WR Kyle Williams, Free agent

HT: 5-10, WT: 188, Born: 7-19-1988, College: Arizona State, Drafted: Round 6

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Kyle Williams is yet another former 49er on the Chiefs roster. Williams found most of his success in San Francisco on special teams, but there is an opening at receiver that he'll be fighting for. He'll first have to prove that he's healthy after tearing his ACL for the second time in 2013. A healthy Williams is still a longshot to have an impact on the Chiefs in 2014.

2014 Schedule


2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Getting the start across from Boldin, Williams played a capable game in his return from a torn ACL. While speed was always Williamsí greatest asset, there looked to be a slight drop-off post-injury, and sometimes Williams struggled to get past his coverage. Not to say Williamsí canít take the top off anymore, as on one play he beat Sam Shields down the sideline and would have been in a foot race to the end zone had Kaepernick not underthrown the pass. But Williams was most effective when the defense cheated away from him. In the fourth quarter, Williams ran a post route as the defense cheated up to take away Boldin, and Kaepernick was able to deliver an accurate enough ball for Williams to catch and roll. At the end of the first half, Williams was able to find the soft part of a conservative zone, trying to prevent anything too far downfield, and again, Kaepernick was able to deliver and accurate enough ball. But those were the highlights for Williams, as his only other catch came on a short hook where Williams couldnít escape the defense.

Week 2 - One of the most promising, yet most telling plays of the game came in the fourth quarter. Williams caught a wide receiver screen in space, with multiple linemen out in front for what could be a very long gain. All the pieces were in place, and Williams had all the speed to break down the sideline, behind his blockers. Instead, none of the linemen blocked Richard Sherman, who blew by the screen and planted Williams with a heavy hit. Unable to gain any separation downfield, Williamsí catches came on short throws. A slant on 3rd and long with the defense playing soft. A comeback route over the short middle, where the defense swarmed soon after the catch. Without being able to beat the secondary with his speed, Williams had little chance of gaining body position on the powerful Seattle secondary. His best play came as a decoy, when Kaepernick pump faked towards him short, hoping to open up some coverage for Boldin downfield. Instead, Seattle remained disciplined and Kaepernick was forced to throw to Williams, who had enough space to sprint down the sideline for a 14-yard gain. But the complete lack of ability to gain separation downfield was glaring, and Williamsí speed did not help the receiver run away from coverage.

Week 3 - A poor performance from Williams, who showed that his greatest strength, his speed, may have been permanently sapped following his torn ACL. Unable to take the top off the coverage, Williamsí lack of ability to beat man-to-man coverage was all the more glaring. Williams isnít the strongest of receivers and the corner was able to play him tight, harass him, push him around at the line of scrimmage. Without an inch of separation, Williamsí targets were easily defended. Add in Kaepernickís spotty accuracy, the wide miss to Williams on an open hook route the most glaring, and Williams was mostly useless as a second receiver. His two catches came on the 49ersí last drive as Indianapolis played soft coverage, allowing Williams his 6 yard catches.

Week 5 - Williams was used on an end around on the 49ers' first drive of the game. He escaped unblocked down the sideline showing off excellent speed.

Week 6 - Williamsí lone catch came on a crossing route where Williams was able to stop mid-sprint and spin upfield, leaving the pursuing defender flat-footed as Williams broke down the middle for a 14-yard gain. However, the speed receiver was still unable to break away from man coverage and has showed almost no improvement in regards to such a glaring weakness.

Week 7 - In the 4th quarter, Kaepernick threw a jump ball for Williams and the receiver was able to get to a high point and bring the ball down. However, the defender was able to tear the ball right out of Williamsí hands after the receiver had substantial possession and the only thing saving the 49ers from a fumble were the referees whistling incomplete.

Week 8 - Given the opportunity to catch a ball on a WR screen, Williams was able to successfully run behind blockers and gain decent yardage. He also fumbled a kick and couldnít catch a red zone pass that hit him in the hands, continuing Williamsí campaign to get Manningham rushed in to the line up.

Week 10 - Catching a quick wide receiver screen, Williams was able to run through 5 yards of space before taking a heavy shot.