RB Jacquizz Rodgers, New Orleans Saints

HT: 5-6, WT: 196, Born: 2-5-1990, College: Oregon St., Drafted: Round 5

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2014 Projections

David Dodds15.060.02163.61.036.02637.31.060
Bob Henry16.050.01803.61.042.03057.32.067
Jason Wood16.030.01003.31.035.02256.42.051
Maurile Tremblay16.043.01693.91.040.02827.01.057

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201 0.1 0 0.0

Average draft position

Current as of August 25th. [Full ADP list]

Overall: G Graham (212), B LaFell (213), Jacquizz Rodgers (214), M Floyd (215), E Royal (216)
Position: R Hillman (197-RB62), C Anderson (208-RB63), Jacquizz Rodgers (214 - RB64), M Tolbert (217-RB65), J Grimes (218-RB66)
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Overall: E Manuel (199), O Beckham (200), Jacquizz Rodgers (201), J Grimes (202),
Position: R Helu (191-RB61), D Brown (198-RB62), Jacquizz Rodgers (201 - RB63), J Grimes (202-RB64), C Anderson (213-RB65)
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Jacquizz Rodgers has spent his three year career in Atlanta filling the change-of-pace/third-down back duties, at which he is a respectable producer - so far he's accumulated 248/900/4 rushing and 126/931/4 receiving as a Falcon. Last year, serving in Steven Jackson's place for part of the season, Rodgers managed 97/333/2 rushing (career highs in carries and rushing TDs) while also snagging 52/341/2 receiving to set a career high in receiving TDs. The Falcons ranked 24th in the NFL in yards-per-carry last season, averaging 3.9 yards per carry - there is definitely room for improvement up front on the offensive line. The selection of OT Jake Matthews at 1.06 in the NFL Draft should help open up some better running lanes for Rodgers during 2014, as should the arrival of veteran offensive linemen Gabe Carimi and Jon Asamoah via free agency.

2014 Schedule

1at Atlanta Falcons
2at Cleveland Browns
3 Minnesota Vikings
4at Dallas Cowboys
5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Bye week
7at Detroit Lions
8 Green Bay Packers
9at Carolina Panthers
10 San Francisco 49ers
11 Cincinnati Bengals
12 Baltimore Ravens
13at Pittsburgh Steelers
14 Carolina Panthers
15at Chicago Bears
16 Atlanta Falcons
17at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Rodgers was ineffective between the tackles, but his opportunities were limited and the Saints got enough penetration force Rodgers to make adjustments before reaching the line of scrimmage. Although the Falcons made a good second-half adjustment to feature Steven Jackson on screens, Rodgers was on the field on multiple red zone plays in passing situations and it appears he's an established part of this package. Look for more screen passes to the running backs due to Roddy White's high ankle sprain and the offensive line struggles, but Steven Jackson did well enough with his targets that Rodgers will likely remain a backup with limited looks in the lineup. It's also worth noting that Jason Snelling earned two targets in this game and out-produced Rodgers.

Week 2 - Rodgers was most effective in the passing game. He gained 16 yards in the first half on a quick screen to the left flat that was the same type of play as the Detroit Lions used to spring Reggie Bush for the long touchdown in the opening week against the Vikings. Rodgers cut inside his linemen for a nice gain and might have scored if he were a more powerful runner. He was hit by a glancing blow by the defensive back across his body and it stopped Rodgers' momentum and allowed the pursuit to catch the runner. Rodgers set up a Steven Jackson touchdown pass on this opening drive with a quick check-down to the flat that put the Falcons at the six. However, once Jackson left the game with a thigh bruise, Rodgers was unable to produce on the ground. One reason was the offensive line, which did not open enough creases or prevent defensive penetration for much of the day. Rodgers gained three yards on his first three carries and Atlanta effectively abandoned the ground game by the middle of the second quarter. Rodgers'quickness wasn't enough to bounce plays outside with this struggling unit in front of him, either. He lost four in the second half trying to bounce a run outside. When the Falcons squandered it's commanding first-half lead, the coaching staff opted to use fullback/running back 'tweener Jason Snelling with greater success. The most telling play that illustrated this changing dynamic was a third-and-one play just inside the two-minute warning where the team used Rodgers in an offset I-formation but faked the ball to the back and targeted the fullback Snelling on a flat route for the first down. Don't be surprised if Rodgers splits time with Snelling if Jackson does not return next week.

Week 3 - Rodgers had a career-high 86 yards on 18 carries and the overriding positive of the back's performance was his second effort. He routinely bounced off the first hit or spun free of the first wrap to get extra yards. However, much of the first half's yardage came against a Dolphins' line that was trying to use run stunts and they stunted themselves out of position repeatedly. This might have been a reflection of Miami's lack of confidence in its line because it was missing both Cameron Wake and Paul Soliai. However, once the line stopped using run stunts it was more effective in the late third and early fourth quarter against the run. Even so, Rodgers still found nice gains inside that the Falcons haven't seen in in the first two weeks. Keep this in mind before gaining confidence in Rodgers, who was stuffed in short yardage and still wasn't as effective on a carry-to-carry basis as Jason Snelling despite leading the Falcons today in rushing yards.

Week 4 - In contrast to Snelling's attempts against the Patriots, Rodgers' benefited from bigger holes. Whereas defenses tend to key on Snelling more as a short-yardage back and get fooled by his use in the passing game, it's the opposite for Rodgers. The third-year back was used in short yardage a couple of times in this game and he was decisive and productive. Rodgers also had an 18-yard gain on a draw play where he bounced the run to the right flat once he reached the second level, but left tackle Sam Baker was called for a holding foul and this was one of two consecutive Baker penalties that put the Falcons in the hole. The Patriots' offense earning touchdowns versus the Falcons making field goals eventually forced Atlanta away from the ground game and both Rodgers and Snelling were not factors. Steven Jackson expects to earn clearance for contact this week, which means Rodgers will be splitting time with the veteran free agent as the change of pace rather than the lead back partnered with Snelling.

Week 5 - Rodgers opened the game with a seven-yard-gain behind a nice double-team and lead block by journeyman fullback Patrick DiMarco. But for every good run during the first three quarters of this game, there seemed to be 2-3 runs for minimal gains or losses due to the push that the Jets' line got at will against Falcons' right guard Garrett Reynolds. Rodgers' best efforts came in the Falcons' hurry-up offense when the Jets had a double-digit lead in the fourth quarter and they were no longer stuffing the box to stop the ground game. Rodgers scored on a 20-yard draw play during this phase of the game. While Matt Ryan deserves a lot of credit for the pre snap read, Rodgers made two nice cuts through a large hole up the middle to bounce the play to the left flat once he hit the second level and this earned the runner the touchdown. Rodgers also scored off left tackle late in the third quarter, thanks to a fine block at the edge of this unbalanced formation by Tony Gonzalez. Overall, Rodgers looked good in space or when the Falcons won the battle up front. However, this didn't happen enough when the Jets actually played the run with true intent to minimize this aspect of the offense late. Steven Jackson is slated to return after the bye week.

Week 7 - Rodgers scored twice in this game, both times as a receiver. The first was from the slot on a flat route as part of the twin side of an empty shotgun alignment. Rodgers executed a sharp break under the outside receiver's route, caught the target with the coverage trailing him, and then gained most of the 19 yards after the catch for the score - dragging a defender the final five yards. Rodgers' second score came on a short dump-off in the red zone near the line of scrimmage, gaining eight yards for the touchdown. This run after the catch included a slick juke of the linebacker in the middle of the field. Rodgers saw an even split in runs and targets in this game, but he was far more effective in the passing game because the Buccaneers' linebacker Lavonte David wreaked havoc against the ground game all day. David penetrated the Falcons' offensive line and when he didn't stuff Rodgers behind the line of scrimmage, he was running down the back in pursuit before Rodgers could earn positive yards. Rodgers' best gains in this game came on pitch plays. However, Atlanta's offensive line remains the team's greatest weakness overall.

Week 8 - Rodgers provided some glimpses of skill as a changeup on passing downs, including a six-yard gain off left tackle to get inside the Cardinals 15 in the second quarter. That was three-quarters of his production on the ground and half of his workload thanks to the Cardinals earning an early lead and playing aggressive defense that eliminated the Falcons' ability to maintain a ground game. If the Falcons aren't careful, its offensive coaches could create a predictable scenario for the ground game based on when and how they use its personnel. This is especially the case with Steven Jackson and Jacquizz Rodgers.

Week 9 - Rodgers' contributions were up and down in this game, but they weren't enough for a significant day in the box score. He began contest getting stuffed for a one-yard gain in the open field on a flat route where linebacker Luke Kuechly nailed the running back. This was probably his worst play of the day. His best was a terrific cutback to the backside tackle for a 10-yard gain in the third quarter. In between, Rodgers was targeted on multiple third downs as a runner and receiver, but outside of a four-yard gain for a first down, he didn't convert enough to help the Falcons move the chains. Rodgers played well; he just didn't play enough and targets didn't come on high-impact plays.

Week 10 - Rodgers has benefited from earning touches against defenses that have focused on stopping Steven Jackson. His success on draws, delays, screens, and even traditional runs are often on passing downs. When Rodgers gets the ball, he demonstrates a nice combination of patience and burst to wait for his blocks to set up and then get as much as he can down hill. For example, he demonstrated a great stutter and burst up the middle in the third quarter for an 11-yard gain. Rodgers shared time with Jackson and Jason Snelling in this game and there are no indications on the field that this will change anytime soon.

Week 11 - Rodgers gained four yards on an 11 personnel run on 2nd and 2 off right guard to get to the Buccaneers 23 but then was stuffed on the next play by Adrian Clayborn. On the play after, Matt Ryan targeted Rodgers on a crossing route but the pass was high and Lavonte David had excellent coverage. Other than these three opportunities in the series Rodgers was limited to one catch for eight yards and a few more runs for a total yardage day of 30. The Buccaneers were ready for Rodgers on short passes so Matt Ryan looked elsewhere.

Week 12 - Jackson earned most of the looks, but Rodgers gets his opportunities in shotgun alignments on passing downs. He gained 23 yards on a release to the left flat where he caught the ball and earned nice blocks from Darius Johnson and Tony Gonzalez. However, this was by far his best look of the night and only earned 38 total yards on five touches in this contest.

Week 13 - Rodgers' best run of his four carries for 12 yards was a 9-yard draw through the right side of the line with some good change of direction to weave through the defense. His only reception was an 11-yard screen behind the right side of the Falcons line for a first down in the second half. Otherwise, Rodgers was a distant second in touches for RBs to Steven Jackson's total of 24. With Antone Smith's big-play ability, Rodgers might be hearing conversation about a training camp competition with the former Florida State back in 2014.

Week 14 - Rodgers had two nice runs in this game, making defenders miss in the backfield to turn potential losses into quality gains. However, his touches come only as a change of pace option on screens, dump-offs, and mostly draws from the shotgun.

Week 15 - Rodgers best play was a 11-yard gain where he took the ball inside right tackle and then spun to make a defender miss in the second level to get the first down. Although he earned 15 yards in the first half to set up a 3rd and three on a 2nd and long dump off, Rodgers' most notable plays might have come as a return man where he had a 33-yard return in the first half. Even if Steven Jackson gets hurt, its likely Rodgers will split red zone looks with Jason Snelling and it places a cap on Rodgers' fantasy value.

Week 16 - Rodgers returned kicks in this game and had an eight-yard gain off LG in the first half through a nice lane where he cut inside a defender at the second level for about half of that yardage. Rodgers also had 15 yards on 3 catches, but there was a short catch on a second half screen where Rodgers lowered his pads into Aldon Smith and inadvertently rammed his helmet into Smith's. Rodgers was out with a head injury and tested for a concussion. Steven Jackson earned a majority of the snaps from that point on.