RB Marcel Reece, Free agent

HT: 6-3, WT: 240, Born: 6-23-1985, College: Washington, Drafted: ---

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2014 Projections

David Dodds15.020.0904.50.022.01697.71.032
Bob Henry16.07.0355.00.018.01508.31.025
Jason Wood16.023.01155.01.015.0906.00.027
Maurile Tremblay16.026.01124.31.014.01138.11.035

Average draft position

Current as of August 25th. [Full ADP list]

Overall: M James (252), Marcel Reece (253), B Bolden (254), M Sanu (255)
Position: B Rainey (249-RB74), M James (252-RB75), Marcel Reece (253 - RB76), B Bolden (254-RB77), J Randle (257-RB78)
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PPR Average draft position

Current as of August 25th. [Full PPR ADP list]

Overall: M Lewis (247), S Johnson (248), Marcel Reece (249), M Rivera (250), G Smith (251)
Position: B Rainey (243-RB72), M James (246-RB73), Marcel Reece (249 - RB74), B Bolden (252-RB75), R Turbin (255-RB76)
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You could easily argue that Reece is the best weapon the Raiders have on offense, but his limited usage really holds down his production. He's averaged 4.8 YPC and 10.7 YPR as a hybrid FB/TE/RB/WR in Oakland. His most productive year was 2012 when he had over 750 total yards on 111 touches. If the Raiders decide to use him more appropriately in 2014 he could be a sneaky flex option, but that's been the case for several years. Reece showed up to camp having lost weight with hopes of being more involved in the passing game.

2014 Schedule


2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Reece showed his good hands and good leg drive as he ran through a tackle on a nine yard catch. He also got wide open down the sidelines, but Pryor missed him.

Week 2 - Reece’s touchdown run to cap the Raiders only touchdown drive was a beast of a run, spinning off a tackle and diving in to the end zone. Reece lined up out wide several times, and dropped a 10 yard slant that was actually well placed by Pryor. Reece is a weapon that the Raiders just don’t quite look like they’ve figured out how to use.

Week 3 - The Raiders said they wanted to get Reece more involved and they did. Reece’s touchdown reception came on a halfback pass from Darren McFadden. The defender wasn’t necessarily fooled on the play, but Reece outran him and caught a perfectly placed ball from McFadden in the end zone. On his 19 yard reception in the 4th quarter Reece broke three tackles, running with the same possessed style that will make the Raiders continue to find ways to get him involved.

Week 4 - Reece left the game very early after a knee injury and was ruled out almost immediately.

Week 5 - Reece's first two catches came on the same type of play, bootlegs from Pryor off play action with Reece running to the flats. As usual he proved hard to bring down and didn't show any ill effects from his knee injury. Reece took over the running duties in the second half and continued to run with Jennings punishing style. His biggest gain was a 14 yard burst up the middle to jumpstart the Raiders final scoring drive. Jeremy Stewart- Even with Darren McFadden and Rashad Jennings out of the equation, Stewart struggled to get on the field. His lone touch came on a short dump and he was leveled immediately.

Week 6 - Reece was a non-factor in the game. He had one catch that was called back because of offensive pass interference and then a nine yard grab with the game already decided. The Chiefs were prepared for Pryor to roll out and try to dump the ball to Reece and he was well covered whenever they ran that play.

Week 8 - The Raiders said they wanted to get Reece more involved, and then he saw no action in the passing game. He did get three carries, including a couple on short yardage, but none in the red zone. His success was completely dependent on blocking as the Raiders did little to get him in space.

Week 9 - Even with Darren McFadden leaving the game in the first quarter, Marcel Reece saw just one carry for no yards. He did have two good plays in the passing game, and both of them came with him lined up as a receiver. He caught a WR screen that was well defended and used a nifty stutter step to pick up 6 yards. Later in the game he showed great hands and footwork to haul in a deep out on the left sideline for a 16 yard gain.

Week 10 - Reece was used exclusively in the passing game and didn't see even one carry in the game. All three of his catches came on passes in the flats, with his biggest gain being a 16 yard gain in the second half. On that play he did an excellent job following his blockers and then broke one tackle to turn it into a big gain.

Week 11 - Reece saw four carries, which was very positive, but every time he got the ball there were seemingly three defenders waiting for him. In the passing game he ran a very good route on a post for a 20 yard gain but he also dropped a deep pass in the seam when he was wide open. The Raiders finally made a concerted effort to get him more involved, but the results were not what they had hoped for.

Week 12 - Reece saw a major increase in his workload and cashed in with a 27 yard touchdown catch. Reece simply outran a linebacker down the left sideline and hauled in a perfectly placed ball from McGloin at the goal line. Outside of that one huge play, Reece's touches were fairly inconsequential. He saw a little action in the Wildcat, but did nothing with the two direct snaps. His best run was a five yard carry that he bounced outside when the middle was clogged. Reece did make one very athletic play in the passing game, catching a ball in the right flat and hurdling over two defenders for a first down.

Week 13 - With Jennings and McFadden both healthy Reece saw very little action. He didn't receive any carries and made only two catches in the game. Both of his catches went for short gains and he didn't really have a chance to make any moves after catching the ball.

Week 14 - Reece got the start at running back with McFadden and Jennings out and made the most of his opportunity. His big play was a 63 yard touchdown run straight up the middle. The play was well blocked at the point of attack but what made it impressive was Reece's top end speed as he ran away from the entire Jets defense. Reece's longest receptions came on the team's first drive. He ran a corner route out of the backfield and found himself wide open for a 26 yard grab. His only other reception came on an option route out of the backfield and he bounced off of a linebacker for a 12 yard gain and a first down. Other than a couple of runs off left tackle where he broke arm tackles, a majority of Reece's day involved running into a stout Jets line and pushing the pile forward for 2 or 3 yards. His good day could have been huge but he was stuffed twice from inside the two on consecutive runs.

Week 15 - With a little bit of accuracy from his quarterbacks Reece could have had a huge fantasy day. His 45 yard reception to start the game showed just how foolish it is to try to defend him in the passing game with a linebacker. He outran one of the best in the league to the sideline and then all the way down field for a big gain. Reece was later overthrown twice in the red zone, one that would have been a sure touchdown. He was also wide open in the flats with no one within 20 yards when Terrelle Pryor overthrew him later in the game. Reece wasn't just limited to running and catching the ball, he also completed a 22 yard pass on a fake punt for a first down.

Week 16 - Once again Reece's activity was limited to catching the ball and he just missed two scoring opportunities. The first was a screen in the red zone that saw Reece tackled at the two yard line after a nice catch and run. The second was a heave from McGloin under duress. While the pass wasn't pretty it ended up in a perfect position for Reece to catch it but he watched it go right through his arms.

Week 17 - Reece was silent for the first three quarters but made a nice grab in tight coverage for an 11 yard gain on a slant route.