WR Terrelle Pryor, Jacksonville Jaguars

HT: 6-6, WT: 233, Born: 6-20-1989, College: Ohio State, Drafted: Round 3

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2014 Projections

Bob Henry4.05.0306.

2014 Schedule

1at Philadelphia Eagles
2at Washington Redskins
3 Indianapolis Colts
4at San Diego Chargers
5 Pittsburgh Steelers
6at Tennessee Titans
7 Cleveland Browns
8 Miami Dolphins
9at Cincinnati Bengals
10 Dallas Cowboys
Bye week
12at Indianapolis Colts
13 New York Giants
14 Houston Texans
15at Baltimore Ravens
16 Tennessee Titans
17at Houston Texans

2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Pryor avoided the rush on his first two passes and connected with Rod Streater on his first two throws, taking a huge hit on the second. Those were two of his four consecutive completions to start the game. His fifth pass was a deep ball down the right sideline that was both a poor decision and slightly underthrown. Pryor took another deep shot to Streater in the second quarter and overthrew the double-covered receiver by a good five yards. Pryor's first success on a designed run came on a read option where he picked up eight yards around the left end after a great fake. On the very next play, pass protection broke down and he scrambled up the middle for 29 yards. He did a lot more running than passing on the team's first touchdown drive. Pryor badly missed a wide open Marcel Reece streaking down the field and threw well behind Denarius Moore in the quarter. Pryor just absolutely mystified the Colts with the read option and then picked up 26 yards on a naked bootleg on third and one. On passing plays Pryor often had one read, if that receiver wasn't open, he was tucking and running. Pryor made his best throw of the day on a 30 yard pass down the right sideline to Darren McFadden. McFadden caught the pass but didn't have the footwork to get both feet in bounds. Pryor bounced right back and threw a perfectly timed slant to Moore for a first down. Pryor scrambled for what seemed like minutes before connecting with Streater at the two yard line, then three plays later perfectly placed a slant to Denarius Moore for a touchdown. After a 41 yard pass to Mastrud, Pryor mad a very accurate throw to Denarius Moore on 4th and 9 to keep his team alive. Like Pryor's last interception (into double coverage) a lot of Pryor's decision making and accuracy was pretty rough, but those things don't affect fantasy football the way Pryor plays it.

Week 2 - Pryor struggled mightily early on, missing open receivers and settling for the run a little too quickly. His throw behind Denarius Moore on the teamís second drive was a prime example of the type of play he has to make to remain a dangerous weapon. A read option run in the second quarter showed off Pryorís blazing speed, but it was also terrible defense from the Jaguars. The 27 yard gain accounted for more than 50% of Pryorís running production. Even when Pryor did string together a few completions in the second quarter he hung Rod Streater and Brice Butler out to dry on back-to-back plays and then threw into double coverage and was fortunate that Jacoby Ford basically took the ball away from one of the defenders. Raiders tried really hard to get Pryor out of the pocket, but he was not accurate on the move and had more success throwing from the pocket. Pryor was the victim of several drops, most notably from Denarius Moore. On many of those throws Pryor put the ball in the catching radius, but not in the perfect spot. In the second half the team seemed more than content to ride Darren McFadden and settle for field goals with Jacksonville struggling to get the ball past midfield.

Week 3 - Pryor looked as comfortable in the pocket as he has all season. Early one he was very conservative in the passing game, completing only short passes and struggling to find a place to run with the Broncos spying him. His first big play came on a 23 yard run around the left side on a read option. Pryor showed good decision making skills and excellent speed around the corner. Pryorís first connection downfield came on a deep post to Denarius Moore. The ball went 20 yards downfield in the air and then Moore spun away from two defenders and raced 50 yards for the touchdown. Pryor rarely got loose out of the pocket because the Broncos had two spies designated to him on most plays, but he did show his speed on a 9 yard scramble just before the 2 minute warning in the first half. Much of Pryorís success through the air came late in the game after the Broncos had built a 23 point lead. He completed 9 of his final 13 throws for 135 yards after the game had been decided. Many of the routes were underneath against very deep coverage from the Broncos, but he made a very accurate throw on a back shoulder fade to Denarius Moore in tight coverage for a gain of 17 yards. One of the few times Pryor looked good throwing outside the pocket also came in the 4th quarter as he hit Rod Streater for a 28 yard gain after scrambling to his right. Pryor was blown up on a QB draw late in the 4th quarter and suffered a concussion. His status will be monitored closely this week.

Week 5 - Terrelle Pryor had his most impressive game of his career against the Chargers. He was perfect in the pocket in the first quarter, leading the team on two touchdown drives and putting the ball wherever he wanted to. On the game's very first play he threw a bomb down the right sideline for 44 yards and a touchdown to Rod Streater. Streater had his man beat and Pryor dropped the ball right into his arms for the quick score. The next drive took a little longer, but was equally impressive. Pryor ran the ball twice for 14 yards and did a great job getting out of bounds before the defense had a chance to punish him. He connected three times with Denarius Moore on the drive, with his two yard touchdown being the easiest throw of the drive. Pryor had rolled out right and showed good patience until Moore's defender fell down leaving the easy throw. Pryor did miss a couple of throws in the second quarter and made his first near mistake towards the end of the half. On the play Pryor forced a slant to Moore and threw it behind his receiver. Luckily for him the sure pick was dropped. Pryor showed his incredible athleticism earlier in the quarter when he completely reversed field in the backfield and turned a blown up read option into a six yard gain and a first down. Pryor started out the first half with a bang with two long completions to Denarius Moore down the right sideline. The second went for a touchdown but was called back because Moore had stepped out of bounds early in the route. With a three score lead and a defensive score in the second half, Pryor didn't have to do much and he didn't, but he'd done plenty in the first half to impress. He looked more comfortable in the pocket than he has all year and equally adept throwing on the run.

Week 6 - Pryor faced a huge test in this game and looked like he was up to the challenge for about the first quarter and a half. While the first two drives netted very little, Pryor still looked composed and made mostly good choices. On the team's third drive he looked outstanding. He started the drive off with a 15 yard pass on a cross to Rod Streater. After a short run by Darren McFadden, the Chiefs lost contain and Pryor scrambled around the left edge for a big gain. It looked like about a 15 yard gain before Pryor made a nifty move on the left sideline to stretch it to 27. Two plays later Pryor again exposed the left edge of the Chiefs containment and sprinted up the field for 16 more yards. Though that drive ended with a missed field goal, you could see Pryor's confidence climbing. Later in the quarter Pryor drove the Raiders 78 yards in just 6 plays for their only touchdown of the game. He started that drive by rolling right and waiting for the defender to chase him. As soon as that happened he dumped an easy pass off to Jeron Mastrud for a 13 yard gain. He then made an accurate throw to Denarius Moore on a post in soft coverage for 12 yard gain. After a gutty three yard run that included a stiff arm of Justin Houston, Pryor was within striking distance. He struck on the very next play with a perfectly placed slant to Moore who raced all the way to the end zone. That was the end of the feel good part of the day for Pryor. He looked frazzled to start the second half and never recovered. He made a poor decision to throw across his body on the first drive of the half and was lucky it was just an incompletion. On the second drive he completed a short pass that McFadden took for a 16 yard gain but then penalties forced him back into a 3rd and long. Pryor was under some pressure when he unwisely lofted a deep pass off his back foot right into the Chiefs defense for his first interception. Two more times in the quarter he would try for deep connections down the right sideline and each time corner Marcus Cooper was in better position to catch the ball than his receiver. With 10 minutes left and the Raiders still down by 7, Pryor made a connection with Streater on a slant followed by a short dump to Jennings for another first down. Two sacks and two penalties later Pryor would face a 3rd and 48 from his own 12. Pryor threw two more picks in the final five minutes of the game. The first came when he tried to go back to the slant route with Denarius Moore and Cooper jumped the route. The second went for a pick six after Pryor underthrew Mychal Rivera on a corner route. It was a forgettable afternoon for Pryor who wilted under the pressure of a rabid pass rush and raucous crowd.

Week 8 - Pryor's day started off with a bang, but was fairly uneventful after the opening play. That opening play was a 93 yard touchdown run that came on a read option. Nearly the entire Steelers defense went with Darren McFadden, leaving Pryor to run 93 yard unabated into the end zone. The Raiders second drive was cut short by a terrible Brice Butler drop, which provided some foreshadowing for later in the half. On the Raiders third drive, Pryor hit Moore in stride on a 14 yard slant to move the team into the red zone and set up Darren McFadden's first touchdown. While Pryor was doing a great job of avoiding the rush, he made his first really bad decision with two minutes to go in the first quarter. He rolled left to avoid pressure and then heaved a long pass across his body. Predictably, the ball sailed over the head of his well-covered receiver and was picked off. Pryor did a beautiful job avoiding Polamalu on the rush and then throwing strike while backpedaling to Streater for first down. The Raiders final touchdown drive, late in the first half, included two well-placed deep hitches that picked up a total of 28 yards. Later in the drive Pryor eluded 4 defensive linemen to pick up six yards and set McFadden up for his second touchdown. Pryor's second interception came at the end of the first half as he hit Butler in the chest with a short cross. The ball ricocheted off Butler's chest and into the hands of a Steelers defender. The Raiders ran just 23 plays in the second half and 11 of those were handoffs to Darren McFadden. With a three score lead against a struggling Steelers offense, they really packed it in early. Pryor's biggest play of the half was a strike to Denarius Moore for an 18 yard gain on 3rd and 7 from his own 4.

Week 9 - Pryor had a very disappointing day passing the ball and left midway through the 4th quarter of this blowout affair. It's been reported that the knee injury was not thought to be serious. While Pryor's 288 passing yards and 94 rushing yards may look productive, it wasn't near that easy. He spent much of the day dancing away from pressure as he struggled to find an open target and a large percentage of his rushes came after he'd chosen not to pass the ball. His first completion was one of his best plays as he danced away from two pass rushers and threw a strike from his own end zone to Denarius Moore for a 27 yard gain. On the Raiders next possession, Pryor had his biggest gain as he hit Rod Streater in stride on a short slant and Streater flashed his speed to turn the 5 yard pass into a 66 yard gain. Pryor took a 17 yard intentional grounding penalty that could have been much worse because he just winged the ball blindly to try to avoid a sack. He looked shaken by the Eagles' variety of schemes but bounced back on the next drive to lead his only touchdown drive. He started that drive with a 12 yard pass to Mychal Rivera at the very last second and then hit Marcel Reece on a deep out with a perfectly placed pass for 16 yards. With the Eagles forcing Pryor left, he turned on the afterburners later in the drive for a 35 yard gain to set up a Rashad Jennings touchdown. Even in the two minute drill Pryor seems very hesitant to pull the trigger. Early in the third quarter he finally let one fly deep to Denarius Moore, who had a step on his man. Pryor threw the ball too high and was lucky the underthrown ball wasn't picked off He again bounced back with one of his best passes of the day, a deep in to Denarius Moore for a 15 yard gain. Pryor had another pick dropped in the third quarter when he threw to a double teamed Jeron Mastrud, but things evened out when Streater mishandled an on-target pass and it bounced into the hands of an Eagles defender. While his first pick was unlucky, the second was his fault as he again threw into double coverage. He left the game with a little less than 8 minutes left, and the game long ago decided. Pryor's athleticism was as impressive as ever, but it also got him in some trouble. Several times he avoided pass rushers only to take a bigger loss in the end.

Week 10 - Pryor had his worst game of the season at quarterback, and looked nowhere close to healthy. His day started off on a good note as a he picked up a rushing touchdown on the Raiders' second offensive play of the game. After a Giants fumble and a Rashad Jenning run to the one, Pryor leapt over the pile on a quarterback sneak for the score. Pryor's first pass started the next drive, and he showed excellent touch to Mychal Rivera after eluding the rush. The theme was a common one, as Pryor was often able to elude the rush in the backfield but he didn't have the same straight line burst. Pryor struggled with both rhythm and accuracy throughout the game, but he wasn't helped by two drops from Denarius Moore on the team's second possession. Pryor had two runs of 8+ yards in the first half off read options, but they were the result of a good read, and he looked clunky running in the open field. To start the second half, Pryor led the Raiders on a 74 yard drive that resulted in a field goal. The best play of the drive again involved Pryor breaking free of the pass rush, scrambling to his right and throwing a nice looking ball to Denarius Moore for a 23 yard gain. On the next possession Pryor made a very bad read and threw a short slant into double coverage which resulted in his only interception. He was lucky his second pick didn't come two throws later when he threw to Rod Streater in double coverage. Pryor looked resigned to not running in the second half because of his knee and made some very poor decisions in the pocket. He does not look healthy enough to be out there and he doesn't look like a quarterback that's matured enough as a passer to succeed solely in the pocket.

Week 14 - Pryor saw one series in the first half and led the team on a 13 play, 58 yard drive that ended in a field goal. The drive consisted mostly of read option plays and Pryor looked rusty to say the least throwing the football. He completed his first pass on a short out to Andre Holmes for a first down and later connected with Rod Streater on a short slant, but his three incompletions were well off target. Pryor didn't look as dynamic running the ball as he had early in the yearl, likely because the Jets knew that's what he was in the game to do.

Week 15 - The Raiders game plan early on with Pryor was extremely transparent and that made it nearly impossible for Pryor to have success. His first appearance came at the two yard line where he predictably ran a read option and was chased out of bounds for no gain. After another failed read option Pryor badly missed a wide open Marcel Reece on the right side. There was very little variety in what he did until his mop up duty in the 4th quarter. That ended with him heaving a long pass against his body into the arms of a Chiefs defender.

Week 17 - Pryor was awful for the first three and half quarters of the game. He looked understandably rusty in the passing game and the Broncos gave him little room to maneuver in the running game. The Raiders tried to keep it simple early with a lot of short passes, but even those were often incomplete and the running game was going nowhere. Pryor took his first shot downfield in the second quarter to a well-covered Rashad Jennings. The ball went through the defender's hands and out of bounds. Two plays later he badly underthrew Andre Holmes on a back shoulder throw down the right sideline, bouncing the ball 5 yards short. His best throw of the first half came on the final drive of the half as he connected with Denarius Moore on an 18 yard completion. He showed good patience waiting for Moore to get open on the slow developing play. Pryor again connected with Moore in the third quarter, showing good touch on a deep cross for a 24 yard gain. With 6:36 left in the game and his team down 34-0, Pryor got red hot against soft coverage. He completed back-to-back back should throws to Moore and Holmes down opposite sidelines to start the team's first touchdown drive. He finished that drive with a great touch throw, lofting a 14 yard touchdown pass to Rod Streater in the back of the end zone. On the game's final drive Pryor picked up 21 yards on the ground and looked as spry as he did early in the year. He finished that drive with an accurate throw to Nick Kasa in the end zone after rolling to his left. While it's true that all of Pryor's success came in garbage time it is also true that he threw the ball much better late in the game. It's entirely possible that it took him a half to work through the rust of not playing for so long. Rashad Je