WR Sidney Rice, Free agent

HT: 6-2, WT: 200, Born: 9-1-1986, College: South Carolina, Drafted: Round 2

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Sidney Rice announced his retirement from football in July 2014.

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2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Rice went to Switzerland in July, to have a procedure performed on his knee, and as a result missed the entire pre-season as a result. So it was a bit of a mystery which Sidney Rice was going to show up in week 1. Turns out, he hasnít missed a beat. On his first target, he did well to find an opening in the zone coverage for a first down. He looked great on a leaping catch, and was twice targeted on broken plays, but both plays were called back on holding penalties. Rice was not used at all as a downfield threat, but instead did a lot of hook and crossing routes. With the depth at receiver, itís hard to see Rice getting too many touches, but as long as heís healthy, is likely be one of the teamís best red zone threats.

Week 2 - Rice was not able to find much open space and was only able to snag one catch on five targets. He did have a near miss from Wilson that could have been a score. So, on the one hand, it means Wilson is looking for him; on the other, itís tough to say if it was the physical matchup with the 49ers, or if heís lost a step.

Week 3 - Rice at first looked to be the same reliable but ho-hum receiver weíd seen in the first two games. He changed all that with a couple of very impressive TD catches. On the first, he scored on a quick slant pattern just before the half. This is significant because up until then, he had primarily caught shorter passes on hook routes, but rarely used his speed to his advantage. Later in the game, he looked outstanding as he outleapt two defenders in the end zone for his second score. And once the Seahawks had the lead well in hand, he nearly added a one-handed diving grab, from backup Tarvaris Jackson.

Week 4 - Rice was a frequent target, but nothing went well for the Seahawks passing game. On the first play from scrimmage, he was targeted running down the sideline and drew a pass interference penalty (but it really didnít look like he had much of a chance at the ball). His one catch was over the middle, and went for a first down. The rest were spread out all over the field, including one red zone try, but often the throw was pressured and just off target. Rice showed a good effort late in the game diving for one of those errant passes. In the end, it was the entire passing game, not just Rice, that faltered.

Week 5 - Rice was actually behind both Tate and Baldwin in targets this week. On an early reception, he fought for a first down on a crossing play as he dove across the first down marker. After that, he was pretty much unheard from in the first half. Early in the second half, he had a chance to score on a throw over the top, but he couldnít gain enough separation to really stretch for it. In the final two minutes, Rice was targeted a couple of times, and while itís hard to fault him for not catching the ball while covered so tightly, the fact is, he is usually covered Ė while other receivers are getting open. How long will he remain a top option if it keeps up?

Week 6 - Rice had already seen his target numbers decrease in recent weeks, and this was the first game where he clearly was the third option in the passing game, behind Tate and Baldwin. Arguably, Rice was actually the 4th option, after Marshawn Lynch. So itís no surprise to see the Seahawks starting wideout with a measly 4 targets against the Titans. To be fair, no one player saw the ball a lot in the passing game, but Rice seems more and more to be an afterthought. When he was thrown to, he was clearly not the first option on the play. To make matters worse, Rice overcompensated, tried to too much, which led to a bad fumble. On the play in question, Rice made a nice leaping grab, and though he already had the first down, then tried to stretch for an extra yard and lost the ball. He made up for his gaffe late in the game by hauling in a highlight reel catch at the 3 yard line. Wilson was scrambling and found Rice open near the sideline, and threw high and outside, where only the tall receiver could catch it -- which he did, in bounds, by a hair.

Week 7 - Now thereís something you donít see a lot these days Ė Sidney Rice wide open in the end zone! Yes, true. And, Wilson got the ball to him perfectly, beating a big blitz. Rice was targeted long again, and had a step on his man. He was definitely interfered with, but there was no call as the ball looked to be out of reach. Later on, a replay turned a call in his favour when Rice made a great effort to come back and grab a very low throw. Rice can still play, thereís no question. But this is the first game this season that heís been Capital-O, Open.

Week 8 - Was targeted in the end zone and nearly made the catch, though he was completely smothered by the defender. Other than that play, he really didnít show up on the radar, and eventually left with a injury that was diagnosed as a torn ACL.