RB Ben Tate, Free agent

HT: 5-11, WT: 220, Born: 8-21-1988, College: Auburn, Drafted: Round 2

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David Dodds10.0200.08204.16.030.02197.31.0146
Bob Henry15.0230.09954.35.030.02006.71.0156
Jason Wood14.0210.09104.37.031.01906.10.0152
Maurile Tremblay16.0217.010654.94.042.02556.11.0162

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Overall: T Brady (55), M Floyd (56), Ben Tate (57), C Johnson (58), J Bell (59)
Position: R Rice (51-RB22), S Vereen (53-RB23), Ben Tate (57 - RB24), C Johnson (58-RB25), J Bell (59-RB26)
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Overall: T Smith (61), F Gore (62), Ben Tate (63), N Foles (64), T Richardson (65)
Position: B Sankey (59-RB25), F Gore (62-RB26), Ben Tate (63 - RB27), T Richardson (65-RB28), P Thomas (73-RB29)
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Ben Tate was brought to Cleveland via free agency to be the starting running back on what would be a pass-heavy (or at the very least, a well-balanced) attack. However, with star receiver Josh Gordonís suspension and the potential for a rookie starting quarterback, the Browns will have to lean toward a run-heavy attack. The good news for Tate is that Offensive Coordinator Kyle Shanahan has had a lot of success in the running game. The bad news is that opposing defenses will be focusing on the run, and Tate has had a spotty-at-best injury history in limited action behind Arian Foster in Houston. Cleveland also brought in two rookies to compete with Tate and potentially form a committee of backs.

2014 Schedule


2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Tate saw the field early and was the first of the Texans' backs to flash. His first carry was stopped for a three yard gain, but he sliced through good blocking to gain 14 yards. Tate was sent into the secondary by good blocking, but broke a tackle to extend his gain by at least five yards. The Texans went straight back to him, as he finished strong on another well blocked run that sent him into the secondary. While Foster was in on the key plays for the Texans, Tate did look much better than his partner in the first half. In the second half, the Texans relied more on their passing game, meaning that Foster featured more on the field as a receiving threat coming out of the backfield. It wasn't until the Texans tied the game at 28-28 that Tate flashed again. He was initially stopped in the backfield, but he broke a tackle before escaping to the sideline for a 13 yard gain on first down. Tate stayed in the game and carried the ball aggressively with his next two touches. Tate ran very well and likely would have been on the field more if the Texans weren't playing from behind and featuring the passing game heavily.

Week 2 - It appeared that the Texans were committed to the 50-50 split that Gary Kubiak spoke of early in this game. Tate did plenty to help his case for more carries with his very first touch, as he broke off a 60 yard run. He was sent unblocked into the secondary, but used his blocking well before breaking a tackle to free himself down the sideline. Foster took over from there however and Tate only had one more carry in the first quarter. Tate only had nine total carries and he averaged over 10 yards per carry. However, outside of that 60 yard gain early in the game, he failed to really take advantage of the opportunities that were presented to him in space. He is going to need more big plays if he is to continually take carries away from Foster.

Week 3 - Ben Tate continues to feature in the Texans' offense, but it's clear that Arian Foster is the primary option. Tate isn't giving the Texans any reason to take carries away from him, but Foster appears to be playing well enough to take even more of the workload. Tate still offers a spark to the offense with the touches he does gain, but the 50-50 approach that Gary Kubiak has spoken about may inch towards 70-30 in Foster's favour soon.

Week 4 - Tate showed well on the few early carries he received, as he has done often this season, but again, Foster was the feature back. Tate broke off some big gains, but a fumble in the third quarter would ultimately put him in an even worse position behind Foster. After Tate fumbled, the Texans relied solely on Foster.

Week 5 - Tate is firmly entrenched behind Arian Foster on the depth chart. Foster had the majority of the touches and snaps, while playing very well. Tate was too eager to impress when he got his opportunity in the fourth quarter, leading to a fumble.

Week 6 - Tate scored a touchdown in the fourth quarter, but Arian Foster shredded the Rams all day and Tate played sparingly. There is no reason for the Texans to put Tate in the game right now outside of when Foster needs a break.

Week 7 - Tate's first carry went for no gain on third and 15. It was his only carry of the game before Foster left with an injury. When Tate took over, the gap between he and Foster only widened. Tate is a powerful player who can push defenders backwards and break some tackles, but he is more hesitant than Foster and doesn't have the same ability to cut through the defense. Ben Tate was injured on the first drive of the thurd quarter, but he did return to the field. Even though Tate returned, the Texans notably changed their gameplan as they focused on passing the ball from then on.

Week 9 - Arian Foster started the game, but Tate had the first carry. That carry didn't come until the second drive, after the Texans relied on Keenum early. The Texans relied on Tate exclusively on that drive, but he couldn't get 10 yards with his four carries so the Texans turned it over on downs. From there, Tate was asked to carry most of the load. He made a number of nice runs, breaking tackles and finding holes on his way, but he wasn't on Foster's level. It should be noted that Tate was playing with cracked ribs, which makes his performance even more impressive.

Week 10 - Tate didn't appear to be running tentatively because of his rib injury, but he wasn't showing any real explosion. That combined with his below average vision meant that he was always going to be limited against such a strong defensive front such as the one Arizona can boast.

Week 11 - This was one of Tate's better displays this season. He was consistent with his decision-making for the most part and showed good explosion at times. He only finished the game with 88 yards, but he averaged over four yards per carry and the Raiders defense were aggressive against the run.

Week 12 - Tate appeared to fall out of favour in this game as Dennis Johnson emerged. Tate is likely still dealing with his rib injury, but he didn't shy away from contact or run tentatively. He simply appears to lack explosion when given space. That may be an indirect result of the rib injury, but it's definitely a worrying sight to see moving forward.

Week 13 - Tate looked like a completely different player from the moment he touched the ball this week. In recent games he lacked explosion and showed very little agility as a runner, but today he had his burst back and was much more confident making his decisions. He immediately had a very impressive run as he evaded a defender with his speed before making a cut infield for the opening touchdown of the game. Tate had another touchdown in the second quarter. It was much easier than the first, but he still had to make a defender miss in space. He did so with impressive quickness. Tate's third touchdown was almost effortless, as the Texans' offensive line created a huge hole for him to run in untouched.

Week 14 - Tate ran the ball very well when he got it, but because they were playing from behind the Texans quickly got away from him. Tate made smart moves and broke tackles running between the tackles, while seeing a few targets as a receiver also. His health appears to be back where it was at the beginning of the year.

Week 15 - Tate was running the ball very well early on, but he was also very lucky to not be punished for his one big mistake. After making a nice cutback on a stretch play to the right side, Tate allowed a defender to punch the ball away from him. Fortunately it bounced straight to Andre Johnson, but the young running back couldn't have been happy with himself. Tate was very consistent as a runner throughout the whole game, but a second fumble in the third quarter that was fortunate to be recovered by the Texans really dampened any optimism surrounding his performance.