WR Kenbrell Thompkins, Free agent

HT: 6-1, WT: 196, Born: 7-29-1988, College: Cincinnati, Drafted: ---

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David Dodds15.
Bob Henry16.
Jason Wood16.
Maurile Tremblay16.

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44 0.0 0 0.0

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Current as of August 25th. [Full ADP list]

Overall: R Hillman (197), Kenbrell Thompkins (198),
Position: M Austin (186-WR64), A Dobson (187-WR65), Kenbrell Thompkins (198 - WR66), O Beckham (204-WR67), H Douglas (205-WR68)
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Overall: R Helu (191), C Fleener (192), Kenbrell Thompkins (193),
Position: A Hawkins (184-WR64), H Douglas (187-WR65), Kenbrell Thompkins (193 - WR66), M Austin (196-WR67), O Beckham (200-WR68)
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Kenbrell Thompkins had a rough rookie season. He flashed some big-play ability but the raw edge of his game was evident and he had to deal with some injury issues. Thompkins could be fighting for a roster spot with Josh Boyce (per the Boston Herald) and if he is to survive the battle, he needs to overcome his propensity for drops and overall focus. While he could very well be off the roster come the end of August, another team would pick him up. On the Patriots we can't see him as better than bench depth for a fantasy roster. If he ends up elsewhere, and shows he can cut down on his mistakes, he could see his stock rise.

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2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - The NFL’s breakout star of the preseason was nowhere to be found against the Bills. Instead, a player who looked like an undrafted rookie showed up despite being targeted a whopping 13 times. Thompkins ran many routes incorrectly, drifting on some while inexplicably staying planted on others. He also struggled to gain separation against what many would consider a mediocre secondary, and dropped a couple passes he shouldn’t have. Thompkins had a catchable chunk pass where he forgot to drag a toe to keep two feet inbounds, a catchable touchdown pass where he drifted too far into the back of the endzone, and dropped another catchable touchdown that glanced off his fingertips. Granted, there were a couple plays where it looked like he was being interfered with, but he could have and should have had 7 or 8 grabs on the day, and potentially a touchdown or two. Half the passes he did catch were bubble screens, and the other were shorter/intermediate routes. For his sake, let’s hope this was due to nerves and nothing else.

Week 2 - Similarly to Week 1, Kenbrell Thompkins saw target volume, but bad routes and a drop or two marred what should have been a solid performance. Thompkins’ first catch was a bubble screen that saw him gain a solid 9 yards, and his second catch was a nice long route that could have been a touchdown had he angled it better. Thompkins also nearly caught a beautiful long diving pass in the endzone that was called a touchdown at first, but was later overturned because the ball barely glanced off the ground. Brady did miss Thompkins on a long touchdown early, but Thompkins ran several routes short of first down markers, was off on basic routes such as slants, and did some other questionable things on the day such as dropped passes. All in all, still a work in progress to be sure.

Week 3 - While Aaron Dobson saw the most targets for New England against Tampa Bay, it was Thompkins that converted his red zone targets into touchdowns. It was a tough day for Thompkins overall as he dropped multiple easy passes with the potential for yards after the catch. On his first touchdown, Thompkins ran a simple crossing route and there was no defender in sight after the reception. Thompkins turned up the field for the 10-15 yards into the end zone. Tom Brady had great protection in the red zone late in the second quarter as Thompkins came all the way across the field in the back of the end zone for the second score. The defensive back could not stay with Thompkins for that long as he broke free for the easy catch. The growing pains are still there as Thompkins drops passes and gets blanketed with coverage on a number of routes.

Week 4 - Kenbrell Thompkins had what was probably his best day in his young career, including three key catches. The first was a 50 yard jump ball in which Thompkins simply outjumped Desmond Trufant and plucked the ball out of midair. Tom Brady did a masterful job avoiding a sack on the play, but Thompkins's effort was equally impressive. The second was a conversion on 3rd and 19 for roughly 25 yards that Thompkins caught and held on to over the middle of the field despite knowing he was going to take a lick, and did so. Thompkins's touchdown was also highly impressive, as he dove for a ball at the left edge of the endzone for a highlight catch. He did have two very notable drops, but the improvement as the season has progressed is starting to become notable.

Week 5 - Kenbrell Thompkins really had nothing to show for the day. All his receptions were of the short variety, though he nearly had a highlight diving grab on 3rd and 14 that he barely juggled incomplete. This was his quietest day on the whole, though he didn’t have any noticeable drops or run terrible routes like Weeks 1 and 2.

Week 6 - The box score doesn’t look like much, and prior to the 0:05 mark in the 4th quarter, Kenbrell Thompkins was mostly invisible, ceding snaps to Aaron Dobson on many 2 WR sets. Thompkins did convert a nice first down by juking a defender. He also narrowly missed a deep touchdown because Tom Brady hesitated on the throw, allowing the DB to catch up to Thompkins. However, the play of the game was a deep ball game winner with 5 seconds left that had Thompkins keeping up to snag a touchdown just out of reach to Jabari Greer. Credit to Thompkins for concentrating, making a touch catch and coming down in bounds, and credit to Tom Brady for throwing a perfect ball. It’s fitting that Thompkins held onto that game winner and carried it out of Gillette Stadium after the game.

Week 7 - As with his fellow rookie Aaron Dobson, Kenbrell Thompkins wasn't targeted much thanks to Rob Gronkowski's return. Both his catches were dinky passes, and he dropped one or two passes that would have made his fantasy day more palatable. The stat line tells you all you need to know about Thompkins's day.

Week 8 - The story with Thompkins is not only his goose egg on the day, but the fact that he only played a handful of snaps. It seems that when Danny Amendola is healthy, he’s the odd man out on WR personnel packages, playing less snaps than Danny Amendola, Julian Edelman, Aaron Dobson and Austin Collie.

Week 11 - Thompkins only had two catches, but both were big gainers. His first was a 23 yarder, and his 37 yarder was a play action beauty by Tom Brady. Thompkins proceeded to break tackles for an extra 10 yards and ended up on the 2 yard line, just short of a touchdown. He’s still hands off for fantasy purposes, but it was good to see him productive despite playing as the 5th or 6th passing game option.

Week 12 - Kenbrell Thompkins’ playing time increased against Denver, and he actually played a critical role in the second half, securing the first three passes of the half and making a number of solid grabs in traffic. None of them were highlight reel material, but they were chain movers and almost all were 10 yard type grabs, which is what the Patriots needed when his number was called. Good showing by the rookie.

Week 13 - Thompkins hauled in a nice leaping grab for his first and only catch of the day, but landed awkwardly on his hip and wasn’t seen much again on the day.

Week 19 - Thompkins was on the field enough to get three targets before suffering a head injury that ended his night on the third. On the first, the throw was low, on the second, coverage was good, and on the third, he got hit hard and crumpled to the ground.