TE Delanie Walker, Tennessee Titans

HT: 6-2, WT: 240, Born: 8-12-1984, College: Central Missouri State, Drafted: Round 6

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2014 Projections

David Dodds15.054.054510.15.085
Bob Henry16.048.051510.75.082
Jason Wood16.053.060011.35.090
Maurile Tremblay16.060.05489.15.085

Average draft position

Current as of August 25th. [Full ADP list]

Overall: J White (170), J McCown (171), Delanie Walker (172), J Jones (173), M Lee (174)
Position: H Miller (148-TE16), E Ebron (154-TE17), Delanie Walker (172 - TE18), T Eifert (176-TE19), T Kelce (177-TE20)
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PPR Average draft position

Current as of August 25th. [Full PPR ADP list]

Overall: A Bradshaw (155), A Smith (156), Delanie Walker (157), T Mason (158), E Manning (159)
Position: A Gates (143-TE16), E Ebron (145-TE17), Delanie Walker (157 - TE18), T Kelce (170-TE19), D Allen (172-TE20)
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Delanie Walker will be 30 years of age before the start of the upcoming season. He is coming off the best season of his career, but that is primarily because it was the first year when he entered the season atop the depth chart. Walker had six touchdowns, 571 yards and 60 receptions last season. With a developing Justin Hunter and Kendall Wright, Walker could see some of those receptions disappear next season, but he will still carry value because of his toughness in the middle of the field and ability in the redzone.

2014 Schedule

1at Kansas City Chiefs
2 Dallas Cowboys
3at Cincinnati Bengals
4at Indianapolis Colts
5 Cleveland Browns
6 Jacksonville Jaguars
7at Washington Redskins
8 Houston Texans
Bye week
10at Baltimore Ravens
11 Pittsburgh Steelers
12at Philadelphia Eagles
13at Houston Texans
14 New York Giants
15 New York Jets
16at Jacksonville Jaguars
17 Indianapolis Colts

2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Walker caught a quick pass underneath as the Steelers gave him space in zone coverage. Walker caught a bubble screen in the second quarter and did well to fend off Ryan Clark for an eight yard gain. Locker tried to find Walker deep down the sideline in the third quarter, but Locker missed him. Locker found Walker deep down the seam soon after. Walker fumbled the football, but showed enough athleticism and effort to recover it ahead of a Steelers' defender. Walker drew a deep pass interference penalty from Ryan Clark as the Titans were looking to drain the clock in the fourth quarter.

Week 2 - Walker's first target came late in the first quarter, as Locker overthrew him down the sideline. Walker wasn't involved in the passing game, but he caught a touchdown pass late in the fourth quarter when Locker found him on an out route before he broke a tackle to get in the endzone.

Week 3 - Walker's first target was a short reception in the flat on third and 15. A few series later, Locker overthrew Walker after he had run behind a defender on a deep crossing route. At the goalline, Walker ran behind the line of scrimmage before catching a pass from Locker. He was hit as soon as he caught the ball however for a one yard loss on the play. Late in the second quarter, Locker found Walker on a deep out for a first down on first and 10. Walker didn't see the ball again until the fourth quarter, when he caught an underneath pass in traffic from his quarterback. The play was negated by offsetting penalties. A play or two later, Walker caught a deep out route in traffic on third and long for a first down. That play wasn't negated by a penalty. Walker was making a lot of ground on those deep out routes, as he contributed early on the Titans' game-winning drive with one for a first down. Walker was very good on the day, but he nearly lost the game for the Titans when he dropped a perfect pass from Locker on what ultimately became the game-winning drive. The tight end was wide open over the middle of the field as he found space between the linebackers and safeties in zone coverage. The ball bounced off of his chest however and went straight to a defensive back. The defender dropped the ball though.

Week 4 - Walker's first reception was a wide open touchdown in the back of the endzone. He escaped into open space after the Titans ran play action at the goalline. Early in the second quarter, Walker caught a six yard out route on second and 20. During the final moments of the second quarter, Walker beat a defender on a quick out route for a first down on second and eight. On third and three, Locker slightly overthrew Walker over the middle of the field so the tight end couldn't complete a difficult catch.

Week 5 - Walker was Ryan Fitzpatrick's first target on the day. Walker should have caught it, but he adjusted to a terribly thrown pass on an out route that would have gone for a first down if well thrown. Walker's next target came early in the second quarter on a pass that should have been intercepted. Walker was well covered as he ran a post route against cover-2. Fitzpatrick threw the ball straight to Eric Berry underneath. There was nothing Walker could do but try and break it up. After Jackie Battle brought the offense to the red zone in the second quarter, Walker kept working in his route to catch a pass that brought the offense to the goalline. Walker beat Eric Berry underneath before carrying the ball forward. Walker caught a low pass on third and 14 for seven yards. Later in the third quarter, Fitzpatrick targeted Walker running down the seam. The ball fell incomplete, but the tight end drew a holding penalty. Two plays later, Walker drew a pass interference penalty on a crossing route against Eric Berry. It prove to be a very bad call however, so Walker was fortunate. There was no luck on the next play as Walker caught a wide open 15 yard pass over the middle of the field. Walker caught a quick out underneath on second and 10 for seven yards. A few plays later, Fitzpatrick looked for Locker deep down the middle of the field, but the ball was thrown behind him and was ultimately intercepted.

Week 6 - Walker wasn't targeted in the first quarter. His first reception came on his first target in the second quarter. He ran a short out route between defenders. Walker caught just his second pass in the fourth quarter when he ran a curl underneath. Walker caught exactly the same type of pass a few plays later. A few plays later, Walker ran an out route before breaking a tackle for a first down reception.

Week 7 - Walker wasn't targeted on the Titans' first drive of the game. He caught a pass deep down the field very early on the second drive however as he beat Patrick Willis in man coverage. His next reception was a curl route underneath in the fourth quarter. With the game already decided, Walker caught a touchdown in the end zone as he leaked behind the secondary.

Week 9 - On second and 15 in the first quarter, Walker caught an eight yard pass by the sideline before breaking a tackle. The Rams swarmed to him to stop him from gaining any more yardage. Walker caught a five yard pass just short of the first down marker on second and six.

Week 10 - Walker was targeted early in the game, but the ball was nowhere near him deep down the field. His first reception came in the fourth quarter when he caught a curl pass underneath. Walker caught a pass underneath for a first down in the fourth quarter. Walker caught a deep pass down the seam late on in the fourth quarter when the game had all but been decided. Walker followed that up with a touchdown running down the seam, but it proved to be too little too late.

Week 11 - Walker had a career day in yards and receptions as he became a focal point of the Titans' passing attack. While the matchups for he and Kendall Wright may not be there as the season develops, with Fitzpatrick at quarterback the targets should stay relatively high. Fitzpatrick isn't a downfield thrower so Walker's ability to work underneath complements him well. Walker caught his quarterback's first two throws. The first was a quick pass into the flat that he turned back in field for a 10 yard gain. The second came on third and one, as he beat the linebacker across his face over the middle of the field. Walker's catches were coming in bunches, as he caught two more together on the second drive of the game. His first was an out route for a first down against Antoine Behtea, while the second was an exact replica of his second catch of the first drive as he beat Pat Angerer across his face again. A pair of back to back catches in the third quarter started with one for a two yard loss, before he beat Angerer again over the middle of the field for six yards. A three yard catch for a first down on third and three closed out the third quarter. In the fourth quarter, a blown assignment allowed Walker to catch the ball on a crossing route before turning down the sideline for a big gain. Walker started and finished the Titans' final drive of the game. He beat Angerer for four yards, before he caught a 19 yard touchdown on a deep out route.

Week 12 - Walker's first target came on the first drive. He came free deep down the field on an out route, but dropped a high pass. A few plays later, Walker caught a bubble screen for a first down on second and six. In the second quarter on first and 10, Walker caught a pass over the middle for a short gain. Walker caught a shallow crossing route before turning upfield for a first down. Walker dropped a first down pass late in the first half, before he caught an out route for eight yards on second and 10. Walker converted a third and four with a reception over the middle of the field in the third quarter.

Week 13 - Walker caught his first target on a quick out route in the first quarter. Fitzpatrick went straight back to Walker on the next play for a first down pass. He landed heavily on his back and left the game with a concussion.

Week 15 - Walker was inactive last week, but he didn't have to wait long for his first reception. On Fitzpatrick's second attempt he caught a first down pass in the flat. Walker was showing no ill-effects from his absence last week. Late in the first quarter, he caught another pass in the flat before running downfield for a big gain. Walker's next reception wasn't so spectacular. He caught a four yard crossing route against tight coverage on second and 13. Fitzpatrick checked down to him for a short gain on the following third and 9. Walker saw two targets in the end zone during the third quarter, but couldn't make either catch. At the third attempt, Walker caught his touchdown when he was wide open after play action. After Fitzpatrick threw an interception to give the Cardinals a 17 point lead in the fourth quarter, Walker was able to get an easy first down on an out route with the coverage slacking. After cutting the lead to 10, the Cardinals were showing urgency and Walker caught a quick out route to set up the offense in the red zone.

Week 16 - Walker's first target came in the second quarter. On fourth and one, Walker came open very quickly on an out route for a first down. Although he hadn't featured earlier in the game, he quickly saw his second target. Again, he ran an out route but this time he made a reception in tight coverage for a first down. With around 30 seconds left in the second quarter, Walker caught a pass underneath for seven yards before getting out of bounds. Walker's first involvement in the second half saw him cause an interception. Ryan Fitzpatrick threw him a slightly high pass, but Walker should have caught it. Instead, he tipped it into the air for a turnover. Fitzpatrick found Walker early in the next drive for a short gain underneath.

Week 17 - Walker's first reception set up a field goal attempt in the second quarter. It was third and 15, but his out route only went for 11 yards before he was cut down by a defensive back. Walker had no space to work in. On the following drive, Walker ran an out route to the other side of the field. This time he did have space and he used that space to jump forward for a first down. He had just one more reception and it was another out route that was stopped short of a first down. Walker was on the peripheral of this game.