WR Tiquan Underwood, Free agent

HT: 6-1, WT: 184, Born: 2-17-1987, College: Rutgers, Drafted: Round 7

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Tiquan Underwood, the current #4 wideout in Carolina, hit his career high-water mark during 2012 while with Tampa Bay (14 games played yielding 55 targets for 28/425/2 receiving), managing 46 targets for 24/440/0 over 12 games with Tampa last year. He is not likely to be a consistently productive fantasy wide receiver buried on the depth chart in Carolina.

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2013 Game Summaries

Week 8 - Underwood saw plenty of snaps against the Bucs due to Williams ailing hamstring. He should see even more now that Williams could miss substantial time. Against the Panthers, Underwood made the most of his four targets. He caught a wide open comeback for 16 yards down the left sideline. He drove his man hard down the field and waited for him to turn his hips and he came back hard toward the sideline for the catch. On his second catch, he lined up in the slot and beat a linebacker down the seam before leaping over the top of him for a nice 21-yard grab. His final catch was a screen that netted five yards. Underwood displays great instincts. He goes after the ball. Leaping to snag balls, instead of waiting for the ball to come to him. He also fights for extra yardage and refuses to go down on first contact.

Week 9 - Glennon targeted Underwood three times against the Seahawks, the most important coming on a twenty yard touchdown strike in the first half. Underwood lined up in a trips right bunch formation and ran a post route into the end zone. However, the play broke down so Glennon scrambled to his left. Underwood came back to the ball from deep in the end zone charging towards the pylon. Glennon lobbed the ball toward the front corner of the end zone and Underwood made his way back to the football for the touchdown. Underwood did a great job of recognizing Glennon had improvised and scrambled out of the pocket, so he darted back towards Glennon, ultimately coming up with the score. With the absence of Mike Williams, Underwood played a lot of snaps, despite not seeing a good deal of targets.

Week 10 - Underwood's first catch of the night came on a beautiful post corner route. He faked post inside and came back outside, the move fooled the defensive back so much he ended up falling trying to change directions. Underwood caught a crucial pass on the Bucs' final go ahead drive in the 4th quarter. At the snap Glennon play faked to the running back which sucked the defense forward. Underwood ran another crisp out route to the sideline. He elevated high as the pass reached him and pulled it in for a big gain. The Bucs would later score on the drive to win the game. Underwood saw an increased role on Monday night. With Jackson not producing as usual, Glennon targeted Underwood in key situations. Underwood has developed nicely since being signed mid-season. He runs crisp routes and attacks passes in the air.

Week 11 - After a productive week last week for Underwood, he only managed one reception on the afternoon against the Falcons. The Buccaneers were having success running the ball and Vincent Jackson was getting open on almost every play, therefore Underwood's assistance wasn't need too much in the passing game. He did catch a 20 yard crossing route from Glennon down to the 3 yard line. He almost scored, but was dragged down near the pylon. It's obvious Underwood is the 3rd or 4th option for this offense. When the running game is working and Jackson is making catches wide open in the middle of the field, you can bet the Tiquan's number won't be called too often, just as it wasn't on this day.

Week 12 - Underwood greatly benefited from the Lions keying on Vincent Jackson for most of the afternoon. Glennon targeted Underwood five times, two of which went for touchdowns. After missing Underwood on two out routes, the Bucs took to the play-action deep ball to get Underwood into the end zone. Early in the fourth quarter, Glennon play faked to Rainey to start the play. The key to the development of the play was the safety biting on the out route, which the Bucs love to run. However, this time Underwood ran a deep post. Glennon unloaded a high-arching bomb that fell into Underwood's arms as he raced for the end zone. The defensive back did Underwood a favor by propelling him forward on his tackle attempt. Underwood's second touchdown came on a very boring, yet effective square in. On another play-action fake, Underwood faked as if he was running a fade and broke the route off inside streaking across the goal line. Glennon sizzled the ball right into Underwood's chest and he hung on for 6 with a defender on his back. Most impressive of all was Underwood's third catch, a simple 16 yard gain. Initially no one came open, so Glennon had to scramble and buy time for someone to shake their man. Underwood recognized the improve move by Glennon and broke his wrote off toward the sideline. Glennon fit the ball in to Tiquan for a 16 yard gain. Underwood proved that he can step up and be a go to player when Vincent Jackson is being double teamed by the opposition.

Week 13 - Tiquan Underwood has become a trusted member of the Buccaneers' pass attack. Glennon seems to have developed a chemistry with Underwood. Right off the bat, Glennon's first two passes were strikes to Underwood for 16 and 23 yards respectively. The first was a quick out to the sideline that Underwood turned up field using his speed to gain yards after the catch. The second was a play action post route that Underwood broke off to sit in a hole in the zone. He knew if he continued he'd end up allowing the safety to make a play on the ball so he broke off the route and sat in the middle of the field. He and Glennon were on the same page, as Glennon fired the ball for 23 yards as soon as Underwood altered the route. Similar to Jackson, Underwood only saw a few targets against the Panthers. The Bucs' lost the time of possession battle, Glennon spread the ball to different receivers, and they also ran the ball often. All these factors contributed to mediocre days for not only Underwood, but every Bucs skill player in general. The Panthers played great defense, but overall the emphasis on balance and spreading the ball around hurt Underwood's statistical performance. Underwood almost scored on a sluggo route to the Pylon, but Mikell got his paw in the way to break up the pass. The bottom line for Underwood is that he has become a big piece of the Bucs' pass attack. He has caught more and more passes each week. He is gaining the trust of Glennon and the coaching staff.

Week 14 - Underwood and Glennon were on different pages the entire game against the Bills. The first two targets Underwood saw, landed no where near him. The first pass, Underwood ran a deep comeback and Glennon threw an out to the sideline. The ball bounced four yards in front of where Underwood finished his route. On the second pass, Underwood ran a fly route straight down the sideline. Glennon feeling the pressure, thought Underwood would have recognized blitz and snapped the route off to a hitch, but he didn't. The ball bounced off the field about 10 yards behind Underwood as he continued to streak down the field. Underwood almost had a touchdown on a deep post route, but the ball bounced off his hands. Underwood may have lost sight of the ball as a defensive back got his hands in the way of the pass, but it was a very catchable ball that bounced off his hands. The theme to his day was mistakes. He and Glennon were not in sync. Underwood ran incorrect routes on three of his five targets. He also added in a huge drop that should have been a touchdown.

Week 17 - Underwood had the most electrifying play of the game. Early in the first quarter, Underwood ran a fly route down the stream streaking past all Saints defenders thanks to the trickery of a flea flicker. Glennon hit Underwood in stride as Saints defenders scrambled to recover after the busted coverage, but Underwood made the grab and sauntered into the end zone with ease. Underwood ran a variety of routes throughout the game against the Saints. He hauled in a beautiful ball down the right sideline for 19 yards in addition to his touchdown grab. Underwood saw an increased role due to the score, he saw a total of seven targets for the game. Throughout the season, Underwood saw an increased role with the injury to Mike Williams. Underwood could play a bigger role next year if he continues to develop.