WR David Nelson, Free agent

HT: 6-5, WT: 217, Born: 11-7-1986, College: Florida, Drafted: ---

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2014 Projections

David Dodds12.
Bob Henry16.
Jason Wood16.
Maurile Tremblay16.

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2013 Game Summaries

Week 5 - David Nelson picked up his two receptions during New York’s first drive. On a 1st-and-10 play from Atlanta’s 13-yard line, Nelson ran an out-route and secured a 7-yard gain. Two plays later, Smith came back to Nelson on another out-route for a 2-yard gain. Nelson is nothing more than wide receiver depth until Santonio Holmes returns to action.

Week 6 - Nelson earned his first and only reception during the 4th quarter. On a 1st-and-10 play from Pittsburgh’s 23-yard line, Nelson ran an out-route and secured a catch for an 11-yard gain.

Week 7 - Given the numerous injuries to the receive core, Nelson saw an uptick in receptions and targets. Three of Nelson’s four receptions went for 20+ yards as Smith hit Nelson on deep post routes and short intermediate routes where Nelson did most of his damage after the catch. Midway through the 1st quarter, Smith peppered Nelson with three of his seven targets, but Nelson’s third target was intercepted by Logan Ryan and returned for a touchdown. The interception was Smith’s fault since he threw into double coverage. Outside of the interception, Nelson made a huge reception on a 3rd-and-5 play which led to Smith’s rushing touchdown. Nelson was matched up in single coverage against Ryan and simply beat him down the right sideline. Smith delivered a good deep ball and Nelson completed the play for a 27-yard gain. Nelson’s strong performance solidified his roster spot for now.

Week 8 - Nelson earned a team high 12 targets and has posted back-to-back 80-yard performances. Nelson caught five of his eight passes during the second quarter as he ran a variety of intermediate and deep routes that are normally run by Jeff Cumberland. Midway through the second quarter, Nelson beat cornerback Terrence Williams down the right sideline for a 26-yard gain. Smith rewarded Nelson by coming back to him on the very next play for a short 7-yard gain. During the third quarter, Nelson beat Adam Jones down the right sideline for a 19-yard gain. New York trailed by double digit for nearly the entire game, so Nelson ran free and found soft spots in Cincinnati’s zone coverage. Nelson was limping during the second half, but his strong performance solidified his roster spot for now.

Week 9 - New York’s game plan was designed around the running game, so Nelson only saw a few targets. Midway through the second quarter, Nelson caught ran a short crossing route over the middle of the field and created after the catch for a 19-yard gain.

Week 11 - Nelson’s first and only reception occurred late during the fourth quarter. On a 3rd-and-12 play, Matt Simms threw a quick screen to Nelson and he ran for 12 yards after the catch.

Week 13 - It was a frustrating game for David Nelson. During the first half, Geno Smith targeted Nelson five times, but four of the five targets were overthrown. If completed, each of the pass plays would have resulted in gains of 15+ yards. Nelson was targeted on Smith’s interception, but the pass was underthrown into double coverage. After halftime, Simms gave Nelson an opportunity to make plays and he converted. Early in the third quarter, Simms threw a back shoulder fade to Nelson and he hauled it for an 18-yard gain. This completion put New York in the red zone, but they failed to convert the big play into seven points. Late in the fourth quarter, Simms completed a short out-route for a 10-yard gain.

Week 14 - Jeremy Kerley returned to the starting lineup, but David Nelson played in most three receiver sets. Nelson was used primarily as a safety valve on short-to-intermediate routes. Early in the first quarter, Nelson can a quick out-route and secured a 7-yard gain. Later in the third quarter, Nelson converted on a key 3rd-and-3 play which led to Geno Smith’s rushing touchdown. Nelson beat press coverage off the line of scrimmage and ran a quick out-route for an 8-yard gain. Nelson also caught pass on intermediate routes for gains of nine and eleven yards, respectively.

Week 15 - David Nelson wasn’t flashy, but he excelled at reading coverages and taking what Carolina’s secondary gave him. Nelson caught two of three passes on key third downs that led to scoring opportunities. Early in the first quarter, Nelson caught a key 3rd-and-5 pass for 16-yards. Nelson ran an out-route and picked up a big first down. Nelson’s conversion led Nick Folk’s 54-yard field goal. Mid-way through the second quarter, Nelson caught a 3rd-and-7 pass for an 18-yard gain. Nelson ran down the seam and Geno Smith hit in stride.

Week 16 - After weeks of solid performances, Nelson had a signature performance against the Cleveland Browns. Nelson was the recipient of both of Geno Smith’s touchdown passes. Late in the second quarter, Nelson ran a sharp post route and Smith delivered a strike for a 6-yard touchdown. Nelson did an excellent job of catching the ball with his finger tips and toe tapping into the back of the endzone to complete the scoring play. Early in the fourth quarter, Nelson put a double move on the corner, ran a corner route, and Smith found him for a 5-yard touchdown. While both of Nelson’s scoring plays helped his team win, his play midway through the fourth quarter may have been just as meaningful. On a 3rd-and-10 play from New York’s 20-yard line, Nelson ran a simple drag route, broke a tackle and dove for a first down. In total, the play went for 15 yards, resulted in a first down, and prolonged the drive. This play extended New York’s drive and the drive ultimately culminated with Geno Smith’s 17-yard rushing touchdown.

Week 17 - David Nelson continued to make big plays when Geno Smith needed him. Early in the first quarter, Nelson ran a deep post route and Smith delivered a perfect back shoulder throw for a 24-yard gain on a 3rd-and-10 play. Right before halftime, Smith and Nelson hooked up on the same route for a 31-yard gain. Nelson was unable to wiggle away from Reshad Jones and was brought down at Miami’s 2-yard line. This play led to Smith’s 7-yard touchdown run. During the second half, Nelson caught three passes for 11 yards as New York opted to utilize a run-heavy approach. Nelson finished the season with 31 catches, 357 yards, and two touchdowns in twelve games.