WR Nate Washington, Free agent

HT: 6-1, WT: 185, Born: 8-28-1983, College: Tiffin, Drafted: ---

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David Dodds16.
Bob Henry16.
Jason Wood16.
Maurile Tremblay16.

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Overall: D Robinson (258), L Seastrunk (259), Nate Washington (260), J Todman (261), R Fitzpatrick (262)
Position: S Johnson (248-WR82), D Adams (254-WR83), Nate Washington (260 - WR84),
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Nate Washington was really, really good in 2013. He didn't drop a single pass all season long and consistently made difficult receptions against good coverage. However, while Washington could remain a prominent possession receiver and his previous relationship with Ken Whisenhunt suggests he will at least see significant snaps on the field, he lacks the explosion to be a consistently productive fantasy option.

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2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Washington's first reception went for a first down, but it was negated by an illegal shift penalty. Washington's next target came in the third quarter as William Gay beat him to the football on a curl route. Washington ran the same route against Ike Taylor on third and 13 later in the third quarter. This time he beat Taylor to the football for a first down. Washington converted another third down when he worked back to the football after Locker extended the play. The comeback route was destroying the Steelers secondary, as Washington caught another deep pass for a first down. This time he beat Ryan Clark.

Week 2 - Washington was the Titans most impressive receiver in Week 1, so it's no surprise that Locker looked to him to convert his first pivotal first down. Washington ran a crisp out route to gain separation from the defender before catching a well timed ball from his quarterback down the sideline. Washington caught a two yard pass on third and 18 with a defender on his back late in the second quarter. In the fourth quarter, from his own endzone, Locker found Washington deep down the sideline for a 31 yard gain. Washington was wide open and did well to keep his feet inbounds. With the Titans driving for a potential game winning score, Washington ran a comeback route that was well covered and Locker threw the ball out of bounds. Washington had lots of success on those routes against the Steelers in Week 1.

Week 3 - Washington's first reception went for 17 yards on third and 19. Washington ran a comeback route and caught the ball underneath with his back to the line of scrimmage before he was tackled. In the second quarter, Washington caught a curl route just before the first down marker on first and 10. This time he wasn't tackled short however, instead he broke two tackles and escaped down the sideline for a big gain. On first and 10, Locker scrambled into the flat before finding Washington in a crowd for a first down. Immediately after that play, Locker escaped into the flat again before finding Washington deep down the field on a comeback route. Washington is very consistent at creating separation on that kind of route and this time he brought the Titans into field goal range before the half. To start the Titans' first drive of the third quarter, Washington ran another comeback route but did so further infield. The result was the same as he beat his defender for a first down. Washington caught a deep out route on third and one a few plays later, but the defender did well to punch it out before he could make a football move. Washington's comeback routes will become stuff of legend if this continues throughout the rest of the season. He converted a third and four to start the fourth quarter as he beat the defender in single coverage down the sideline. After all those comeback routes, Washington eventually beat the secondary deep down the sideline as he ran past Richard Marshall. He couldn't keep his feet in bounds however so the play was ruled incomplete. On fourth and three, Washington caught another curl route, this time with a defender on his back. As he had consistently done throughout the game, he then broke the attempted tackle to continue down the field. In need of a play late in the fourth quarter on third and five, Locker looked to Washington on...yes...a comeback route.

Week 4 - Washington's first target came at the beginning of the first quarter. He couldn't catch a difficult curl route underneath on first and 20. He didn't have to wait long for his first reception. Working over the middle of the field, he caught a well thrown pass from Locker at the first down marker before dragging a defender downfield for a big gain. That big play brought them to the goalline. When the Titans couldn't run it in, Locker instead found Washington working underneath for the touchdown. In the third quarter, Washington was well covered as he tried to run a comeback route deep down the field. After Jake Locker went out, Ryan Fitzpatrick came in and missed Washington with his first target. Fitzpatrick threw the ball in the dirt as Washington ran a curl route. The Jets had obviously paid attention to Washington's success earlier this season. Washington had continually come free on comeback routes in previous games, but was prevented from doing so in this game by aggressive coverage. Washington did catch an out route for six yards on second and eight in the fourth quarter. Washington couldn't get the first down on that play, but on the next drive he caught a deep post route for a 77 yard touchdown. Washington beat Antonio Cromartie but had to work back to the ball to make an impressive catch.

Week 5 - Washington's first target came early in the second quarter on a slant route. The play was brilliantly defended by Sean Smith, which prevented Washington from catching the ball. Washington went off injured after the play. Washington came back into the game, but didn't see a target until midway through the third quarter. He couldn't catch the severely underthrown sideline pass from Fitzpatrick, but drew a pass interference penalty. That play eventually led to a field goal, but Washington caught a curl pass for a first down early on the next drive. Fitzpatrick missed Washington late in the fourth quarter when he ran an out route. Fitzpatrick threw the ball behind him and it was intercepted. To start the next drive, Fitzpatrick tried to find him deep down the right sideline, but Washington was forced to tip the ball away from a defender. On the Titans' final drive of the game, Washington caught a curl route for 10 yards and a first down. He reacted well to a floating pass for a 13 yard reception soon after.

Week 6 - Because he spent most of his day with Richard Sherman, Washington wasn't involved on offense until the fourth quarter. He converted a fourth and four by running a strong crossing route that allowed him to create space against Sherman.

Week 7 - Washington's first reception came in the second quarter. He adjusted well on a slant route for a first down on first and 10. On a free play because the 49ers jumped offside, Locker put the ball up in the air for Washington to go up and get down the sideline. The Titans receiver towered over the defender and comfortably plucked the ball out of the air. A few plays later, he adjusted excellently to an underthrown pass from Locker on a curl route.

Week 9 - Washington barely saw the ball come his way during the game. His first real opportunity for a reception came in the fourth quarter, when he couldn't make a tough diving catch at the sideline. Locker threw an interception when he tried to find Washington. It appeared that the quarterback just overthrew the pass initially, but reactions suggested that there was some form of miscommunication as he ran a crossing route.

Week 10 - Washington caught a crossing route just short of a first down early in the first quarter. Washington would get his first down before the end of the first quarter, as he came free over the middle on a third down to close out the quarter. Washington caught a pass for a first down underneath late in the fourth quarter.

Week 11 - Washington was targeted just once in the first half, during the second quarter. He didn't have his first reception until the fourth quarter. With the Titans deep in their own territory, Washington ran a curl route on second and 10. He was short of the first down marker when he caught the ball, but slipped inside the defensive back for the first down. Later, when the Titans were scrambling to get back down by two scores, Washington caught a 42 yard pass deep down the field as he ran between the linebackers and the safeties. Fitzpatrick's pass was limp, so Washington did well to adjust to it, but it may have helped him because it dragged the safety out of position. Washington stumbled a little as he looked to accelerate so he was unable to escape for a touchdown.

Week 12 - Washington caught a crossing route underneath for three yards on first and 20. He followed that up with a 12 yard curl route on second and 17. On third and 11 on the same drive, Washington converted a third and 11 by escaping outside to run down the sideline. Washington caught another first down pass on a curl route in the second quarter. On second and 12 in the fourth quarter, Washington caught a seven yard pass over the middle of the field.

Week 13 - Washington's first reception came deep down the sideline when he was wide open. Even though he was wide open he still had to make a tough catch because Fitzpatrick overthrew him slightly. Washington ran a comeback route for his next reception and a first down in the second quarter. Washington adjusted well to another underthrown pass as he ran an out route late in the second quarter. Fitzpatrick went back to Washington two plays later as he caught a crossing route deep down the field. Late in the third quarter, Washington caught a slant route on first and 10 for a first down.

Week 14 - Washington's first reception came late in the second quarter. He caught a nine yard curl route on third and 10. On third and 10 in the third quarter, Fitzpatrick caught a 13 yard curl route for a first down.

Week 15 - With Justin Hunter out and the Cardinals possessing an excellent front seven, Washington likely expected to be heavily involved in the offense for this game. That didn't immediately happen, as he had just one reception in the first quarter. He added another with four minutes left in the second quarter, catching a pass on a deep comeback route. Washington wasn't featured heavily in Hunter's absence. He didn't see his next target until the fourth quarter, when Fitzpatrick threw an interception trying to force the ball to him. Washington became more involved after that, making four impressive receptions spread out over the next two drives. In overtime, Washington could have had the game-winning touchdown reception. However, although he beat Patrick Peterson deep, he was forced to adjust to a poorly throw deep pass that took away any YAC potential.

Week 16 - Washington entered this week as the receiver with the most receptions in the NFL without a drop. He caught Fitzpatrick's first pass for a big play down the seam. On the very next play, Fitzpatrick found him again for 25 yards down the other seam. Washington wasn't seeing the ball come his way regularly, but when it did he was creating big plays. On third and seven late in the second quarter, Washington plucked a pass out fo the air before getting away from a defender for a 19 yard gain. His next target didn't come until the second drive of the third quarter. Again, it was a big play down the field as Washington came up with a 15 yard first down catch on third and three. Big play after big play eventually led to a touchdown. Washington was wide open after play-action for a big touchdown reception to start the fourth quarter.

Week 17 - Nate Washington isn't a name that garners much respect during the offseason, but this year he has been outstanding during the regular season. Washington's first target in this game came late in the first quarter. He ran a route down the sideline and Ryan Fitzpatrick underthrew him. However, Washington quickly recognized it and got inside of the trailing cornerback before reaching back to make an impressive reception. Washington should have had another big play two plays after that, but Fitzpatrick missed him badly when he created separation down the field. That wouldn't be the last time Fitzpatrick cost Washington yardage. He missed him wide open down the sideline late in the second quarter, before badly underthrowing him down the middle of the field on another deep ball. Fitzpatrick eventually found Washington again, but only on a short in route that went for a first down. The Texans couldn't handle Washington at all. He should have had much more yardage but Fitzpatrick's play hurt him and he forced multiple penalties from defensive backs trying to cover him.