RB Shane Vereen, Free agent

HT: 5-8, WT: 203, Born: 3-2-1989, College: California, Drafted: Round 2

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David Dodds16.0100.04454.53.060.05409.03.0135
Bob Henry15.080.03604.53.070.06409.13.0136
Jason Wood16.0130.05504.23.065.06159.54.0159
Maurile Tremblay16.0123.05234.34.066.05398.23.0148

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349 0.1 0 0.0

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Overall: R Rice (51), D Jackson (52), Shane Vereen (53), J Cameron (54), T Brady (55)
Position: R Jennings (48-RB21), R Rice (51-RB22), Shane Vereen (53 - RB23), B Tate (57-RB24), C Johnson (58-RB25)
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Overall: M Stafford (41), M Crabtree (42), Shane Vereen (43), T Gerhart (44), R Mathews (45)
Position: R Bush (32-RB16), C Spiller (37-RB17), Shane Vereen (43 - RB18), T Gerhart (44-RB19), R Mathews (45-RB20)
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Vereen had some injury issues in 2013, and is still dealing with a wrist fracture that - according to ESPN Boston - is still healing. The hope is he will be ready for training camp. Vereen is a serious threat to steal plenty of carries from current starter Stevan Ridley and has the ability to both run through the tackles and catch balls out of the backfield. For now we expect him to split carries but he'll make up a lot of yards receiving. Vereen could also take over if need be full time. For now we see him as a solid RB2 whose combined yardage will make fantasy owners very happy.

2014 Schedule


2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - With Stevan Ridley pursuing a degree in fumbleitis, Shane Vereen was able to take advantage of the opportunity for touches with his first 100 yard rushing game of his career. Vereen displayed solid elusiveness and burst, and coupled with solid run blocking, was one of the main reasons the Patriots offense was able to muster points. While Ridley was in the game, Vereen was used as a third down-esque back, seeing more passing game targets than runs and running almost exclusively from the shotgun. Once he took over as the primary back, his roles were mixed up a bit more, although he still saw plenty of passing game targets. On one memorable twenty yard run, Vereen broke about 4 tackles to gain at least 10 extra yards. On the flip side, Vereen missed a touchdown from the 2 yard line, and Tom Brady fumbled away the subsequent snap. Regardless, it was a positive to see him get a goal line tote. While it would be foolish to expect Vereen to completely take over feature back duties, it seems completely plausible heíll be an integral part of the Patriots attack in the near future.

Week 11 - In his first game since Week 1, Vereen added an element to the Patriots offense that has been sorely missing Ė a running back with explosiveness in the passing game. Vereen led all Patriots players with 8 receptions and 11 targets, displaying solid route running, consistently beating his defenders, and playing with elusiveness and toughness on nearly every touch. Make no mistake Ė although Vereen lined up in the backfield, as the box score indicates, heís almost an Ďoffensive weaponí as opposed to running back, as he only received one carry all game. Vereen also had a huge drop on the last drive of the game on a wheel route that would have given the Patriots more time to take shots into the end zone, a play that isnít likely to be dropped in the future.

Week 12 - Shane Vereen saw 11 targets and 10 carries on the day against the Broncos, highlighting his versatility. In the first half, Tom Brady looked his way a lot, as pass protection was breaking down quite frequently until after halftime. Oddly enough, Vereen made some incredibly tough catches, but two of his incompletions were stone cold drops. One notable drop was on a wheel route that looked EXACTLY like his drop against Carolina, yardage, route and all. Vereen also bobbled a ball that absolutely should have been intercepted by a defender, but wasnít. One wonders if the cast on his wrist diminishes his full catching ability, but thatís neither here nor there. Vereenís 10 carries were also likely due to the fact that Stevan Ridley and LeGarrette Blount decided to play butterfingers and fumble in the first quarter. Vereen also missed a score from the 1 yard line in the hurry up offense, which was later converted by Brandon Bolden.

Week 13 - Shane Vereen operated as option 1b on carries out of the backfield coupled with his usual pass catching role, ending up with 15 touches on the day. Vereenís touchdown came on an easy grab from 9 yards out, as the defense paid so much attention to Rob Gronkowski that Vereen was left uncovered. He also bobbled a second potential touchdown, a tough back shoulder grab. A third potential touchdown saw him stopped at the one yard line as well. Itís interesting to note that all three of his scores or near scores were on passes, as he hasnít seen any goal line carries besides a hurry up carry from the 1 last week against Denver.

Week 14 - Game ball: Shane Vereen. That about adequately sums up his day, as Shane Vereen was arguably the best player on the field not named Josh Gordon on either side of the ball. Vereen absolutely took over the 4th quarter, racking up 10 catches and over 130 yards in about 15 or 16 minutes of game time. Potentially the only Ďbadí play from Vereen came early on when he dropped a screen that would have likely converted a first down and more. However, he more than made up for that. On one scoring drive, Vereen was literally the entire offense. The drive was as follows: 50 yard reception, 16 yard reception, 6 yard rushing touchdown from a draw formation. Easy enough. He displayed his typical elusiveness and awesome hands, again operating more as a wide receiver than running back. The loss of Rob Gronkowski means Vereen will have to shoulder some monster workloads down the stretch, and heís an RB1 in PPR without question.

Week 15 - Put simply, the Dolphins gameplanned around Shane Vereen and made sure he didn't beat them. They did a fantastic job executing this strategy. The linebackers were quick on the day, he was smothered when he went out for routes, and as a result, his stat line was a total dud. He was targeted several time, but with defenders constantly keying on him, could muster almost nil in all phases of the offensive game. A bounceback week should be in store for him soon, but this is the danger of being a primarily pass catching back.

Week 16 - Shane Vereenís box score looks small for two reasons. One, the Patriots were pounding the ball throughout the game with bigger backs. Two, he was injured at the tail end of the first quarter and never returned. Luckily for his fantasy owners, he did catch a fairly easy short touchdown pass, as a pick play was set for him to leave a slower trailing linebacker in coverage. The linebacker had no shot, and Vereen scored with relative ease. Other than that, because of the aforementioned, Vereen didnít do much to speak of.

Week 17 - A fairly up and down day for Shane Vereen. He did score a touchdown on an easy swing pass and take another play 22 yards after some trickery. On the downside, he fumbled one of his touches which the Pats luckily recovered. He was also almost the sole cause of Tom Bradyís interception, as he bobbled a fairly easy pass and allowed a defender to snag it out of the air. With LeGarrette Blount running so well, Vereenís role was fairly minimal.

Week 19 - Vereen was heavily involved in the Patriots third-down offense, and he also got some looks in the red zone. He had an easy conversion out of the slot early in the game, and also got a target on a quick outside screen. Vereen ran hard on his few carries, which included an early third-down conversion. His vision and burst were excellent on another successful carry, and Vereen also had a carry inside the five to set up a first and goal. His only real issue was a drop on a pass that could have went for a big gain on a wheel route. Vereen was used all over the formation and he'll be a big part of the Patriots trying to string together long drives against the Broncos in the AFC Championship game.

Week 20 - As expected, Shane Vereen had a larger role than he'd had over the last several weeks, thanks in part to the Broncos dominating the line of scrimmage and the time of possession. He was used as a slot receiver, motion guy, and saw a handful of carries, generally doing his job and hauling in 5 of his 8 targets. He did have some nice jukes of a few defenders on a couple catches and runs, but no big plays to speak of.