TE Andrew Quarless, Free agent

HT: 6-5, WT: 254, Born: 10-6-1988, College: Penn State, Drafted: Round 5

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2014 Projections

David Dodds16.020.022611.32.035
Bob Henry16.016.018011.22.030
Jason Wood16.015.01459.72.027
Maurile Tremblay16.037.039410.63.057

Average draft position

Current as of August 25th. [Full ADP list]

Overall: C Sims (244), Andrew Quarless (246), B Brown (247), K Carey (248)
Position: J Finley (226-TE27), T Wright (231-TE28), Andrew Quarless (246 - TE29),
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PPR Average draft position

Current as of August 25th. [Full PPR ADP list]

Overall: M Sanu (239), Andrew Quarless (240), K Carey (241),
Position: J Finley (227-TE27), T Wright (230-TE28), Andrew Quarless (240 - TE29), M Lewis (247-TE30), M Rivera (250-TE31)
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Best Case

Quarless assumes the top tight end spot for the Packers now that Jermichael Finley has moved on. He posts slightly better stats than he did last season, and might even have his best NFL season to date. That being said, he won’t be much more than a backup TE, even in the deepest fantasy leagues.

Worst Case

His best and worst case are probably very close together. Quarless has never been a tight end that lit up the field, but down the stretch last season when Finley wasn’t available, Quarless performed at an average level. He had back to back games with six receptions for 66 yards and a TD, but he also had two or fewer receptions in seven of his last nine games.


Quarless isn’t Jermichael Finley. He proved that again last season when Finley went down to injury. He’s a solid NFL player that doesn’t put up a lot of fantasy numbers. As the top tight end in Green Bay, he’ll pepper one or two above average weeks among a whole bunch of one and two reception games. If you’re stuck for a backup TE one week, he could be the guy to fill in for you but he’s not going to post consistent enough stats to be a starter for your team.

2014 Schedule


2013 Game Summaries

Week 3 - Jermichael Finley left the game with a concussion, so Andrew Quarless stepped in. He's nowhere near the dynamic receiver Finley can be, as evidenced by the drop he had on his second target. He did make a nice play to get a first down off of a shorter catch. On the play, Quarless ran a short out to the right side, caught the ball and then turned upfield. Linebacker Vontaze Burfict was right there to make the tackle, but Quarless made a strong effort to carry Burfict the extra yard or so he needed for a first down. Quarless also made a nice play as a defender when Jonathan Franklin coughed the ball up late in the fourth quarter. Bengals safety Reggie Nelson picked up the ball and began to run it downfield. Quarless made a nice tackle and popped the ball out of Nelson's hands. Unfortunately, the football was then grabbed by cornerback Terance Newman and returned for a touchdown. Quarless is an OK tight end, but there is a clear step down in ability from Finley to him for however long the concussion keeps Finley out.

Week 7 - Even with all the injuries, Andrew Quarless was on the field for just 35 of 71 snaps and never targeted once (aside from a pass which was obviously a throwaway). While the team did run several two tight end sets, Quarless was a blocker, not a receiver. He may see some more targets with Jermichael Finley hurt, but so far he hasn’t shown enough talent (or attention from the team) to warrant expectations that he will truly fill Finley’s role.

Week 8 - For most of his 52 snaps, Quarless was either a red herring or a blocker. He did catch both of his targets, but didn’t see much other action. It was clear on both receptions that Quarless lacks the dynamic ability of Jermichael Finley. He showed neither the strength to break tackles nor any speed—in fact he looked like he was running through waist deep mud on both catches. He will be worked in from time to time, but it’s more likely that targets which once went to Finley will go to Jarrett Boykin or Myles White, both of whom have more “pop” to their game and the ability to make bigger plays.

Week 9 - With backup Seneca Wallace under pressure and not handling it well, Andrew Quarless got a lot of targets on check downs and quick screens and outs. Wallace seemed to have less accuracy issues going to the big tight end, possibly in part because Quarless is such a target, but also in part because the routes were shorter. Quarless showed some strength and tenacity in fighting for extra yards after the catch but it’s still clear he is a step-down from Jermichael Finley. Still, with Wallace as the quarterback, he may see even more dump passes going forward.

Week 10 - Quarless didn’t see many passes, though he was on the field for 58 of the offenses 79 snaps, mostly blocking. He saw one target which was thrown too late and nearly picked off, one target which was thrown well over his head but he managed to almost catch anyway and one target which was slapped down at the line of scrimmage. It was a long day for Quarless where he had very little opportunity for success.

Week 11 - It was a pretty quiet day for Andrew Quarless. He made a nice grab on a screen pass, which he caught with one hands turned upfield for another 10 to 12 yards. Unfortunately, Quarless was the target on defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul’s interception of a Scott Tolzien pass in the fourth quarter. Quarless was open in the flat but Pierre-Paul was lurking at the line of scrimmage and reached up to snag the ball out of the air and return it for a touchdown.

Week 12 - Tight end Andrew Quarless took a bit of a back seat to Brandon Bostick on Sunday, continuing the back-and-forth nature of target totals for Packers tight ends since Jermichael Finley went down for the season. On both of Quarless’ catches he was able to get good position on the defense, and quarterback Matt Flynn delivered the ball precisely where it needed to be for Quarless to make the catch and add some yards. Quarless was also the target of a failed two-point conversion. Quarless ran a decent route but Flynn didn’t see defensive back Jamarca Sanford shadowing the route, so it was simple for Sanford to step in front of the ball and pick it off.

Week 13 - While tight end Andrew Quarless did make one catch, the more notable pass in his direction ended up in the Lions’ hands. On the play, Quarless ran a short out and blocked the defender on him, linebacker DeAndre Levy. When he saw quarterback Matt Flynn in trouble, Quarless tried to get open down the sideline. Flynn threw a terrible pass—very short and inside where Levy had position—and Quarless couldn’t prevent the interception.

Week 14 - Tight end Andrew Quarless had one of his better days as a pro and seemed to benefit in the first half as the team went no-huddle and the defense sometimes struggled to keep up. Quarless had a beautiful catch along the sideline late in the second quarter. The coverage by the Falcons defender was about as perfect as it gets but quarterback Matt Flynn put the ball where only Quarless could make a play and the big tight end grabbed the ball and did a great job getting both feet in. In the second half, the offense dropped the no huddle but Quarless was able to find space and create separation via some nice route running. Quarless capped off his day with a touchdown catch in the fourth quarter. The play was pretty simple—Quarless ran a simple hook into the end zone and turned to find the ball already there. The defender was unable to make a play and Quarless hung onto the ball as he hit the ground, giving the Packers the lead and the win.

Week 15 - Tight end Andrew Quarless is trying to make an argument for a bigger role next season and Sunday was his best work yet. Catching 100% of his targets, Quarless was able to use his body to shield off defenders and did a great job once the ball was in his hands. On one post, Quarless shook off the defender while he made the catch and then turned upfield for another dozen yards. A short time later, Quarless scored a touchdown on a short slant. On the play, he ran two steps and then cut inside and towards the end zone. Flynn delivered the ball when Quarless was bracketed by two defenders, but he made the catch while he took the hit and stumbled into the end zone. The only time Quarless failed to make a catch was when he was interfered with and drew a flag. Overall, Quarless had an excellent game and showed he has the size and strength to be a big contributor in this offense.

Week 16 - Quarterback Matt Flynn had a hard time getting the ball to his tight end, as Quarless’ targets were batted down or off-target much of the day. Flynn put the ball low and behind Quarless once, but he was unable to make the catch. Another time it seemed as if he and Quarless were running two different plays. The play was on the five yard line and Flynn threw a fade route to the corner, but Quarless stopped short. Overall, it was a very long day for Quarless.

Week 17 - Quarless almost had one of the more amazing catches of the day in the third quarter, but couldn’t hang onto the ball. On the play, Quarless ran down the middle of the field and quarterback Aaron Rodgers delivered a shaky ball, low and away from his tight end. Quarless dove for the ball and seemed to get both hands underneath before it popped up and out of his hands—only to fall down into his arms again. The ball was ruled an incompletion and while the Packers challenged it, there was not enough evidence to overturn it. Quarless did make a very nice catch on a 22-yard completion in the fourth quarter. On the play, he ran another deep vertical route, but this time safety Chris Conte seemed to step in front of him as he dove for the pass. On the replay, you can see Conte’s hands just miss the ball, while Quarless does an excellent job keeping his eyes on it and hauling in a big first down.

Week 18 - After several games in a row of between four and seven targets, Quarless didn’t see much action on Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers. He did a fair amount of blocking and got open a few times, but was otherwise not a factor in the game.