WR Hakeem Nicks, Free agent

HT: 6-3, WT: 212, Born: 1-14-1988, College: North Carolina, Drafted: Round 1, Pick 29

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2014 Projections

David Dodds15.
Bob Henry14.
Jason Wood15.
Maurile Tremblay16.

Average draft position

Current as of August 25th. [Full ADP list]

Overall: A Williams (126), K Robinson (127), Hakeem Nicks (128), A Boldin (129), J Hill (130)
Position: R Randle (123-WR45), C Shorts (124-WR46), Hakeem Nicks (128 - WR47), A Boldin (129-WR48), D Amendola (132-WR49)
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Overall: M Ingram (124), Hakeem Nicks (126), J Hill (127), D Amendola (128)
Position: A Boldin (120-WR46), C Shorts (122-WR47), Hakeem Nicks (126 - WR48), D Amendola (128-WR49), J Gordon (133-WR50)
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In years two and three, Hakeem Nicks reached at least 75 receptions and 1,050 yards each year, totaling 18 touchdowns in the two seasons. He reached Top 12 status with the Giants both years and was on his way to becoming one of the better emerging wide receivers in the league. In years four and five he regressed, never hauling in more than 56 passes and he failed to break 900 yards in either season. His scoring numbers plummeted to a combined three touchdowns in both years. A laundry list of minor, but nagging injuries derailed his success. Perhaps a change of scenery and a finally healthy outlook will get him back on track. Year six for Nicks will be with Andrew Luck and the Colts. In Indianapolis he will play a complimentary role to Reggie Wayne and T.Y. Hilton. His presence will lure coverage away from the higher profile players, but at the same time, Nicks has the experience and talent to make plays of his own. His place in the Colts receiving corps may be what's needed to elevate the passing game and allow him to rebound back to a dangerous and respected receiver in the league.

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2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Hakeem Nicks wasn't able to score or catch more than 5 balls against the Cowboys but still made his presence felt on Sunday. Nicks showed a great catch radius as he plucked balls that were placed high and in front of the receiver. Nicks was used primarily over the middle of the field against the Cowboys. Nicks took advantage of press coverage with excellent hand technique and used an initial burst to gain separation. Nicks' first grab was an explosive catch and run as he raced down the middle of the field on a simple slant pattern. Nicks was able to stem inside of the defensive back before cutting over the middle and using his speed to pick up a giant chunk of yards for his team. Nicks showed how physical he can be when the ball is coming towards him, frequently catching passes in traffic and coming away with the ball when it's placed high. Nicks showed terrific chemistry with his quarterback at the line of scrimmage, taking advantage of one on one situations and using audibles to pick up first downs when Eli Manning felt a blitz coming. Nicks was not able to score as Cruz stole the show in this regard but he showed again how great he can look in the open field with the ball in his hands and his strong physical presence over the middle of the field.

Week 2 - In the marquee matchup of the game, Hakeem Nicks faced cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie fresh off of a dominant week 1 showing. Nicks managed to battle Rodgers-Cromartie to a draw, with both players scoring points at various points during the matchup. There was a scary moment in the second half where Hakeem Nicks appeared to injure his hand while going for a reception, but Nicks returned later in the game and appeared to be fine.

Week 3 - Hakeem Nicks was held without a catch on Sunday and was never even remotely a factor in deciding the outcome of this game. Nicks was rarely targeted by Eli Manning in the passing game and the entire Giants passing offense was really lacking in all areas. The Giants pass protection was extremely porous on Sunday against Carolina and Nicks' production took a big hit as a result. Nicks can be a dominant physical receiver at times but didn't have any chance to get into a rhythm with Eli Manning. Nicks had not even finished his route on multiple occasions when Manning was already sacked behind the line. Nicks played on the outside for the majority of this game and Eli Manning never had a chance to look downfield for his receivers. The Giants were also very unbalanced with their play selections and Manning had to throw hot reads and short patterns most of the time, which left Nicks out of the loop.

Week 4 - Hakeem Nicks had a very up and down kind of performance against the Chiefs and left some plays on the field which he will be disappointed with. Nicks had a shot at a well thrown deep ball from Manning down the side line early in the game but the pass fell right through his hands. A subsequent penalty would have negated it regardless but it was still disappointing to see him drop the pass. Nicks fought back then as he out jumped and wrestled a contested pass attempt thrown by Manning on the sideline, clutching the ball away from the defender for the first down. Nicks then began to work the short passing game, hauling in slants for first downs and successfully hanging onto the ball despite taking some big hits. Nicks had a terrific catch on the sideline from a back shoulder throw negated due to a penalty. Nicks then dropped another deep pass on the sideline, failing to secure the pass. Nicks left some plays on the field and did not play his best against the Chiefs. The Giants did struggle with pass protection and were atrocious on 3rd down which further ate away at the production of fantasy receivers like Nicks. Nicks generally excels in the short-intermediate receiver role, using his size and terrific hands to haul in slants and post/seam routes. The connection between Nicks and Manning was off on Sunday however, and hasn't been very functional so far this season.

Week 5 - Hakeem Nicks had a very impressive performance on Sunday that started off with a bang in the first quarter. Nicks managed to get behind the Eagles defense and haul in a perfectly thrown pass from Manning to set up a Giants touchdown. Nicks then got inside of his defender on a slant play and was wide open over the middle for another big catch and run. Nicks used his large physical frame to box out defenders when fighting for the ball and simply dominate his defender at times with size. Nicks did have one drop on a touchdown in the corner of the endzone on a fade route however, but he was lucky as the Giants scored the touchdown on the very next play. Nicks scared the Eagles defense early with his big pass play downfield and then began to catch a lot of short passes with big runs after the catch. Nicks ran slant/drag/stop/comeback and seam routes to dominate one on one coverage in man situations throughout the game. Nicks was fearless when catching the ball in traffic and has large hands which help him to consistently catch the football.

Week 6 - Hakeem Nicks only registered 4 catches on Thursday but he made each one count and could have had more. Nicks looked strong hauling in a slant pattern between traffic in the redzone but unfortunately got tackled short of the goal line. Nicks then had a big gain over the middle on a crossing pattern, hauling in the catch and running towards the sideline for the most yards possible. Nicks was able to convert a big third down, catching a curl pass and turning a short catch into a big gain down the sideline with yards after the catch. Nicks could have had a fifth catch against the Bears with a slant route but he took his eyes off the ball too early and dropped the pass. Nicks was also able to get open on a deep comeback route for another big first down, getting big separation against the Bears cover 2 defense and showing strong hands. Eli Manning spread the ball evenly in this game and Nicks could not consistently get a lot of balls thrown his way. The Giants were also able to run the ball well with Jacobs which meant fewer pass attempts for Nicks and co to take advantage of.

Week 7 - Hakeem Nicks did not have his best performance on Monday night against the Vikings. Nicks only registered two catches despite a lot more passes that were thrown in his direction. Nicks struggled with drops and general awareness of the football for most of this game. Nicks' day almost got off to a great start as he was open in the endzone on a fade route but the pass was just overthrown by a yard and escaped Nicks' outstretched arms. Nicks was also able to draw a big pass interference penalty which helped set up a Giants touchdown. Nicks beat his defender on a go route and the Viking player was forced to foul Nicks to try to prevent a big play. Nicks did struggle with his concentration however and had two big drops on slant patterns. Manning tried to get the ball deep to Nicks twice. Nicks couldn't locate one of the passes in time and the second attempt was not accurate enough. The chemistry between Nicks and Manning was simply not there on Monday as the two struggled to connect despite many attempts. Nicks still has a big of a role as ever and could have easily had a big night, save for the pass interference and drops that took away a lot of potential production. Manning has impeccable chemistry with Victor Cruz and Reuben Randle is also developing each week which can leave Nicks on the outside at times but his talent is still as strong as ever.

Week 8 - Hakeem Nicks' day started off with a bang on Sunday against the Eagles. He successfully hauled in a perfectly thrown pass deep down the sideline from Eli Manning, boxing out the defender and picking up a big first down for his team. Nicks showed toughness and power as he picked up a first down from a short catch, having to power over his defender to ensure the necessary yards. Nicks had a shot at a touchdown in the first half but his outstretched arms just missed the pass on a fade route that was slightly overthrown. Nicks had another nice catch on a short gain and used a powerful looking stiff arm to keep his defender at distance until he converted another down for the Giants. Manning threw a deep bomb pass to Nicks in the second half but there was simply no separation between him and the defender. Nicks failed to haul in the big play for Manning but did manage to consistently catch a variety of short throws to help move the chains. Nicks did a great job to keep his feet in bounds on a short out play on the sideline. Nicks had another shot at a touchdown grab in the back of the endzone but landed with the ball out of bounds. The Giants offense really slowed down in the redzone and it hurt the production of guys like Nicks who had a lot of redzone opportunities but let them slip away.

Week 10 - Hakeem Nicks made some nice plays for his team on Sunday but the passing game was very mediocre as a unit against the Raiders. The Giants ran the ball significantly more than they passed, which hurt the production of guys like Nicks. The Giants also relied on special teams and defense to score which took away redzone opportunities for Nicks. Nicks looked smooth and athletic when he was targeted and hauled in a short in-breaking pattern early in the game for New York. Nicks had a shot at a touchdown late in the game on a fade route in the endzone but was unable to hold onto the ball. He did draw a pass interference penalty on the defense however, which helped the Giants score ultimately. Nicks did a good job of getting open on the sideline on a fade pattern and hauled in a catch but was forced out of bounds which prevented a big play. Nicks and the passing game took a backseat to the running game on this day which really lowered the passing numbers across the offense. Nicks played well when called upon and made some nice catches but Eli Manning had too few pass attempts to put up any big fantasy numbers.

Week 11 - Hakeem Nicks continues to underwhelm for fantasy owners and was very average against the Packers on Sunday. Nicks' first contribution didn't even come on a catch, as he was able to draw a generous pass interference penalty on a back shoulder throw. Nicks had a shot in the endzone for a touchdown but the ball was overthrown too far. Nicks got his hands on a slant pattern over the middle of the field but was unlucky to fall just short of the first down. Nicks got wide open on a seam route down the middle of the field, while using his large frame to box out defenders and get a lot of yards after the catch. Unfortunately for Nicks, the Giants ran the ball a lot and Eli Manning spread his targets very evenly amongst his receivers. This decreased the number of target opportunities for Nicks. He has consistently underperformed this season and Victor Cruz gets more production every week. Nicks still has great talent and skills as a receiver but the connection with Manning has been poor this season. Nicks has failed to make big plays down the field consistently and disappears in the redzone often.

Week 13 - Hakeem only had two catches on Sunday night and did not get many more targets in the passing game. Manning played a conservative game with few deep pass attempts, which did not help Nicks as a fantasy player. Manning utilized the short passing game for the most part while Nicks ran deeper routes down the field. Manning also rarely looked the receiver's direction and did not give him many targets. Nicks did have an impressive catch on a slant route early in the game however. Nicks had to wrestle with a Redskin defensive back for the football on a slant route but managed to come away with it for the big first down. Nicks also had a relatively big gain on a slant route, catching a well timed pass from Manning over the middle. Apart from these impressive plays, Nicks was almost invisible on the field. Manning simply targeted Cruz and Myers a lot more often in his reads and Nicks was left on the outside. The Giants seem content to leave him in this role as he has struggled to get into the redzone all year long. Nicks is still a superbly talented receiver and a deep threat in this offense but Manning has consistently favoured Cruz over Nicks in almost every game. Nicks often gets ignored and this pattern does not seem to be changing as we get into the later part of the season. He is a number 3 receiver with upside at best, which is hard to believe with all his talent.

Week 14 - Hakeem Nicks had one of his best performances of the season on Sunday but still was unable to get into the endzone and end his touchdown drought. Nicks looked very explosive and make a lot of big plays for his offense but the lack of touchdowns have hurt him this year as a fantasy player. Nicks started off the game well as he blew by a charger player deep and hauled in a well thrown pass from Manning. Nicks was the target and recipient of a Hail Mary pass from Manning at the end of the first half. Nicks did well to out leap everyone for the ball but simply had no chance to make it to the endzone with Charger players all around him. Nicks bailed out his quarterback of a terrible pass by hauling in a deflected pass over the middle and converting a big first down in the process. Nicks showed he had terrific skills down the field as a receiver and is still a deep threat with his leaping ability. He has the athletic ability to beat defenders anywhere on the field but is held back by an average offense that cannot stop turning the ball over. The Giants have been very poor at protecting the football this year and it has hurt the production of players like Nicks.

Week 15 - Hakeem Nicks had one catch on Sunday as his woefully underproductive season continues to struggle on. Nicks was completely invisible for most of this game and he was not even targeted often in the passing game. Nicks was shutdown by the Seattle secondary and Manning could not even try to get the ball to him. Nicks’ only contribution was a short slant catch that fell far short of the first down. Manning turned the ball over a lot and Nicks’ was unable to attempt to be a factor in the redzone as a result. Nicks has the talent to be much more productive but the Giants offense continues to be in disarray most weeks. Nicks should not be started as a fantasy option as he has yet to register a touchdown and simply hasn’t looked outstanding at all this year. Manning is having a very poor season which does not help guys like Nicks but nothing appears to be changing anytime soon and the Giants cannot figure out how to kickstart their passing attack. The pass protection also has been subpar for most of the season and this further hurts Nicks who has utilized the deep passing game in previous seasons.

Week 16 - Hakeem Nicks started off the game with a nice slant play over the middle for a first down, using his large frame to get yards after the catch. Nicks managed to get open down the field on a seam route but Manning overthrew the pass and it fell incomplete. Nicks managed to haul in a toughly contested slant catch over the middle, taking a few hits but keeping possession of the ball. Nicks made several plays that kept the Giants moving and picked up first downs but Manning could never connect with the receiver on deep plays. Nicks was also unable to get many redzone targets as the Giants struggled with the few redzone possessions they had. Nicks used his frame well in the underneath passing game and beat man coverage routinely with slant plays inside. The Giants passed the ball substantially more than they ran it but Manning managed to spread the targets amongst his playmakers, which did not help Nicks' production. Nicks almost hauled in a pass down the sideline from Manning but the ball placement was off and it landed out of bounds.

Week 17 - Hakeem Nicks only had two catches against Washington on Sunday but still managed to be the Giants second leading receiver despite missing a significant portion of this game. Nicks was forced to leave the game in the second half due to an injury which was unfortunate to see as he could have had a much bigger day if given the opportunity. Nicks first catch came on a slant route inside after play action, using his big body to box out the defender and easily haul in the pass. Nicks was then quiet for a large part of this game as the Giants decided to utilize the running game a lot as they had a lead. Nicks was open on simple crossing pattern over the middle but Eli Manning inexplicably missed him. Manning somewhat made up for this blunder by hitting Nicks deep down the field on a post route. Nicks got into a much superior position than his defender to make a play on the football and caught the ball at its highest point away from the defender. Nicks then had to leave the game and the Giants brought in their backup quarterback. They continued to run the football a lot in the second half and may not have thrown the football very much even if Nicks had stayed healthy. He has been a very inconsistent player for New York and largely disappointed fans this year. He has the same talent as previous years but simply couldn’t make enough big plays for his team and never got into the endzone.