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HT: 6-4, WT: 212, Born: 5-7-1984, College: Utah, Drafted: Round 1, Pick 1

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2014 Projections

David Dodds16.0324.0530.034086.423.011.061.02714.42.0291
Bob Henry16.0333.0540.036706.822.08.055.02704.91.0297
Jason Wood16.0340.0555.036056.522.09.065.02804.32.0299
Maurile Tremblay16.0336.0547.036796.723.013.057.02985.21.0299

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Overall: J Flacco (149), E Manning (150), Alex Smith (151), M Wheaton (152), J Boykin (153)
Position: J Flacco (149-QB20), E Manning (150-QB21), Alex Smith (151 - QB22), J Manziel (161-QB23), J McCown (171-QB24)
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Smith's struggles early in his career were notoriously blamed on the constant change in offensive philosophy in San Francisco. Well his first year in Andy Reid's system proved to be no problem at all. Smith set career highs with over 3300 passing yards, 431 rushing yards, and 23 touchdowns in 2014. From weeks 12-16 (Smith's final five games) the 30 year old ranked third amongst quarterbacks in fantasy points. He topped that off with one of the best games of his career in the playoffs. Against the Colts in the Wild Card round he completed 30/46 attempts for 378 yards and 4 touchdowns. Over his past three seasons he's completed 62.7% of his passes with better than a 3-1 touchdown to interception ratio. In 2014 Smith will have a second year in the offense with what should be a similar supporting cast. He lost Dexter McCluster to free agency but the team hopes to have tight end Travis Kelce back from knee injuries that cost him his rookie year. The offense should continue to focus on the short timing routes that Smith excels at. This system showcases Smith's talents better than any other but also limits big play ability, especially with the Chiefs lack of playmakers in the receiving corps.

Latest News

Bears | Chicago to pursue Alex Smith? (Tue Mar 2, 01:34 PM) - Washington Football Team QB Alex Smith, who is expected to be released at some point before the start of free agency, may potentially receive some interest from the Chicago Bears, according to NFL Media's Ian Rapoport.

Our View: The Bears are in the mix for Seahawks QB Russell Wilson, as they're on his list of four teams he'd like to be traded to. If they don't get Wilson, then adding a guy like Smith makes sense. Nick Foles is still under contract and Mitchell Trubisky is set to be an unrestricted free agent when the new league year begins in two weeks.
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Football Team | Alex Smith moving on (Mon Mar 1, 11:29 AM) - Washington Football Team QB Alex Smith will part ways with the team in the coming days.

Our View: Zero surprise here. Smith made a miraculous comeback after a horrific leg injury threatened his career (and more). The seasoned veteran should get interest from teams in search of a mentor for a young quarterback.
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2014 Schedule

1at Houston Texans
2 Jacksonville Jaguars
3at Philadelphia Eagles
4 New York Giants
5 Seattle Seahawks
6at Arizona Cardinals
7 Tennessee Titans
8at Dallas Cowboys
9at Minnesota Vikings
Bye week
11 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
12at San Francisco 49ers
13at Indianapolis Colts
14 St. Louis Rams
15at New York Giants
16 Philadelphia Eagles
17 Dallas Cowboys

2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Smith was the epitome of a game manager in week one against Jacksonville. He looked very comfortable in Andy Reid's offense, taking his time behind what was generally good protection and simply taking whatever the Jaguars defense gave him. Smith's day was hampered greatly by drops including one from Anthony Fasano on his first pass. Smith threw a near perfect pass to a streaking Fasano down the left seam and the big tight end simply let the ball go through his hands. Fasano wasn't the only one dropping passes as Jamaal Charles dropped at least three passes in the first half alone. Both of Smith's touchdown passes came in the first quarter. The first was all Donnie Avery, as Smith hit him with an easy short out and Avery broke a tackle to get into the end zone. The second went to Junior Hemingway in the back of the end zone with Smith rifling a bullet into traffic and Hemingway making a nice grab. One pass Smith had dropped was a gift as he hit a Jaguars corner in the chest with a pass in the second quarter and was fortunate it wasn't an interception. With the game in hand in the second half, Smith had no need to force anything and really didn't do much to help his stat line.

Week 2 - For much of the game, Smith was more of a threat with his legs than he was with his arm. The Chiefs opened the game with an option right and followed that up with a bootleg. Smith looked spry if not fast on the runs and that was only the beginning. Later on the first drive, Smith had 3 straight scrambles that combined to net 33 yards. The threat to run helped on Smith’s touchdown as he ran a bootleg off play action from the two yard line and found Jamaal Charles for the touchdown. The drive (and the game) was not without its warts. Smith bounced a slant route in the end zone before the touchdown pass and threw a cross well behind Dwayne Bowe that should have been intercepted. For the next quarter and a half Smith struggled to get into a rhythm. A short absence from LT Brandon Albert fueled the Cowboys pass rush and once they tasted blood they couldn’t get enough. Smith was fortunate to have another pick dropped in the two minute drill at the end of the half, and looked very rattled by the pressure. To start the second half, Smith looked much more comfortable, driving the team 80 yards for a touchdown and completing 6/8 passes in the process. On the touchdown to Bowe, Smith did an excellent job of looking off the defense before coming back to an open Dwayne Bowe slanting across the middle. Alex Smith in the 4th quarter was a lot like Alex Smith against Jacksonville. With a lead late, the Chiefs don’t look like they’ll take any chances at all and Smith looks like the perfect game manager.

Week 3 - On a night when he had at least five passes dropped and was criticized for not doing enough by fans and experts alike, Smith still ended up with a pretty good line. He's still looking to run too early and he's taking very few chances. Smith took one shot more than 15 yards down the field and that was a deep hitch to Dwayne Bowe, who dropped it. Of course, if you want to say that many of Smith's failures weren't his fault you can't really give him credit for his successes either. He and Donnie Avery feasted on short crosses and dig routes and a huge portion of his passing yards came on YAC from Avery and Jamaal Charles. Smith and Avery converted a 3rd and 15, 3rd and 19, 3rd and 5 and 2nd and 14 on the same exact route. With Avery cutting underneath the defense, Smith throwing the ball five yards, and Avery following his blockers the rest of the way down the field. Smith was bothered badly by the Eagles rush, and they often got to him with just three rushers. When the rush didn't get to him Smith would too often look at one or two reads and then look to run. Once again, Smith found himself in a situation late where he didn't need to do anything special to win, and he continued to do an admirable job of managing the game. Smith was not particularly good throwing on the run, and never really took a shot deep, but he never had to either.

Week 4 - In a familiar script, Alex Smith was as dangerous with his legs as he was with his arm for much of the game. What was a little out of the ordinary was that Smith actually took some shots downfield against the Giants secondary. Virtually all of Smith’s rushing yardage came on designed pass plays where he gave up on the receivers and took off scrambling. He had 20 yards on such plays on the Chiefs first touchdown drive. That drive was sparked by a 31 yard pass to Jamaal Charles on a wheel route. Charles caught the ball 15 yards down field, made a defender miss, and sprinted past another for a big gain. Smith finished the drive off with a 5 yard touchdown pass to Sean McGrath in the back of the end zone on a very well designed play. Earlier on that drive Smith took his first shot deep with a bomb down the right sideline. It would have been a huge gain if the cornerback hadn’t grabbed Dwayne Bowe’s jersey to prevent him from getting to the ball. Smith continued to throw the ball predominantly to Donnie Avery and Jamaal Charles, but both players had three drops amongst their targets. Smith’s new favorite target was Sean McGrath. Early in the second half Smith hit McGrath with a perfectly placed 20 yard pass in the seam. Two plays later the drive was ended by Smith’s first interception of the year. He made a very poor decision trying to force a slant to Bowe who was beaten inside by the corner. Smith was picked for a second time in the quarter, again on a slant but this one was a clear drop by Charles who then kicked the ball into the defender’s hands. After a rough third quarter, Smith was near perfect in the 4th quarter. His first touchdown of the quarter was purely play design that left Charles open for a two yard score. The second came on a post to Dwayne Bowe who broke two tackles on his way to a 34 yard score.

Week 5 - It was an atypical day for Smith. He took shots deep (and even connected on a couple), but also made some very poor decisions and seemed like many of his throws were predetermined. While those things were out of character, the oddest fact may be that Smith threw his first four passes in the direction of Chad Hall, and completed only one of them. Smith did a nice job of avoiding the rush and then made a good throw to Sean McGrath for a 17 yard gain on the first drive. Smith went back to Hall on his first throw of the team's second drive and underthrew a short out and was fortunate that the corner dropped the interception. Smith took his first shot deep late in the first quarter and connected with Donnie Avery on a 44 yard gain. Avery was two steps clear of his man, but Smith underthrew the ball and Avery had to come back to make the catch. Smith and the Chiefs offense sputtered for most of the second quarter and he had another pick dropped on his second shot deep of the game. On that play he badly overthrew Avery and the defensive back simply dropped an easy pick. From his own goal line, Smith completed his best throw of the day, a 41 yard bomb down the left sideline and Avery made a great catch. This sparked a 95 yard field goal drive to end the first half that saw Smith complete 6/8 for 88 yards. His luck ran out in the third quarter as a passed soared over the hands of Jamaal Charles landed right in the gut of Bernard Pollard. This put the Chiefs in a position they hadn't been in all year, needing a touchdown drive in the 4th quarter to win. Though he'd ignored him for most of the day, Smith went to Bowe with the game on the line. Smith hit Bowe with a perfectly timed deep curl to move the team into Titans territory, and then hooked up with him on a short slant to move the team down to the one yard line. In the end, Smith did enough to get his team the win, as the team opened the offense up just a little bit.

Week 6 - Alex Smith's day was as ugly as a starting quarterback's can be in a win with no interceptions. Smith was clearly flustered by the pass-rush, consistently dropping his eye level early. More than half of his completions came to targets out of the backfield. Smith was again very active with his legs, picking up 10 yards and the Chiefs' first first down after eluding two tacklers. Smith ended that drive by badly missing an open Dexter McCluster on third and eight. It was one of several targets he missed badly because of the pressure. After another misfire to McCluster on the team's second drive, Smith picked up his longest completion of the day. The pass was a screen to Jamaal Charles who followed perfect blocking down the left sideline for a 24 yard gain. That drive ended with Smith taking his third sack of the first quarter. With the Chiefs down 7-0, Smith finally started looking Bowe's direction and completed a short slant to the right side for an 11 yard gain. Bowe was also the target of Smith's longest completion downfield in the first half, a perfectly timed back shoulder throw that gave the defender no chance. That play put the Chiefs in position for their first score on a Jamaal Charles touchdown run. To start the second half, Smith picked up 13 yards on counter option keeper and then scrambled away from the pass rush and threw a laser downfield for an 18 yard completion to Bowe. Once the Chiefs had the lead in the 4th quarter Smith went even more conservative outside of one deep shot he took down the left sideline to Donnie Avery. Avery had beaten his man by two steps but Smith overthrew him pretty badly. This was the worst game of Smith's six with the Chiefs and illustrated how well press coverage and a good pass rush can affect him.

Week 7 - His statistics may not have shown it, but this was a much better performance from Smith than his last two outings. He started the game with four straight targets of Dwayne Bowe, completing two of them. He just missed Bowe on a deep corner route, overthrowing him by a couple of feet. On the very next play he found a wide open Bowe on a post route for a 21 yard gain. Smith put the Chiefs in position for their first touchdown with an easy 11 yard completion over the middle to Anthony Fasano , who was tackled at the one. Smith missed another opportunity deep to start the second quarter when he led an open Jamaal Charles to the sideline on a deep throw left. Charles had his man beaten by two steps and had a TD if Smith had put the ball on the money. Smith's best drive with the Chiefs came on the next possession, when he led them on a 97 yard touchdown drive. Smith was 8/9 on the drive, including a couple of well-time slants to Dwayne Bowe. The longest completion of the drive was a 17 yard connection with Donnie Avery. Avery ran a very crisp deep hitch and Smith delivered the ball on time. Smith finished the drive with a six yard touchdown on a broken play. On the read-option, Charles ran the wrong way leaving Smith in the backfield all alone. Smith alertly saw a hole in the middle of the field and darted into the end zone. Smith again made magic with his legs in the third quarter, with a 23 yard run that set up the Chiefs final points of the day. On the pass play Smith correctly saw an opening then sped up field for a first down and much more on 3rd and 7. Smith's longest pass of the day came on a wide receiver screen to Dexter McCluster, who followed great blocking for a 43 yard gain. The 4th quarter started with Smith finding Fasano in tight coverage at the one yard line. It looked as if Fasano actually got into the end zone, but video evidence was ruled inconclusive. Two plays late Smith missed and open Sean McGrath in the end zone and turned the ball over on downs. The last play of substance for Smith was the interception he threw in the 4th quarter. Dexter McCluster completely gave up on the route and was largely responsible for the pick. There was once again a huge difference between the Alex Smith we saw when the Chiefs were behind in the first half and the Smith we saw with the Chiefs trying to preserve the lead.

Week 8 - Smith ended his long streak without a touchdown pass and once again did just enough to lead his team to a win. The Chiefs first drive was fairly unimpressive from Smith, especially considering that two of his five passes could have been intercepted. The first was a miscommunication with Junior Hemingway, and the second was a short hitch that corner Joe Haden just jumped the route. Smith started the second drive with a nice throw to Dwayne Bowe as he rolled right away from the pressure. Later in the drive he found Sean McGrath wide open on a corner route to move the Chiefs into the red zone. The Chiefs ran the same play two plays later and tight end Anthony Fasano was wide open again, but Smith overthrew him in the end zone. Smith leaned heavily on Dexter McCluster and Anthony Sherman on the teamís first touchdown drive. He completed 5/6 passes for 39 yards to the pair, including a 12 yard screen pass for the touchdown. While Smith was accurate on the drive, his biggest play came with his feet. On 3rd and 5 he rolled left to avoid pressure and then outran the linebacker to the edge. A great downfield block sprang Smith for a 23 yard gain all they was down to the Browns 12 yard line. Smithís second touchdown pass came later in the same quarter. On that play he hit a wide open McCluster streaking down the right seam for a 28 yard touchdown. Smith had a miserable second half, being sacked five times and pressure much more. He had virtually no time to look downfield and seemed far more concerned with protecting the ball anyway.

Week 9 - Alex Smith was better than the stats indicated, but by no means perfect. Early on he seemed to get hit on nearly every drop back and leaned heavily on Dwayne Bowe. Smith completed four passes in the first quarter alone to Bowe, including a couple of well-timed hitches with the defense in his face. For the second week in a row, Smith missed a big play opportunity by overthrowing Anthony Fasano on a deep corner route. Just a few plays later he nearly had a 34 yard completion to Dwayne Bowe, but Bowe couldn't get both feet in bounds. Smith's best drive, and the closest he came to the end zone, starter with a little under 12 minutes to go in the first half. He eluded two defenders on 3rd and 4 and then threw a strike to Dwayne Bowe on the left sideline. After a misfire to Bowe, Smith fit a slant pass to Avery into a tiny hole to pick up nine yards and move the team into the red zone. The drive ended due to a Dwayne Bowe drop on a dig route that was wide open at the ten yard line. The same can be said for the Chiefs next drive, which ended after a wide open Dexter McCluster dropped a perfectly placed 26 yard pass down the left sideline from Smith. McCluster didn't have a man within 10 yards of him and could have possibly scored. The second half was strange, as the Chiefs ran only 7 offensive plays in the third quarter and 16 (including 3 kneel downs) in the 4th. Because of the Chiefs two defensive touchdowns, they rarely had the ball in the second half and when they did they were heavily focused on the run. Smith only threw seven passes in the second half, the best of which was a 20 yard connection with Fasano in the third quarter. Smith threw a bullet on the deep cross that hit Fasano right in stride. Smith's high completion percentage on the day should have been higher, and his low yardage total is reflective of the pressure he saw and the fact that his best deep ball was dropped.

Week 11 - Smith was not near as inaccurate as his stat line suggested, but he did badly miss a few throws like the first one of the game on a short slant to Dwayne Bowe. Smith made a beautiful back shoulder throw on the team's second drive to Donnie Avery and had the ball dropped more than 20 yards down field. The drop was one of many that Smith suffered throughout the day. With the Chiefs down 10-0 late in the first quarter Smith put together his best drive of the day. Smith was 4/6 on the drive and both of the incompletions hit his receivers in the hands. The best throw of the drive was a well thrown ball into double coverage that Dwayne Bowe caught on a corner route 26 yards down field. After back to back drops from Jamaal Charles, Smith threw a perfectly timed stop fade to Bowe in the end zone for the team's first touchdown. Smith led another long drive the next time the Chiefs got the ball, but the team ran it three times from inside the two without scoring and they had to settle for a field goal. Smith really struggled in the first half on several plays where had only one real read and the Broncos jumped that route. He picked up 25 meaningless rushing yards at the end of the first half after choosing not to throw a Hail Mary. Smith struggled mightily in the third quarter with drops and deflections. One of those deflections should have been an interception on an underthrown pass deep to Donnie Avery. Smith picked up 55 yards and his second touchdown after the Chiefs fell down by three scores midway through the 4th quarter. Twenty of those yards came on a well thrown deep post to Avery against soft coverage. His second touchdown pass came on blown coverage with Anthony Fasano wide open in the back of the end zone. Smith threw the ball too high but Fasano went up and hauled it in for a touchdown. In the end, Smith was probably not as good as his fantasy points would indicate but not as bad as his completion percentage would either.

Week 12 - Smith took advantage of a beat up and outclassed Chargers secondary to post his best day of the season statistically. As good as the final box score looked things didn't start very well for Smith. He was pressured heavily early on and did not deal with the pressure well. On his first two drives Smith was sacked twice and didn't complete a pass. Things improved drastically on the team's third drive. Smith started the drive with a well-placed ball on a deep cross to Dexter McCluster in tight coverage. More impressively, he ended the drive with a 32 yard throw on a rope to a wide open Donnie Avery for a touchdown. Smith delivered a perfectly timed ball between the safety and corner to Avery for 36 yards to set up the Chiefs second touchdown. Smith started the second half off with an 85 yard touchdown drive that included a critical 22 yard completion to Dwayne Bowe against an all-out blitz. His first big mistake came on the next drive as he sailed a deep post over the head of Avery, the ball was tipped and intercepted, and led to a Chargers touchdown. Smith showed good poise to bounce right back and go 4/5 on the next drive, finishing it off with an easy 4 yard touchdown pass to Anthony Fasano that was set up by great play design. Smith's most impressive drive may have been his final one, when he took the team 55 yards for a touchdown to put the team up with less than 1:30 to go. He finished the drive off with a gutsy throw to Dwayne Bowe in tight coverage over the middle. Smith was by no means perfect on the day; he struggled with pocket presence at times and still looked too reluctant to throw into coverage at times. That being said, he made some throws that he hasn't all year when the game was on the line and did enough against a poor secondary that his team should have won.

Week 13 - The stats may not show it, but Smith played his best game as a Chief and possibly one of the best of his career. Smith put together a great drive to start the game showing good patience in the pocket and great decision making skills until the final play of the drive. On that play he rolled out from the two yard line and was just a split second late finding Anthony Fasano in the back of the end zone. He then threw the ball low and had it picked off underneath by a linebacker. Smith bounced back and drove the Chiefs 83 yards on 7 plays for the game's first score on the next drive. The drive included a crafty 13 yard scramble on a screen that had been blown up and ended with a bullet to Junior Hemingway streaking down the seam for a 17 yard touchdown. Smith threw another touchdown pass on the very next drive, this one to Anthony Fasano in very tight coverage. It was the type of throw Smith has avoided this season and Fasano rewarded him with a spectacular catch. The Chiefs offense struggled for the next quarter and a half largely because his receivers began to let him down one by one. Fasano, Dwayne Bowe, and A.J. Jenkins all dropped passes while Donnie Avery put on an exhibition in drops. This led to Smith taking over at his own 20 with 14:16 left in the game and a 14 point deficit. Despite 4 more drops from Avery, Smith would lead the Chiefs 80 yards for one score and then 79 yards more before falling just short of the game winning score. The highlights included a 26 yard pass just over the hands of the defender to Jenkins on 3rd and 14 from his own 4. After that pass Smith seemed more confident than ever, hitting McCluster with a laser beam for a 28 yard gain and Bowe with a beautiful back shoulder throw for 23 yards on consecutive plays. Smith's day ended with an incompletion to Bowe, 13 yards short of a comeback, but those 13 yards had nothing to do with Smith's effort on this day.

Week 14 - It was a strange game for Smith who took advantage of outstanding field position and a poor tackling defense to lead his team to a blowout. The game script limited Smith's attempts, but considering he played a little over 3 quarters his numbers looked pretty great. He started out with an easy completion on a short out to Sean McGrath and then completed the first of several passes to Dwayne Bowe on a deep post. Smith's seventh attempt of the game put the Chiefs up 17-0 in the first quarter. It came on a short slant to Bowe, who bounced off two tacklers and into the end zone for a 21 yard score. Just a few minutes later Smith's ninth attempt put the Chiefs up 24-0, a wide receiver screen to Jamaal Charles who followed great blocking into the end zone. Smith would throw only seven passes in the entire second half and sat out the final 10 minutes because of the blowout. Unlike past weeks he didn't really have much reason to look downfield because the running game and short passing game were working so well. Chase Daniel- Daniel came in with 10 minutes left and looked about as bad as a quarterback protecting a five score lead can look. His only completion came on a swing pass that picked up 17. He was picked on his second throw underthrowing a wheel route and badly missed a wide open Junior Hemingway only his only other attempt.

Week 15 - A strange game script and the Raiders inability to stop the screen led to some phenomenal numbers for Smith. Three of his five touchdown passes came on screens to Jamaal Charles that were flawlessly blocked and poorly defended. His fourth touchdown to Charles involved more skill on Smith's part. Charles ran a wheel route and Smith perfectly placed a ball down the right sideline between the linebacker that was chasing Charles and the safety that was coming to help. Smith's fifth touchdown was also well placed on a short slant to Sean McGrath. There will be a lot of jokes about how many of Smith's touchdowns were caught within three yards of the line of scrimmage, but an 85% completion rate is good no matter how short your passes are. Smith was on target and in rhythm from the very beginning even if he did benefit from an amazing performance by Charles.

Week 16 - Smith played perhaps his worst games of the year, and to make it worse he didn't get any help from his receivers. His receivers dropped at least five passes, including four from Dwayne Bowe. The Chiefs passing game was completely ineffective for most of the game. He completed his first pass, a short hitch to Dwayne Bowe, but completed just 3 of his next 7 attempts until a two minute drill to end the first half. Smith was more effective on the ground, picking up 28 yards on a pair of designed quarterback runs that were poorly defended by the Colts. The second half was even worse for Smith. His first interception came 1 minute into the second half. The ball was actually batted from his hand as he threw it and floated over the middle for an easy pick. Smith showed some life to start the 4th quarter, showing nice touch on a 19 yard pass to Fasano, but he got a little cute a few plays later trying to loft the ball to Fasano, throwing it short and into the hands of a Colts linebacker. Smith's day ended with his third turnover. He had the ball stripped as he attempted to scramble, largely because he was holding the ball in a precarious position.

Week 18 - Smith picked the Colts secondary apart with a variety of short throws and even threw in a 79 yard bomb for good measure. Smith started the game with a dink and dunk drive that ended with a well-placed six yard slant to Dwayne Bowe for a touchdown. On the next drive, Smith hit Bowe in stride on another slant and Bowe raced past the secondary for a 63 yard gain. While Smith may not get much credit for that huge gain, he gets a lot of it for the 79 yard touchdown on the next drive. Donnie Avery beat his man deep over the middle and Smith lofted a beautiful throw over the top for a long score. If Smith showcased his arm strength on that throw, it was his creativity that created the next score. That throw was a five yard improvised shovel pass to fullback Anthony Sherman as Smith scrambled away from pressure. Smith continued scrambling in the second quarter with 4 runs for 24 yards on the team's next drive. Smith's final touchdown pass was again of the improvisational variety, finding Knile Davis as he scrambled right at the very last moment. At that point the Chiefs had a 28 point lead in the second half and they got a little conservative. Smith continued to be accurate but wasn't as aggressive downfield. Smith did miss a wide open Cyrus Gray streaking down the right sideline, but it also looked like Gray slowed as Smith threw the ball. The veteran quarterback led a 58 yard field goal drive in the 4th quarter to put his team up six, but was unable to mount a comeback after the Colts took the lead. In what was quite possibly the best performance of his career, Smith came up just short of a playoff victory.