WR Robert Meachem, Free agent

HT: 6-2, WT: 210, Born: 9-25-1984, College: Tennessee, Drafted: Round 1, Pick 27

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David Dodds14.
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Robert Meachem was a first round draft selection for the Saints in 2008 and struggled as a rookie. He played in 14 games and had only 20 targets, but was dynamic as he averaged 24.1 ypr and scored 4 TDs, one coming on his only rushing carry of the season. He remained with the team for four years, but was never a consistent producer. His best season with the team was his second year as he set career highs with 45 receptions, 722 yards and 9 TDs. He signed a free agent contract with San Diego after the 2011 season and failed miserably there, catching only 14 passes in 15 games. He was cut and returned to the Saints last year, but saw a minimal role with only 16 receptions. He signed a one-year deal with the Saints this April for $920,000, but was cut prior to the season opener.

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2013 Game Summaries

Week 2 - Robert Meachem received just one target in the first quarter on a deep pass that sailed over his head. He was silent for the rest of the game, and it appears he is behind Kenny Stills on the depth chart.

Week 3 - WR Robert Meachem caught Brees' first TD pass on a well run route to the goal line in the first quarter. There might have been a route mix-up as Jimmy Graham was in the same area, but the pass was completed nonetheless. Meachem caught another quick throw in the second quarter for a short gain. Meachem made the most of his two targets with two catches for 34 yards and a TD.

Week 4 - Meachem was targeted once on the game, but did not make a catch.

Week 5 - Robert Meachem was targeted once in the end zone and appeared to be held on the play, which fell incomplete.

Week 8 - Robert Meachem was targeted three times and made a single catch for a gain of 15 yards.

Week 9 - Robert Meachem caught his first target on the Saints third possession of the game for a gain of 15 yards and a first down. Later in that same drive, he caught his second target which resulted in a gain of 13 yards. That reception could have been an easy catch for a first down, but was first bobbled by Meachem. After a series of up to seven bounces, including one off his helmet, Meachem was able to secure the almost miraculous catch, but due to the bobble failed to make the first down. His next target was his most productive play of the game. He was able to get behind Cromartie, but had to hold up a little on the underthrow by Brees and was tackled after a gain of 60 yards. He only had two additional targets, catching one for a short gain of 5 yards.

Week 10 - Meachem got open on the Saints first scoring drive of the second half for a short pass toward the right sideline and his nice run after the catch took the play for 17 yards.

Week 11 - Robert Meachem had a target in the Saints first scoring drive and displayed his speed and a nice move to avoid the defense taking the short 10 yard pass for a gain of 44 yards that got the Saints into the 49ers territory for the first time on the day. Meachem ran an excellent post pattern and Brees hit him in stride for a long gain of 34 yards early in the 4th quarter as the Saints drove to score a field goal, closing the 49ers lead to 20-17.

Week 12 - His targets came in the second half of this game. The first was a crossing route that Brees placed to the receiver's back shoulder and into the trailing coverage of rookie corner Desmond Trufant who knocked the ball away. In the fourth quarter Meachem ran a slant-and-go up the left seam that was thrown with a little too much air under it and Trufant knocked the ball away. Although the throw wasn't perfect, Trufant didn't bite on Meachem's double move and was in great position. Meachem did make a game-sealing play late in the fourth quarter on a crossing route off a play action boot leg to the right flat for an 18-yard gain to earn a first down and extend the Saints' offensive series to run out the clock with a four-point lead.

Week 13 - Robert Meachem caught one pass for a short 7-yard gain.

Week 14 - Robert Meachem got a carry on a reverse and gained 4 yards. Meachem caught a delayed drag route on the Saints first play of the second half. The play gained 7 yards and was unusual as Meachem was held on the play and the Saints turned down the penalty which would have resulted in a first down. They failed to convert the first down two plays later.

Week 15 - Robert Meachem had only one target in the first half and the pass fell incomplete as Brees was pressured and Meachem cleared the area just as Brees threw the pass.

Week 16 - Meachem caught a quick in to start the Saints second drive, but the play only gained 6 yards. Meachem caught a similar pass to open the 3rd quarter and gained 9 yards. Meachem ran a reverse late in the 3rd quarter, but the Carolina defense was well positioned and dropped him for a loss of 5 yards.

Week 17 - Meachem caught his only target of the day for a 41 yard touchdown. On a streak down the right sideline, Meachem adjusted to an under thrown ball amidst blanket coverage by dropping to his knees and hauling in the ball on the ground as he tumbled across the goal line. Meachem made the most of his snaps on Sunday, but he didn't see the field often.

Week 18 - Robert Meachem was in the game often, but was used a lot as a blocker. He would begin split out wide and go in motion back to the middle of the field and help block down at the edge. He had one target in the game and ran an excellent post pattern for a 40 yard gain and a first down. The gain gave the Saints the opportunity to kick a field goal to increase their lead to 23-17.

Week 19 - Meachem had only two targets, but he made the most of them. His first catch came at the beginning of the 3rd quarter. He caught a deep pass good for 17 yards and a first down. His second catch was the type of play that is sometimes looked back on as the turning point in the game, but it did not turn out that way. Meachem had gotten behind two defenders, but the pass was underthrown by Brees and should have been intercepted. Instead, the ball was tipped up and Meachem collected the ball for a gain of 52 yard and a first down.