WR Brian Quick, Washington Redskins

HT: 6-4, WT: 220, Born: 6-5-1989, College: Appalachian State, Drafted: Round 2

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2014 Projections

David Dodds15.
Bob Henry16.
Jason Wood16.
Maurile Tremblay16.

2014 Schedule

1at Houston Texans
2 Jacksonville Jaguars
3at Philadelphia Eagles
4 New York Giants
5 Seattle Seahawks
6at Arizona Cardinals
7 Tennessee Titans
8at Dallas Cowboys
9at Minnesota Vikings
Bye week
11 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
12at San Francisco 49ers
13at Indianapolis Colts
14 St. Louis Rams
15at New York Giants
16 Philadelphia Eagles
17 Dallas Cowboys

2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Quick only had one reception, but he made a very physical play that is worth discussing. Bradford rolled to the right and hit Quick who was in the middle of a zone. Quick too the pass, turned upfield and steam-rolled three defenders but his knee just touched down right at the goalline, so he didnít get the TD. It was a very athletic and impressive move, and Quickís physical skills are something to watch as the season goes on.

Week 2 - Quick only had one reception in this game, a WR screen. He immediately disposed of the defender and then exploded upfield. Unfortunately for Quick he got a bit too excited as he tripped and fell after gaining 15 yards. Quick just oozes athletic ability and natural talent, but quite obviously is far behind the other receivers in route running. He isnít fitting into the offense just yet, but he has the talent to contribute heavily, once he figures things out.

Week 3 - Quick got a few more targets than usual, as the Rams tried to incorporate him into the offense a little more. Unfortunately for Quick, he wasnít able to make anything happen. On the TD drive, Bradford threw his way twice in the endzone, but wasnít able to connect due to heavy pressure. Then on the next drive, the Rams were down 24-7 and trying to drive to get within ten points. Bradford put the pass on the money and Quick just flat out dropped it on what would have been a probable first down. Quick didnít earn any additional playing time in this one.

Week 4 - Early in the game, Quick made a very nice grab of a back shoulder throw, fighting the defender and making the reception on the sideline. Later on, Bradford threw it deep to Quick, and Quick seemed to fade away from the ball, in a way, resulting in an INT. The ball definitely wasnít thrown well, but Quick was drafted for his physicality, and he didnít show it on this play. Quick was a project, and thus far has done nothing to shed that label.

Week 5 - Quick continues to come in on 4 wr sets and he made a couple solid plays in this game. In the first quarter, Quick ran a deep route and Bradford hit him on the back shoulder. This move caused the defender to fall down. Unfortunately for Quick, he fell down too as he made the deep reception for 28 yards, and wasnít able to get any YAC. Quick also had a nice sideline catch from Bradford and then exploded upfield to get extra yards, picking up 17 on that play. Quick provides that downfield threat that the Rams really need to take the passing game to another level, and it was encouraging to see him get two big plays. But at this point, he still is not a primary target.

Week 6 - Quick used his large frame to get inside Kareem Jackson on a slant at the goalline. Bradford nailed him for an easy TD, showing the potential that Quick has. In the first quarter, Bradford threw it deep to Quick, and although he didnít make the play, he drew a big 40 yard pass interference penalty, which setup a TD.

Week 7 - Quick was heavily involved in this game, and showed a maddening degree of inconsistency. His physical talent is obvious. Early on, Bradford hit Quick on a slant pass on play-action, and Quick broke two tackles and got a big 24 yard gain. Then, in the third quarter, Quick took off on a run straight downfield, blew past the CB Thomas, and hauled in a deep ball from Bradford for a 73 yard gain. On that play, you can tell that he has physical tools that exceed any other receiver on the team. But his inconsistency is maddening. First, he got caught up in the excitement of the game and threw a punch, resulting in a 15 yard penalty that ended a drive. Then on the next possession, he broke free of the cornerback on a fade route to the endzone and dropped an easy TD that was right in his hands. The Rams were a long-shot to win at this point, but Quick has to step up and make these plays.

Quick was billed as a raw player coming out of college, and he is showing that right now. The physical ability is a major reason heís on the field, despite these mistakes. Quick is emerging and at this point is becoming a threat to Givens and Pettis. But he has to catch the ball and stop making mental errors.

Week 8 - Quick was the intended target on an INT early in the game, but the throw was just terrible, so the fault was with Clemens on this throw. Then Quick got a chance to be a hero on the final play of the game. Clemens threw a lob to Quick in the corner of the endzone. The lob was in the field of play, but Quick seemed like he had no idea what was going on, or where the ball was. The embarrassing attempt ended a rather poor game from Quick. Itís likely that Bradfordís injury will hurt Quick greatly, as he apparently has no chemistry with Clemens.

Week 9 - Clemensí best throw of the day was in the third quarter on a deep crossing route to Quick. Quick made the reception and got a big first down to keep the drive alive. Quick only had a couple receptions, but he continues to get on the field and he certainly looks the part. If he can mentally figure this out, he may be the best WR on the Rams.

Week 10 - Quick didnít get a reception in this gain, but on Austinís long TD run, it was good to see Quick completely annihilate a defender, driving him 2-3 yards out of bounds on a big block.

Week 12 - Quick had 2 receptions, both of them on short routes. Quick getting more playing time and action is proof that the Rams seem to be trying to get the receivers on the field that are difference makers. Quick still has a long way to go, but at this point is just as much of a gamble as any other WR on the Rams not named Austin.

Week 13 - Quickís TD at the end of the game was quite impressive. Clemens just threw it up and Quick leaped high in the air and caught it at the highest point of his jump. He also had an impressive 29 yard reception earlier in the drive and should be considered as a potential replacement for Chris Givens. Quick is stronger than Givens, taller and just as fast. Quickís downside has been the fact that he is raw. Quick has made a number of big plays this year, but he just hasnít been on the field enough to be much of a factor. True, his success in this game came at the end when the game was out of reach, but his physical potential is clear. Whether the Rams will give him a chance to prove what he can do with more snaps is unclear. But since the season is basically over for St. Louis, it would make sense for them to at least give him a shot.

Week 14 - It was a heavily disappointing game for Quick. A week after making some nice catches and showing off his athleticism, he disappeared, recording no receptions. Quick seems unable to make quick cuts and run decisive routes. This really hurts him in a game like this where the pressure is coming as furiously as it was being applied. Quick has loads of talent, but hasnít progressed much.

Week 16 - Quick also had 2 short catches, but still doesnít seem able to cleanly catch the ball. He just isnít all that smooth. No doubt Quick will get another off-season to try and improve on his first two seasons, but heís a project that has yet to adapt into a consistent weapon.