RB Robert Turbin, Free agent

HT: 5-10, WT: 222, Born: 12-2-1989, College: Utah State, Drafted: Round 4

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David Dodds15.060.02494.22.010.0777.70.045
Bob Henry16.070.03004.32.013.01108.51.059
Jason Wood16.090.03704.13.05.0357.00.059
Maurile Tremblay16.043.01714.01.08.0688.50.030

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Current as of August 25th. [Full ADP list]

Overall: R Woods (239), J Blackmon (240), Robert Turbin (241), A Holmes (242), M Williams (243)
Position: S Taylor (228-RB68), M Lattimore (237-RB69), Robert Turbin (241 - RB70), C Sims (244-RB71), B Brown (247-RB72)
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Overall: D Adams (254), Robert Turbin (255), J Randle (257)
Position: M Reece (249-RB74), B Bolden (252-RB75), Robert Turbin (255 - RB76), J Randle (257-RB77), D Robinson (258-RB78)
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Turbin was the Seahawks' fourth-round pick two seasons ago, and has been Marshawn Lynch's primary backup since joining the team. He is a competent runner and an effective pass-blocker, and the Seahawks would be comfortable with him in the lineup in the event of an injury to Lynch. Comfort may not be enough, however, as many observers believe that Christine Michael is more talented and has greater upside potential in the Seahawks' offense. While Turbin is currently number two on the depth chart, Christine Michael is probably the better handcuff for owners who already own Marshawn Lynch. Because Turbin will play only a peripheral role in the offense as long as Lynch remains healthy, and will face strong competition for carries even if Lynch misses time, he has little value in redraft leagues.

2014 Schedule


2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Turbin got more playing time than expected for a couple of reasons. Namely, Marshawn Lynchís game was not firing on all cylinders; and also, because of his steady Turbinís steady but unspectacular pre-season, in which he was very active in the passing game. As the game went on, with the Seahawks playing from behind, his role gradually increased.

Week 2 - Turbin continued his change of pace role, and had a nice 5-yard average on his 6 carries. His running style is quietly efficient, nothing flashy, so you can be forgiven if you donít notice his contribution. He is often used as a receiver as well, but was not targeted, as the ground game dominated.

Week 3 - Turbin saw a little action in the second quarter and showed pretty good burst. Later , in the final quarter, he also got a rare red zone carry, but couldnít quite get into the end zone. Turbin remained the change of pace back, but with the game well in hand, the Seahawks also gave rookie Christine Michael a number of carries. Michael looked very good with the ball, so donít be surprised if they begin to share the change of pace role more going forward.

Week 4 - Turbin spelled Lynch after a long run, and showed an excellent burst through through the line. And then he got absolutely stuffed on the second try. Playing from behind the whole game meant that we didnít see much of Turbin at all.

Week 5 - Turbin is the change of pace back, and tends to come in when Lynch needs a breather. The Seahawks are not afraid to give him the ball though. He did look quite good on one run up the middle, in which he found a great hole after the initial burst.

Week 6 - Turbin got his typical workload, a few touches when spelling Marshawn Lynch. The positive here is that when he does sub in, his number is often called, which shows that the Seahawks do have a fair amount of confidence in him. On his one rush from scrimmage, Turbin did a great job finding a hole up the middle and turning it into a longer run, getting the first down.

Week 7 - Turbin turned it up a notch this game. Even with limited carries, he looked to be running harder and with more confidence. On one run, he threaded his way up the middle for 8 yards, until finally taken down hard. On another, he turned an almost sure loss of yards into a 2-yard gain, due to his quickness and vision.

Week 8 - Turbin looked good on passing downs, first taking a short screen for an easy first down and more. He showed some great acceleration on that play, flashing breakaway speed that you generally donít see when heís running in traffic.

Week 9 - Turbin spelled Lynch early in this one, as Lynch appeared hurt, but wasnít able to take advantage, running for a few short gains only. Turbin had a great burst, but lacked the elusive factor the Lynch brings.

Week 10 - Turbin looked good on an early carry, with enough speed to get outside for six yards on a play that called for him to run between the tackles. He played as the third down/change of pace back, but the bulk of his carries came later in the game, though, with the Seahawks sporting a sizable lead. Turbin had very little success at that point in the game and was overshadowed by the play of rookie Christine Michael.

Week 11 - Turbin spelled Lynch seemingly randomly Ė not strictly on third downs. His biggest contribution was in the two minute drill (actually more of a one minute drill), with a short run and a nice 12 yard gain on a short reception. He also looked great in the final minutes, taking three plays to move the chains with the entire defense knowing he was getting the ball. It was garbage time, sure, but impressive nonetheless.

Week 13 - Turbin had one rush in the first half, and looked great. He was fast, with a nice burst through the line. In the 4th quarter, with the Seahawks ahead by 27, Turbin subbed in for Lynch, and though he did some gutsy inside running for positive yardage, he also predictably didnít get very far against a stacked line.

Week 14 - Turbin only had a couple of carries, and though he showed good speed and agility, the score was close and they relied solely on Lynch for most of the game.

Week 15 - Turbin had no touches in the first half, but was on the field for some of the two minute drill. He had one carry early in second half, for short gain. Then Turbin got the call in the fourth quarter, with a 23-0 lead, predictably running for very few yards against a stacked line.

Week 16 - Turbin saw no action outside of kickoff returns. He fumbled a return late in the third, putting the Cardinals in scoring position in a close game, and after that he appeared to have been benched.

Week 17 - Turbin subbed in for a couple of series midway through the game. He didnít do any damage, but after last weekís apparent benching (after a fumbled kickoff return), the fact that he was in as the backup over Christine Michael was a clear statement heading into the playoffs.

Week 19 - Turbin subbed in briefly for Lynch and ripped off a big 37 yard gain Ė only to have it called back on a holding penalty. After that he was strictly a change of pace, and no real threat.

Week 20 - Turbin had adequate gains on his screen pass reception and handful of carries, but he was merely competent in his limited role.