QB Matt Schaub, Atlanta Falcons

HT: 6-5, WT: 237, Born: 6-25-1981, College: Virginia, Drafted: Round 3

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2014 Projections

David Dodds5.058.0100.06756.
Bob Henry3.037.060.04307.
Jason Wood9.0185.0310.019756.414.012.015.0402.70.0147
Maurile Tremblay13.0227.0372.026817.

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Overall: D Thomas (234), B Bortles (235), Matt Schaub (236), M Lattimore (237), J Cotchery (238)
Position: R Fitzpatrick (229-QB29), B Bortles (235-QB30), Matt Schaub (236 - QB31),
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Matt Schaub's very solid career in Houston came to a close this offseason as he was dealt to the Oakland Raiders. Schaub was supposed to be the starting quarterback but poor preseason play and a sore elbow has led to reports that rookie Derek Carr has won the job. Schaub has 3 times surpassed the 4,000 yard mark as a quarterback and was a top ten fantasy quarterback in both 2009 and 2010. Schaub has struggled mightily with interceptions over the past two seasons, throwing 26 in his last 26 games. He lost his starting job midway through 2013 to Case Keenum and from that point it was pretty evident that his time in Houston was over. Schaub has spent his entire career in Houston with elite receiver Andre Johnson, now he'll head to Oakland where the best option in the passing game is James Jones.

2014 Schedule

1 New Orleans Saints
2at Cincinnati Bengals
3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
4at Minnesota Vikings
5at New York Giants
6 Chicago Bears
7at Baltimore Ravens
8 Detroit Lions
Bye week
10at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
11at Carolina Panthers
12 Cleveland Browns
13 Arizona Cardinals
14at Green Bay Packers
15 Pittsburgh Steelers
16at New Orleans Saints
17 Carolina Panthers

2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Schaub opened the game with an interception. Maybe he should have seen Jarrett Johnson before he tried to find Andre Johnson in the flat, but Johnson crouched down before jumping into the air to tip his pass into a teammate's hands. After that play however, Schaub played very well. He had a few bad plays, but he also extended a few plays before making accurate passes to receivers down the field. Most of Schaub's attempts were focused on Andre Johnson, but his first two touchdowns went to tight ends. The first came from the one yard line, as Owen Daniels was wide open after some quick play action to Arian Foster. The second was further out, but only by a few yards as he found Garrett Graham in a tight window over the middle of the field. That trend of stealing touchdowns continued in the fourth quarter. This time Schaub mostly focused on passing to DeAndre Hopkins to move down the field before he connected with Daniels again for an easy touchdown in the redzone. Hopkins did bail Schaub out on one severely underthrown deep ball to keep the drive alive before that point. He was helped with Brian Cushing's defensive touchdown, but Matt Schaub was undoubtedly impressive within the Texans' offense.

Week 2 - Schaub threw a touchdown with his first pass as the Titans didn't cover Garrett Graham at the goalline. That came after Ben Tate and Arian Foster had brought them to that point with consecutive carries. Even though the early lead was cancelled out fairly quickly, Schaub played very cautiously early on in the game. When the offense began to expand, Schaub almost exclusively focused on passing the ball to Andre Johnson. He was nearly intercepted when he forced a ball to Johnson down the sideline, before he was intercepted as he panicked under pressure and forced a throw to nobody in particular. The Titans were able to get a notable amount of pressure on Schaub. That pressure disrupted many throws, but he was able to punish them on a perfect touchdown pass to Owen Daniels midway through the third quarter. Behind by one, with five minutes left in the fourth quarter, Schaub threw an interception. Many initially blamed the rookie reciever DeAndre Hopkins for running the wrong route, but it was Schaub who made the wrong read and threw a terrible interception on third and 21 that led to a touchdown going the other way. Schaub eventually helped his team back into a winning position, but much of his work was reliant on Hopkins and Johnson's ability to win the ball over defenders, as Hopkins did for the game winning touchdown. Schaub needs to be able to make use of all of his weapons without focusing exclusively on different players at different stretches. With Hopkins, Johnson, Daniels and Graham, he has no excuses.

Week 3 - Schaub didn't start this game very well. He missed receivers on one or two throws that he shouldn't have made, but most importantly he threw to receivers underneath in the redzone to force the offense to settle for two field goals. With the Ravens hanging on after a field goal drive, Schaub threw a terrible interception to Daryl Smith that was returned for a touchdown. Schaub was trying to hit Owen Daniels underneath, but Schaub didn't read the coverage. Schaub didn't make any other crucial mistakes that show up on the stat sheet, but he didn't play well throughout the game. He was too conservative and inconsistent as a passer.

Week 4 - Schaub's first pass attempt was tipped by Red Bryant as the defensive lineman didn't bite on a hard play-fake from the Texans. His second attempt came on third and eight, when he was rushed out of the pocket and just threw it away. The Texans punted on that drive, but an inaccurate pass that Schaub forced to tight end Owen Daniels would end their second drive. Schaub missed Daniels behind, which allowed the defender to tip the ball into the air for the turnover. Schaub looked better on his second drive as he brought his team into position, before manipulating the coverage with his eyes to find Garrett Graham wide open down the seam for a touchdown. Schaub followed up that touchdown pass with a few more accurate throws on his next drive before he found Foster open in the flat for his second score of the day. A quick turnover after that touchdown gave Schaub and the offense a short field. Schaub immediately threw a pass that should have resulted in his second interception. He forced the ball to Andre Johnson down the sideline when Sherman was in perfect position to pick off the pass. Sherman dropped it however. It didn't come until the fourth quarter, but Schaub gifted Sherman another opportunity for an interception when he floated the ball into the flat while under pressure. Sherman caught it and took it to the end zone for a game-tlying touchdown. Schaub never even looked before throwing, something you especially can't do when playing with a lead. Schaub was nearly intercepted twice in overtime. Once he lofted a pass to the sideline while under immense pressure and once he tried to force the ball past an underneath defender who was only able to tip it. Schaub wasn't intercepted again, but he was unable to extend the Texans drive before being forced to punt. The Seahawks would then end the game with a field goal.

Week 5 - Schaub threw an interception with his first pass of the game. An interception that was returned for a touchdown. Schaub made a terrible read of the coverage. The 49ers baited him by faking man coverage before switching into a zone, but it wasn't anything too exotic and it's something that he shouldn't have been fooled by. Schaub wasn't playing well and missed a few more throws before his second interception. That second interception came early in the second quarter as he was late on a throw to Andre Johnson. Johnson sat down in a curl by the sideline and didn't break on the ball ahead of the incoming defender. In the third quarter, Schaub should have been intercepted again as he threw the ball straight to Eric Reid. Schaub didn't see Reid as he scrambled into the flat and threw down the field. Schaub's third pick came soon after. The 49ers blitzed and dropped a defensive linemen into coverage. That defender went straight into Schaub's passing lane for the easy interception.

Week 6 - Schaub went out injured in the third quarter, but he was effectively playing injured up until that point. That's not a cheap joke. He, unsuprisingly, is a quarterback whose confidence is shot. He looks tentative in the pocket and never really pushes the ball down the field. Schaub is a talented quarterback, but his mind is not right and the offensive system doesn't do a huge amount to help him. An extended period on the sidelines may actually aid him if the injury proves serious.

Week 11 - Inexplicably, Schaub replaced Keenum late in the third quarter. Every single one of his passes targeted Andre Johnson during his first drive, with two of those thrown wide of the mark. Schaub spread the ball out more on his next drive, but he threw too many inaccurate passes and relied on his receivers to bring the offense down the field. Schaub led two field goal drives, but should have been intercepted on the final offensive play of the game. Schaub didn't do enough to justify taking the place of Keenum.

Week 14 - Schaub came in with a commanding demeanour. He immediately drove the offense down the field with precise throws before throwing an accurate touchdown pass to Garrett Graham for the touchdown. Schaub was very sharp, making quick decisions that neutralised the pass rush of the Jaguars while completing accurate passes to different receivers. Schaub eventually crumbled. He missed an open Andre Johnson on a crucial fourth down conversion, before throwing a terrible interception when the Texans were trying to score a game-winning touchdown late in the fourth quarter.

Week 16 - This was the perfect opportunity for Schaub to come out and make a statement. He was in the shop window for the other 31 franchises and whoever will become the Texans new head coach in the offseason. Yet, on a field with a 37-year-old Peyton Manning, he looked twice as old as anyone in the stadium. It all started off poorly when he missed Andre Johnson in the end zone for an open touchdown. Johnson repaid him with a drop in the end zone in the third quarter, but it never really got better for Schaub as he routinely threw inaccurate passes to his receivers, showed bad pocket presence and at one stage threw the ball into the ground in front of him from a clean pocket. Unfortunately, it appears that Matt Schaub's best days are already behind him and he may be fortunate to continue in this league as a backup for much longer.

Week 17 - Again, Schaub failed to seize an opportunity to raise his stock heading into the offseason. He was inaccurate throughout and regularly looked uncomfortable behind the line of scrimmage. Schaub's first interception came in the third quarter, it was a tipped pass but it was also an inaccurate pass that he forced into a very tight window. Schaub simply looked out of his depth. He threw a few nice deep passes in the second half, but the game was sealed when he badly overthrew a pass down the middle of the field for his second interception of the game.