TE Brandon Myers, Free agent

HT: 6-4, WT: 250, Born: 9-4-1985, College: Iowa, Drafted: Round 6

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2014 Projections

David Dodds16.033.035310.73.053
Bob Henry16.026.026010.02.038
Jason Wood16.025.025510.21.032
Maurile Tremblay16.040.044611.24.069


After a ho-hum season last year as the Giants starter, Myers signed a two-year deal with Tampa Bay with low guaranteed money. In the NFL draft, Tampa Bay drafted top talent Austin Seferian-Jenkins early in the second round. Myers is a possession receiver with limited red zone prowess. With the selection of Seferian-Jenkins, Myers is a placeholder until the rookie is ready for significant snaps, possibly by midseason.

2014 Schedule


2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Brandon Myers had a solid first outing in his new uniform with the Giants. Myers was a dependable target over the middle of the field for his quarterback and displayed soft hands that caught every ball his direction. Myers almost scored early in the game on a short curl route over the middle of the field but was tackled one yard shy of the goal line. Myers got a lot of one on one situations with the Cowboys linebackers and was able to create enough separation on short routes for Eli Manning to throw into. Myers was able to score late in the game, on the final play for the Giants. Myers caught a touchdown on a simple curl route, turning around in time and showing enough room for his quarterback to place the ball away from the defender. There will be opportunities for Myers in this offense to score and take some attention away from wide receivers like Cruz/Nicks/Randle. He was a consistently open target for Eli Manning when targeted and exposed open areas over the middle of the field in the Cowboys secondary.

Week 2 - Brandon Myers worked the middle of the field as Eli Manning's safety valve, and with the pressure Denver was bringing, he was much needed. He failed to get open consistently against good coverage, but when he did get open, he managed to make Denver pay with several big plays down the field.

Week 3 - Brandon Myers was tied for the most catches on Sunday but almost all of them came in garbage time when the game was essentially over. Myers first catch was a nice 20 yard play on a seam route down the middle of the field, catching it well and showing some agility to pick up as many yards as were available. The defense was playing more conservative however, as they had a big lead to play with on their side. Myers then hauled in a few short catches on curl/hitch routes but they were for minimal gain and he was simply a check down option for Eli manning and not the primary receiver on the play. Myers is not supremely talented as a player but has consistent hands and can fill a void in this offense as a threat over the middle of the field. The Giants passing game was in total chaos on Sunday however and Eli Manning struggled to avoid sacks on almost every play. Myers production took a big reduction as a result but Manning still looked to him as an check down option in the passing game, making him more valuable in PPR leagues but still not fantasy relevant.

Week 4 - Brandon Myers didn't catch one pass on Sunday against the Chiefs and was not a factor in the passing game at all. Myers was not targeted often and had no separation anytime Eli Manning looked his way. His production has been steadily decreasing as the Giants realise his athletic limitations and focus more of their targets on wide receivers. Myers should not be started until the Giants offense regains balance and becomes a more productive and efficient unit.

Week 5 - Brandon Myers continues to disappoint in this offense. Myers was completely ignored in this game until the second half and only registered some catches as the Giants were in desperation mode to try and catch up on the scoreboard. Myers hauled in a big gain on a seam route over the middle of the defense but then subsequently was forgotten in this offense. Myers does not have the athletic ability to compete with his wide receiver teammates and the Giants will likely continue to ignore him as a feature player in this offense.

Week 6 - Brandon Myers was largely ignored by Eli Manning in the passing game and saw very little time on the field against the Bears. He should not be started as a fantasy option as he has been a big disappointment in this offense. Myers only contribution came late in the game and had a negative outcome. Manning threw a high pass over the deep middle which bounced off Myers hands and fell into the hands of a Chicago DB. Myers simply cannot compete with his wide receiver teammates who are more athletic and much more dangerous as options for Manning.

Week 7 - Myers was able to register two catches but they were both on simple checkdown plays over the middle. Myers hauled in two grabs on crossing patterns but was tackled immediately after the catch. Myers has shown very little athletic ability and does not stand out in this offense. He is not exceptionally gifted and has to compete with Victor Cruz for catches over the middle. Myers is also not a redzone threat and is easily forgotten as a weapon for Eli Manning. He should not be considered as a fantasy option right now.

Week 8 - Brandon Myers played better and had more production in this offense then usual but still is a long way from a fantasy start-able tight end. Myers managed to get wide open on a corner route early in the game and picked up a big first down. Myers was also targeted in the redzone on a crossing pattern but it was not enough for the first down or touchdown. Myers' biggest contribution arguably came on an option route over the middle of the field as he converted a third down to help seal the game for his team. Myers continues to get lost in this offense at times and looks pedestrian compared to superior athletes like Cruz and Nicks but managed to get open more times than in recent weeks which can only be a positive.

Week 10 - Myers had no catches and was rarely on the field for New York. He had few targets in the passing game and should not be on a fantasy roster as he had no defined role in this offense.

Week 11 - Brandon Myers was more productive than usual for the Giants on Sunday but is still is a low priority option in the passing game for Eli Manning. Myers was able to get separation on a seam route up the middle, finding a hole in the defense for a first down. Myers then got his hands on a short out route and got taken down 1 yard shy of the first down. Myers' final catch was a big first down on a curl route in the redzone. Myers got open at times and caught the football well but continues to get few targets in the passing game. Myers will likely remain on the bench in fantasy unless an injury occurs to a key Giants play maker.

Week 12 - Myers was second on the team in every receiving category, including a 27-yard TD on a great throw/catch with a semi-fluke result. Working from the slot on 4th down, Myers briefly worked outside before stopping on the route. With the coverage flat footed, Myers rounded upfield and was was able to get behind LB Bruce Carter. Manning threw a beautiful ball, which was to only be matched by the diving catch Myers made on the play. A “he’s got it moment” users of landlines know all too well; Carter and Jeff Heath never ensured Myers was actually down after securing the catch. Carter thought Heath would touch Myers while Heath appeared to think Myers would go out of bounds on the play. Neither happened and Myers quickly got to his feet and scampered into the end zone for the TD. A beauty amongst the breakdown as the Giants scored their first TD on the day.

Week 13 - Brandon Myers had a potential breakout game finally for the Giants. Myers had a very productive game for his standards and made some very important catches for his team. Myers showed excellent hands as he had to adjust his body often to ensure the catch. Myers ran a lot of short routes and was able to get open often for Manning. Myers was a great option to convert third downs as he exploited many gaps in coverage over the middle of the defense. Myers was able to score on a post route early in the game. Myers simply ran right into an empty zone down the field and Eli Manning easily found the tight end for the touchdown. The Redskins seemed to pay very little attention to the tight end and Myers was able to make them pay. Though he played well and had a nice fantasy game, the trend this year has not been good overall. The Giants spread the ball well amongst their players and the passing game has rarely put up big numbers this season.

Week 14 - Brandon Myers was rarely targeted in this offense on Sunday but posted a respectable stat line for a fantasy tight end. Myers got most of his catches late in the game on check down options as the Chargers dominated the score board. Myers caught several passes over the middle but they were often far short of the first down. Myers was able to score on a crossing pattern in the redzone however. Myers got in between two defenders and did well to haul in the pass as the ball was heavily contested upon the catch. Apart from this moment of glory for Myers, he got mostly short check down passes from Manning and was not able to turn any of these catches into big plays.

Week 15 - Brandon Myers had another lacklustre performance in this offense and continues to underperform. Myers has failed to make an impact overall on the season so far but his Quarterback has contributed a lot to this. Myers did have a nice diving catch on a deep out, hauling in the well thrown pass but this was easily the highlight of his day. Myers was lucky not to be charged with a fumble as he was ruled down by contact on a challenged play. The ball was ripped out by a Seattle defender but his knee was touching the ground upon review. Myers practically disappeared from the game after this and only had short catches on checkdown plays from Manning. The Giants struggled heavily to move the ball and the sheer volume of turnovers cut many drives short.

Week 16 - Brandon Myers had one of his more productive games as a Giant on Sunday but still is nowhere near being a consistent or reliable fantasy tight end. Myers worked the middle of the field for the most part and got his hands on a lot of short passes with room for yards after the catch. Myers was able to spring free for a bit as he hauled in a pass on a seam route over a defenders head. Myers also looked athletic on a short pass in the flat after a rollout from Manning, weaving his way to pick up as many yards as possible. The Giants only scored one touchdown however and this lack of redzone productivity took away from the potential value of Myers. The Giants struggled to move the ball in the redzone and Myers was rarely targeted in such important circumstances. It's also very likely that Myers got more attention due to the absence of Victor Cruz over the middle, which can't be relied upon for next season.

Week 17 - Brandon Myers had a very poor game on Sunday and has been a big disappointment for Giants fans. Myers only registered two catches despite having many more targets and had a disastrous dropped pass in the Redskin endzone. Myers should have had a touchdown on a well thrown seam route deep over the middle but the pass bounced off his hands and into a redskin defender for the turnover instead. Myers was mostly invisible in this game otherwise and merely had catches on checkdown plays when his quarterback faced pressure. Myers has had subpar quarterback play to work with this year but his play was also very average overall as a receiver and the Giants should not rely upon him to be a key cog in their offense next year. He does not look like a decent fantasy option with the Giants for the future.