (0 / 4 / 25 / 1 rec)

Cruz scored the game's first touchdown, but he was quiet for most of the game because the Patriots defense was double-teaming him and leaving Nicks and Manningham in single coverage. He had back to back catches on a fourth-quarter drive that eventually resulted in a punt, but his lack of production is a sign that he has arrived as a big-time NFL receiver more than a case of Cruz coming up small.