WR Torrey Smith, Carolina Panthers

HT: 6-0, WT: 204, Born: 1-26-1989, College: Maryland, Drafted: Round 2

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2014 Projections

David Dodds16.
Bob Henry16.01.01010.00.056.098017.55.0129
Jason Wood16.
Maurile Tremblay16.

Average draft position

Current as of August 25th. [Full ADP list]

Overall: B Sankey (61), T Hilton (62), Torrey Smith (63), T Richardson (64), J Witten (65)
Position: M Floyd (56-WR22), T Hilton (62-WR23), Torrey Smith (63 - WR24), J Edelman (68-WR25), J Maclin (69-WR26)
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PPR Average draft position

Current as of August 25th. [Full PPR ADP list]

Overall: B Sankey (59), T Brady (60), Torrey Smith (61), F Gore (62), B Tate (63)
Position: T Hilton (55-WR23), J Edelman (57-WR24), Torrey Smith (61 - WR25), K Wright (68-WR26), J Maclin (69-WR27)
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Torrey Smith took a statistical leap in 2013, going from 50 and 49 catches his first two years to 65 last year and increasing his yardage total from the 850 yard range to 1,151 yards. However, that improvement should come with a slight asterisk. First, his quarterback threw a career-high 614 pass attempts, exceeding his previous career high by 72. This was in part due to an uncharacteristically anemic run game. Smith also wasnít sharing the field with a duo who caught 126 passes in 2012 (Anquan Boldin and Dennis Pitta). This season, Pitta will return. Smith is also joined by the surname-sharing Steve Smith. The elder Smith isnít a volume pass-catcher like Boldin, but Pittaís return plus desires to revamp the run game could lower Torrey Smithís ceiling.

2014 Schedule

1at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2 Detroit Lions
3 Pittsburgh Steelers
4at Baltimore Ravens
5 Chicago Bears
6at Cincinnati Bengals
7at Green Bay Packers
8 Seattle Seahawks
9 New Orleans Saints
10at Philadelphia Eagles
11 Atlanta Falcons
Bye week
13at Minnesota Vikings
14at New Orleans Saints
15 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
16 Cleveland Browns
17at Atlanta Falcons
18 Arizona Cardinals
19at Seattle Seahawks

2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Torrey Smith played a good game overall and looks like he has improved his understanding of the game. Even when defenders had tight coverage on him Smith was fighting for position and giving Flacco a decent target to throw to. Once Smith gains the trust of Flacco in tight coverage he will appear as dominant as Boldin. Smith started the game strong catching his first target on third down for 29 yards against zone coverage running a flag route. In the red zone, Smith fought for extra yardage and a first down despite being wrapped up by Tony Carter. Later in the game Smith made a great one handed catch on a go route while being interfered with.

Week 2 - Torrey Smith had a good game facing Joe Haden in coverage for the majority of his snaps. Smith isnít a number one receiver yet but he ran a variety of routes, wasnít afraid of contact, and looked explosive after the catch. Also he is didnít let the ball get into his body this game which led to some drops in the past. Smith did appear to hurt his ankle and was slowed for a couple of plays but never missed a snap and looked good after sustaining the injury. Smith barely missed a 30 yard touchdown from Flacco after he bobbled the ball and couldnít get his feet in.

Week 3 - Torrey Smith has been a very consistent player for the Ravens so far this season. Smith made a number of really nice plays including a 48 yard gain beating Joseph and Manning deep. On the same drive Smith turned a comeback route into a big gain after he slipped a tackle. Smith also had a couple of near misses down the sideline including one in the end zone. He is the Ravens best pass catcher and can run a wide variety of routes. Torrey will continue to receive plenty of targets and produce regardless of matchup. Smith did struggle to separate against Kareem Jackson but played a good game overall. Smith had Ed Reed shadow him deep for most of the game.

Week 4 - Torrey Smith played a good game but didnít make the plays great players make. He missed a potential touchdown early in the second quarter when Flacco under threw Smith deep due to pressure. Smith wasnít targeted again until the Ravens were in the 2 minute drill. He took a shallow cross and turned it into a 20 yard gain with his speed. His next target was an end zone throw from Flacco where Smith kept running instead of high pointing the pass or becoming the defender and knocking the pass away. As a result the pass was intercepted and the Ravens came away with no points. Smith would find redemption on the following drive turning another short reception into a long gain with his speed. Then Flacco hit him in stride after he beat man coverage for an easy touchdown. Smithís next reception was vintage Torrey Smith out running the coverage and Flacco hitting him in stride for a 74 yard gain. After the long catch Flacco gave Smith another jump ball in the end zone but Smith couldnít finish the catch.

Week 5 - Torrey Smith played a very good game against an underrated corner in Brent Grimes. Torrey continues to turn short completions into big gains. On the opening drive he escaped Brent Grimes on a crossing route for a 41 yard gain to set up a field goal. Smithís only blemish was a drop when Grimes was able to knock the ball free on a slant route. Smith then drew a questionable pass interference call in the end zone that set up Ray Rice touchdown. There were parts of the game that Smith looked unstoppable. Smith was eating up dolphins defenders on in breaking routes picking up first down after first down. He is no longer reliant on big plays for production. Flacco looks to Smith first in the red zone and should continue to see lots of targets there. Smith has a complete skill set and has stepped up as the Ravens best offensive weapon this season.

Week 6 - Torrey Smith struggled to separate against press coverage with a safety over the top. Smith still had opportunities but couldnít make the most of them. He dropped a diving 20 yard reception. The following play Smith made a great adjustment and snagged the ball out of the air but couldnít keep his feet in for a big gain. Smith also drew a holding call at the goal line that could have resulted in a touchdown. Torrey made his lone reception late in the 3rd quarter on a quick out. Smith was targeted only 4 times by Flacco.

Week 7 - Torrey Smith looked good in a tough matchup with Ike Taylor. Flacco narrowly missed Smith for a 20 yard completion early in the first quarter. Smith had Ike Taylor Beat on a comeback route but Flacco again missed him. Smithís big play was a go route against a single high safety and Ike Taylor in man coverage. Smith scrapped with Ike Taylor down the sideline and hauled in the contested catch. Smith beat Taylor again on a comeback route and Flacco was able to complete the play for a first down. Smith played a good game but was limited by his quarterback.

Week 9 - Torrey Smithís first opportunity for a catch was a diving attempt at a low thrown out pattern he couldnít haul in. Smith wasnít targeted until the mid-point in the second quarter had passed. On Smithís next catch he was 5 yards behind the Brownís defense but had to wait for Flaccoís pass and was tackled after a gain of 44. To open the second half the Ravens got the ball in Smithís hands on a shallow cross and he picked up a first down. Smith is able to turn short completions into first downs. Smith should be the focal point of the Ravenís offense going forward. Smith did appear to injure his leg after being taken down by Joe Haden but returned to the game.

Week 10 - Torrey Smith played well but could have had a lot more. Smith got a reception early on a crossing pattern against zone coverage. He was targeted in the end zone and nearly corralled it with one hand but the pass was slightly too far out of bounds. The following play Flacco missed Smith on a wide receiver screen that would have extended the drive. Smith made a great catch on slant route leaping high, taking a hit, and securing the pass for a touchdown. Smith was more involved than usual in the short passing game, a good sign the Ravens know they need him to touch the ball as often as possible. Torrey Smith drew penalty flags twice with Terrance Newman in coverage. Neither were long pass plays but both likely would have been caught by Smith. Smith was also interfered with on 3rd and 10 when Pacman Jones held down one of Smithís arms and the pass fell incomplete. Smith hesitated or slowed down on a perfect deep ball from Flacco and came up just short of catching a 42 yard touchdown. Jacoby Jones drew a long pass interference call on Reggie Nelson that would have been a sure touchdown if not underthrown by Flacco. His next catch was a slant route against man coverage. Jones made a contested catch on third down to pick up a key first down.

Week 11 - Torrey Smith drew a pass interference penalty on a slant route that could have gone for a touchdown had it been completed. Smith wasnít targeted downfield at all likely due to the inclement weather. Smith made his living on curl routes and intermediate in breaking routes usually against off coverage. Smith made a tough contested touchdown catch on a slant route. He beat Bowman despite being held and double covered.

Week 12 - Torrey Smith Flacco lobbed a pass into the corner of the end zone for Smith but he had already cut his route off and the ball fell incomplete. Smith got a step of separation on a go route against Cromartie and Flacco delivered a perfect pass for a gain of 60. Smith dropped a potential 3rd down conversion and 25 yard gain. Smith got the ball on a quick slant and picked up 14.

Week 13 - Torrey Smith played well but could have had a huge game. Smith caught a bomb from Flacco but was brought down at the 1 yard line. Flacco found Smith a few plays later on a crossing route for a touchdown. Smith drew a long pass interference call on Ike Taylor for a 30 yard gain. Smith was heavily involved in the short passing game allowing him to convert first downs with his run after the catch ability. Smith got two more end zone targets but Taylor was in good position on both. Smith was dominant most of the game but dropped two passes that would have added to a big day. His first drop was a quick out that wouldnít have amounted to much. The second was an excellent throw from Flacco for 20 yard gain hitting Smith in the hands but he couldnít bring in the pass along the sideline.

Week 14 - Torrey Smith didnít have a very good game but the conditions were not favorable for deep passing. Smith came up gimpy after his first deep target but didnít miss any plays. Smithís first reception was an impressive slant route finishing the play by extending his arm for a first down. On back to back plays Smith was targeted but came up empty. The first was a back shoulder throw for a potentially big gain but it went through Smithís hands. The second Chris Cook was physical with Smith and it caused an incomplete pass but, the no call was consistent with earlier no calls. Smith caught the two point conversion on a mix up in coverage.

Week 15 - Torrey Smith hit the chunk plays but didnít get as many short targets. Smith got a deep target early in the game on a go route and should have been able to come down with the catch. Flacco laid the pass between the sideline and Smith 40 yards downfield but Smith couldnít get to it. Smith caught his next target on a deep crossing route for a 24 yard gain. Smith got himself wide open in the middle of the field for a gain of 22. Smith found another hole in middle of Detriotís secondary for a gain of 20.

Week 16 - Torrey Smith started slow but got going late in the game. Smith got behind the Patriotís secondary but a Flacco underthrow led to an incompletion instead of a big play. His first big play didnít come until the 3rd quarter. Smith found a soft spot in the Patís zone, made the catch, and sprinted down the sideline evading defenders for a big gain. Smith made another impressive play with Talib in coverage. He was interfered with on the play but still came up with a catch and first down. Smith drew a long pass interference call to set up the Ravenís touchdown on very little contact. Smith beat Talib again on a comeback route for a gain of 15.

Week 17 - Torrey Smith was invisible for most of the game. With limited weapons, the talent should have a solid baseline of targets right? But no. Smith was hardly targeted. The Ravens made no special effort to get Smith the ball. Simple screens and quick throws to Smith could have helped slow the Bengalsí fierce rush and gotten the ball into the Ravens best playmakerís hands. Smith did receive an early target deep on a go route. He flew by his man but an underthrow from Flacco lead to a jump ball and incompletion. His 2 receptions came on a slant route and a curl route.