QB Michael Vick, Free agent

HT: 6-1, WT: 215, Born: 6-26-1980, College: Virginia Tech, Drafted: Round 1, Pick 1

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2014 Projections

David Dodds3.028.050.03336.
Bob Henry4.048.085.06107.
Jason Wood1.021.036.02557.
Maurile Tremblay2.033.055.04197.


At this point in the offseason, Michael Vick has said that second-year quarterback Geno Smith is the starter, a sentiment reportedly echoed by the other players, if not outright by the team yet. Vick was brought in to challenge Smith though, and he will push him. We know Vick still has something left in the tank and he is familiar with Marty Mornhinweg's offense from their time together in Philadelphia. If Smith stumbles—either in camp, preseason or early in the regular season—Vick will get a shot and he would be able to excel with the receivers and run game the Jets have put together. Of course, while he has gas left in the tank, Vick also has a propensity towards injury and it's unlikely he'd finish a season in one piece. That issue, along with the likelihood Smith wins the job, make Vick risky as anything but bench depth with upside in the deeper leagues of fantasy.

2014 Schedule


2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Ran the offense very well, and did not look like a 30+ year old doing so. Had good chemistry with DeSean Jackson early on hitting him on a nice screen pass to keep the game moving. He missed Jackson in the endzone on the opening drive as he slightly over threw him, but made sure the ball couldn't be caught by anyone other than Jackson. He had an unfortunate fumble with the backward pass to McCoy that was swatted at the 5 yard line and returned for a defensive touchdown. Vick looked comfortable with the hurry up offense and used his feet several times early when the pocket collapsed to roll out and keep the play going. He relied on a much improved offensive line on the touchdown pass to Jackson at the back of the endzone. Vick also took some punishment getting sacked 3 times and getting hit several other times. He also had some nice runs but paid the price taking some big shots to his body in the process. Vick made a perfect touchdown pass to Celek in between 3 Redskins defenders showing off his accuracy. Vick took a 3 yard run into the endzone at the end of the first half and took a decent shot at the goal line. It was apparent that Vick is effective in this offense but the punishment he takes in the process is a major concern as the game goes on. He had a nice 36 yard run late in the 4th quarter and took a big hit again and looked to be a little sore after that.

Week 2 - Vick seemed to be in more of control of his surroundings today only taking 1 sack and 4 QB hits. He had a quick release and when pressure was coming he would react to it and get the ball out in a hurry. He was only 23 of 36 on the day but those 13 incompletions. He took what was given to him on each play not being afraid to check down to either McCoy, Jackson, or Avant on quick passes. His touchdown pass to Riley Cooper was precise and on the money. The touchdown pass to DeSean Jackson was also a perfect pass as he caught him in stride and relied on Jackson beating the defender on the outside. On a third and goal in the 4th quarter Vick took a 2 yard run into the endzone relying on a nice block from LeSean McCoy. Overall Vick played a well balanced game and drove the Eagles up and down the field through out the game putting up 30 points of offense.

Week 3 - Vick was deadly with his legs but struggled with accuracy and the pass rush for most of the game. His pick six early in the game was a terrible decision that was poorly thrown. His target was doubled teamed and the pass was thrown behind his tight end. While Vick did complete three of his first five passes, all of the completions were of the shorter variety to open targets. Vick's first carry was an electric run against the first Chiefs blitz. Vick made two defenders miss on the zone read and sped past everyone else for a 61 yard gain before being caught from behind. Two plays later he made one of his best passes of the game, a 22 yard touch pass over the top of poor coverage to Jason Avant. After a 24 yard scramble to end the first quarter, Vick looked very uncomfortable in the pocket in the second quarter and not accurate at all. His second interception was on a deep post to Riley Cooper and the ball was thrown well behind Cooper. Eric Berry dropped what would have been a third interception that was deflected by the Chiefs defensive line, and shortly after that Kendrick Lewis held on to a pick that was called back because of illegal contact. Vick did show good touch on a 40 yard bomb to DeSean Jackson down the right sideline and had good rhythm with Avant as well. It really seemed like the Chiefs pass rush had a huge effect on Vick's accuracy and Brandon Flowers did a good job of covering up his favorite target for most of the game. Fittingly, Vick's night ended on Justin Houston's 4th sack, as Vick fumbled the ball away.

Week 4 - Vick started the game off with a 3 and out as he over threw one receiver and then took a run outside for only a minimal gain. He had another nice run to the outside to pick up a first down but continues to take hits as he picks up additional yards. He threw some nice balls to the tight ends Celek and Casey early in the game for first downs as he was trying to keep the fast tempo offense moving forward. Vick was feeling the pressure early and spinning his way to the outside and running for some additional first downs. Overall on the day Vick looked very rushed and flustered with his receivers, it almost seemed like he didn’t have the patience and was trying to force the ball on more than one occasion. Once the game started to get out of hand it looked more and more like Vick couldn’t handle the pressure and tried to force the ball and not have a clear view of the field.

Week 5 - Started the game by over throwing DeSean Jackson and then making a nice pass to him that Jackson couldn’t secure. On a broken play Vick tucked the ball and ran for a 34 yard gain to keep a sputtering drive alive and help get the Eagles into scoring position. A couple of plays later he took a nice design run to the outside for a 9 yard gain once again looking dynamic when running the ball. On his third carry he took the ball for a 1st down. He didn’t complete a pass until the 2nd quarter but moved the ball well with running the ball. Vick threw a fantastic deep ball to Jackson out of the shotgun for a big play 56 yard gain. Later in the drive he took a nice run to the outside falling just short of the endzone by 1 yard. On another run with about 4 minutes left in the 1st half Vick looked to pull his hamstring after he picked up a 1st down. He ended up staying in for the rest of the drive and the Eagles kicked a field goal. Vick tried to come back and play at the end of the half but was noticeably hurt as he rolled out to try to make a pass and that was the end of his day.

Week 8 - On the third play of the game Vick threw an interception on a ball that was badly thrown in the direction of TE Brent Celek. On the second possession Vick took a sack for a 12 yard loss to start off the drive and packed up the Eagles close to their goal line. He nearly dropped the ball on the sack but hung on and then used McCoy the next two plays and could never make up the lost yardage. He did try to run the ball once and picked up only a single yard as he ran out of bounce and showed that he is still nursing an injury and doesn’t have the breakaway speed that he had pre-injury. On the next play he took a big hit in the pocket and tried to throw the ball away but was given an intentional grounding penalty. Vick didn’t have a chance really to throw the ball downfield in his limited action as he was forced to leave the game with as he reinjured his hamstring and never made it out of the first half.

Week 16 - Once the game was out of hand late in the 4th quarter, Michael Vick got in the game and on his first play he handed off to Bryce Brown who hit exploded for a 65 yard touchdown. On the next Eagles possession Vick knelt the ball down to end the game.