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6-3, 210Born: 3-8-1996College: HoustonDrafted: ---

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Game Recaps

2019 Week 3 vs ARI (19 / 26 / 261 / 4 / 0 pass, 3 / -1 / 0 rush)

Kyle Allen was the epitome of coolness throughout this game as the offense came to life under his leadership. Settled down early by some simple throws and the ground game, Allen connected well with Greg Olsen off play action, anticipating the 'second window' to fit the ball between defenders. The team's first drive was cut short by a fumble as pressure came off Allen's right side; it appeared Allen held the ball too long on the play. Undeterred, Allen continued to hit throws in rhythm and on time, making good decisions under pressure and managing the game well. His first touchdown pass came in a pressurised situation. Forced to roll right in the red zone, Allen just got the ball away on a zipped pass to the back-right pylon to Curtis Samuel before a defender could close in. It was perfectly placed and an athletic throw on the move. In the two-minute drill Allen added his second touchdown pass, with a well-designed route combination getting D.J. Moore open on a deep crosser. The pass was pinpoint and allowed Moore to run after the catch for a 52-yard score. Allen added a third touchdown pass his most straightforward of the game on a quick pass to the left flat in the red zone to Olsen. A rub route combination meant the tight end was completely free on the play. Allen's final touchdown pass came on a pass to that same man Olsen, who got open along the back line of the end zone. Allen was fading back away from pressure on the play but had enough arm strength to fire it into the tight end.

2019 Week 4 vs HOU (24 / 34 / 232 / 0 / 0 pass, 0 / 0 / 0 rush)

Kyle Allen remained the picture of poise and precision as he kept the Carolina offense in rhythm throughout. Houston's defensive front caused some problems at times, but Allen generally got the ball out on time and had a good feel for where he wanted to go. However, at times he held the ball a second too long and, while trying to escape the pocket, had the ball knocked loose. Houston recovered that fumble, and two more along with it, as Allen's carelessness cost him. Allen remained focused when forced to scramble, delivering catchable passes on the move to Christian McCaffrey and others. He was also not afraid to test the Houston defense downfield, with one deep shot to Curtis Samuel drawing a 40+-yard pass interference foul. The other targets in Samuel's direction, most of them deep, fell incomplete, but they were not far off the mark. The young gunslinger's best play came on a Houdini act in the final minutes of the game. With interior pressure given up instantly on the play and J.J. Watt rushing at his face, Allen nonchalantly ducked under the sack, kept his focus downfield and fired a pass to Jarius Wright for a game-clinching first down. It was a moment of inspiration that Allen could not have risen to had he not been so cool in the moment.

2019 Week 5 vs JAX (17 / 30 / 181 / 1 / 0 pass, 1 / 4 / 0 rush)

Kyle Allen played in a controlled, game manager style fashion against the Jaguars, allowing superstar running back Christian McCaffrey to carry the load. Allen fumbled early - a real issue of his in his starts so far - but managed to recover it. Excelling off play action, Allen zipped in some nice, accurate passes to D.J. Moore and Curtis Samuel, giving his receivers a chance for yards after the catch. Allen did not put the ball in harm's way, simply throwing the ball away or taking the check down when it was demanded. Allen's lone touchdown pass came on an option route to McCaffrey, who put a move on a defender in space. With instant separation, Allen fired it quickly to McCaffrey, who did the rest. Allen left one or two passes a little high - particularly a red zone target to Samuel that could have been a touchdown - but that was the exception rather than the rule.

2019 Week 6 vs TB (20 / 32 / 227 / 2 / 0 pass, 3 / 3 / 0 rush)

In a controlled game from start to finish, Kyle Allen played well within the framework of the offense and did not put his team in trouble. Allen remedied his recent ball security issues, registering no fumbles and generally making good decisions on when to throw the ball away, take a risk or rely on the safe check down option. With the ground game unable to establish itself due to a strong Bucs front seven, it fell on the young quarterback to make plays down the field - and he did that with aplomb. After an early target deep for Curtis Samuel that sailed out of the receiver's reach, Allen settled down and showed excellent timing and rhythm on plays to Greg Olsen, Curtis Samuel and especially D.J. Moore. Allen and Moore have a special connection, with the quarterback trusting his receiver to deliver in tight spots on third down. Allen's first touchdown pass came on a check down in the left flat to Christian McCaffrey, who did the rest himself by making two Buccaneers players miss in space. Allen followed that up with his second touchdown pass in the closing stages, an inch-perfect back shoulder throw to Samuel, who fought well for the ball at the catch point and came down with it.

2019 Week 8 vs SF (19 / 37 / 158 / 0 / 3 pass, 0 / 0 / 0 rush)

In Kyle Allen's toughest test as a professional he simply could not stand up to a formidable 49ers defense that harried, hurried and hit him all game long. On Allen's first third-down dropback, the 49ers played zone and pattern-matched the Carolina receivers, providing no clean throwing window for the quarterback. Allen hesitated and was chased down by a relentless San Francisco pass rush. He was often chased out of the pocket, or simply flushed out of his own volition as he sensed pressure closing in. On two such occasions Allen showed poor awareness and gave up a pair of sacks when throwing the ball away would have been the best option. Despite the dominance of the 49ers up front, when Allen had time he took shots downfield. A deep post to Curtis Samuel was thrown just a little too far out in front, while an end zone target to Samuel in the first quarter was just a few inches too high. Allen's first career interceptions were a combination of the 49ers' defensive pressure accumulating and poor decisions. The first pick came on a target to Samuel on a curl route. The cornerback read the route combination of the three receivers on that side of the field and timed his break perfectly to take the ball away. After nearly throwing an interception on a lofted pass to the right side on one play, the very next play saw Allen attack the same side. This time, he was punished by Richard Sherman, who was lurking in zone coverage to jump the route. It appeared that Allen and D.J. Moore were not on the same page. Allen's offensive line struggled to contain the San Francisco pass rush, with rookie left tackle Dennis Daley in particular being victimised by Nick Bosa. The younger Bosa brother picked off Allen for a third time, hopping back up after a cut block and leaping up for the impressive pick.

2019 Week 9 vs TEN (17 / 32 / 232 / 2 / 1 pass, 3 / -4 / 0 rush)

The Titans emphasised pressure on Kyle Allen, hoping to rattle him after a shaky display in San Francisco last week. The young quarterback could not have responded any better, settling down after a couple of ill-advised early throws - including a target to Greg Olsen down the seam on his first dropback that could easily have been intercepted. Allen's pocket mobility and awareness were instrumental in his strong performance. He was consistently able to avoid the Tennessee pass rush, buying time by moving up or out of the pocket and inevitably finding a receiver open. Allen continued to operate most efficiently off play action, where his play fakes were crisp and his delivery sharp and accurate. Allen was unfortunate to be intercepted in the first half, as a pass that hit Jarius Wright in the hands popped into the air and fell into the waiting arms of a Titans defender. Allen was not shy to challenge the Tennessee secondary, chucking deep passes for sport. He connected with Curtis Samuel on a beautiful arcing throw over the outstretched arm of a Tennessee defensive back, laying it in perfectly. Later, he repeated the trick - and should have been punished - as a deep target to D.J. Moore was nearly intercepted as two Titans players vied for it. Allen's first touchdown pass came on a simple pitch and catch to Christian McCaffrey, who sprinted into the flat with the offense set up in the red zone. Wright ran an effective pick on the play to cut off pursuing Tennessee defenders. Allen's second touchdown pass was one of his most impressive plays. Standing strong against a blitzing defender right in his face, Allen lofted the ball up to Samuel in the left corner of the end zone, absorbing a huge hit as he did so. The play summed up Allen's toughness under pressure throughout the game. Allen stayed aggressive as the game wore on and the Panthers built a lead, with a beautiful touch pass to Moore down the left sideline a highlight. Allen could have added a third touchdown pass, but left a deep pass on a post route a little short for Samuel, who was poised to run under it.

2019 Week 10 vs GB (28 / 43 / 307 / 1 / 1 pass, 3 / 12 / 0 rush)

Kyle Allen performed well for the most part in a hostile environment, but a few key errors and the whiff of inexperience dogged him at crucial moments. He was able to escape pressure niftily in this game, something that became a habit as the Panthers offensive line struggled to deal with the Packers up front. Allen often spun away from would-be sacks and weaved around defenders to break the pocket. At times, the Packers defense offered scant resistance, with Allen able to survey the field and complete passes to wide-open receivers in acres of space. Off play action, Allen continues to look most comfortable, where his reads are mostly defined. His lone passing touchdown came on a quick out to Curtis Samuel near the goal line, a simple pitch and catch. A center-quarterback exchange resulted in a fumble later in the game, with Allen fumbling and losing the ball, the mistake firmly on his shoulders. He made another costly error on an interception later, mistakenly diagnosing a receiver as open in the back of the end zone. He didn't anticipate the safety in the middle of the field lurking, throwing it into traffic. The ball was tipped up and picked off easily. Despite the errors, Allen battled back and, with the offense on his shoulders, completed some beautiful passes in the clutch to put Carolina into position to potentially tie the game. Still, an errant throw in the two-minute drill that hit a Green Bay player in the hands was not punished and should have been a pick-six.

2019 Week 11 vs ATL (31 / 50 / 325 / 0 / 4 pass, 1 / 7 / 0 rush)

Kyle Allen played his sloppiest game as a professional, succumbing to Atlanta pressure and consistently displaying bad habits to put his team in a bind. An early interception proved to be an omen for what was to come: after Atlanta successfully snuffed out a screen pass, Allen, trying to throw the ball into the turf, dumped it into the right flat and right into the waiting arms of a Falcons defender. As the pressure built on Allen - his offensive line did him no favours - bad habits crept in, particularly when he retreated from pressure, not trusting his line to protect him if he stepped up in the pocket. That decision invited more pass rushers, who gobbled him up routinely. The offense was bogged down, with dump-off passes and short completions the order of the day. Atlanta's downfield coverage was excellent, denying Allen on the occasions he tried to link up with his receivers on deep shots. It was in the red zone that Allen struggled mightily, tossing a second interception as he failed to diagnose the cornerback undercutting the route of D.J. Moore. Allen appeared to have a clear throwing window as he stepped up in the pocket on the play, but it was closed quickly and decisively. Allen rallied in the second half, showing better composure and poise as he took what the defense was giving him. He converted on a key fourth-down play when he bought time and, veering to the right sideline, fired a pass back across the field to a waiting Jarius Wright. The red zone woes haunted Allen again soon after as he tossed a third interception on a high pass intended for Moore, his mechanics letting him down as he failed to step into the throw. The final nail in the coffin - and the fourth interception - came late in the game. With the pocket collapsing around him, Allen threw a prayer of a ball down the seam, only to see it snatched away by a lurking safety.

2019 Week 12 vs NO (23 / 36 / 256 / 3 / 0 pass, 1 / 9 / 0 rush)

In a mature and patient performance, Kyle Allen seemed to silence the doubters and exorcise the demons of last week's debacle at home. Allen took what the defense was presenting to him, rarely opting for the aggressive throw downfield unless there was a good look. He relied heavily on check-down passes to Christian McCaffrey, who was often utilised as a receiver as the running game stuttered. Allen continued to make clutch throws in pressure situations, converting with accurate passes to the likes of Greg Olsen and the irrepressible D.J. Moore. Allen's first of three touchdown passes came on a deep ball to the Moore, who was able to zip past the cornerback. The pass was perfectly floated up for Moore to run under, though he had to wait for it at the end. Allen could have thrown an interception on a simple throw away - echoes of last week's mistake against Atlanta - but the high pass clanged off the hands of a Saints defender. Allen added a second touchdown pass to McCaffrey with two seconds left in the first half, getting the ball over the outstretched arms of a closing Saints defender and lofting it perfectly into the back's hands. Allen continued to throw punches as the Panthers were in comeback mode, adding a third touchdown pass to Moore to tie the game. Allen escaped the rush on the play, buying time before chucking the pass high and away from the defensive back in coverage on Moore, who did well to haul it in.

2019 Week 13 vs WAS (27 / 46 / 278 / 2 / 1 pass, 4 / 22 / 1 rush)

After righting the ship last week with a turnover-free performance in New Orleans, Kyle Allen took a major step back against the Redskins. The offense hummed in the early stages, with Allen looking sharp with his reads and throws behind an offensive line that afforded him time. His first touchdown pass followed, a lofted pass to the back-left corner of the end zone to Curtis Samuel, who would have made his quarterback proud with his leaping effort to grab the football. Allen's momentum continued the next drive, culminating in his second touchdown pass on a wide-open toss to D.J. Moore. The Redskins defensive backs were confused on the play, allowing Moore, who was lined up in the tight slot left, to break free. Things went downhill from that point for the offense, however, as a barrage of pressure rained down on Allen, leading to poor decisions, coverage sacks and general ineptitude. Allen missed a wide-open Samuel on a deep pass in the second quarter, a play that would certainly have been a touchdown, the pass just a little too far in front. On the next possession Allen threw an interception with the offense backed up inside their own 10-yard line, attempting to fit in the ball to Moore with defenders all around the receiver. The interception was returned to the 1-yard line and set the skid in motion. The Redskins ratcheted up their blitz packages as the game wore on, sensing that Allen was struggling to handle the pressure. Indeed, he failed to diagnose things and often held the ball too long, taking blind side hits and sacks. The offensive line did not give him much of a platform to operate. Allen nearly tossed another interception on a corner route pass to Moore, with the throw lacking the necessary touch to get it over the underneath coverage defender, who batted it away. With the team in desperation mode late in the game, Allen broke the pocket and scrambled for a touchdown, reaching the ball out over the pylon. After an onside kick recovery, Allen strung together a few completions to get the offense in range of a potential game-tying score. However, on fourth-and-goal he made the cardinal error of retreating from the pocket - a fatal flaw in his game - rather than stepping up, inviting the pass rush. He took a game-ending sack on the play when it appeared as though he had a couple of viable options in the progression.

2019 Week 14 vs ATL (28 / 41 / 293 / 1 / 2 pass, 6 / 24 / 1 rush)

It proved to be an eventful day for Kyle Allen, who mixed good plays with bad plays in near equal measure. The early stages saw Allen taking what Atlanta's defense was giving him as he made mature decisions to move the chains. The offense stalled, however, and the pressure began to affect his throws, with a deep out to Ian Thomas standing out. Allen appeared to use too much arm on the play and, with a collapsing pocket, did not drive into it with his whole body, resulting in an inaccurate pass. Allen continued to force things at times, with a slant pass to D.J. Moore nearly intercepted amid a sea of Atlanta players. Soon his poor decisions were punished, though not because of anything he did. A beautiful sideline pass dropped into a bucket to Thomas looked to be completed, but the tight end lost control of the ball, allowing it to pop up into the air and into the grateful arms of an Atlanta defender. Allen continued to fire downfield, completing another beautiful deep pass to Moore; this time, he made no mistake, unless his teammate Thomas, and corralled it. Allen put together an excellent drive to end the first half, capping it with an easy touchdown pass to Thomas on the goal line. Things turned in the second half, however, with the offensive line buckling under the Atlanta pass rush heat. Allen was strip-sacked after his rookie left tackle Dennis Daley was beaten immediately off the snap. The young passer did not see the defender coming and lost the football. Allen retained an aggressive mindset with downfield shots but was unable to hit Curtis Samuel on a wide-open pass down the right sideline, the ball landing agonisingly a couple of yards in front of him. The game script continued to get away from the Panthers and Allen, and he took a couple of needless sacks as he became flustered in the pocket. Eventually the dam broke and he tossed a second interception after rolling right and heaving the ball deep on a third-and-long play. With the game out of hand, he kept firing and had a touchdown pass to Jarius Wright taken off the board due to a holding penalty. With time expiring, Allen led another drive down to the goal line and finished it off himself with a quarterback sneak.

2019 Week 15 vs SEA (25 / 41 / 277 / 1 / 3 pass, 5 / 25 / 0 rush)

It was yet another mistake-ridden game from Kyle Allen, with poor decisions in key situations proving costly. At times, Allen displays maturity and lives to fight another down, throwing the ball away; on other occasions he makes the inexplicable pass that puts his team in a bad situation. Inaccuracy plagued him in the early stages, with passes to Jarius Wright and Ian Thomas on crossing patterns left behind the target - and not out in front to run on to. Offensive coordinator Scott Turner's play calling helped Allen tremendously, with jet sweep motions from the receivers and quick passes allowing him to settle into a rhythm. However, the mistakes began to creep in, with the first interception coming on a late pass down the middle. The receiver settled down in zone coverage, but Allen was late to release the ball and a lurking linebacker undercut it easily. The second interception was not completely Allen's fault, with a tipped pass at the line falling kindly into the arms of a Seattle defender. The third pick, however, was an egregious error on Allen's part - and a mistake he has made in prior games. As he booted right off play action, the edge defender closed on him quickly, but instead of throwing the ball into row Z he chucked it into the flat - and it was picked off. Allen rallied late in the four-minute drill, leading a touchdown drive that culminated in a nice touchdown pass to Curtis Samuel, flipping it to the receiver as he baited the defenders into thinking he would run to the goal line.

2019 Week 17 vs NO (25 / 41 / 295 / 0 / 1 pass, 2 / 5 / 0 rush)

Kyle Allen came into the game in the second quarter after an injury to Will Grier. Much like previous games of Allen's, he showed well at times and delivered some catchable passes on time; at others, he was inaccurate and indecisive, showing poor pocket awareness. His best play came on a deep pass to Brandon Zylstra down the left sideline, with the ball laid in perfectly against tight coverage. Allen did well in the up-tempo approach the coaches called for in the second half, but ended the game inauspiciously with an end zone interception - something the team became far too acquainted with this season with Allen as the starter.

2018 Week 17 vs NO (16 / 27 / 228 / 2 / 0 pass, 5 / 19 / 1 rush)

With the Saints keeping their first-team defenders in for most of the game, rookie quarterback Kyle Allen performed with poise and precision despite the gravity of the moment. His first start saw the precocious passer get into a rhythm early, with bootleg passes off play action frequently used to present clearer throwing lanes. Allen felt pressure at times but dealt with it well apart from a couple of dropbacks that saw unblocked defenders come at him. One of those plays resulted in a fumble, only for it to be overturned after review. Allen played with confidence, giving his receivers opportunities to make plays downfield, particularly on his second touchdown pass. The play saw Allen load up and fire a beautiful deep ball to Curtis Samuel on a deep post route. The ball could not have been handed to Samuel any better than it was, such was the accuracy of the throw. His first trip to the end zone came on a one-yard quarterback sneak, finishing a drive after it appeared D.J. Moore had gotten in the end zone. His first touchdown pass showed veteran nous as he fired a pass to the back line of the end zone to Ian Thomas, ensuring the pass was located on Thomas' back shoulder to avoid the defender in coverage. Allen left the game in the second half due to a shoulder injury, sustained after a crushing hit.