WR Jon Baldwin - Free Agent

6-4, 228Born: 8-10-1989College: PittsburghDrafted: Round 1, pick 2011

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Game Recaps

2013 Week 4 vs STL (2 / 2 / 19 / 0 rec)

After Quinton Patton left the game with a fractured foot, Baldwin came in as the third wide receiver and played relatively well in his short duty. When Kaepernick threw the ball hard and behind Baldwin on a slant, Baldwin was able to adjust and hold on to the ball while taking a hit. Baldwin caught another slant in the 3rd quarter, using his large frame to shield the ball from the defender to gain 15 yards. As Baldwin continues to be integrated to the passing offense following Patton's foot injury, the large receiver may become a decent option if he develops the mental and technical sides of wide receiver play.

2013 Week 5 vs HOU (2 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Baldwin was Kaepernick's first target of the game. However, Kaepernick wildly overthrew him down the right sideline. Early in the third quarter, the 49ers looked to Baldwin deep down the sideline again. Baldwin went up and got the ball, but couldn't keep his feet in bounds.

2013 Week 6 vs ARI (2 / 1 / 9 / 0 rec)

Baldwin was limited in the game, and though he made a valiant playing holding on the catch while under heavy duress, he continued to be more of an afterthought in San Francisco's gameplan.

2013 Week 11 vs NO (3 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

On three separate occasions, Baldwin was targeted on significant plays and failed. With the 49ers in the red zone, Baldwin ran a good route to get to the corner of the end zone. Kaepernick delivered an accurate ball to the receiver, who caught the pass, dragged both feet in bounds, then bobbled the touchdown before hitting the ground for an incompletion. New Orleans played man-to-man coverage on the outside, and when Baldwin was able to get a step on his man Kaepernick delivered a great throw over the receiver's shoulder, only for Baldwin to be pulled down from behind without a flag thrown. As the game wound down and San Francisco needed a big play, Baldwin ran down the sideline, engaged the physical corner, and pulled up as the ball landed a few yards away, showing a significant lack of awareness.

2012 Week 2 vs BUF (6 / 3 / 62 / 0 rec)

Baldwin was worked in more than he was last week, but for the most part, he and Matt Cassel could not hook up. He had a downfield catch inside the five during garbage time, but until Matt Cassel picks it up, Baldwin won't be worth owning in typical leagues.

2012 Week 3 vs NO (4 / 3 / 36 / 0 rec)

Baldwin's height and athleticism came in handy as he made two leaping grabs and nearly an incredible one handed grab in the back of the end zone. An extended absence for Dexter McCluster could mean a lot more Jon Baldwin.

2012 Week 4 vs SD (5 / 4 / 50 / 0 rec)

Baldwin had a solid game, and his role in the offense appears to be increasing weekly. He was targeted on a deep ball early on where he appeared to have a step on his defender, but the ball was well overthrown. He did turn in a nice pickup over the middle on a 25-yard quick slant for a key gain.

2012 Week 5 vs BAL (3 / 1 / 26 / 0 rec)

Baldwin's 26 yard grab showed the type of athletic ability the Chiefs have been waiting more than a season to see. He almost made another even more impressive catch down the right sideline but couldn't haul it in with one hand.

2012 Week 6 vs TB (5 / 2 / 19 / 0 rec)

Baldwin's two catches both came on short slants, but he nearly made an outstanding one handed grab on a back shoulder throw down the left sideline.

2012 Week 9 vs SD (2 / 1 / 13 / 0 rec)

With the problems the Chiefs have experienced moving the ball down the field, it's curious why Baldwin wouldn't be more involved. His first catch didn't come until very late in the third quarter, and it was a simple 13-yard catch that wasn't very far down the field.

2012 Week 10 vs PIT (3 / 1 / 11 / 0 rec)

Baldwin caught his first pass on a deep curl against Keenan Lewis for a first down. He had Cassel's biggest target of the day, when he ran a very deep post route against Ike Taylor, but couldn't hold onto the ball as Taylor put his hand in to disrupt his attempted catch.

2012 Week 13 vs CAR (2 / 2 / 37 / 1 rec)

Jonathan Baldwin executed a nice curl and go route against rookie CB Josh Norman, whose feet stopped, allowing Baldwin to run by him for a 37-yard completion. Later, Baldwin became the target in the red zone for Quinn, converting a quick slant into a score as he beat Norman once again.

2012 Week 15 vs OAK (4 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Jonathan Baldwin did not pull his weight in this contest; he looked apathetic with his route-running and downfield blocking and had no desire when Quinn lofted passes up for him to attack. He was often the favorite to reel the pass in, but he half-heartedly swung his arms at them, more often than not. In a receiving corps devoid of playmakers, Baldwin was the biggest disappointment and failed to register a catch.

2012 Week 16 vs IND (6 / 2 / 64 / 0 rec)

Baldwin's first reception went for 57 yards and came early in the first quarter. When the Colts blitzed, Baldwin ran a slant as the cornerback covering him fell down. That gave Baldwin an easy reception before he sprinted past the deep safety down the left sideline. Baldwin's second and final reception came early in the third quarter when he caught a curl route against tight coverage.

2011 Week 7 vs OAK (5 / 1 / 14 / 0 rec)

Baldwin saw his first action of the day and while he was targeted with numerous passes, only came away with one catch. He did not seem to be open much at all and dropped a screen pass that could have turned into a nice gain.

2011 Week 8 vs SD (8 / 5 / 82 / 1 rec)

The most impressive thing about Jon Baldwin was his route running. His very first catch of the day was a great route for a 1st down on 3rd and 10. His touchdown came on a double move to get open and then a leaping catch over the defender in the end zone. It was times like those that he really looked like a pro...then then the first quarter ended. In succession over the next two quarters, Baldwin dropped an easy catch on a 4 yard pass, dropped would have been an acrobatic catch on the sideline, and tipped a perfect pass into a defender's hands. He did bounce back and make a couple of catches later in the game, but his performance had to remind you of a younger Dwayne Bowe. When the concentration was there it looked like he had the ability to dominate, but the concentration wasn't always there.

2011 Week 9 vs MIA (5 / 1 / 12 / 0 rec)

He caught one pass in the 2nd quarter and was targeted a few other times including the end zone but Cassel usually missed him as he was running for his life all day. Baldwin did catch a long TD, but was called for offensive pass interference on a questionable call. Pretty disappointing but you can see the upside long term with him. Incredible size and towers over most DBs.

2011 Week 10 vs DEN (5 / 1 / 15 / 0 rec)

It won't show up in the stat sheet, but Baldwin made the catch of the day in the NFL yesterday. With Brian Dawkins covering, Baldwin caught a deep ball literally on Dawkins back as he bear hugged him. More impressive, he held on as they tumbled to the ground and rolled over the ball. Unfortunately that play was called back by penalty. On the plays that did count, he dropped and easy ball over the middle and did a poor job finishing one route that led to an incompletion. He did do an excellent job of fighting for yardage after the catch on his lone catch of the day (that counted).

2011 Week 11 vs NE (6 / 3 / 16 / 0 rec)

Baldwin made one really nice grab on a cross thrown well behind him in the third quarter. For the most part he was not on the same page as Palko and unlike Bowe, not quite talented enough to make up for that with his skills. The second INT Palko threw bounced off his hands and it looked like he'd stopped the route early. As good as he's looked early on, Baldwin looked like a lost rookie most of the night against one of the worst secondaries he will see this season.

2011 Week 12 vs PIT (2 / 2 / 26 / 0 rec)

Unlike Breaston, Baldwin and Palko did connect on a back-shoulder throw for Baldwin's biggest gain of the night. Baldwin has shown all the attributes of today's great receivers. Some - like height, speed, and leaping ability - are good. But others - like the "diva" mentality - aren't as good. On a team with so few quality targets to go around due to a run-first scheme and terrible quarterback play, Baldwin's performance will be sporadic at best for the rest of the season. With newly-acquired Kyle Orton most likely taking over as starter as early as next week, perhaps some value could be salvaged in this pass game, but it's far from reliable.

2011 Week 13 vs CHI (4 / 1 / 7 / 0 rec)

Baldwin's only catch was a short, seven yard crossing route just before half time. He was tackled immediately, short of the first down. Baldwin was also the 'target' of Orton's bomb down the left side of the field on his only pass, but the ball was thrown 20 yards from where Baldwin was running.

2011 Week 14 vs NYJ (5 / 2 / 28 / 0 rec)

Baldwin made an outstanding one handed catch in the fourth for 18 yards, but was largely irrelevant in this game. Part of that was due to quarterback Tyler Palko's struggles, part of it was being a rookie and some of it was because Baldwin is too far down in the pecking order to rate many passes.

2011 Week 15 vs GB (4 / 1 / 17 / 0 rec)

Baldwin made a poor effort on a back shoulder throw from Orton in the first quarter and then dropped a perfectly placed bomb at the two from Orton in the third. He did do well after the catch turning a short hitch into a 17 yard gain but looks like he still has a ways to go before he's truly a professional receiver.

2011 Week 16 vs OAK (1 / 1 / 10 / 0 rec)

Baldwin gave himself a bunch of room on his sideline hitch with a solid route.

2011 Week 17 vs DEN (6 / 3 / 27 / 0 rec)

Baldwin ran a nice route and made a good catch in the first quarter on 3rd and 6. He ran a perfect out route and snagged the ball for the first down. Unfortunately for him once Bowe went out he drew Champ Bailey and could not get open. He did pick up a 15 yard grab on 3rd and 19 in the 4th quarter.