RB C.J. Spiller, Free agent

HT: 5-11, WT: 196, Born: 8-15-1987, College: Clemson, Drafted: Round 1, Pick 9

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Overall: K Allen (34), M Stafford (35), C.J. Spiller (36), L Fitzgerald (37), A Johnson (38)
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Position: Z Stacy (31-RB15), R Bush (32-RB16), C.J. Spiller (37 - RB17), S Vereen (43-RB18), T Gerhart (44-RB19)
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2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Spiller had one of his more frustrating games since his rookie season as the Patriot defense clearly keyed on him and made sure each and every touch was an exercise in attrition. Spiller didnít do himself any favors, either, as his second touch was a disaster. Running off the left edge, Spiller tried to get the corner just as Kyle Arrington made contact. The timing was all right for Arrington as he put his hand on the ball just as Spiller raised his arm, causing the fumble. One of Spillerís longest run came two drives later and was one of the few times he showed decisiveness as he wiggled through the hole and worked up field instead of waiting for something to open up. Finding open space was a rarity too, with only one run (his longest) where Spiller was able to work inside out, taking the ball through the middle of the line before bouncing it outside and picking up nine yards. There was an undeniable frustration as the game wore on for Spiller as 11 of his 17 runs went for two yards or less. Spiller was less and less decisive (with each touch) and too patient; allowing an already swarming defense to be even more aggressive every time he touched the ball. Spiller tied for the team lead in targets with six in the passing, but his five catches only went for 14 yards. His longest catch went for seven yards, but with his other four only amassing seven yards it gives everyone an idea of how frustrating a day it was for the usually electric CJ Spiller.

Week 2 - Sunday had to be a tad bittersweet for Spiller. On one hand, all the frustration of the Week 1 struggles seemed to dissipate within his first four carries, amassing 33 yards in four carries. After opening with a Week 1-like run on his first carry, Spiller found some space on a draw the very next play as he picked up 11 yards. Spiller looked considerably more decisive and attacked the line of scrimmage instead of dancing with it, including his longest run coming late in the 4th quarter. The hole was massive, but Spillerís quicks got him to the 2nd level before the defense could react. Like he has done so many times, Spiller was able to use that suddenness against the defense, easily beating them to the sideline before firing the jets. Moments before he was gone for an 80-yard TD, Spillerís foot was clipped and he briefly stumbled allowing Thomas Davis to make a lunging tackle from behind. His longest run of the day at 46 yards, Spiller also had runs of 21, 9, 7 and 11 yards and a 28-yard run wiped out by a holding call. Everything just seemed more fluid for Spiller as he made the correct cuts when he needed to, including a beautiful jump cut moments before a seven-yard gain and showed patience when needed too, as he did on his nine-yard run the following drive. The day wasnít without its frustrations, though, as Spiller was only given 16 carries despite averaging 6.4 yards per carry. Itís also worth noting that Spiller was passed up on the Bills three plays inside the Carolina five-yard line. After he took the offense down to the two on a four-yard run to open the 2nd half, the Bills threw the ball on consecutive plays before settling for a FG. The next time Buffalo was able to get inside the five, the offense called on Jackson and he scored from four yards out. He was also targeted five times in the passing game, catching four for 26 yards with his long of 12 yards.

Week 3 - Spiller was only able to play half the game, but it hard to imagine his day would have gone much differently had he played the whole game. After opening the game with two runs for 10 yards, Spiller amassed exactly zero yards on his next eight carries. Spillerís best run came on his second touch as he worked off the right edge. Spiller was able to use his special acceleration to split two converging defenders at the line of scrimmage as he was on his way to a six-yard gain. However, thereís no sugar coating anything as Spiller was a complete non-factor. The Jets have already brutalized both Doug Martin and Stevan Ridley, but this may have been their finest showing yet. Ultimately Spiller was forced from the game with an apparent knee injury just as the 2nd half kicked off and Coach Marrone offered very little information on the potential injury suggesting he would be reevaluated on Monday. There wasnít one specific play to point to in regards to the injury as Spiller was seen on the sideline with his knee wrapped before finally heading to the locker room in the 4th quarter. Spiller only caught one pass, a quick one-yard out. Spiller also fumbled twice, but neither were recovered by the Jets.

Week 4 - After disappointing some with his hesitant, east-west running style over the past few weeks, CJ Spiller reverted to a north-south approach against Baltimore and showed some nifty moves both behind and at the line of scrimmage to squeak free from would-be tacklers. The up-tempo Bills offense went through the offensive line and the ground game early on, with Spiller's decisiveness and agility on show. However, the Ravens kept the speedster under wraps and kept his longest gain to only 10 yards. After a nasty hit in the third quarter, Spiller was forced out of the game, ceding his workload to Fred Jackson. A hobbled Spiller came back into the game late on, but did not look at the races and had no burst whatsoever.

Week 5 - A true game-time decision, Spiller only received 8 carries to Jacksonís 17 and still showed remnants of the same indecisiveness that has bothered him since Week 1. After his first three carries netted four total yards, Spiller finally used his instincts instead of thinking and it showed. Vintage Spiller, the running back used an explosive backside cut to get the edge. TJ Ward was there to fill the gap, but didnít adjust well to blazing speed and Spiller was able to get the edge. Scott Chandler did a nice job maintaining a block on Barkevious Mingo just long enough for Spiller to turn up field and turn up field he did. Spiller blasted up field into the wide open space and no Brown defender came within five yards. It was evident on the back end of the run Spillerís ankle wasnít fully healthy as there was a slight hitch in his stride on his way to the 54-yard touchdown. Unfortunately, Spiller didnít exhibit that same decisiveness or confidence on his other seven runs as he was only able to amass 12 yards total. Appearing to think too much, Spiller too often wasnít creative at the point of contact and conceded to one and two-yard gains. Clearly a sign of his not being fully healthy, Spiller did not receive one target in the passing game.

Week 6 - Welcome back Mr. Lightning Bolt! After scoring his first touchdown the week prior, Spiller put together his most complete game since Week 2. Not getting his first carry until the 2nd drive, Spiller found immediate space on the edge on his way to a 10-yard run. Spillerís next run looked identical to his first as Adam Jones was barely able to get a hand on the still slightly gimpy Spiller and deflect him out of bounds as he picked up nine more yards. Spillerís best run, however, came on the first drive out of halftime. Again running left, Spiller window-shopped the hole while he waited just long enough for his blocks to seal the edge (including a great block from Chandler). Over committed and stricken with now bad angles, the defense was unable to react to Spillerís burst and he was around the corner untouched. The run ultimately went for 19 yards, but it is hard to envision a healthier Spiller doesnít get more. Spiller only received one more carry in regulation as the Bills went into catch-up mode, but itís worth noting the running backs received the same amount of carries and Jackson had only two more touches. After no targets in the passing game last week, Spiller was finally involved in a screen pass and picked up seven yards on the catch. Most important of all, though, was the obvious confidence Spiller ran with while facing one of the leagueís toughest defensive lines. Also important, the Bills finally benched the much maligned Colin Brown at left guard as Doug Legursky took over the responsibilities and showed marked improvement. Five of Spillerís ten carries went off the left edge and accounted for 47 of his 55 rushing yards.

Week 7 - If it wasnít obvious beforehand, it was painfully so after Spillerís first (and longest) run of the day that it may be time to give him some time off. Stuffed as he pressed the hole, Spiller bounced the run outside. Backside help was there, but the RB used a slight hesitation before fully bouncing outside. The defense couldnít react and Spiller was able to get the edge as he picked up 11 yards on the run. Spiller stepped out of bounds, but looked like a deer on ice as he gingerly pumped the brakes and took about 20 more steps than he should have to finally stop. Despite the successful run, Spiller immediately motioned to the sideline for a sub and angrily unsnapped his chinstraps. He still showed straight-line burst, but any cutting was met with a lack in confidence in his hobbled ankle. After the 11-yard gain, Spiller received four more carries for a combined -1 yards and because of his ankle was resigned to slamming into the middle of the line. After no targets in the passing game last week, Spiller saw three this week but probably would have been better getting none as he amassed -4 yards.

Week 9 - If there was any question as to how much a week off would help Spiller in his recovery from a high ankle sprain, he quickly answered those concerns two carries in. The second of consecutive carries, Spiller briefly pressed the hole before recognizing the lack of running room. With a burst not seen since Week 2, he reversed the field and used his speed to get around the edge for an eight-yard run. A mere appetizer to his main course, Spiller again showed the propensity to plant and explode on another zone run just before halftime. This time working left, Spiller correctly diagnosed the hole and cut through a gaping hole into wide-open space. Once at the second level, Spiller took the carry to the sideline as he weaved his way to a 29-yard run. Spillerís best, and longest, run came just out of halftime however as he took the handoff on a counter. The former Tiger immediately cut backside and found plenty of space as the defense followed the initial pursuit. Once in open space, Spiller ran through attempted tackles from both safeties, the latter of which was set up by Spiller that wrecked Kendrick Lewisí angle. Really a thing of beauty, Spiller allowed Lewis to commit to what looked like a solid angle before he turned on his speed and that angle quickly dissipated into an embarrassing flailing arm tackle that only grazed Spillerís shoulder pads. Nowhere near done, Spiller raced down the sideline and officially announced his health to the throngs watching as Brandon Flowers attempted to make a tackle. Spiller abruptly slowed, planted and cut back inside while Flowers tried to adjust, but could only grasp at ghosts while he continued out of the field of play. The Flowers fake resulted in 21 more yards on what was ultimately a 61-yard run. Spiller also found some space in the passing game, catching three passes on five targets including a 27-yard gain on a swing pass where he was left uncovered. Spiller final touch was a tad scary as he picked up 13 yards on a screen and just as he stepped out of bounds had his ankle clipped. Slightly hobbled initially, Spiller appeared fine after walking the initial pain off.

Week 10 - jackson

Week 11 - Spiller played half the snaps Jackson did, but still managed to snatch up one more carry than his fellow RB and did get the first of two carries inside the five-yard line. Spiller also opened another drive that started inside New York territory with the consecutive runs and was given a nice hole on the 2nd run. Unfortunately C Eric Wood was driven right into Spillerís lap just as he took the handoff and he could do little to navigate with no space to work with. Completely ineffective, Spiller was often hit well behind the line of scrimmage (5 of 13 runs went for zero or negative yards) or right at it as his longest run went for three yards. On the play Spiller finally found some room through the line, but it was short-lived as the Jets quickly collapsed and the RB was indecisive and caught moving side to side instead of exploding upfield. Like Jackson, Spiller snatched both targets for 10 yards receiving with a long of eight coming on a screen pass.

Week 13 - Spiller was the starter on Sunday and wasted little time announcing his presence in Toronto with authority. His second carry and the second play for the Buffalo offense, Spiller took the draw from Manuel and just missed the longest TD run of his career. With only a slight cut in the hole, Spiller found ample amounts of space to get wide once through the line and was bursting up field moments later as two Atlanta defenders collided. Spiller was able to outrun the initial diving attempt at his feet as he straightened out, but shockingly was caught from behind by Desmond Trufant at the Falcon six-yard line as he appeared to not sense the DB and wasnít at full bore to finish the run off. Spiller did give owners a scare late it the 1st half as he limped off the field after a nine-yard run and was seen grimacing on the sidelines as he tested his ankle with sprints, but ultimately received a different brace before returning to the game. Not satisfied with his 76-yard run that saw him getting caught from behind, Spiller exploded again in the 2nd half. Working off the read option, the RB found a massive hole off the right guard, easily hit the second level and cut back inside. Stevie Johnson masterfully sealed one defender allowing Spiller to explode up field as William Moore, Robert McClain and Robert Alford all converged on the RB. Showing no issues with his ankle, Spiller used one more jump cut to side step and avoid all three DBs as they all tackled the same air before again exploding up field on his way to a 36-yard TD run. Getting caught from behind clearly on his mind, the electric RB made sure to finish this run as he sprinted through the back of the end zone. Most impressive of all about the run, Spiller was able to weave through the heart of the Falcon defense without ever getting touched. Not only did Spiller lead the team in carries, he had his first 15-carry game since Week 4 and was the first in the backfield on 10 of 14 drives and 7 of 10 after appearing to injure his ankle. Spiller was targeted four times in the passing game, but wasnít able to get anything going on his two catches.

Week 14 - For the second consecutive game, Spiller led the team in carries and despite the apparent depleted production, had his explosive moments. Spillerís longest run (unofficially) went for 14 yards, but a holding penalty on the outside by Marquise Goodwin essentially wiped it out. One of the few times he was able to find some space, Spiller slipped through the left side of the line on the read option and immediately exploded down the sideline. Mark Barron was just able to shove him out of bounds, but not before he had picked up 14 yards on the run. Spillerís longest and best play of the day came on a screen that was one questionable penalty away from being an 83-yard TD catch and run. Leaking out of the backfield, the play was nearly dead before it even began as LG Doug Legursky completely whiffed on Mason Foster. With Foster lunging at his legs, Spiller simultaneously made the catch and used a quick jump cut to avoid the tackle. DT Derek Landri make a valiant effort to clip Spiller from behind before he could take off, but tíwas merely a pipe dream as the RB immediately accelerated and outran the diving attempt. Once in the clear, Spiller used a slight movement inside whilst Robert Woods sealed off Revis before jutting back outside with C Eric Wood occupying Mark Barron. Never breaking stride, Spiller turned the jets on full bore just beyond Barron and outran the rest of the Tampa defense on his way to the end zone. Unfortunately, the huge play was nullified by a questionable holding call down the field and reduced to a 26-yard catch. Spiller had a slight limp after the long run, but was back on the field two plays later just in time to badly miss a blitz pickup that resulted in his QB taking a shot on the play. An all around frustrating day, Spiller very rarely had space, was often hit shortly after taking the handoff and saw his opportunities limited by the shift in game script.

Week 15 - For the first time since Week 10 Spiller didnít lead the team in carries, but was the starter, received the first carries inside the red zone and averaged a team high 5.2 YPC. After compiling seven yards on his first four carries, Spiller finally found some space as he took the Bills inside the Jaguar 10-yard line with a 10-yard run on read-option. Spiller received the next carry, but couldnít get downhill as the Jaguars did a nice job stringing the run out. Spillerís longest run came on the following drive, again working right on the read-option. Spiller followed a nice lead block from Frank Summers and ran through an arm tackle from Russell Allen at the hole before exploding up field. Marquise Goodwin helped seal the outside with a nice block as the RB picked up 18 yards on the run. Spiller just missed a huge run in the 3rd quarter as he exhibited nice patience on another read-option off the right end. Spiller split the gap between Kraig Urbik and Eric Pears as he angled up field and looked for one huge burst to break free. Mere moments before liftoff, a chasing Geno Hayes got just enough of a hand on Spiller as Winston Guy attacked the RBís legs. Had it just been Hayes or Guy attempting the tackle, it is likely Spiller would have been off to the races, but the combination of the two did just enough bring him down. Tackled awkwardly, Spiller limped off the field, but was back on the field two plays later and showed both power and burst on the six-yard draw. The following drive, after a 12-yard run, Spiller hopped off the field after getting his legs wrapped up awkwardly but promptly returned after a couple ginger paces on the sideline.

Week 16 - Spiller led the team in carries on Sunday and while he had his moments of flash, he struggled to find much in terms of the highly coveted space. Spiller had the Bills longest rush of game, picking up 23 yards on the 4th quarter carry. Surprisingly, the run came between the tackles, as Spiller was able to show both speed and power on the tote. Running through the gaping hole, the electric back used a blast of acceleration to hit the second level. LB Phillip Wheeler did his best to wrap his legs up, but Spiller pirouetted out of the tackle on his way to 10 more yards before finishing the run off with a violent straight arm to Brent Grimes on his way out of bounds. Not surprisingly, Spillerís most consistently successful runs came when he was able to get the edge and use his speed. Five times the speedy back was able to get the edge and only once was he held to less than five yards. Still a work in progress, but the Bills coaching staff manufactured some space for Spiller in the passing game as he turned two screens and a swing pass into 26 receiving yards.

Week 17 - For the second week in a row, Spiller led the Bills in attempts and was able to hit the century mark for the first time since Week 13. Just as he did in Week 16, Spiller was electric in space and left a litany of navy jockstraps in his wake as he made numerous attempted tacklers look foolish. On the second play of the game, Spiller initially worked the middle of line before swiftly cutting backside with only Steve Gregory between he and open range. Gregory lunged at Spillerís feet, but the swipe was futile as the RB avoided the tackle and picked up 24 yards on the run. The following drive, Spiller just missed another big run as he burst through the middle of the line and was a shoestring trip away from a one-on-one opportunity with a flat-footed DB as he picked up six stumbling yards. The flashy RB continued to read the gaps well in the 2nd half, using one cut to pick up 12 yards to get the first TD drive going. Spiller just a missed a TD the following drive taking a carry up the middle and through desperate arms to the New England one-yard line. A straight power run from the 13-yard line, Spiller was decisive and got downhill quickly as he ran through three arm tackles before losing his footing and coming up just short of the end zone on the dive. Lightning to Jacksonís thunder, Spiller continued to use his insane explosion to create space as he opened the next drive with another 13-yard carry after using a jump cut in the hole to get wide. Maybe his most elusive run, Spiller turned what could have been a much bigger loss into a minor one with a tornado-like spin move in the backfield. Logan Ryan came free on a CB blitz and had Spiller dead to rights right just as he took the handoff from Lewis, but the RB went controlled Tazmanian Devil as he abruptly spun out of the attempted tackle and worked his way back to the line of scrimmage. Two drives later, Spiller was again met at the point of the handoff, but quickly slipped away and this time turned the potential loss into a four-yard gain. Deadly on the ground, Spiller shook some defenders in the pass game as well as he turned a short dump out of the backfield into a 16-yard gain. Catching the pass in stride, Spiller eluded the collapsing DB as he ran to the boundary and cut up field. Brandon Spikes had the RB trapped on the sideline, but Spiller slammed on the brakes and cut back inside as Spikes did all he could keep his feet, never getting a hand on the ball carrier, whilst Spiller picked up 10 more yards on the catch and run. Mysteriously, Spikes was seen limping to the sideline as the Patriot training staff did their best to work on his bruised ego.