WR Odell Beckham Jr - Cleveland Browns

5-11, 198Born: 11-5-1992College: LSUDrafted: Round 1, pick 12 (2014)

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Game Recaps

2019 Week 1 vs TEN (11 / 7 / 71 / 0 rec)

It was a tale of two halves for Beckham, who caught all but one of his passes in the first half of the contest. The Titans managed to find a way to limit him to just a 12-yard grab in the second half. His first catch as a Brown was a 16-yard gain where he showed his electric run after the catch ability to tack on some additional YAC. His next catch was a 12-yarder which was negated by an unnecessary roughness penalty. He went on to rack up an eight-yard and four-yard catch on the two ensuing first-quarter drives. He opened the second quarter with a 24-yard grab and then had another reception, this time an 18-yarder, negated by penalty. His only catch in the second half was a 12-yard reception in the third quarter. He came close to pulling in a decent gain in the fourth quarter but couldn't quite hang onto the ball along the left sideline. For what it is worth, Beckham looked just as explosive as usual, putting to rest any concerns over the training camp hip injury that held him out of all four preseason contests.

2019 Week 2 vs NYJ (10 / 6 / 161 / 1 rec)

In his return to the Big Apple, Beckham made two exceptional plays in the win. On the first drive of the game, he hauled in a 33-yard, one-handed catch down the right sideline with a defender draped all over him. He got open deep on the left side of the field on the team's second drive but was overthrown. In the second quarter, he made a leaping 21-yard reception in which he held on after being sandwiched by two defenders. At the end of the second quarter, he drew a deep end zone shot but was unable to make the catch against double coverage. He came up limping and ended up heading to the locker room early with calf cramping. He received an I.V. during halftime and was able to return for the start of the third quarter. Beckham made the play of the game on an 89-yard touchdown reception during the third quarter. He took a pass that traveled about eight yards in the air and outran the Jets defense for the score, reaching a 21.7 MPH sprint according to NextGen stats. Beckham finished off the evening with 12 and six-yard catches in the fourth quarter.

2019 Week 3 vs LAR (9 / 6 / 56 / 0 rec)

Beckham got off to a fast start, catching two passes in the first quarter. He slowed down after that as the Rams focused their efforts on keeping him from hurting them. He saw an end zone target in the second quarter but the pass was out of bounds and uncatchable. He did make an excellent catch in the fourth quarter where he took a big hit as the ball arrived but was able to hang on. The Rams double-teamed Beckham when the Browns got near the end zone, preventing him from finding much room to operate.

2019 Week 4 vs BAL (7 / 2 / 20 / 0 rec)

Beckham had a slow day while contending with excellent coverage from Marlon Humphrey. Beckham had two uncharacteristic drops, both the result of solid coverage from Humphrey, who hit Beckham as the ball was arriving, preventing him from securing the ball. He did get open on his first target but he slipped on the turf and was unable to make the grab. He got to throw a pass in this game on a triple-reverse flea flicker. He threw a nice, deep pass to Damion Ratley near the goal line but Ratley couldn't make the catch. It was a catchable ball but Ratley couldn't squeeze it. In the third quarter, perhaps irritated by Humphrey's close coverage throughout the game, Beckham got into a scuffle where he took a swing at the Raven. Humphrey responded by throwing Beckham down and starting to choke him. The play resulted in four offsetting personal foul penalties, two from each team. While Beckham had a slow statistical game, the close defensive attention paid to him allowed Jarvis Landry to post a career-high 167 receiving yards. Beckham's only two catches came in the fourth quarter, after Landry left with a concussion. He had a short three-yard gain and then a 17-yard catch where he held on while taking a big hit.

2019 Week 5 vs SF (6 / 2 / 27 / 0 rec, 2 / 15 / 0 rush)

It was a second straight slow outing for the star receiver. He got off on the right foot at he completed a 20-yard pass to Jarvis Landry on the first play of the game. It was all downhill from there as Beckham committed several mistakes. His first target was a drop on a catchable, short screen pass to the right. He was unable to haul in a high pass on the team's third drive. While it wasn't a great pass, it was a catchable ball, especially for someone such as Beckham. On the fourth drive, the Browns got creative in trying to get the ball to Beckham, having him line up in the backfield and take a handoff, which went for four yards. He later saw another carry in the second quarter, this time going for 11 yards on a sweep to the right. On the ensuing drive, Beckham made a catch in the red zone, hauling in a seven-yard grab to get the ball down to the San Francisco seven-yard line. His only other catch was a 20-yard gain on the first drive of the third quarter where he got wide open against the San Francisco zone defense. With the game out of reach, Beckham was surprisingly out there to return a punt in the fourth quarter. He wound up losing a fumble on the return as he was carelessly holding the ball away from his body while trying to reverse field in attempts to make a play. It was a head-scratching decision by the Cleveland coaching staff to allow him to risk an injury on a return in a blowout contest.

2019 Week 6 vs SEA (11 / 6 / 101 / 0 rec)

Beckham had his second-best game as a Brown and his first 100-yard game since Week 2 against the Jets. The star receiver was targeted heavily in this game but he did make a few mistakes along the way, dropping or failing to catch at least three catchable balls during the contest. Beckham also could have had a much bigger game but he had three catches nullified by assorted penalties throughout the afternoon. He saw a target on the first play of the game but had his five-yard reception negated by a defensive offsides penalty. His first catch was a five-yard grab on the second drive, followed up by a nine-yard catch on the following drive. In the second quarter he dropped a pass that was slightly behind him but still catchable. He made up for that with an 18-yard diving catch on a low pass on the fifth drive of the game. He was the intended target on Baker Mayfield's first interception of the game. Beckham was supposed to run a short crossing route but he was clipped by a defender and knocked off his route, preventing him from getting to his spot. His longest catch came on the next drive on an impressive, leaping 41-yard grab along the right sideline. He landed on a Seattle defender before sliding out of bounds. Seattle challenged that he didn't get his feet down inbounds on the catch but the play was upheld. In the third quarter he added a 19-yard catch and had what would have been a nine-yard grab negated by an offensive holding penalty. On the next drive penalties took yardage away from him again, this time the culprit being an ineligible player downfield call. That catch would have gone for 17 yards. Freddie Kitchens did not appear to agree with that call based on his reaction on the sideline. In the fourth quarter, Beckham saw an end zone target on a fade route but the ball was thrown too high for him to even get a hand on it.

2019 Week 8 vs NE (7 / 5 / 52 / 0 rec)

Beckham was on his way to a slow outing before he caught a 31-yard pass in the fourth quarter. He predictably struggled against blanket coverage from Stephon Gilmore, one of the top cover corners in the league. His first catch was a seven-yard gain on a quick screen to the left. On the next drive, he caught another short screen, this time going for three yards. In the second quarter, he caught two more passes, a sliding seven-yard gain off play action and a four-yard gain for a first down on third-and-three. He was quiet in the third quarter, dropping his lone target on a well-thrown back shoulder pass down the right sideline. He appeared to turn around a bit late and couldn't adjust in time to make the grab. In the fourth quarter, Beckham got open deep down the left sideline but the pass was thrown too high for him to make the leaping catch. His final catch was impressive as he made a leaping, 31-yard grab between two defenders and absorbed a big hit right after securing the ball.

2019 Week 9 vs DEN (6 / 5 / 87 / 0 rec, 1 / -5 / 0 rush)

Beckham was on his way to another slow day before he ripped off two long gains in the fourth quarter. He spent much of the afternoon tangling with star corner Chris Harris who did a decent job of limiting him. Beckham's first grab came on the second drive and was a six-yard gain on a third-and-two. He came back with a seven-yard gain for another first down on second-and-six. He finished off that drive with an incompletion as Baker Mayfield threw too high for Beckham to catch. His next touch came in the second quarter on a rush attempt. He received a pitch and was swallowed up for a five-yard loss. On the final drive of the first half, he made an eight-yard grab. Beckham didn't see any work in the third quarter but made up for that with a big fourth quarter. He made a great, contested grab down the right sideline and followed that with a slick spin move to evade a tackler to tack on some extra yardage after the catch. On the following drive, he made another impressive catch where he evaded a tackler at the catch point, bobbled the ball, hauled it in, and galloped for a 39-yard gain. His lack of touchdowns has been disappointing but Beckham is still every bit as explosive as he was in his New York days. The Browns just need to find a better way to optimize the talented play-maker in their offense.

2019 Week 10 vs BUF (12 / 5 / 57 / 0 rec)

As has been the case often in his short Cleveland career, Beckham had an up-and-down game. He has faced a tough slate of opposing cornerbacks of late, with Week 10 being no different as he and Tre'Davious White battled throughout much of Sunday's contest. The Browns mentioned earlier in the week that they wanted to force-feed targets to Beckham and they did just that with OBJ leading the team with 12 targets. Beckham came into the game with just one touchdown but he could have scored on at least three separate occasions against the Bills. On his very first target, he got a few steps on his defender down the right sideline and Baker Mayfield overthrew him. If Mayfield had hit Beckham in stride, it would have gone for a 75-yard score. On the second drive, Beckham had a catchable target on third-and-one but he allowed White to break up the play. On that same drive, Beckham drew three end zone targets. He was held in the end zone by a defender on the first two targets, resulting in two separate defensive pass interference flags. The third pass was a high target to the right side of the end zone. Beckham leapt up and had a chance to come down with the ball but credit goes to the defender who was able to jar the ball loose for an incompletion. In the second quarter, Beckham made a sliding attempt at a low throw but allowed the defender to break up the pass again. In the third quarter, he came to life a bit, ripping off a 10-yard and a 14-yard reception. In the fourth quarter, Mayfield really started trying to force the ball to Beckham. He threw to a double-covered Beckham on two separate occasions, with both falling incomplete. Beckham's final two catches came on the game-winning drive. He got a big cushion from White on a 13-yard gain to the left and then made a nice four-yard catch against close coverage. Beckham and Mayfield's chemistry together remains a work in progress but, with better luck, Beckham could have had a multi-touchdown game in Week 10.

2019 Week 11 vs PIT (10 / 4 / 60 / 0 rec)

Beckham came extremely close to posting a big game but again a bit of bad luck along with shaky chemistry between him and Baker Mayfield held him back. His first catch was a seven-yard gain on a short slant. On the same drive, it appeared he and Mayfield connected for a 43-yard touchdown. The officials reviewed the scoring play and determined that Beckham's knee touched down inside the one-yard line before the ball crossed the goal line. Beckham had to settle for a 42-yard reception as Mayfield punched in the one-yard score. On the second drive he caught a short pass which went for no gain. On the following drive he saw another target but the pass was too high for him to catch. In the second quarter, he saw a target near the left sideline. It was a catchable ball but Beckham dropped it. In the third quarter, Beckham saw a deep end zone shot. Unfortunately, there appeared to be a miscommunication between him and Mayfield as the ball was placed near the sideline while Beckham had turned toward the middle of the field. Beckham saw several targets in the fourth quarter. He and Mayfield showed nice timing on an 11-yard reception near the right sideline. Mayfield went back to Beckham twice more on that drive but they couldn't connect, with one target too far out of bounds and the other thrown way too high for a wide-open Beckham. He came close to scoring yet again on his final target of the game. Beckham caught a four-yard end zone fade but was unable to get both feet down inbounds.

2019 Week 12 vs MIA (8 / 6 / 84 / 1 rec)

Beckham found the end zone for the first time since his team's Week 2 win over the New York Jets. He also helped his team by drawing a few defensive pass interference penalties on deep passes. His first grab didn't come until the third drive of the game. He took a short screen to the left for a four-yard gain. He scored his touchdown on that same drive. Beckham got wide open behind the Miami defense and pulled down a 35-yard strike in the end zone for the score. In the second quarter, Beckham ripped off a 16-yard catch on a slant and then a tough, contested catch that went for a 15-yard gain. He drew his first defensive pass interference flag on that same drive. He got a deep target near the Miami goal line. The play initially wasn't ruled a penalty but was later changed after review. Beckham was involved in Baker Mayfield's only interception, although it is hard to pin the blame on the receiver. Mayfield threw a poor pass behind Beckham, who turned around and got his hands on it but the pass ended up tipping over to a defender for the pick. On the second drive of the third quarter he caught a quick slant for six yards. In the fourth quarter, Beckham drew another pass interference flag on a deep pass near the goal line. He had a defender holding onto him most of the way, making it an easy call for the officials. He got open near the end zone again on that same drive but Mayfield threw way too high for him to make the catch.

2019 Week 13 vs PIT (6 / 3 / 29 / 0 rec)

Beckham had another quiet game in orange and brown. He was strangely not a big part of the game plan, drawing just six targets in the loss. At times it was hard to remember that the star wideout was on the field. Cleveland's porous offensive line continues to be an issue as Baker Mayfield often didn't have time to sit back and give time for Beckham to get open. When Beckham was open, Mayfield often threw inaccurate passes in his direction. Beckham's first target of the game was an end zone target at the end of the first drive. The pass was thrown way too high for Beckham to get a hand on it. On the following drive, he caught a six-yard pass on the left side of the field. His second catch came in the second quarter and went for a four-yard gain. He didn't make another catch again until the third drive of the second half, where he made a diving, 19-yard grab. He jumped up and started yelling, presumably to motivate his team. That was the final time he was heard from in the game.

2019 Week 14 vs CIN (5 / 2 / 39 / 0 rec)

It looked like Beckham was going to have a big game as he caught Baker Mayfield's first pass attempt for an 18-yard gain. On the second drive, he was the target on a pass tipped by a defender in the secondary. There was originally a pass interference flag thrown on the play but the officials picked it up after seeing that the pass was tipped. Beckham's second (and only other) catch came on the first drive of the second quarter. He got wide open and pulled in a 21-yard reception. It appeared that he had another long gain on the ensuing drive. Beckham caught what looked to be about a 36-yard catch on his fingertips as he was going out of bounds. The play was initially ruled a catch but was overturned after a Cincinnati challenge. He saw another target on that same drive. This time the ball was thrown a bit high. He leapt up to make the catch which gave defenders time to close in and hit him as the ball got there. It jarred the pass loose, resulting in an incompletion. Mayfield could have delivered a more accurate pass in that spot. In the fourth quarter, Beckham drew a defensive pass interference flag on a short pass to the left.

2019 Week 15 vs ARI (13 / 8 / 66 / 0 rec)

Beckham set a new season-high with 13 targets but he was unable to break any big plays on any of his eight catches. He did come close to having a really big game but just couldn't get any breaks. He saw a deep target on Baker Mayfield's first pass of the game but the ball was overthrown. He came back to catch a six-yard pass on that same drive. Mayfield then tried him again on a deep shot, this time delivering a perfect pass that Beckham had in his hands and then dropped. On the second drive, Beckham was credited with a target on a throwaway attempt out of bounds. In the second quarter Beckham pulled in a 17-yard reception on second-and-15. He tacked on one more catch in the third quarter, going for a five-yard gain on a screen. Beckham was extremely busy in the fourth quarter with the Browns shifting into comeback mode. He started off with another catchable target that he failed to haul in. It probably won't be ruled an official drop thanks to good defense but it appeared to be a ball he could have brought in. On the team's final drive, Beckham notched four catches and saw a few red zone looks. His first red zone target came in the end zone but the ball was thrown to wide right of him. He did take a big helmet-to-helmet hit on a four-yard catch but popped right back up after the play. He came extremely close to scoring a touchdown on his last catch, getting stopped at the Arizona one-yard line after an 11-yard gain. The chemistry between Mayfield and Beckham remains a work in progress.

2019 Week 16 vs BAL (6 / 4 / 44 / 1 rec)

Beckham's first catch was a 22-yarder where he got wide open but he negated most of that gain with a 15-yard taunting penalty at the end of the play. In the second quarter he drew a defensive pass interference call in the end zone. He was targeted down the left side and the defender grabbed his shoulder pad while the ball was in the air. Baltimore challenged that the ball was uncatchable but the penalty stood after official review. His final target of the first half was a deep shot down the right sideline. It appeared as though he would make the catch but Marcus Peters made an excellent play to get a hand in to tip the ball just as it arrived. In the third quarter, Beckham gained four yards on a quick pass to the left. He tacked on a 15-yard gain at the beginning of the fourth quarter and capped that drive off with a three-yard touchdown on an end zone fade. He did an excellent job getting both feet in bounds in the back right corner of the end zone. Cameras showed Beckham having a heated conversation with head coach Freddie Kitchens after the failed two-point conversion following his touchdown.

2019 Week 17 vs CIN (6 / 3 / 81 / 1 rec)

Beckham found the end zone for just the fourth time all season but he did manage to top 1,000 receiving yards on the season. His first catch was a beauty on a deep 36-yard bomb down the right sideline. Baker Mayfield made a perfect pass over the defense and Beckham did the rest, hauling in the over the shoulder grab. On the final drive of the second quarter, Beckham drew his second target but the pass was thrown too high for him to catch. His third target came on the first drive of the third quarter on a deep target to the right side but the pass was forced into double coverage and was easily intercepted. His best work came in the fourth quarter. He got wide open on a play-action pass and hauled in a 25-yard catch. That was the catch that put him over 1,000 receiving yards. It appeared that he may not return to the game afterwards as he took himself out of the game and removed his helmet. He ultimately wound up returning a few plays later and made an impressive 20-yard touchdown catch on fourth-and-goal. He leapt up and grabbed the ball in the back right corner of the end zone. On his way down he was able to tap his right toe on his way out of bounds to get both feet down. On the team's final drive of the game he got open in the middle of the field but the pass went off his hands for a drop. Beckham played through a sports hernia for much of the season and could be headed for offseason surgery to get the issue repaired.

2018 Week 1 vs JAX (15 / 11 / 111 / 0 rec, 1 / -1 / 0 rush)

Odell Beckham looked as explosive and dynamic as ever and Giants fans can relax as their young playmaker is going to be around for a while. He was involved throughout the entire game and Manning looked his wayoften. Beckham caught balls all over the field and kept the Jaguars honest as they had to respect his deep threat potential. He had a slant play early negated by a penalty and had to wait for an underthrown ball which limited its potentialbut these were the minor issues with his production on Sunday. Beckham caused panic from the Jaguars secondary as he ran deep routes, drawing several pass interference calls as he tried to haul in passes. Beckham was also wide open in the endzone on another deep route but unfortunately the ball was overthrown and fell incomplete. He worked the middle of the field very well, getting massive separation at times on the sideline. Beckham was unlucky not to score in this gamebut he will have big games coming this season.

2018 Week 2 vs DAL (9 / 4 / 51 / 0 rec)

Odell Beckham Jr. was not involved much in this game and could only watch as his quarterback was under incredible pressure all game long. Beckham got only 4 passes and 2 of these were late as the game was out of hand. Manning and the entire Giants passing attack was woeful and the lack of pass protection decimated any fantasy potential of guys like Beckham. He looked as fast as ever and got wide open at times when he got the ball but the opportunities to go downfield were just too rare. Beckham is a big deep threat but this potential wasn't much use when Manning was on his back after every other third down. He had one chance at a deep ball late but it was way overthrown and fell incomplete. Fantasy owners will have to put up with dud performances like this unfortunately until the Giants solve their offensive line woes.

2018 Week 3 vs HOU (10 / 9 / 109 / 0 rec, 1 / 0 / 0 rush)

Odell Beckham had a relatively quiet game for his standards but was still a strong player for fantasy owners in PPR leagues. Beckham simply was incredibly useful at picking up first downs for the Giants. He ran slants/curls/deep in breaking patterns and hauled in balls all game long to keep the Giants alive. They tried him on another end around rush play that failed to work, perhaps they need to retire this play as it rarely works for Beckham. He showed incredible explosion as always with the ball in his hands, running away from defenders after short passes and getting as many yards as possible after the catch. Beckham looked very slippery and tough to bring down in the open field as defenders struggled to contain him. He had an excellent catch off a tipped pass late in the game but this was negated unfortunately by a holding call.

2018 Week 4 vs NO (11 / 7 / 60 / 0 rec, 1 / 10 / 0 rush)

Odell Beckham was somewhat underused in this game as the Giants struggled to move the ball at all. Beckham was not targeted downfield and the majority of his passes were kept very short to the line of scrimmage. The Saints have shown weaknesses in the secondary and a guy like Beckham should have had better success but the Giants didn't/couldn't get him the ball. He was open a few times in this game and Manning failed to get him the ball, either missing too high or throwing behind him but those plays weren't the whole reason for the Giants inept offense. Beckham was swarmed every time he caught a short ball off Manning and had nowhere to run. His athletic ability wasn't enough to overcome the flurry of defenders running his way and this caused visible frustration. Beckham hauled in slants, curls and drag routes over the middle but could not shake free for a big run after the catch. He had a nice explosive play down the middle on a slant route but this was in 'garbage' time really as the Saints were in a prevent defense. The Giants need to use Beckham down the field more often and show defenses they aren't afraid to go deep, their game plan vs the Saints did not work at all.

2018 Week 5 vs CAR (14 / 8 / 131 / 1 rec)

Odell Beckham started off his day with a spectacular one handed grab along the sideline, securing it in bounds for a first down. Beckham converted many downs for the Giants in this game and they used him in a variety of plays, which plays to his strengths as a highly versatile player. He caught a slant in stride over the middle but lost his footing and fell over, which was unfortunate as he had a lot of space still in front of him. He took advantage of any man to man coverage at the line and was difficult to contain at times in this game. The Panthers paid too much attention to him on a double pass play which allowed Beckham to show off his arm on a deep pass to a wide open Barkley down the sideline. Beckham did well to break up a ball that was almost intercepted, getting his hand in at the right time. Unfortunately this also happenned to him as a deep pass found him in the endzone but the defender stuck his arm in between Beckham and the ball to dislodge it. Beckham's touchdown came on a simple go pattern where he had gained just enough separation in front of the defenders to haul in a pass from Manning. The coverage was tight but he secured the ball in the endzone for the spectacular score.

2018 Week 6 vs PHI (10 / 6 / 44 / 0 rec)

Odell Beckham was somewhat helpless as the Giants offense looked dismal on Thursday. Manning and the passing attack was failing to complete any balls downfield and Beckham only got short receptions as he was well covered by the Eagle defense for a lot of this game. Manning forced balls into Beckhams direction at times but he was generally covered or the pass was off target. Beckham showed excellent effort and speed when he was able to take short balls for decent gains. He made several defenders miss their first tackle attempt and picked up a lot of "hidden" yards. Manning tried to hit Beckham in the endzone late on a fade but there was no separation with the DB. Beckham's production is tied with Manning's ability to play well a lot of the time and the team were just in a funk offensively on thursday night.

2018 Week 7 vs ATL (11 / 8 / 143 / 1 rec, 1 / -1 / 0 rush)

Odell Beckham Jr. victimised the Atlanta secondary with a vintage performance that reminded the league he belongs in the upper echelon of pass catchers, regardless of the offense's inadequacies. Beckham won with quickness, route-running, blazing speed and terrific feel for where the boundary was. He and Eli Manning connected immediately on a slant route and followed it up with a beautiful link-up on a shallow crossing pattern versus the Atlanta zone defense. Beckham repeated that feat, gaining 26 yards on a deep crossing pattern against man coverage. It could have been an even more productive day for Beckham, as it turned out. Manning missed him on an easy pitch-and-catch throw to the corner of the end zone on one occasion. On the other, Beckham was wide open in the flat at the Atlanta goal line, only for Manning to delay the pass and go elsewhere ultimately. Beckham capped the spectacular day with a stunning touchdown catch at the back line of the end zone, dragging his feet in bounds effortlessly.

2018 Week 8 vs WAS (11 / 8 / 136 / 0 rec)

Odell Beckham made some unbelievable catches in this game and really provided the only consistent threat the Giants had on Sunday. He started the game off with a bang as he hauled in a deep pass along the sideline despite having the defender simultaneously called for defensive pass interference. The defender was actually in off coverage by many yards at the beginning of the route but Beckham was able to close the gap with his elite speed. Beckham got several balls over the middle and was able to get many yards after the catch. He got several first downs, made the first man miss and looked like the only Giants player the Redskins really needed to contain. Beckham wasn't able to get into the endzone despite his big plays as he got so much attention from the defense. He took advantage of soft man to man coverage on a slant play and exploded down the field with some blocks. Beckham made one final terrific one handed catch on a late/off target pass deep over the middle, securing it somehow with one hand. His speed/hands/quickness combination were glaringly obvious in this game, a true nightmare for defenses. It's unfortunate that the team around him are lacking in several areas.

2018 Week 10 vs SF (11 / 4 / 73 / 2 rec)

Beckham had more than double the targets of any other Giants player in the road win in San Francisco. His two-touchdown performance could have been much bigger with two drops by Beckham plus two poor throws on potential long gains or touchdowns by Eli Manning. Beckham nearly hauled in an end zone one-handed attempt as well. Beckham separated at will against the 49ers, but the connect between Manning and Beckham was solid but not precise. Tampa Bay next week offers an outstanding matchup to continue his strong season of production despite a lackluster team record.

2018 Week 11 vs TB (4 / 4 / 74 / 1 rec, 1 / 11 / 0 rush)

Odell Beckham and the entire Giants passing attack was relatively quiet as they chose to run the ball heavily in this game. Beckham rarely saw the ball as a result but still managed to give something to fantasy players who started him. He broke free on a deep route down the field after play action and hauled in a perfectly placed ball over the shoulder from Manning. He picked up a first down on an end around play next from Barkley, using his speed to easily get away from the first defender. Beckham was wide open down the middle after Manning had several seconds to survey the field with no pass rush to bother him. He made an amazing grab in the corner of the endzone on a fade route, showing strong hands to secure the ball in bounds before being shoved out over the white line. The Giants didn't need a lot from Beckham in this game and looked content to give him a reduced workload.

2018 Week 12 vs PHI (9 / 5 / 85 / 0 rec)

Beckham was underutilized against a ragtag Eagles secondary. He showed an undeniable acceleration in his routes and on a few short receptions, and easily got free for a deep reception early in the game. He was targeted in the end zone twice. Once was into double coverage and behind him and ended up intercepted an on the other he was likely held. Manning also missed him on a short throw right before the interception. Beckham did have a big third down catch in the second half but could have had a much bigger impact on this game.

2018 Week 13 vs CHI (9 / 3 / 35 / 1 rec)

Odell Beckham was targetted a decent amount in this game but only managed three catches for a modest recieving total. Manning was forcing the ball into Beckham's direction a lot but these passes were ill-advised on many occasions as the Bears frequently double covered the star reciever. Beckham was bumped at the line often and struggled to get involved down the field. Luckily, for the Giants and fantasy owners he found another way to get involved. Beckham got his hands on the ball from a reverse, then bought some time before heaving a deep pass to a wide open player for the easy touchdown that was very well executed. Beckham clearly has enough arm for this trick play to surface every now and again as he effortlessly threw it 50+ yards. He was wide open himself on 4th down in the redzone, unravelling after a few seconds into his route while catching a lofty ball but Beckham was alone so it was easily caught.

2017 Week 2 vs DET (5 / 4 / 36 / 0 rec)

The return of Odell Beckham Jr. to the field would have been a welcome sight for the Giants faithful, but the receiver was clearly not there yet. Beckham Jr. rotated with Roger Lewis and the superstar pass catcher only came into the game in certain key situations. For Beckham Jr., this felt more like a 'test the waters' outing than a full-go game. He and Eli Manning connected well on some timing routes, but none were more than 10 yards down the field. It was encouraging to see him involved in the offense, but his role was ultimately limited.

2017 Week 3 vs PHI (13 / 9 / 79 / 2 rec)

Odell Beckham Jr. had a very strong performance on Sunday. He looks like he is 100% again as his speed was on display in a big way against the Eagles. Beckham got a lot of slant plays/in breaking patterns to take advantage of soft coverage by the secondary but gradually worked his way down the field as the game progressed. He made several incredible catches, including many off target throws that were placed behind him. Beckham got into the endzone twice and both plays really were very impressive. He was forced to wait on a slow ball in the back of the endzone deep down the field but managed to keep both feet in perfectly before being shoved out of the endzone. Beckham's second touchdown came on a one handed grab on a corner route, managing to secure the ball while a defender was right behind him in the corner of the endzone. His night was not over at this point as the Manning targeted Beckham deep on back to back plays. Beckham was flagged for pass interference on the first play but broke free on the next play and the Eagle defensive back had no choice but to clearly foul him in play. Beckham is back and if the Giants offense can continue to play like they did on Sunday, fantasy owners will breath a sigh of relief for sure.

2017 Week 4 vs TB (15 / 7 / 90 / 0 rec)

Odell Beckham got his hands on 7 passes vs the Bucs but should have had more. Beckham dropped a few passes on short balls that really should have been caught, despite the wet conditions. Beckham and Manning tried to connect deep down the field throughout the game but struggled for the most part. He did draw a pass interference call one time but Manning overthrew him on a streak pattern on another occasion. Beckham was tough to tackle when he did catch the ball however. He made men miss at times and got a lot of yards after the catch as he broke back across the field, using his spin move to evade the first tackle attempt. He worked back towards the ball for Manning and did a good job securing tightly contested throws on the outside. Beckham broke free on an in&up play in the second half, getting a step on the safety as Manning floated a perfect pass over the top for 42 yards. Beckham did manage to catch a 2 point conversion later in the game but he was ruled ineligible as he stepped out of bounds prior. Despite the pedestrian numbers, he looked as explosive as ever despite the nagging ankle injury. Remains a must play.

2017 Week 5 vs LAC (8 / 5 / 97 / 1 rec, 1 / 8 / 0 rush)

Odell Beckham had an excellent performance on Sunday that unfortunately ended in total misery for the superstar receiver. Beckham and Manning were testing the Chargers deep throughout the game but struggled to connect initially. He was wide open in the endzone but the pass from Manning was overthrown, it easily could have been a touchdown with a better ball. Beckham was electric in open space with the ball in his hands, and he got many short balls/sweep plays to assist this. He was crucial in moving the chains as he converted many downs with curl/comeback plays on the outside. The defensive back was cautious against Beckham, giving him room to avoid a big play down the field. Beckham completely fooled the corner on an out & up route, faking inside before becoming completely wide open down the field as Manning found him for the big score. Beckham sustained another injury to his lower body on a slant play and will likely miss many weeks, if not the entire rest of the season.

2016 Week 1 vs DAL (8 / 4 / 73 / 0 rec)

Odell Beckham jr. didn't have an amazing stat line by any means but his presence was felt all night long. Beckham was targeted more often than his receptions would indicate but the production fantasy owners wanted was just not there on this day. Beckham jr. was open on a crossing pattern early but Manning misfired too high with a pass. Beckham jr. made a terrific catch&run down the sideline on a fade route, getting a step on his man from the very start of the play while securing a perfect pass in stride from Manning. Beckham jr. then was wide open on a curl route, aided by the fact that defenders had to respect his ability as a deep threat. Beckham jr. got a holding call as he was trying to go deep again against Dallas. Beckham jr. was able to gain massive separation when the Giants offensive line gave Manning enough time to survey the field and a big first down was picked up on a deep in breaking pattern. Beckham jr. should have got a touchdown late in the game on an out pattern from Manning in the redzone. Beckham was open after his break outside but the pass from Manning was too high which allowed the defender to push him out of bounds before he could secure two feet. Beckham jr. is as dangerous as ever but luck didn't go his way on this day. His speed and excellent hands will pay dividends for fantasy owners as the season progresses.

2016 Week 2 vs NO (11 / 8 / 86 / 0 rec)

Beckham jr. was crucial to the Giants passing attack on Sunday despite his numbers being relatively tame. Beckham jr. forced several Saints defenders to foul him for deep pass interference calls that set up the Giants well. His quickness and threat as a downfield weapon was evident all game long as defenders gave him a sizeable cushion to work with at the line of scrimmage. Beckham jr. took advantage of this all game long as he picked up first downs on curls/slants/posts and in breaking routes with excellent route running. Beckham jr. achieved massive levels of separation from his defender often and gave Manning an easy window to throw into. Beckham jr. was crucial in moving the chains and a high level of chemistry with Manning could be seen. Manning rolled out of the pocket several times to find that Beckham jr. was working with him to get open. Unfortunately for Beckham jr. and fantasy owners, he had a surprisingly poor drop on the final drive that kept him without a touchdown. Manning found Beckham jr. down the field on a fade route and floated a pass perfectly in front but Beckham jr. simply dropped it as he was trying to secure it. Rookie receiver Shepard has worked his way up and is taking a lot of the pressure off of Beckham jr. which freed him up for several one on one isolation patterns.

2016 Week 3 vs WAS (11 / 7 / 121 / 0 rec)

Odell Beckham had a big day but was held out of the end zone for the third consecutive game this year. However, Eli completely missed Odell on what would have been a touchdown in the third quarter if he seen him deep down field. Odell had seven catches on the day and he often made the most of them. Over half of his catches resulted in first downs and his longest of the day was twenty six yards. Odell could have had a bigger day as he was open on several other occasions but Eli was looking elsewhere. Odell often beat coverage to find openings in the defense but was unsuccessful finding the end zone. He came close on a throw in the flat when he eluded the cornerback to race down the sideline but barely got caught from behind. He landed at the three yard line.

2016 Week 4 vs MIN (9 / 3 / 23 / 0 rec)

Odell Beckham jr. underperformed on Monday night but the whole offensive struggled mightily which further damaged his fantasy production. Manning and co. were not able to consistently stay on the field and rarely entered the redzone, a bad sign for an offense. Beckham jr. got a slant catch early in the game but was subsequently flagged for taunting and had to be well behaved for the most of the game for fear of possibly getting ejected. He was targeted on many other passes in the game but a lot of balls ended up incomplete. He had the ball wrestled away from him on a high curl route pass and dropped a ball on an out pattern. Manning tried to connect with his young star receiver deep on several occasions but the pair looked out of sync. Beckham jr. was open deep on a streak pattern but could only get one hand on the ball that was thrown to him and it ended up incomplete as he went to the ground. He was also partly responsible for an interception as there was massive miscommunication with Manning vs a blitz. Beckham jr. didn't play particularly well in this game overall and didn't seem focused as he failed to deliver any big plays when targeted.

2016 Week 5 vs GB (12 / 5 / 56 / 1 rec)

Odell Beckham jr. played relatively well considering the media chaos of the previous week and managed to score the only touchdown for the Giants. He was the only somewhat consistent target for Manning as he caught slants/in breaking patterns against man coverage using his speed. He also had a big first down negated by a hold from his offensive line. Beckham jr. was open running down the sideline in the first half but Manning's pass was too high. The only true highlight for the Giants on Sunday night was his touchdown catch. Manning threw a high ball into the very back of the endzone and Beckham jr. secured it perfectly while keeping his feet just in bounds for the score. The play was reviewed and was close to call but the decision was not overturned. Beckham jr.'s ability has never been in question, simply his concentration and focus in big moments has let him down. He looked wide open at times against the Packers and easily could have had a bigger game if his quarterback/offensive line combo was more effective. The past 2 games have been difficult places to play in and fantasy owners will be optimistic the Giants offense can bounce back at home.

2016 Week 6 vs BAL (10 / 8 / 222 / 2 rec)

Odell Beckham jr. had an epic performance in the second half that won't be forgotten anytime soon. He had humble beginnings early on however as he fumbled away his very first catch, getting out wrestled for the ball. The rest of the first half was quiet for Beckham as Manning was unable to hook up with him and he caught mostly short passes. Beckham began to warm up in the second half as he looked dangerous anytime he had the ball in his hands. He turned his defensive back completely around on a double move down the sideline and Manning floated a perfect pass over the top for the score. Beckham then beat his man again off the line of scrimmage with impressive speed and hauled in a nice pass from Manning along the sideline. Beckham jr's final catch showcased the incredible talent this receiver possesses. He caught a simple slant pattern inside from Manning on 4th and 1 but proceeded to run away from all defenders and was untouched as he raced into the endzone. Beckham's speed was unmatched by anyone on the defense and no single defender for the Ravens could hope to keep pace with him.

2016 Week 7 vs LA (9 / 5 / 49 / 0 rec)

Odell Beckham jr. had a relatively quiet day on Sunday but did come up with clutch plays when required to help the Giants. Beckham secured a nice first down early in the game on a slant pattern, going low to scoop the ball for the reception. He helped the Giants convert a first down while they were backed into their own endzone as he went up high for a sideline grab that was somewhat awkward to catch. Manning showed confidence in Beckham as he threw a high ball up late down the field into double coverage that Beckham was able to come away with. He caught it at its highest point and denied the Rams secondary any access to the ball. Beckham didn't accomplish much else however as the Giants failed to ever get rolling in this game. The Rams shut down their offense for the most part and limited any explosive plays.

2016 Week 9 vs PHI (10 / 4 / 46 / 2 rec)

Odell Beckham jr. didn't have gaudy receiving numbers like he typically can get but did secure two big touchdowns. Beckham's first score was a slant inside after play action. He beat his man inside to the ball and took advantage of poor positioning by the safety to scarper into the endzone untouched. Beckham scored again on a high quick ball to the endzone that was thrown near the goal line. He got behind his man straight away and went up high before securing two feet in bounds for a perfectly executed goal line pass. He got open again as he broke free down the sideline but Manning overthrow him by a few yards to deny a third touchdown opportunity. Beckham worked the middle a lot with slant plays as he typically does but had mixed results. He had an accurate ball batted into the air after he failed to secure it and had another pass wrestled away by the defender for the turnover. Despite this, fantasy owners will be pleased with 2 touchdowns and easily could have been a third with a better deep ball from Manning.

2016 Week 10 vs CIN (11 / 10 / 97 / 1 rec)

Odell Beckham jr. was a strong player on Monday night and contributed a lot to the Giants win. He got open several times on slant plays and quick in breaking routes over the middle which he typically has great success with. Beckham also showed nice chemistry with Manning on some plays that broke down and including his touchdown catch. He ran a hook and go pattern in the redzone and was wide open in the back of the endzone for Manning to fire an easy looking touchdown pass. Beckham was crucial at picking up first downs for the Giants when they needed it by deep in patterns against man coverage, using his quickness to get open. He has solid hands throughout the game and caught the ball cleanly. On one occasion Manning fired a pass too high for Beckham down the field but this fell incomplete. Overall Beckham wasn't as explosive as he can be but proved vital with his touchdown catch and had several clutch first down conversions over the middle.

2016 Week 11 vs CHI (7 / 5 / 46 / 0 rec)

Odell Beckham jr. had somewhat of a down week as the Giants stumbled their way offensively to 22 points. He was still able to pick up key first downs over the middle and Manning looked his way often when a conversion was needed. Beckham jr. was taken down 1 yard shy of the first down marker on a few occasions, which hurt the Giants offensive and was somewhat unfortunate. He displayed typical quickness and talent as he looked wide open on many of his catches, including a comeback play deep to the outside in the opponent's redzone. Beckham jr. almost lost the ball on a catch to the outside but was fortunate that the ball landed out of bounds shortly after he lost control. Manning spread the ball very evenly amongst his team and never got too focused into forcing balls to Beckham jr.

2016 Week 12 vs CLE (11 / 6 / 96 / 2 rec)

Odell Beckham jr. had a very strong performance in this game and made the difference in this contest. He was explosive, had solid hands and had a great rapport with his quarterback. Beckham jr. was open early in the game on a streak pattern and then again on a seam route but Manning was off the mark on both throws. He showed good chemistry with his QB on a rollout however, getting open on the outside for a first down and diving for a low football. Beckham jr's first touchdown was quite spectacular and displayed his pure speed. He caught a short crossing pattern over the middle and simply outran the entire defense along the sideline to burst into the endzone untouched. The Browns secondary did not look like they could catch Beckham if he made it into the open field, as most defenses struggle with his speed. He snagged another ball on a high pass over the middle and turned this into another big play down the field with great yards after the catch but was tackled short of the endzone this game. Beckham jr. ended up scoring anyway as the Giants took advantage of him vs a linebacker in coverage on a crossing pattern in the redzone.

2016 Week 13 vs PIT (16 / 10 / 100 / 0 rec)

Odell Beckham jr. was the only consistent weapon the Giants had on Sunday but he wasn't able to will his team to victory on this occasion. The Giants forced the ball to Beckham a lot in the second half, despite close coverage and this led to a lot of incomplete passes. The Steelers kept a close eye on him and never let him get behind the defense. Beckham ran mostly slant/dig/in breaking patterns that tried to take advantage of man coverage with his quickness/speed. He looked for flags on several pass break ups by the defense but got very few calls from the officials. Beckham was a crucial cog for the Giants that allowed them to move the ball at all. The pass protection his quarterback received was lacklustre and this definitely hurt the production of every fantasy player. He did his job well and caught most of the balls thrown his way but Manning was off a lot of in this game and the Giants could never put their best foot forward.

2016 Week 14 vs DAL (9 / 4 / 94 / 1 rec)

Odell Beckham jr. was the star of this game but he actually didn't play very well for some of this game. Beckham struggled to make any kind of impact on the game early and had several big drops that could have resulted in touchdowns. He was open down the field on a fade pattern in Cowboy territory but misjudged the ball in the air and it fell incomplete. Beckham later dropped a curl route that would have likely secured a first down to set up the Giants in the redzone. He still converted some key situations with deep in breaking routes, beating his man inside but the Giants pass protection inevitably hurt his production. We all know Beckham has the potential to take any ball to the endzone on any play however and eventually we saw this. The Giants took advantage of single high safety by the Cowboys and fired a short crossing pattern to Beckham over the middle. He simply outran the entire Cowboy defense down the sideline with amazing speed as it looked like the Cowboys were in decent position to tackle him at one point. It wasn't pretty but Sunday night showed why he's a fantasy stud, even in a low scoring affair.

2016 Week 15 vs DET (8 / 6 / 64 / 1 rec, 1 / 9 / 0 rush)

Odell Beckham jr. got away with a dropped pass that somehow was not ruled incomplete on the first possession but it was for minimal yards and he quickly moved past this. Beckham looked very dangerous anytime he got the ball in space and turned several slant patterns into big gains with yards after the catch. His electric speed demands attention and he can take any play to the house, which makes him a must play in fantasy. He worked well with Manning to convert third downs into first, clutching curl/in breaking/slant routes that were crucial to the Giants offense. Beckham was open on a corner route towards the sideline despite double coverage and snagged a big first down with a perfect over the shoulder pass from Manning to set up his touchdown. Beckham got a clean release at the line of scrimmage and was wide open on an out route in the redzone. He had to grab it one handed as it was slightly off target but he made the catch look routine and walked into the endzone untouched. Beckham deserves to be started each and every week, regardless of match up and can be trusted every week as the Giants love to get him the ball.

2016 Week 16 vs PHI (20 / 11 / 150 / 0 rec)

Beckham jr. wasn't able to score on Thursday but was instrumental in keeping the Giants in this game. Beckham jr. looked dangerous everytime he touched the football and the Giants were intent on throwing him passes throughout the game to keep the Eagles worried. Manning somewhat struggled to find him early in this game but eventually the duo connected on a well thrown lofty bomb down the sideline. Beckham jr. then began to dominate over the middle of the field and picked up many big first downs on curls/in breaking patterns to take advantage of one on one coverage. His speed and quickness at the line of scrimmage is often too much for a defense to contain for the entire game. He turned a short slant outside pattern into a massive yards-after-catch gain as he outran several Eagle defenders along the sideline. Beckham jr. had a shot at a touchdown late in this game on a fade pattern but the pass was slightly overthrown from Manning and it fell incomplete.

2016 Week 17 vs WAS (7 / 5 / 44 / 0 rec)

Beckham jr. was kept in check for most of this game as the Giants wanted to escape this game without any injuries and have a strong running game present to take pressure off the passing game. Beckham was covered by Norman for the most part and got open at times but the Giants simply weren't that interested in throwing the ball. Beckham got open on deep in breaking patterns/crossing routes and used his speed in man to man coverage to create separation. Manning used him consistently on third down to move the chains and Beckham often had room to work with in his routes as the defense had to respect his speed to go deep. The Giants had the lead for most of this game and Beckham got to show off his skills in run blocking a lot but rarely got any exciting targets. Manning hardly threw any passes downfield and the Giants did not get into the redzone often. The Giants would have likely gotten more production from Beckham had the result mattered but were content to escape this game with a win, no matter how average the offense looked.

2016 Week 18 vs GB (11 / 4 / 28 / 0 rec)

Beckham jr. was ineffective on Sunday night and left many plays on the field. He had a tough night with several key passes targeted at him that were dropped. He first dropped a short out pattern that should have resulted in a first down, though the Giants ultimately picked it up regardless. Beckham then had a shot at a fade pattern in the back of endzone, getting good separation from his corner but couldn't come up with the ball over the shoulder. He was open again on a deep out pattern and Manning perhaps threw the ball a little high, which led to another poor incompletion. Beckham was double covered by Greenbay for a lot of the game and they were determined to limit his impact. Manning could not connect with him down the field and this really hampered the Giants offense to score points. Beckham got a few first downs with short passes over the middle but these never amounted to big plays.

2015 Week 1 vs DAL (8 / 5 / 44 / 0 rec)

Beckham Jr. did not produce as some people expected on Sunday night but most of that was not his fault. The Dallas cowboys paid a lot of attention to him on and double covered him for most of the game and in important situations. They played one cornerback close at the line of scrimmage to play physical with him and then a safety shaded to his side of the field to prevent a deep pass play, which worked for the most part. Beckham Jr. took a big hit early in the game as he got his hands on a mid slant pattern over the middle but the ball got knocked loose by a Dallas defender. Beckham Jr. was mostly used on short patterns and underneath routes as Dallas played him conservatively. Beckham Jr. got a lot of curls and quick out patterns but was unable to turn them into big plays as Dallas swarmed the football well. Beckham Jr. has a level of quickness and speed that demands almost constant coverage by a corner and safety over the top, as he successively caught a ball between a corner and linebacker using his quickness on a slant. He also showed excellent concentration and hands catching a ball in a very tight window between two Dallas defenders on a curl route in the redzone. Beckham Jr. was simply contained well by Dallas and the Giants struggled to pass the ball with a newly constructed offensive line but no doubt bigger games are ahead for him so fantasy owners shouldn't be worried.

2015 Week 2 vs ATL (12 / 7 / 146 / 1 rec)

Fantasy owners will undoubtedly be happy as Beckham jr. regained his form from last year and had a strong showing in this game. Beckham jr. and Manning connected very often in this game to move the chains and Beckham jr. routinely dominated his opposing defender for the football. Beckham jr. made a nice diving catch on a corner route towards the sideline and took a lot of the attention of the Falcon secondary. Manning looked to Beckham jr. often and tried him on numerous occasions down the field to keep Atlanta honest but rarely actually connecting. Beckham jr.'s touchdown came on a simple slant play over the middle of the defense. He caught a perfectly placed ball in stride from Manning and blew away the Falcon secondary as he outran everyone on the field, showing his elite speed. Beckham jr. also had a big play on a quick out towards the sideline that he managed to turn into a big catch & run after he evaded the first tackler. Even though Manning failed to connect to Beckham jr. deep despite a few attempts, he was successful in drawing a pass interference call to keep the Giants moving. Beckham jr. always looked dangerous in this game and did an excellent job moving the chains on shorter routes when required. His talent and form has not diminished and fantasy owners should expect similar games from him moving forward.

2015 Week 3 vs WAS (9 / 7 / 79 / 1 rec)

Odell Beckham jr. was not the leading receiver for the Giants but still looked like a strong and dangerous player out there. Beckham jr. He was used a lot in short patterns against the Redskins defense and was highly effective at picking up first downs. Beckham jr. caught slant and out patterns with excellent route running and speed. He did have a catch over the deep middle negated by a holding call from the offensive line however. Beckham jr. did a great job of achieving separation at the line of scrimmage and showed good concentration catching balls in traffic. Beckham jr. also managed to get into the endzone on a big play in the second half. Beckham jr. ran a post route against man to man coverage deep down the field and had to slightly adjust his body as he reached back to secure the pass. Beckham jr. is very difficult to cover one on one, especially down the field and the Giants try to get him the ball as much as possible. Randle's performance somewhat ate into Beckham jr's production but solid options across from him are also a good sign as defenses cannot double cover him for the entire game. Continue to play him as a number one receiver and expect at least 1 touchdown every week.

2015 Week 4 vs BUF (12 / 5 / 38 / 0 rec)

Odell Beckham jr. struggled to connect with Manning against the Bills and could not get many catches. The Giants targeted him on many plays and Manning tried the deep ball with Beckham jr. early with no success. After several plays, it was obvious that Manning and Beckham jr. were not on the same page as Manning tried to communicate post play what he would have preferred. Beckham jr. and Manning's chemistry was simply off and the big play could not be hit. Despite this, Beckham jr. did catch 5 passes but they were short patterns. He got curls and slant patterns often and had success first up first downs this way. Beckham jr. did have one impressive play on pass outside near the sideline as he ran away from his defender for 9 yards but ultimately was forced out of bounds. Manning found success with his other receivers on this day and Beckham jr. took a backseat for a change.

2015 Week 5 vs SF (11 / 7 / 121 / 1 rec, 1 / 3 / 0 rush)

Odell Beckham jr. may not be having as good of a season as last year through 5 games but showed once again his elite talent and unique ability to contribute to this offense. Beckham jr's first catch was a big pass down the sideline from Manning. He was able to fly by his defender at the line and run uncontested down the field. The ball was somewhat underthrown however and prevented him for getting much yards after. The Giants tried getting the ball into his hands very quickly at the line of scrimmage but this often resulted in a minor gain and a lot of physical contact. Beckham jr. showed excellent concentration and awareness to scoop a pass just off the turf on a low curl route, hauling in a pass that many others would simply have let go incomplete. Beckham jr. was a thorn in the 49ers side all night over the middle and caught many passes for first downs against man to man coverage, which is almost always a mis match in his favour. Beckham jr's touchdown came in the redzone as Manning found him a simple crossing pattern over the middle. Beckham jr. hauled in the pass but reversed to the outside towards the sideline as there was a lot of room and was able to outrun everyone with great speed for the score. He did sustain a minor hamstring injury in the fourth quarter which kept him out of a few drives. Beckham jr. was able to draw a critical pass interference flag on the final drive however and made his presence known even when he didn't catch it.

2015 Week 6 vs PHI (8 / 7 / 61 / 1 rec)

Odell Beckham jr. was the only productive player on the field for New York, despite the fact he did most of his damage early in this game. Beckham jr was on fire early as he hurt the Eagles over the middle of the field. Beckham jr. also scored a touchdown on a slant play over the middle. Manning threw an accurate in-stride ball to Beckham who fell over short of the goal line but was untouched by any defender so he was able to outstretch his arm for the score. Beckham jr . continued to convert downs into first downs whenever he was targeted over the middle and even drew a pass interference call as the Giants were backed up near their own endzone. Beckham jr. looked like the only dangerous player the Giants had to offer but he could only get his hands on relatively short passes. The Giants could not pass protect for long and deep developing routes for guys like Beckham jr were simply not an option. Beckham jr. looked fast and dynamic running routes but he needed more help on Monday night from his team. Beckham almost hauled in a big pass on the sideline once again but the pass was placed too far outside the line.

2015 Week 7 vs DAL (6 / 4 / 35 / 0 rec)

The Giants struggled to pass the ball down the field in this game and this hurt the production of Beckham jr. who did not see many passes thrown his direction. The Giants seemed content to only throw the ball to Beckham when the time was right and were reluctant to force any passes his way. Beckham jr. caught 2 passes on comeback routes from Manning after a rollout and showed he can run this pattern very effectively. Beckham jr. was open on a deep crossing pattern and got separation from his defender but Manning was off target. Beckham jr. did get several slant patterns over the middle and kept drives going at times but these plays did not allow for many yards after the catch. Beckham jr. almost made another terrific one handed catch in the endzone on a deep fade pattern but the pass was slightly overthrown. Beckham jr. did not seem hampered by any hamstring related injury but rather the Giants didn't want to force the ball to him when they had the lead. The Giants lost out on some offensive possessions due to defense/special team touchdowns which very likely hurt the production of guys like Beckham jr.

2015 Week 8 vs NO (9 / 8 / 130 / 3 rec)

Odell Beckham jr. came up big in his performance back in Louisiana and got the ball a lot more as fans/media have been demanding. Beckham jr. was targeted a lot in the short passing game. The Saints were cautious with the speedy young receiver and played a lot of backed off coverage. Manning and Beckham jr. were able to read this often at times and picked up many first downs/touchdowns with quick slants. Beckham jr.'s first touchdown came near the goal line on a simple slant play inside as the slot receiver made life difficult for the defender covering Beckham. The Giants ran the exact same play later in the game on the goal line for Beckham jr.'s second touchdown and the receiver was off to a flying start. Beckham jr. caught passes in traffic over the middle and secured the football well. Beckham jr. was open deep near the sideline but Manning's pass was off target and escaped Beckham. Manning made up for this with a terrific deep pass play after play action rollout. Beckham jr. was able to beat two defenders deep and Manning put the ball perfectly behind them to allow Beckham to get it easily. Beckham jr. made another big play down the field but this time was a catch&run effort after a slant inside left him with room to spare. The Giants found a play they like on the goal line with Beckham jr. and his dangerous ability downfield reminds defenses to respect him.

2015 Week 9 vs TB (17 / 9 / 105 / 0 rec)

Odell Beckham jr. did not score a touchdown but was easily the most important player on offense for the Giants apart from Manning. Beckham jr. was immense on third down and picked up many key first downs for the Giants. Beckham jr. ran a lot of slant/in breaking and curl patterns against one on one coverage. Beckham jr. was able to win a lot of the time with his excellent speed and quickness off the line of scrimmage. Beckham jr. was open in the redzone on a post route in the first half but the pass was far too low from Manning and not catchable. Manning was off target on a few other passes to Beckham jr., often placing the ball too high or overthrowing his target. Beckham jr. remained clutch on third down however and picked up crucial first downs over the middle that undeniably helped the Giants win the game. Despite being the centre of attention for the Bucs, he caught short passes in traffic and always tried to get as many yards as possible after contact. Beckham jr. was somewhat responsible for an interception from Manning as he allowed the defender to undercut the route and was visibly annoyed with himself after. He was still the strongest player the Giants had and showed he can get 100 yards receiving in a game despite not catching any deep passes.

2015 Week 10 vs NE (12 / 4 / 104 / 1 rec)

Odell Beckham jr. had strong production in this game coupled with a touchdown but most of this was gotten in one play. Beckham jr. got a step behind his defender on a go route deep and hauled in a bomb pass along the sideline. He then made the safety miss and exploded down the field untouched for the spectacular play. After this splash play however, Beckham jr. accomplished very little in the rest of the game. Cornerback Butler did an excellent job shutting him down for most of the game. Beckham jr. was targeted on several short patterns but Butler was always there to knock the pass away or prevent any yards after the catch. Beckham jr. did manage to draw pass interference on deep pass on the sideline but Butler won most of the time. Manning struggled to get the ball to Beckham jr. and had to throw into tight windows very often. Beckham jr. also had a disappointing play to finish in the fourth quarter. Beckham jr. caught a high ball on an out pattern in the endzone but failed to secure the ball as the Patriot defender knocked it loose before the referees could rule it a touchdown(after review).

2015 Week 12 vs WAS (18 / 9 / 142 / 1 rec)

Odell Beckham jr. had a strong game on Sunday, though his first half was quiet. Beckham jr. struggled to get open down the field in the first half due to tight coverage from the Washington defense that got physical with the receiver. Beckham jr. got caught only short patterns as a result early on but did manage to convert some first downs over the middle. Manning struggled to find Beckham jr. down the field due to the tight coverage and forced a lot of balls that fell incomplete. Beckham jr. began to come alive in the second half as he made a big catch down the field on a perfectly in stride throw from Manning which set up the Giants in the redzone. Beckham jr. then made several big first down catches over the middle and began to beat the Redskins secondary at times. Beckham jr. got a nice pass short on a crossing pattern and turned it into a big catch and run play that was only ended with an illegal horse collar tackle. Beckham jr's night wasn't over however as he made another terrific catch that most receivers would not make given the same situation. Manning threw a deep fade pattern that was placed away from the defender towards the sideline. Beckham jr. used one outstretched arm on a diving attempt to somehow control the ball as he hit the ground for the breathtaking score, while maintaining possession throughout the act. Though the Giants still lost the game, Beckham jr. did not disappoint fantasy owners at least.

2015 Week 13 vs NYJ (11 / 6 / 149 / 1 rec)

Odell Beckham jr. was once again the only standout offensive player for the Giants. Beckham jr.'s day started off with a bang as he snagged a ball with one hand over the middle on a post route, making it look very easy. Beckham jr. scored later in the first half on a slant route inside over the middle in one on one man coverage. Beckham jr. got the ball quickly after his break and simply outran the Jets secondary as be exploded down the field untouched. Beckham jr. should have had a second touchdown on a post route with a nicely placed ball from Manning but the pass was jarred loose by a defender. He has struggled with holding onto the ball several times this year in the endzone despite making other highly impressive plays also. Beckham jr. got his hands on several other plays down the field and to the outside to keep the Giants alive in this game. He took several big hits from defenders but jumped straight back up, showing toughness despite his relatively small frame. Beckham jr. was open towards the end of the game on a corner route but seemed to misjudge the slightly overthrown ball over his shoulder as it fell incomplete. He was later flagged for delay of game for kicking the ball which shows some immaturity but Giants fans/fantasy owners will forgive him overall.

2015 Week 14 vs MIA (9 / 7 / 166 / 2 rec)

Odell Beckham jr. started off slow but exploded in the second half with several monster plays. Beckham jr. started off with some short comeback routes and slants inside, showing good chemistry with Manning at the line of scrimmage. Beckham jr. was flagged for pass interference on a deep attempt but this was quickly forgotten as he hauled in a big play on a post route minutes later. Beckham beat his man inside and quickly gained separation down the field for Manning to throw into. Beckham jr. had a jaw dropping touchdown catch on the sideline of the endzone on an out route. Manning threw a pass outside and looked like it was going incomplete but Beckham jr. snagged it and dragged his feet perfectly while staying in bounds just enough to record the catch. Beckham jr. also drew pass interference when going deep on the sideline in the second half, gaining the Giants good field position. Beckham jr. did have one pass knocked out of his grasp on a high curl route but no one will remember as he scored quickly again with a big play down the field. Beckham jr. ran a slant and up pattern that the Dolphins failed to pick up down the field and Beckham jr. exploded down the field untouched for the 84 yard catch & run. Beckham jr. helped seal the game on a curl route as time was expiring and truly gave incredible effort throughout this game.

2015 Week 15 vs CAR (9 / 6 / 76 / 1 rec)

Odell Beckham jr. had a bizarre game on Sunday and he probably has a lot of regrets after his shameful display with cornerback Norman become world famous. Ultimately he damaged his reputation and even worse, his team. Beckham was flagged for 3 personal foul penalties and one offensive pass interference that was related to the Norman fighting situation that took place. These penalties negated first downs, pushed the offense back and distracted the team in a big game that they needed to win. Beckham managed to draw a pass interference penalty on deep route vs. Kuechly but had a disastrous drop later in the drive. Beckham was wide open on deep post route and inexplicably dropped the perfectly thrown ball from Manning, possibly because he was distracted too much about his match up with Norman. He contributed very little in the first 3 quarters. Beckham was open deep on another post route in the first half but the pass protection was inadequate and Manning had to hurry the ball which fell incomplete. Beckham did begin to put something together late in the game, picking up key first downs and keeping the Giants chances alive. He did get an explosive play on crossing pattern, as he outran the defense along the sideline and back inside for the big play. Beckham then get open deep on a fade route, getting behind his man just enough to easily haul in the pass from Manning for his touchdown. His talent is not for debate but his personality gets in the way sometimes and it let him down in this game in a big way. Beckham looked like he was too emotional to concentrate on the game at times and needs to control himself better moving forward.

2014 Week 5 vs ATL (5 / 4 / 44 / 1 rec)

Odell Beckham looked very impressive for New York on Sunday and his statistics will be very mis leading if you did not watch the game. Beckham started his day by looking wide open on a comeback route, using his quickness to get separation from the defender. Beckham then got completely free from the secondary on a streak pattern down the sideline but Eli Manning threw a terrible pass that was very much overthrown. This overthrow was likely due to Beckham's absence as of late and the general lack of Chemistry between the two as Beckham is a new addition to the offense. Beckham had the defenses attention early however and drew multiple fouls from defenders who were forced to interfere with him when he had a step down field. Beckham got his hands on a touchdown in the second half on a well thrown pass from Manning. Manning threw a high pass for Beckham who had achieved a large amount of separation from the defender and simply snagged the football before his defender even knew where the ball was. Beckham looked very dangerous on the field and is certainly the deep threat as advertised. His quickness, route running and hands also made him look like a veteran receiver with a lot of talent. The Giants may have struck gold with Beckham and look for him to continue to emerge and be a big play receiver in this revitalized with Eli Manning.

2014 Week 6 vs PHI (4 / 2 / 28 / 0 rec)

Odell Beckham failed to make much of an impression against the Eagles but most of this can be attributed to the performance of his teammates. Beckham only managed two catches from Manning got sacked many times due to the inadequate pass protection of the Giants offensive line. Beckham did well to catch an off target slant pass as he outstretched his arms and just got enough to secure the catch. Beckham had another impressive play in the redzone on a short curl route. Beckham got a lot of separation on a curl route and ran away from his defender as he got good yards after catch to secure the first down. Beckham is a very quick receiver and can get open downfield in this offense but Manning needs time to find him downfield. Beckham will be able to produce provided the Giants can rally and put this loss behind them. The injury to Cruz will force Beckham into a larger role but his talent as a receiver and good pair of hands suggest he is the real deal.

2014 Week 7 vs DAL (6 / 4 / 34 / 2 rec, 1 / 13 / 0 rush)

Beckham's movement skills were evident throughout the game against Dallas. He accelerated quickly to top speed on an early-game reverse. Beckham made a double-move on his first touchdown. The defensive back was holding Beckham's jersey the entire route as Beckham was still able to create separation and ultimately score. On a third down late in the first half, the lack of practice time and chemistry reared its head as Manning and Beckham miscommunicated on a third down target, leading to a punt. Late in the game, Beckham converted another goal line target as he again created separation, this time on an out route from the slot. His shiftiness and solid hands were keys to the play. Notes beyond the box score include drawing a defensive pass interference penalty on an in-cut as well as a highlight reel back-shoulder catch as he landed out of bounds.

2014 Week 9 vs IND (11 / 8 / 156 / 0 rec)

Odell Beckham Jr.'s day started off slowly as Manning underthrew him on a fade route deep down the sideline that the defender could have picked off. Manning then missed Beckham again high over the middle. Beckham and Manning finally started to connect as the game progressed tough as he hauled in a deep in pattern. Beckham used his speed and quickness to get a lot of separation from the defensive back which is one of his strengths as receiver. Beckham did drop a short out pattern but the pass was not perfect and he quickly put it behind him. Manning used play action to buy time in the pocket and found Beckham who was wide open on a comeback pattern. Beckham then was able to get away from his defender and explode down the sideline for easily the biggest play in the game for the Giants. Beckham had another deep pass thrown his way on go pattern but his feet got tangled up near the goal line and he couldn't catch upto the pass. Beckham continued to impress as he run a variety of routes, short and long, and got open consistently for Manning. He also hauled in a lot of high passes and showed he has the hands/catch radius that all elite receivers possess. Beckham was easily the most dangerous player on the field for New York and was excellent after the catch. He is also a very good route runner and has the quickness to achieve a high level of separation from defenders. Beckham is exactly what the Giants need in the passing game but currently his performance alone isn't enough to elevate the team. Regardless, he doesn't look like a rookie out there and the Giants will likely continue to explore his utility as a highly versatile receiver.

2014 Week 10 vs SEA (9 / 7 / 108 / 0 rec, 1 / 11 / 0 rush)

Odell Beckham had a very impressive performance against Seattle and got open routinely against the Seahawk secondary. Beckham has become a highly versatile receiver that can run any route in the route tree. He showed the speed and hands necessary to be a "number one" receiver in this league and looked like it on Sunday. Beckham started the game off with some short pass plays, catching the ball well and picking up as many yards as possible. Beckham then ran a "double move" pattern against defender Richard Sherman and hauled in a big play down the field which completely changed field position for the Giants. Beckham hauled in another big play on a simple go route down the field, getting a lot of separation from Seattle and was definitely helped by a high level of accuracy from Eli Manning. Beckham was unfortunate not to score on this play as he was tackled just shy of the goal line. Beckham showed his speed and danger as a deep threat early which caused Seattle defenders to play more conservatively against him at times in the game. Beckham caught some short passes against soft coverage and was a huge boost to this offense that has struggled to score points recently. Beckham was the only true consistent threat the Giants possessed on Sunday and Seattle were punished early in the game as they left Beckham in one on one man coverage situations. He can only continue to improve as an individual; unfortunately the team that surrounds him is playing poorly which may hurt his production at times.

2014 Week 11 vs SF (13 / 6 / 93 / 0 rec)

Odell Beckham started slow against the 49ers but still made some terrific plays on the field. Beckham hauled in a short out pattern for small gain early on. Then Manning threw an interception as he tried to force a ball into a tight window to Beckham. Beckham then dropped a short pass over the middle though it wouldn't have resulted in many yards if he had secured it. Beckham was targeted deep on a go route from Manning but a 49er safety made a great play by breaking it up before it could get to Beckham. Beckham showed terrific effort and made a smart play to outstretch the football as far as he could before going out of bounds, though unfortunately the pass was inches short after review. Beckham then looked dangerous as he secured a catch over the middle of the defense, looking wide open as he made the catch. Beckham made a clutch catch as he caught a low curl route pass to pick up a first down. Beckham used his quickness and route running to completely turn around a defender to pick up a nice gain on the sideline with an out pattern. Beckham then made an unbelievable catch on the sideline late in the second half. Manning threw a high pass towards the sideline and Beckham used his finger tips to tip the ball towards himself while landing barely in bounds for a spectacular grab. Beckham is truly a highly versatile receiver, as he ran short and long routes all over the field against the 49ers. He also showed intelligence and hands combined with excellent leaping ability despite the fact he is not very tall for a receiver. Manning was not accurate on Sunday and missed some more attempts as he tried to get the ball to Beckham as much as possible, which is a good sign for fantasy owners.

2014 Week 12 vs DAL (11 / 10 / 146 / 2 rec, 1 / -2 / 0 rush)

Odell Beckham had a big breakout performance against Dallas and showed off a lot of the talents he has as a receiver. Beckham showed speed, quickness, route running and an amazing set of hands with a large catch radius despite his average size. Beckham routinely beat the Cowboys over the middle and on slant patterns for key first downs when they were needed. Beckhams first touchdown came on a slant play. Beckham found a soft spot in the zone coverage and waited as Manning eventually found Beckham wide open for the score. Beckham showed an impressive catching ability, snagging a comeback pattern on the sideline and stretching his body/arms to secure the play. Beckham then made one of the most unbelievable catches that any receiver can make. Manning heaved a pass towards the sideline for Beckham and he somehow caught the ball with one outstretched arm as he fell backwards. The play was truly impressive as the pass was not on target and the defender was also flagged for pass interference on Beckham. Beckham continued to frustrate the Cowboys with short routes over the middle and he could get open against any defender seemingly. Beckham also broke a few tackles over the middle and managed to get a lot of yards after contact. Despite this big performance from the rookie, his day could have been even better as he was open in the redzone on a streak pattern but Manning missed him with an overthrown pass. Beckham continues to impress every week as highly talented receiver that can run any route extremely well. He is the focal point of the Giants offense currently and a must start option in fantasy every week.

2014 Week 13 vs JAX (8 / 7 / 90 / 0 rec, 1 / 4 / 0 rush)

Odell Beckham jr. was the leading receiver again for New York but couldn't quite live upto expectations after last weekend's performance against the Cowboys. Regardless, he put on a strong showing again as was the focal point in this offense. Beckham got open on a comeback route for his first catch and did a good job to secure his feet in bounds. The Giants then used Beckham on a reverse play in the backfield but this managed only 4 yards as the Jaguars corner was prepared. Beckham was open on a streak pattern deep but the coverage was sufficient as the pass was slightly overthrown. Beckham did a nice job of coming back to the football for Manning on another comeback route, providing room and an release option for his quarterback. Beckham had a very impressive catch and run on a quick out at the line of scrimmage. Beckham used his quickness to slip the first few tackle attempts and exploded down the field for 29 yards. Beckham got his hands on a few more short plays, showing good route running to create separation from the defense. Beckham could not score as the Giants had costly turnovers that cut a lot of drives short. Beckham looked as dangerous as ever with the ball in his hands however and remains a must start in fantasy.

2014 Week 14 vs TEN (15 / 11 / 130 / 1 rec, 1 / 9 / 0 rush)

Odell Beckham jr. played at a high level again for the Giants as he continues to produce as a number one receiver despite his rookie year status. Beckham started off the game in bizarre fashion as he attempted a reverse receiver pass play, in an effort to show off his well rounded talents. He fired a pass deep to Randle but the play was well covered by the Titans and afterwards he resumed his normal role. Beckham was a thorn in the side of the Titans all game long as he picked up many first downs as he ran a variety of routes. Beckhams speed and quickness as a receiver allows him to run any route in the route tree at a very high level. Beckham ran streak patterns, digs, curls, posts and managed to create a lot of separation in most of his catches. Beckham beat his man deep early in the game on a streak pattern as he took advantage of one on one man coverage. Beckham got a step on his man down the field and caught a perfectly placed pass from Manning for a big play. Beckham scored his touchdown on a perfect post route play. Beckham got a lot of separation on a post route in the endzone and managed to secure the pass before the safety could break it up. The Titans played off coverage a lot in this game and Beckham jr took full advantage of this as the defenders tried to keep up with his pace, rather than disrupt his timing at the line of scrimmage. Beckham is a highly versatile receiver that the Giants depended on for many first downs. He is a big play threat down the field but can pick up first downs on curl/slant/dig plays just as well.

2014 Week 15 vs WAS (15 / 12 / 143 / 3 rec, 1 / 0 / 0 rush)

Odell Beckham jr continued his highly impressive rookie season on Sunday as he torched the redskins for three touchdowns. The Washington defense had no answer to his quickness and speed and failed to cover him throughout the game. Beckham was not only a big play threat and touchdown machine but also was crucial at picking up first downs to keep drives alive. Beckham was also a great option for Manning to throw to when he faced a lot of pressure in the pocket, even if it was for a small gain. Beckhams first touchdown came on a fade pattern just over the goal line, thanks to a perfect throw from Manning and an excellent timed jump from Beckham. Beckham showed his elite speed on a slant pattern later on as he turned a short catch into an explosive touchdown. Beckham took advantage of soft man coverage inside and burned the Redskin defense up the middle with a big run after hauling in a short slant. Beckham managed to get wide open deep down field on a streak pattern but this touchdown was negated by a holding call on the right tackle. Beckham did drop a touchdown on a fade route late in the second half but made up for this slight blunder on the very next play. Beckham took advantage again of soft coverage and got wide open on a slant route for the easy touchdown. Beckham had explosive runs and looked like a dangerous player all over the field but he made a lot of crucial catches on the short/intermediate passing game. Beckham caught back shoulder fades, jump balls and curl routes to keep the chains moving as the Redskins continued to fail at every attempt to contain the rookie receiver.

2014 Week 16 vs STL (12 / 8 / 148 / 2 rec, 1 / 0 / 0 rush)

Odell Beckham jr.'s very first catch was an impressive one handed snag on an out pattern that he made look very easy. Beckham torched the Rams all over the field and continued his highly impressive rookie campaign. The Rams had no answer for Beckham who was far too quick and fast to be covered one on one. Beckham's first touchdown came on an out pattern in the back of the endzone. A pick play by a fellow receiver and rub off the Ram defender allowed Beckham to completely unravel from his defender and haul in the pass for the score. Beckham drew a taunting penalty against the Rams on a late hit out of bounds and was involved with a large sized brawl in the first half but he was not ejected from the game. Beckham got his hands on another touchdown but this was a big play through the air. Manning escaped the pocket and found Beckham completely open down the field for the touchdown. Beckham had faked an outside fade route before cutting inside on a streak pattern which allowed him to be completely open with no safety help. Beckham also snagged a tall pass from Manning against the sideline, away from the defender to help secure the win late in the fourth quarter. Beckham was highly explosive on Sunday and a threat to score any time he touched the football. The Rams had no answer to deal with him effectively and his status as a number one fantasy option looks certain for the rest of 2014 and 2015.

2014 Week 17 vs PHI (21 / 12 / 185 / 1 rec)

Odell Beckham jr. finished his highly successful rookie season with an exclamation mark as he dominated an opposing defense yet again. Beckham was a constant thorn in the side for the Eagles who did their best to contain the speedy receiver. Beckham hauled in a lot of short catches from Manning that he was often able to convert into first downs. Beckham showed excellent route running and hands as he got wide open on a deep out pattern and hauled in the pass against the sideline. The defense played off coverage at times against Beckham to respect his speed down the field. Beckham showed excellent catch radius and body control on a high pass from Manning against the sideline. Beckham jumped and caught the pass at the highest point and looked very impressive clutching the slightly off target pass. Beckham had no issues getting open against Philadelphia who often had to double cover him. Beckham scored on a deep pass against the sideline that he was able to turn into a big gain. Beckham made his first defender miss and fall over while he ran away from the safety using his explosive speed for the touchdown. Beckham has transformed this passing offense from pedestrian to highly explosive and fantasy owners need to pay attention to him a lot more next season.