RB Ray Rice, Free agent

HT: 5-8, WT: 199, Born: 1-22-1987, College: Rutgers, Drafted: Round 2

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2014 Projections

David Dodds14.0180.06933.94.046.03136.82.0137
Bob Henry14.0180.07003.94.050.03356.71.0134
Jason Wood14.0200.07603.85.050.03507.00.0141
Maurile Tremblay14.0190.06883.65.049.03336.81.0138

Average draft position

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Overall: C Patterson (49), P Harvin (50), Ray Rice (51), D Jackson (52), S Vereen (53)
Position: F Gore (46-RB20), R Jennings (48-RB21), Ray Rice (51 - RB22), S Vereen (53-RB23), B Tate (57-RB24)
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Overall: M Floyd (50), J Cameron (51), Ray Rice (52), J Bell (53), D Jackson (54)
Position: R Mathews (45-RB20), R Jennings (47-RB21), Ray Rice (52 - RB22), J Bell (53-RB23), C Johnson (56-RB24)
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Ray Riceís outlook is muddy at best. He went from elite to downright bad last season; he has a brand new offensive coordinator this season in Gary Kubiak; and he had very public and quite humiliating legal issues this offseason after assaulting his then-fiancee (now wife) and having part of the incident captured by a security camera. Due to that incident, Rice has been suspended for two games to begin the season. On the field, Rice was plagued by injuries last season. In theory, he should return to the pre-injury player he always was prior to 2013. However, a small back like Rice who has amassed as many touches as he did in a four-year window between 2009 and 2012 could simply be losing the ability he once had. At just 27 years old, lean toward the former scenario (recovery from 2013 injuries) but also expect the coaching staff to preserve him by giving him less workload just in case itís the latter.

2014 Schedule


2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Ray Rice did not have his best game but the credit has to go mostly to the Broncos for his poor rushing success. The Broncos did an excellent job not letting Rice into the open field on running plays and also stuffed all but one of his screen passes at the line of scrimmage. On the opening drive Ray Rice bounced a run to the outside instead of running through a gaping hole and got stopped with only a 3 yard gain. This was the only running play Rice left significant yards on the field. Rice is still cemented in as the goal line back and got all of the goal line snaps over Pierce. Rice was involved early in the pass game, not just during garbage time. Rice was perfect in pass protection aside from letting Wesley Woodyard get to Flacco once. Thereís no doubt that the injuries to Jones and Oher hurt the running game. Shaun Philips owned the rookie tackle Rick Wagner and stuffed several run plays single-handedly. Jonesí injury allowed the Broncos to be more aggressive and bring the safety into the box more frequently. This left Rice running through small holes and he was often being met in the whole by a defender.

Week 2 - Ray Rice played a solid game aside from his fumble. The Browns defensive line was excellent and stuffed several of Riceís runs at the line of scrimmage. It is surprising Rice hasnít been used more as a receiving weapon. Most of his catches this season have been short dump offs or unsuccessful screen passes instead of splitting him out wide and creating mismatches. Rice was hesitant on his first run but otherwise looked strong and quick on the opening possession. Rice continued to look good until the second half fumble where he was careless with the ball and had it knocked free. The following carry Rice suffered a non-contact injury his hip that was later classified as a hip flexor strain. Rice did not return to the game.

Week 4 - Ray Rice and the Ravens running game looked solid on their first few possessions. The Bills defensive line dominated the third and that was enough for the Ravens to give up hope running the ball. The running game never looked atrocious and in fact it looked better than the previous week against Houston with the limited sample. The Ravens deficit was never more than 2 scores and they stopped running the ball even when they were down by a score or less. Rice also wasnít involved in the passing game like he usually is. With the lack of a running game and receiving threats its surprising the ravens arenít getting Rice in space as a receiver.

Week 5 - Ray Rice played a solid game but doesnít look like the game breaker he used to be. Rice fumbled the ball because of a nice hit where the defender put his helmet right on the football. Ray Rice doesnít look nearly as explosive as he once did. He was given running creases but he canít explode through the hole like he used to. Rice is rarely breaking tackles and seems to give himself up on running plays instead of making defenders take him down. Rice was much more involved in the passing game than against the Bills. Riceís play and production will improve as the offensive line improves as they struggled to get movement against a talented Dolphinsí front.

Week 6 - Ray Rice could find no running room early. Rice got 3 tries to score from inside the 5 but his blocking didnít let him capitalize on the opportunity. Ravens running game started to take off when they stopped running zone plays. The offensive line is clearly more effective pulling and Rice can get up field without hesitation on such plays. Rice dropped an easy catch with potential for a big play late in the 4th quarter. Rice was covered well by the Packers in the passing game but still needs to be more involved.

Week 7 - Ray Rice struggled to find running room against the Steelers but looked like he had more spring in his step than last week against Green Bay. Rice was being more patient and decisive than before. He seemed much more willing to stick his foot in the dirt and make sharp cuts. Rice missed a block on Lamarr Woodley that ended a drive with a sack. The Ravenís offensive line did a better job of staying on blocks and Rice did a better job of fighting for yardage. There were still many times Rice was hit in the backfield or his blockers were outnumbered.

Week 9 - Ray Rice couldnít find running room early in the game. The Ravens are still allowing unblocked defenders to meet Rice in the whole and Rice isnít winning 1 on 1ís like he used to. Rice was given a running lane to exploit late in the first quarter but he hesitated and settled for the cutback. The hesitation cost him a potential big play and a chance in the open field. Rice isnít receiving the touches as a receiver he should be. The Ravens usage of Rice has become too predictable and he is a liability in pass protection. Riceís production needs to improve if the Ravens are going to improve.

Week 10 - Ray Rice is a shell of his former self and has lost his elite play making ability. Rice was still met in the backfield on occasion but mostly he got less than what was blocked for him. Instead of trying to elude defenders Rice looks willing to be swallowed up without much resistance. Following an interception the Ravens running game and Ray Rice predictably couldnít pick up a first down to put the game away. On a fourth quarter reception when Rice got the ball in the open field he failed to make anyone miss. He looks like heís running in sand and canít make explosive cuts.

Week 11 - Ray Rice finally put it all together against the Bears. On his first carry, the Ravenís offensive line got to the second level, executed the backside block, Rice didnít hesitate and made a sharp cut when the running lane opened. The result was a 47 yard gain and a sign of life from the Ravenís running game. Following the long run Rice got 2 carries inside the 5 yard line, capitalizing on his second as he went untouched into the end zone behind Shipley and Yanda. Rice fought for yardage like he hadnít all season and in return received the best blocking he had all season. Riceís biggest flounder was failing to cut a defensive end on a pass intended for Vonta Leach. Rice barely made contact with the defender and Flaccoís pass was intercepted and returned for a touchdown. Rice did a much better job of waiting for his blocks and making more decisive reads in the running game. Rice was key down the stretch keeping down and distances manageable for Flacco.

Week 12 - Ray Rice didnít look like he was running in mud but he also looked more spry than he did early in the season. Most of the Ravens run game struggles against the Jets were because of Gino Gradkowski and AQ Shipleyís inabilities to block the strength of the Jetís interior defensive lineman. Damon Harrison dominated whoever he lined up over and Richardson was a disruptive force. Rice struggled to find running room but could have been more patient with a few zone running plays. Overall Riceís burst and vision were much improved from early in the season. Rice did a good job overall in pass protection.

Week 13 - Ray Rice looked poor against the Steelers. His lone highlight carrying the rock was a very well blocked run when Rice was able to build speed and plow over Ryan Clark. Sadly, his best run went for 9 yards. For much of the game Oher couldnít handle Worilds and the interior struggled to sustain blocks. Gradkowski and Shipley failed to execute double teams and Ed Dickson couldnít block anyone. Even with the poor blocking display Rice had holes to exploit and simply didnít. Rice canít create for himself and nearly gave up a sack to Polamalu on a blitz. He added an unsportsmanlike conduct after being dropped for a short gain to make a field goal attempt 15 yards further. Rice got the ball in the open field on a pass to flat but still looked more like Dallas Clark in the open field than vintage Ray Rice. Nonetheless he picked up 20 yards because the zone had been vacated by a defender.

Week 14 - The Ravens running game was inconsistent but finished the game strong. They were able to open creases for Ray Rice and he capitalized with some nice runs early. Most of Riceís first half production came on his first two carries and the final possession when he was heavily involved in the passing game. Rice found space against zone coverage and exploited the Vikings slow linebackers with speed. The Ravens run blocking improved drastically in the 4th quarter. The Vikings began to play 7 man fronts fearing the big play the Ravens had been trying to hit. The offensive line created 2 large interior holes Rice exploited with quickness for good gains. Rice continued to find success late in the game and looked determined knowing the Ravens season was on the line.

Week 15 - Ray Rice had a solid outing against a strong defensive line. Rice found little running room early. Nick Fairley was very strong in the run game often pushing Gino Gradkowski or A.Q. Shipley into the backfield. He was dropped for a 4 yard loss after Ed Dickson missed badly on a block. Riceís first taste of success was a third and 1 pitch play getting around the defensive end and juking a defensive back for 10 yards. Rice found success off of left tackle too, exploiting Detriotís wide 9 alignments for a gain of 13. Rice wasnít very involved in the passing game with so many Blitzes from Detriot Rice had to stay in to block and did a good job.

Week 16 - Ray Rice had a good game against the Patriots. Rice found early success against the Patriots; Running right on a zone stretch play, and left behind A.Q. Shipley on a power run for good gains. Rice was decisive and showed good burst. Rice wasnít going down on first contact and hit the line of scrimmage with more power. Rice was stopped on 4th and 1 but it was due to poor blocking. The Rice found more space on receptions and screen passes but still isnít involved as a matchup problem like he could be.

Week 17 - Ray Rice was dealing with a thigh injury heading into the game and the Ravens decided to limit his touches. Rice watched as Bernard Scott and Bernard Pierce took carries ahead of him in the first quarter. Rice was clearly less effective than Bernard Pierce. The Ravens saved a banged up Rice for the second half. Rice was largely unimpressive and didnít show his explosiveness defenses used to fear. His most impressive carry was on the two point conversion when Rice bounced his run to the outside and outran defenders to the pylon to tie the game. Riceís pass protection was better than usual against the Bengals. Rice had a number of impressive chip blocks on defensive ends knocking them off their feet. Riceís receiving numbers were skewed after the game was out of hand as the Bengals sat in zone coverage content to concede the underneath pass.