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6-3, 223Born: 7-21-1979College: Fresno StateDrafted: Round 1, pick 2002

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Game Recaps

2010 Week 7 vs CAR (5 / 13 / 67 / 0 / 1 pass, 0 / 0 / 0 rush)

David Carr's performance against the Panthers on Sunday made Alex Smith's first half efforts look masterful - and that's saying something! He completed just 38.5% of his passes for 67 yards and an interception. All of his throws but two were short screens, dump-offs or slants and one of the two deep balls he attempted to throw was intercepted. It was just that kind of day for him (as is seemingly the norm whenever he enters a game). It's unlikely that Carr will add any value at all to your team unless you quite literally have no other options at all.

2009 Week 3 vs TB (2 / 3 / 10 / 0 / 0 pass, 2 / -2 / 0 rush)

Carr got in for mop-up duty, but he only handed off and threw short passes.

2009 Week 5 vs OAK (9 / 14 / 90 / 0 / 0 pass, 4 / 27 / 1 rush)

Carr got over a half of work, and demonstrated some of the reasons he was a #1 overall pick for the Texans. He ran well when he was flushed from the pocket, including a touchdown run in the red zone that started with him eluding Gerard Warren. He threw short and intermediate passes with good velocity and accuracy, including a back shoulder throw that Mario Manningham dropped. He threw into tight windows. Carr even tossed a gorgeous deep ball to Hakeem Nicks that barely drew him out of bounds. On the other hand, Carr also seemed antsy in the pocket, even when there was no pressure, and he seemed too eager to pull the down the ball and run when his initial reads were not open. He looked like one of the better backups in the league, but one with the same old limitations that we're used to seeing.

2009 Week 6 vs NO (4 / 5 / 72 / 1 / 0 pass, 1 / 4 / 0 rush)

Carr got in for garbage time for the second consecutive week, but this time, it was the Giants who were in a deep hole. He hooked up with Hakeem Nicks for long TD, and took a hit to do it. If Manning's foot injury gets worse, Carr could be a solid waiver wire pickup.

2009 Week 15 vs WAS (3 / 4 / 27 / 0 / 0 pass, 2 / -2 / 0 rush)

Carr got into the game late in the blowout for some mop up work. He completed 3 of 4 passes for 27 yards.

2009 Week 17 vs MIN (3 / 5 / 26 / 0 / 0 pass, 0 / 0 / 0 rush)

Backup quarterback David Carr finished out the Week 17 contest against the Minnesota Vikings. Carr took over with over seven minutes left in the blowout and performance was far less than spectacular.

2008 Week 5 vs SEA (1 / 1 / 5 / 1 / 0 pass, 2 / -2 / 0 rush)

Carr entered the game in mop up duty, and orchestrated a touchdown scoring drive that was mainly setup by Ahmad Bradshaw's running, and a defensive pass interference call on a deep Mario Manningham pass. His only completion on the game was a five yard touchdown to Sinorice Moss.

2008 Week 17 vs MIN (8 / 11 / 110 / 1 / 0 pass, 3 / 15 / 0 rush)

David Carr played the whole second half and it was a good chance to see if he has improved since Houston. He was precise with his passes and seemed calm in the pocket. However, he fell short on the last drive that could have put the Giants up by more than a field goal. It wasn't a horrible performance but it was not worthy of a former number one draft pick either. Carr did end up with a 134.7 passer rating.

2007 Week 3 vs ATL (3 / 4 / 56 / 0 / 0 pass, 2 / -1 / 0 rush)

Carr came into the game after Delhomme left the game with what appeared to be an elbow injury. He completed three of four passes for 56 yards and led the Panthers to their final ten points and the win.

2007 Week 4 vs TB (19 / 41 / 155 / 1 / 1 pass, 5 / 28 / 0 rush)

Carr filled in for Jake Delhomme but wasn't able to get anything done against a suffocating Tampa Bay defense. He threw the ball 41 times but only completed 19 passes for 155 yards. Carr was under pressure most of the game and it led to one interception. He did have a touchdown right before the end of the game. With Tampa trying for the shut out, Carr hit Williams with a screen pass and he was able to score from 23 yards out. Carr showed his athleticism early in the second quarter when he was scrambling and instead of sliding he pulled a Superman-like dive right over two defenders. It definitely got the crowd back into the game even though Carolina was down 14-0 at that point.

2007 Week 5 vs NO (10 / 17 / 119 / 1 / 1 pass, 2 / 6 / 0 rush)

Carr was inconsistent in getting the ball to the Panthers receivers. He rarely attempted the deep ball, and when he did the passes were usually off target. He did display good touch on quick slants and out patterns where he did not have the time to wait in the pocket to find the open receiver. His only interception was on a play in the fourth quarter where he threw into double coverage as Carolina was starting a drive in great field position following an interception. He did miss one series when he was shaken up on a sack. The sack was the result of Carr holding on to the ball to long while waiting for a receiver to get open.

2007 Week 6 vs ARI (0 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 0 pass, 0 / 0 / 0 rush)

Carr was in pads but did not play due to his lingering back problem.

2007 Week 8 vs IND (16 / 25 / 103 / 0 / 0 pass, 5 / 21 / 0 rush)

Carr did not start the game but entered after Testaverde had his ankle stepped on and had to leave the game. Carr completed 16 of 25 for 103 yards. Early in the fourth quarter, Carr was able to drive Carolina down to the Colts 30 yard line. The drive ended when Jeff King fumbled a short pass from Carr. Carr had eight completions on the Panthers final drive against a soft defense.

2007 Week 9 vs TEN (15 / 27 / 107 / 1 / 1 pass, 1 / 0 / 0 rush)

Carr was under pressure from the Titans defense throughout the game. Carr left the game late in the fourth quarter. He finished the game 15 of 27 for 107 yards and one touchdown. He threw one interception and it was on a play that was blocked at the line and caught by defensive lineman Travis LaBoy.

2007 Week 12 vs NO (10 / 22 / 95 / 0 / 2 pass, 2 / 5 / 0 rush)

Carr got the start with Testaverde being inactive. He started the game by throwing seven straight incompletions. Carr's first completion came right at the end of the first quarter. His final stats for the game were 10 of 22 for 95 yards and two interceptions. After his second interception he was pulled from the game in favor of Matt Moore.

2006 Week 1 vs PHI (18 / 27 / 208 / 1 / 0 pass, 4 / 25 / 0 rush)

Carr came out firing, completing his first four attempts on the opening drive, and capped it off by rolling out and delivering a strike on the run to newly acquired Eric Moulds for a 25 yard touchdown. The Texans' line provided him with protection, and Carr showed what he is capable of when he has time to set up in the pocket. Carr escaped pressure multiple times and found an open receiver. Carr looked like a rejuvenated quarterback in the first half, making good decisions and stretching the field on a couple of long pass plays. The second half of the game was a different story. The run game was not able to generate any offense, and Carr was not able to move the ball against the stingy Eagles' defense. Carr returned to his 2005 form, mustering only 44 passing yards in the second half. On a positive note, Carr showed his scrambling ability on many plays in the fourth quarter when he was able to pick up the first down using his legs.

2006 Week 2 vs IND (22 / 26 / 219 / 3 / 0 pass, 3 / 10 / 0 rush)

If all you looked at were Carr's passing statistics, you would think he played a great game, and you would be very wrong. He lost a fumble in the first two minutes of the game, he couldn't lead his team out of adversity until the fourth quarter, and his offensive line couldn't pass protect. It is not his fault that he is constantly under pressure; still some responsibility for the loss is on his shoulders for game management. Carr had a good game from a fantasy football standpoint, but a less than stellar one from an NFL view.

2006 Week 3 vs WAS (19 / 29 / 208 / 2 / 1 pass, 3 / 3 / 0 rush)

Carr opened the game hitting four consecutive passes and leading the Texans down the field for the first touchdown of the game and a 7-0 lead. He is still adjusting to Gary Kubiak's offense, which included another fumbled center exchange, but the sacks are down and the passing efficiency is up. From a fantasy standpoint, Carr has great value. He plays on a team with the worst defense in the league and will be playing from behind and airing the ball out all season.

2006 Week 4 vs MIA (22 / 29 / 230 / 1 / 1 pass, 4 / -8 / 1 rush)

Carr had a solid outing, connecting on 22 of 29 passing for 230 yards, one touchdown and one interception. His interception came on a play where he seemed to hit Andre Johnson on a pass play, but Miami DB Will Allen stole the ball away from Johnson, something Carr had little at fault with. Carr also lost a fumble on a sack by Miami DL Jason Taylor, getting the ball swatted out of his hands. Aside from those two things, Carr did just enough to lead his team to victory. He had a one yard touchdown run early in the fourth quarter that put the Texans ahead, and led the club on another fourth quarter scoring drive. There is no doubt he favors WR Andre Johnson, and for good reason. The two connected on nine passes, including a three yard touchdown in the fourth quarter that proved to be the game winner.

2006 Week 6 vs DAL (15 / 27 / 128 / 0 / 2 pass, 3 / 15 / 0 rush)

Carr was constantly under pressure the entire game, but never sacked. The Texans did not seem to run any deep routes at all in the first quarter. The lack of any running game at all put all the pressure on Carr to carry this team and he could not do it. The run game was so bad that Carr was the leading rusher in this game with 15 total yards.

2006 Week 7 vs JAX (25 / 34 / 224 / 2 / 0 pass, 4 / 12 / 0 rush)

Carr was very efficient, making very accurate and timely throws and putting his receivers in position to make plays. He was accurate with his short and intermediate throws, completing eight consecutive passes at one point. Although the game plan called for the more conservative passing attack, he displayed nice touch and arm strength on a long touchdown pass to Andre Johnson, with whom he showed tremendous confidence in throughout the game.

2006 Week 8 vs TEN (15 / 21 / 113 / 0 / 1 pass, 1 / 6 / 0 rush)

The Titans' defense harassed Carr throughout the first half and caused him to have one of his worst games of the year. Carr was 13 for 18 for 96 yards in the he first half, but he had two costly turnovers, including a fumble that was returned for a touchdown with eight seconds left in the first half. His other turnover in the first half was a horrible looking interception he threw into triple coverage when the Texans were driving early in the game. After his second lost fumble in the game early in the second half, Carr was benched for committing too many turnovers. He was under duress by the Titans' pass rush often and was sacked four times in a little over two quarters of action. After the game, coach Gary Kubiak said that Carr would remain the starter.

2006 Week 9 vs NYG (21 / 30 / 176 / 0 / 0 pass, 5 / 24 / 1 rush)

Carr got the start this week after being benched in the previous game. He played well and did not turn the ball over. He only got sacked once and that was because his foot got stepped on by his center. Carr got rid of the ball in a timely fashion and was able to avoid the Giants' pass rush. Carr completed 21 of 30 passes for 176 yards. Using empty backfield sets, Houston was able to neutralize the New York pass rush. It gave Carr the time to throw and he made efficient, well thrown passes. The Texans' only touchdown was on a Carr two yard scramble, where he threw caution to the wind and leapt over a couple of defenders. He added 24 yards on five runs.

2006 Week 10 vs JAX (16 / 32 / 167 / 0 / 0 pass, 5 / 48 / 0 rush)

Carr entered the game leading the NFL in completion percentage with a 70.4% success rate, but he completed only fifty percent of his passes in the game. However, Carr played a smart, ball control oriented game. He did not try to force passes into coverage and showed a willingness to throw the ball away rather than take a sack. Carr, who had been sacked a whopping 208 times in his short career, was sacked only once and was able to avoid turnovers. Carr used his quickness to contribute 48 yards on five rushing attempts. He had scrambles of eight, 13, 14, and 11 yards plus a two yard keeper to convert a first down. Carr was forced to leave the game early in the fourth quarter, when he was hit with a helmet on his throwing shoulder. Carr was able to toss the ball on the sideline afterwards, but did not return. The injury was diagnosed as a bruise.

2006 Week 11 vs BUF (25 / 30 / 223 / 0 / 1 pass, 6 / 31 / 0 rush)

Carr began badly by throwing an interception on the Texans' opening drive. He then started to play well, involving Andre Johnson and Eric Moulds in the passing game and scrambling himself when required. Carr completed 22 straight passes to tie the NFL record for consecutive completions. Carr found Moulds for 14 yards and Johnson for 20 yards on the Texans' third possession. The drive ended in a 17 yard touchdown run by Wali Lundy. On the following drive, Carr had completions of 12 yards to Andre Johnson and 19 yards to Samkon Gado, before the drive ended in a 1 yard touchdown run by Gado. Carr led the team down to the Bills' seven yard line at the end of the first half, but Jameel Cook fumbled possession away. Andre Johnson was again Carr's favorite target and the primary deep threat. Johnson caught a 25 yard pass from Carr on the opening drive of the second half for the Texans' longest completion of the day, but the drive broke down.

2006 Week 12 vs NYJ (39 / 54 / 323 / 1 / 1 pass, 2 / 10 / 0 rush)

Carr's arm must be tired. He threw 54 times in the loss to the Jets. He completed 39 passes but most of them were short. He rarely threw down the field due to the Jets good coverage in the secondary. It seemed like most of his passes were being thrown sideways instead of up the field. Most of Carr's yardage came after the Jets were up 26-3 and were in their prevent defense. His total for the game was 321 yards with one touchdown and one interception. The touchdown was the first for Carr in 20 quarters. He also had a terrible interception at his own 26 yard line in the third quarter. The Jets took advantage of the short field and picked up a touchdown to put the game out of reach.

2006 Week 13 vs OAK (7 / 14 / 32 / 0 / 0 pass, 3 / 5 / 0 rush)

After a career high 54 pass attempts last week, Carr attempted only 14 passes. He completed half of them for a paltry 32 yards. His long completion was a nine yard pass to Andre Johnson. Carr was sacked five times and was under pressure throughout the contest. Carr was sacked on three consecutive Texan plays in the second quarter and fumbled on each occasion. Replays showed that Carr was down before the first fumble. However, the play occurred with less than two minutes before halftime and officials failed to ask for a review. Carr's second fumble was recovered and returned for a Raider touchdown. He was able to corral his final fumble. Carr was penalized once for intentional grounding. The Houston pass offense was so inept that the team had a net passing loss of five yards.

2006 Week 14 vs TEN (17 / 23 / 140 / 0 / 0 pass, 4 / 6 / 0 rush)

After throwing for only 32 yards last week, Carr was sharp in this game, especially in the first half. He completed nine of his ten pass attempts before halftime. Carr almost had a perfect half, but the lone incompletion was dropped by Andre Johnson. By necessity, Carr looked mainly for short routes in an effort to get rid of the ball quickly and avoid sacks. Carr started the game leading the league in completion percentage and added to that rate by connecting on nearly 74 percent of his passes in the game. Though he passed for only 140 yards, Carr did a good job to take what the defense gave him and what his leaky offensive line allowed him. However, after throwing nine touchdown passes in his first six games, Carr has only one touchdown pass in the last seven games. Carr gained six yards on four running attempts (including two kneel downs). His long scramble was a nine yard gain

2006 Week 15 vs NE (16 / 28 / 127 / 0 / 4 pass, 0 / 0 / 0 rush)

Carr had two quick interceptions in the first quarter. A defender tipped each pass before being intercepted. The first was bounced up into the air when DT Richard Seymour got a paw on the ball causing it to go straight up. The second was a deep cross that a linebacker got a hand on deflecting it to another defensive back. The pass rush from New England was so heavy Carr didn't have a chance. When the lead went to double digits Houston started to drop back more and the Patriots came after him with reckless abandon. Carr was sacked on four consecutive possessions fumbling once. The second half brought more of the same, but Carr had moments when he was able to stand in the pocket and looked comfortable after the game was essentially over.

2006 Week 16 vs IND (16 / 23 / 163 / 1 / 0 pass, 2 / 14 / 0 rush)

Carr relied on the excellent rushing game of the Texans and completed passes when necessary. He gained 12 yards and a first down conversion near the end of the second quarter, and finished that drive with a three yard touchdown pass to Vonte Leach that put the Texans ahead. Carr showed mobility and presence of thought, rolling out to complete a 24 yard pass to Chris Taylor.

2006 Week 17 vs CLE (9 / 15 / 86 / 0 / 1 pass, 5 / -8 / 0 rush)

Carr completed sixty percent of his passes for an average of 5.7 yards per attempt en route to a passer rating of 48.2. Though Carr got off to a fairly good start, and led the team to three wins in the month of December, he had only two touchdowns in the final ten games of the season, and seemed to regress as the season went along. He was not asked to do much against the Browns in this game, and his future in Gary Kubiak's offensive scheme remains unclear for 2007.

2005 Week 1 vs BUF (9 / 21 / 70 / 0 / 3 pass, 7 / 40 / 1 rush)

Carr looked bad in this game and was never comfortable at any time. The Bills' defense brought constant pressure, sacking him five times, intercepting him three times and recovering Carr's fumble. Carr was held to just nine completions for 70 yards in the game. The Texans' only scoring play came on fourth down when Carr scrambled into the end zone from a yard out. It is uncertain whether he got in, but the Bills had used all of their timeouts and were unable to challenge the call. Carr's longest completion of the day was 19 yards to Mark Bruener. His favorite target was Andre Johnson, but he could only connect on three of his eight attempts to Johnson for a total of 18 yards. Carr's only success was on the ground. He had a long gain of 16 yards and a total of 40 yards on the ground, with a touchdown.

2005 Week 2 vs PIT (16 / 26 / 167 / 1 / 0 pass, 7 / 46 / 0 rush)

David Carr was at the mercy of the Steelers' blitzing defense all day. To his credit, whatever they gave him, he gladly took. Carr was an efficient 16 of 26 for 167 yards. On his very first pass attempt his arm was hit by Clark Haggans for a sack and fumble. Carr completed five of his next eight passes over the next two drives and had one completion called back on a penalty, but was also sacked twice, and was the victim of two dropped passes, one by Corey Bradford on third and six that could have gained at least 15 yards. Carr rallied to lead Houston on a 14 play, 78 yard drive to open the second half where he had completions of 26 and 19 as well as a 20 yard run of his own, before finding Domanick Davis for a three yard score. The pass rush proved to be too much, however, as scrambling seemed to be his only offensive weapon at times. Of Carr's 46 yards rushing on seven carries, only one run for six yards was a designed play.

2005 Week 4 vs CIN (17 / 26 / 174 / 1 / 0 pass, 3 / 35 / 0 rush)

Carr had a 97.3 passer rating on the day, but with it a key fumble with 3:18 remaining which kept his team from winning. Carr was sacked seven times, which stopped a number of drives and kept him from building any significant rhythm. Carr avoided the key interception that the Bengals had been so proficient in causing over the first few weeks of the season, but his 6.7 yards per attempt average was not enough to keep the offense moving.

2005 Week 5 vs TEN (18 / 27 / 131 / 1 / 1 pass, 5 / 24 / 0 rush)

Carr was sacked 20 times in the Texans' first three games this season and was hoping this trend would end under new offensive coordinator Joe Pendry. Unfortunately, this was not the case as the Titans added seven more sacks to Carr's total. While he is doing a better job of getting rid of the ball when possible, he is still being blindsided by oncoming rushers and has absolutely no time to look downfield for his receivers. Contributing to his dismal day was the early exit of Andre Johnson who suffered a calf strain on the Texans' first offensive possession. Carr did manage a touchdown in garbage time, finishing with only 131 passing yards.

2005 Week 6 vs SEA (19 / 33 / 179 / 1 / 0 pass, 2 / 12 / 0 rush)

Carr is working hard to simply survive the Texans' offensive line shake-up. Though they committed drive-killing penalties, the revamped o-line managed to keep Carr out of harm's way for most of the contest, allowing only three sacks. While it's not enough to win games, it is a small victory and bodes well for the near future as Carr has proven that he can be effective when given some time to find receivers.

2005 Week 7 vs IND (6 / 9 / 48 / 1 / 1 pass, 5 / 35 / 0 rush)

Carr struggled for the game and was pressured constantly by the Indianapolis defense. He was only six of nine passing on the day for 48 yards, including an eight yard scoring pass to Jabar Gaffney, but was intercepted once and fumbled once, both leading to Colts' scores. He did have 35 yards rushing on five attempts, but failed to get away from the Colts for the majority of the day, getting sacked five times.

2005 Week 8 vs CLE (10 / 20 / 138 / 1 / 1 pass, 8 / 16 / 0 rush)

Carr finished with a passer rating of 68.3, but took what he was given all afternoon, and led the Texans to victory. He completed just 50% of his passes, and averaged just 6.9 yards per pass attempt, but was able to make the most of what was presented to him in this game. Carr avoided the sack on numerous occasions with a nice sidestep and strong lower body, and kept drives from stalling by getting rid of the ball earlier when necessary.

2005 Week 9 vs JAX (22 / 30 / 219 / 1 / 0 pass, 2 / 8 / 0 rush)

Carr was hurried and under pressure for most of the game, yet he still displayed a lot of toughness and kept Houston in the game with a chance to tie the game at the end. Despite being sacked six times and knocked down on many other occasions, when his offensive line gave him time to pass, he was accurate and completed a large percentage of his passes. Carr and Andre Johnson seemed to be in sync immediately, but though Johnson was targeted the most, Carr did not force the ball to him. Carr took advantage of Corey Bradford being in single coverage and connected with him several times during the game. Carr played well considering he was under pressure most of the game.

2005 Week 10 vs IND (16 / 25 / 138 / 1 / 0 pass, 2 / 9 / 0 rush)

This was a poor game for Carr as the Colts pressured him all game. He was sacked three times, and hurried often. Carr zoned in on Andre Johnson who was usually buried in coverage in the first half while the Texans were almost unable to move the ball in the air. Carr spread out the passing offense in the second half, looking for Gaffney with Johnson covered. The result wasn't much better, although he did find other receivers to make some plays.

2005 Week 11 vs KC (19 / 36 / 182 / 0 / 1 pass, 3 / 18 / 0 rush)

Carr has had a problem through the first four years of his career. The Texans' have not provided him much security in the pocket and he has been sacked far too often to allow offensive success. To help him, Houston has changed their offense to where Carr steps back from the center and quickly throws a short sideline pass. This does not give the defense time to get to him. However his passing total is lower and he does not get the chance to make many big plays. That is the way it was in this game. He tallied only 186 yards passing and had no touchdowns. He also was intercepted because the defense was able to predict where he was going to pass to. It was nice to see a little bit of his running ability as he vacated the pocket three times for 18 yards.

2005 Week 12 vs STL (25 / 34 / 293 / 3 / 1 pass, 4 / 39 / 0 rush)

David Carr had a magnificent first half, throwing for three touchdowns, 171 yards and completing 13 of 17 attempts. Carr even added 28 more yards rushing before halftime, as he continues to be the third most productive running QB in the NFL (trailing only Michael Vick and Aaron Brooks). Carr's favorite target was WR Andre Johnson, who had his first 100 yard game and first touchdown on the season. Carr nearly reached 300 yards passing and had just one blemish on the performance against the Rams, as one of his four throws to RB Dominick Davis bounced off his hands and was intercepted.

2005 Week 13 vs BAL (17 / 37 / 165 / 0 / 1 pass, 3 / 8 / 0 rush)

Carr had a difficult time finding any sort of success against the Ravens' defense. He completed less than half of his passes, while throwing for less than ten yards per completion. He threw no touchdowns and one interception. He faced constant pressure from the Baltimore pass rush, and fell victim to five sacks, three at the hands of Terrell Suggs. In the middle of the fourth quarter, Carr dropped back to pass and threw a ball that was tipped by a Baltimore defensive lineman. Adalius Thomas caught tipped pass and returned it 20 yards for a touchdown. He did manage to lead his team on five scoring drives, but all resulted in field goals.

2005 Week 14 vs TEN (17 / 26 / 116 / 1 / 0 pass, 0 / 0 / 0 rush)

Carr was under constant pressure, especially in the first half of the game. His offensive line did little to protect him, and Carr was sacked six times by the Titans, five times in the first half. As a result of the pressure, Carr did not have much time to make decisions as to where to throw the ball. Carr's longest pass went for just 16 yards as he was restricted to getting rid of the ball as quickly as possible. He could not check off of his primary read or wait for receivers to come open. His only touchdown pass came on a short pass to RB Domanick Davis out of the backfield for three yards.

2005 Week 15 vs ARI (22 / 33 / 150 / 0 / 1 pass, 1 / 2 / 0 rush)

Carr had another sub par game, throwing for 150 yards on 22 of 33 passing and turned the ball over twice, with both a fumble and interception that led to Cardinals scores. Due to a combination of bad protection and pressure from Arizona's defensive front, most of Carr's pass attempts came on short routes, and it seemed at least half of his throws were screens to his wideouts. While his numbers weren't great, he did do enough to not hurt his team and help them hold on for their second win of the season.

2005 Week 16 vs JAX (19 / 29 / 295 / 2 / 1 pass, 3 / 7 / 0 rush)

Carr played one of his best games of the season leading an explosive Houston offense with two touchdown passes of 50 or more yards. Although he was sacked four times in the game, he was very successful when his offensive line gave him time to setup and look downfield. Carr was able to blend an effective short passing game with several deep targets downfield which included the two touchdowns. He connected with Bradford for a 50 yard touchdown and Johnson for a 53 yard score. Carr completed 19 of 29 attempts for 295 yards, two touchdowns and one interception. His interception was intended for Andre Johnson but was tipped at the line of scrimmage and intercepted by Jacksonville. Carr also fumbled on the first pass play from scrimmage when he was sacked for a loss but the ball was recovered by Houston.

2005 Week 17 vs SF (4 / 11 / 23 / 0 / 0 pass, 1 / 9 / 0 rush)

Carr injured his elbow midway through the second quarter and finished four of 11 for 23 yards.