WR Lance Moore, Free agent

HT: 5-11, WT: 184, Born: 8-31-1983, College: Toledo, Drafted: ---

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David Dodds13.
Bob Henry14.
Jason Wood16.
Maurile Tremblay16.


Earlier this year in free agency, the Steelers added a valuable slot receiver in veteran Lance Moore. He needs to stay healthy if he wants to contribute consistently with his new team. Moore was productive at times with the Saints earlier in his career, but the inability to be durable held him back. Heís got the speed to get open quickly on underneath routes. Once the ball is in his hands, Moore has the agility to make defenders miss in the open field. Moore is going to get the chance to compete with Markus Wheaton for the starting job on the outside opposite Antonio Brown. If he wins the job, Moore could be moved inside to the slot when the Steelers use three- and four-wide receiver sets.

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2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Lance Moore was not featured heavily and was not effective on the day. He was able to make two grabs on his four targets. His first catch went for 16 yards on the Saints first offensive play. He only managed one more catch on the day for another seven yards. He did have a fifth target, but offensive holding wiped out that play.

Week 2 - Lance Moore was another victim of Jimmy Grahamís monster evening, catching only one pass for the night. He was clearly fourth or fifth in the Saints pecking order for receiving targets against a greatly improved Bucs defense.

Week 3 - WR Lance Moore had another extremely quiet game as he managed only three targets and one catch for 6 yards. He did draw a pass interference call to convert a first down and was also targeted in the end zone, but the pass was overthrown by Brees and intercepted.

Week 8 - Lance Moore returned to the field after missing the previous three games. His first target went for a 15-yard TD. He started in motion and beat single coverage as he turned back across the middle, The coverage was tight and the defensive back cut in front of Moore, just a second too late. Moore's next target was also completed and gained nine yards moving the team into the red zone. He was only targeted once more, but again made the reception.

Week 9 - Lance Moore was sensational early, having two targets on the Saints initial drive, first beating Allen for a gain of 11 yards. That catch was spectacular as he initially bobbled the ball, but was able to hold on through a crushing hit from Allen. His next catch came after a Houdini like move by Brees to escape a heavy rush and find Moore open deep for a gain of 25 yards. He had three more first quarter targets, but only caught one for a short gain of 6 yards for a first down. Moore caught his first target in the 3rd quarter, but for only a short gain of 5 yards. His next reception was a nice catch that came up just short of converting a first down, which turned out to be significant as the next two plays failed to pick up the first down. He caught his next target gaining 13 yards, but failed to make a catch on any of his last two targets as the Saints failed in their comeback bid.

Week 10 - Moore caught one pass one the game, a come-back pattern for a gain of 14 yards and a first down, converting a long 3rd and 12 to go.

Week 11 - Lance Moore was targeted on the second drive on a short pass that would have converted the first down, but dropped the ball as the defender converged on the play. Moore had another reception in the 3rd quarter but was hit immediately for a gain of only 2 yards. Moore caught a deep out pattern for a gain of 16 yards and a first down as the Saints drove to tie the game.

Week 12 - Moore caught a short flat route in the second offensive series for the Saints, gaining five yards. He didn't see another target until the end of the half, earning 14 over the middle as time expired. Including these two plays, the best thing Moore did in this game was block safety Thomas DeCoud in the left flat on a 2nd and seven Pierre Thomas run for 18 yards. The block opened the flat for the back to get the first down.

Week 13 - Lance Moore caught a couple of underneath routes, the second one converting a first down for the Saints.

Week 14 - Lance Moore was targeted twice in a row on the Saints initial scoring drive. He was open in the end zone on the first play, but Mike Mitchell closed right as the pass from Brees arrived and the pass fell incomplete. Moore was open in the middle on the next play and lunged for a gain of 8 yards and a first down and goal to go. He caught two more passes on the night.

Week 15 - Lance Moore caught his first pass on an out route for a gain of 4 yards. He later caught a TD pass, but the play was overturned by an offensive penalty. Brees threw a little high to Moore for what would have been a big play and a first down, but Moore was hit hard just after the pass arrived and he dropped the ball. Moore was used often in the 4th quarter hurry-up offense. He seemed to always be open and caught 3 passes for 33 yards and two first downs on the Saints last TD drive. Moore was also key to the team moving the ball on their final drive, getting open twice and catching both passes for 30 and 11 yards and two first downs.

Week 16 - Moore had only one target in the first half, a back shoulder throw that Moore appeared to break back late. He was bailed out as pass interference was called giving the Saints a first down. Moore was wide open on a deep in pattern and made the catch for 13 yards and a first down on the Saints initial 3rd quarter possession, but then was not targeted until the final possession. He made consecutive catches as the defense played deep allowing underneath completions. Those two plays gained 35 yards and two first downs, but the Saints failed to score.

Week 17 - Moore worked out of the slot often on Sunday against the Saints. He caught a touchdown from Brees on a streak route from the slot in which he torched man to man coverage down the seam, and made the grab as the defensive back couldn't match his speed off the line of scrimmage. The Bucs failed to jam Moore at the line of scrimmage, which given his size could have neutralized him a great deal. Moore was targeted a total of 5 times throughout the game, second most only to Colston. Despite starting the season slow, Moore finished strong. He looked quick in and out of breaks and hauled in all but one of his targets.

Week 18 - Lance Moore was targeted on perhaps Brees' worst pass of the game. Moore was crossing the middle and was open, but DeMeco Ryans undercut the route by sliding out from the middle of the field for the easy interception. Moore made his first reception on a short route where he set down just beyond the first down marker for a gain of 7 yards and a first down. Three plays later he appeared to be the third option running a delay drag route across the middle and was wide open. He caught the pass and made a nice move downfield to score a 24 yard TD, the only passing TD by Brees in the game. He was targeted again late in the game, but the pass was more of a throw away by Brees under pressure and was well underthrown.

Week 19 - Moore had his first target early in the 2nd quarter. The pass sailed way over his head incomplete. His next target came late in the 3rd quarter and Moore was open, but the pass was thrown well wide by Brees. His next target came as the Saints drove for their first TD. Moore was open on a drag route and gained 9 yards giving the Saints a 1st and goal to go. He caught another pass on the Saints next scoring drive short across the middle for a gain of 11 yards and a first down. Later that same drive, he caught a pass that would have gotten the Saints inside the ten-yard line, but Moore was called for offensive pass interference overturning the catch.