WR Marquise Brown - Baltimore Ravens

5-10, 167Born: 6-4-1997College: OklahomaDrafted: Round 1, pick 2019

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Game Recaps

2019 Week 1 vs MIA (5 / 4 / 147 / 2 rec)

Marquise Brown had a nearly perfect professional debut. Brown beat his man running a slant, slipped his defender, and raced 47 yards for an uncontested touchdown. It was Brown's first target and reception in the NFL regular season. On his next target Brown bested Minkah Fitzpatrick in single coverage and caught a bomb from Lamar Jackson that went for 83 yards and touchdown. Brown showed off his speed and awareness to reach the end zone with Fitzpatrick in pursuit. Brown took advantage of the massive cushion that was afforded to him following his big plays. Brown picked up 14 yards running a curl. Brown had two other deep targets from Jackson that narrowly feel incomplete.

2019 Week 2 vs ARI (13 / 8 / 86 / 0 rec)

Marquise Brown was heavily targeted by Lamar Jackson. Brown made his first catch crossing the middle of the field on an in breaking route for an 18 yard gain. Brown made a 6 yard catch running a quick out route. Brown made a 9 yard catch on the opposite side of the field the following play running the same route. Following two incompletions on underneath targets Brown released up the sideline from the slot and hauled in a 41 yard gain along the sideline against tight coverage to seal the game. Brown showed great concentration, awareness, and hands on the play. A number of Brown's targets were thrown in the area of Brown but a number of his targets were uncatchable throws from Jackson.

2019 Week 3 vs KC (9 / 2 / 49 / 0 rec)

Marquise Brown consistently got open but Jackson had his worst game of the season throwing the ball. Brown had his man beat for a 26 yard touchdown but the pass was badly overthrown by Lamar Jackson. Jackson missed Brown down the sideline for a 30 yard gain. Jackson threw the ball too far out of bounds only allowing Brown to get one foot in bounds. Brown made his first catch over the middle for 18 yards on 3rd and 11. Brown made a beautiful contested catch along the sideline for a 31 yard gain. The play was reminiscent of the one that sealed the game for the Ravens against the Cardinals. On the following play Jackson had Brown open for a 32 yard touchdown and overthrew him.

2019 Week 4 vs CLE (7 / 4 / 22 / 0 rec)

Marquise Brown never got involved in the game outside of a few underneath catches. Brown did not see any of the deep shots from Jackson he had been peppered with in previous weeks. Brown made his first catch running a quick out route for 4 yards. Brown dropped a deep slant over the middle that hit him in the hands it would have been Brown's biggest play of the game. Brown picked up 5 more yards running another quick out route. Brown made a 10 yard catch running an out route.

2019 Week 5 vs PIT (5 / 3 / 22 / 1 rec)

Marquise Brown was seeing a high volume of targets until he suffered an ankle injury. Brown beat his man for a potential 9 yard touchdown running a slant but Jackson's throw was behind Brown allowing his defender to make a play on the ball. Brown made his first catch running a shallow crossing route for 8 yards. Brown caught an 11 yard touchdown from Jackson running a slant. Brown did a great job of attacking the ball and securing the catch. Brown appeared to injure his ankle on the play and left the game for an extended period of time. Brown later returned to the game but did not look healthy. Brown returned in the 4th quarter and made a 3 yard catch.

2019 Week 9 vs NE (4 / 3 / 48 / 0 rec)

Marquise Brown looked like the Ravens best playmaker at receiver. Brown faced the coverage of Stephon Gilmore for much of the game but still made some plays. Brown made a diving catch for 6 yards on 3rd and 5 to keep the Ravens opening drive alive. Brown picked up 26 yards on a little toss from Lamar Jackson. Brown got outside the Patriots' edge defender with ease and took off down the sideline. Brown came open running a shallow crossing route and picked up 16 yards.

2019 Week 10 vs CIN (4 / 4 / 80 / 1 rec)

Marquise Brown returned to form by making two nice plays downfield. Brown hauled in a bomb from Jackson on the Ravens' opening play for a 50 yard gain. Brown released upfield from the slot on the play and beat double coverage with his speed. Brown caught a quick screen pass and used his speed to pick up 11 yards. Brown ran a corner route from the slot and made a contested catch for a 20 yard touchdown. Jackson looked to Brown when he was under pressure and trusted him to make a play.

2019 Week 11 vs HOU (4 / 2 / 23 / 0 rec)

Marquise Brown made some contributions for the Ravens but played a limited role. Brown ran a comeback route from the slot and picked up 17 yards on his first reception. Brown drew a questionable 30 yard pass interference penalty on a deep shot from Jackson to help set up a Ravens touchdown. Brown did absorb some contact but it didn't seem to impact the play. Brown did not seem to be at full speed on the play as he was dealing with foot and ankle issues. Brown made a 6 yard catch on 3rd and 5 running a crossing route.

2019 Week 12 vs LAR (7 / 5 / 42 / 2 rec)

Marquise Brown showed his ability to make plays underneath and proved he is a weapon in the red zone. Brown made his first catch running a shallow crossing route in the red zone for 5 yards. A few plays later Brown came wide open running the same route and scored a 6 yard touchdown. The Rams appeared to blow a coverage assignment. Brown faked like he was breaking to the outside before breaking inside on a post route and secured an 18 yard touchdown on a strike from Jackson. Brown made a tough catch running a slant for 8 yards. Brown made a 5 yard catch over the middle on 3rd and 4. Brown had a chance at a 3rd touchdown running a slant but the throw was a little behind him and he could not make the catch.

2019 Week 13 vs SF (2 / 1 / 1 / 0 rec)

Marquise Brown saw only a few targets from Jackson in wet conditions. Jackson completed only a few passes to wide receivers against the 49ers. Brown was targeted running an in breaking route over the middle but Fred Warner made a great play to break up the pass.

2019 Week 15 vs NYJ (4 / 4 / 45 / 1 rec)

Marquise Brown played very well against the Jets. Brown made play underneath and downfield showing his versatility. Brown was tackled in the end zone on a deep shot from Jackson drawing an obvious 43 yard pass interference penalty. Brown made a tough catch running a slant for 9 yards absorbing a hit over the middle. Brown made a 5 yard catch a few plays later. Brown released vertically from the slot and made a nice toe dragging catch for a 24 yard touchdown. Brown is clearly Jackson's favorite target at receiver.

2019 Week 16 vs CLE (2 / 1 / 6 / 0 rec)

Marquise Brown was a non factor against the Browns. Brown made a 6 yard catch running a curl. Brown was left open in the end zone on one play but Jackson did not see him.

2019 Week 17 vs PIT (2 / 2 / 15 / 0 rec)

Marquise Brown was a non factor as the Ravens went run heavy in the rain. Brown made an 8 yard catch running a quick out route. Brown picked up 7 yards on a screen pass.

2019 Week 19 vs TEN (11 / 7 / 126 / 0 rec)

Marquise Brown looked the part of number one NFL wide receiver against the Titans. Brown made plays all over the field and played one of his best games of the season. Brown came wide open running a deep comeback route and picked up easy yards after the catch thanks to the soft coverage resulting in a 30 yard gain. Brown made a 16 yard catch working just beyond the underneath coverage. Brown made a spectacular one handed catch running down the seam from the slot for 38 yards. Brown made the catch with numerous defenders around him and made it look effortless. Brown picked up 9 yards running a crossing route on 3rd and 3. Brown gained 9 yards on an underneath catch along the sideline. Brown made a 17 yard catch running a deep in route.