QB Matt McGloin, Free agent

HT: 6-1, WT: 207, Born: 12-2-1989, College: Penn State, Drafted: ---

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Matt McGloin was a semi-pleasant surprise for the Raiders in 2013. The surprise started in training camp when the undrafted quarterback beat out 4th round pick Tyler Wilson for a spot on the roster. By week 11 he'd found himself starting a game in the NFL, and he started six of the team's final seven games. McGloin was serviceable as a starting quarterback, outperforming Terrelle Pryor, but not doing enough to prevent the team from bringing in Matt Schaub in the offseason. As a rookie he completed 56% percent of his passes, throwing 8 touchdowns and 8 interceptions. He dealt well with an ever-changing corps of receivers, but he didn't show the type of elite potential that teams are looking for in a franchise quarterback. McGloin has slipped to third on the depth chart and looks to once again be a longshot to see the field in 2014.

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2013 Game Summaries

Week 9 - McGloin came in with 7:56 to go in what looked very similar to preseason action. The game was already a blowout and McGloin was facing mostly backup Eagles defenders. That being said, he looked comfortable in the pocket and made quick decisions with the ball. On his first drive he threw mostly dump offs and screens, but did a good job of getting the ball to his weapons in a position to do something after the catch. McGloin's more impressive throws came on the final drive of the game. He threw a beautiful back shoulder throw to Jacoby Ford for a gain of 22 yards. On the very next play he hit Juron Criner in stride on a well-timed post route for a gain of 20 yards to set up the Jeremy Stewart touchdown. Not too much should be made of McGloin's performance other than he showed good accuracy and more importantly, he wasn't overwhelmed by the competition.

Week 11 - It's hard to imagine a more perfect situation for a rookie quarterback to be thrown into. McGloin faced a struggling team in a free fall and was put in incredible field position early. He started two of his first three drives from the Texans' 16 yard line and turned both of those possessions into touchdowns. His first touchdown pass came on a six yard slant to Denarius Moore. McGloin led him into the end zone for a relatively easy score. A little more than five minutes later McGloin hit Rod Streater with a perfectly placed ball on the first of many deep posts that McGloin would connect on. The Raiders offense sputtered for the rest of the first half, but that had little to do with McGloin. He dealt with a huge amount of drops, but generally did a really nice job in the face of pressure. McGloin flashed his arm strength in the second quarter with a bullet down the right sideline for a 33 yard completion to Andre Holmes. He threw another nice deep ball down the left sideline to Streater for a 36 yard score to start the Raiders third touchdown drive. He followed that up with a perfectly placed ball to Marcel Reece on yet another post. That drive ended with a ball that McGloin threw over the head of a pursuing linebacker in the end zone to Mychal Rivera. The Raiders got pretty conservative in the final quarter and a half, and McGloin's receivers continued to drop catchable passes when he did throw. Overall it was a near perfect debut for the undrafted rookie.

Week 12 - McGloin came back to earth a little bit against Tennessee for a couple of reasons. For one, he didn't enjoy the ridiculous field position that he did against Houston, but he also had a very difficult time getting the ball past the line of scrimmage. McGloin had 4 passes deflected at the line and was lucky that one of them wasn't picked off. More than half of McGloin's completions went to running backs or fullbacks, including his second completion, a well-placed ball over a linebacker to Rashad Jennings down the right sideline for a gain of 21 yards. The Raiders really tried to keep it simple for McGloin in the first half and as a result he didn't have a completion to a receiver until late in the second quarter. His only interception came first, and it was a bad misread. He tried to look off the coverage, but when he looked back he didn't notice a linebacker sitting on his short route to Marcel Reece. The result was an easy pick. His first completion to a receiver was a well thrown ball in traffic on a corner route for a gain of 23 at the end of the half. McGloin opened it up a bit in the second half, and connected with Holmes on a deep cross on the first drive of the third quarter. On the team's next drive McGloin made a good, quick decision and a precise throw on a back shoulder throw to Holmes for a gain of 16. McGloin led an impressive 75 yard drive with his team down by 4 with 8 minutes to go in the game. He finished the drive off with a perfectly thrown ball down the left sideline for a 27 yard touchdown to Marcel Reece. McGloin showed some of the impressive arm strength he showed against Houston, but his pocket presence left much to be desired.

Week 13 - McGloin had quite a connection with Andre Holmes, but in the end he may have looked his way a little too often. He made a couple of questionable decisions, but overall player a decent game against a more talented team. McGloin's bect throw of the first quarter came on a fly route down the left sideline, McGlioin threw back shoulder to Rod Streater and just trusted his receiver to go up and get it, which he did for a 27 yard gain. He against targeted Streater deep to start the second quarter, this time completing a 20 yard pass down the right sideline on a deep cross to start maybe his most impressive drive. On the drive, he completed 5/7 passes for 79 yards including two very good rhythm throws to Holmes. His final pass of the drive, also to Holmes, was originally ruled a touchdown but called back and spotted at the one. McGloin marched the Raiders right back down the field the next time they got the ball, though this time it was mostly on the ground. He did place two very good passes on short crosses to Mychal Rivera and Holmes to pick up key 3rd downs on the drive. The second half wasn't as kind to McGloin and the Raiders. After a decent first drive that didn't result in points, McGloin badly missed Holmes down the right sideline and then had back to back screens blown up by the Cowboys for a three and out. McGloin got the ball at his own 44 with 10 minutes to go down by only a score and promptly connected with Holmes on a deep post for a 35 yard gain. He then made two very poor decisions. The first was a throw to Marcel Reece in double coverage and he was very fortunate the tipped ball wasn't picked off. On the very next play he tried to throw a fade to Jacoby Ford, who was outclassed by Brandon Carr for McGloin's only interception. McGloin showed just enough to make the Raiders believe that there may be something there, but not near enough for a winning effort.

Week 14 - McGloin shook off a very shaky start to post another solid performance. On his first two possessions he only had one completion of substance, a 26 yard pass on a wide open corner route to Marcel Reece. Those two series led to a punt and a missed field goal and the Raiders inserted Terrelle Pryor for the third series. McGloin was right back in on the fourth series and threw his only interception of the game. On third and long he saw pressure in his own end zone and threw a pass into heavy traffic that was intercepted. Other than a 40 yard completion deep to Andre Holmes, McGloin and the Raiders offense struggled for most of the rest of the half. He started the second half with very good ball placement on a deep cross to Rod Streater for a gain of 16 yards. On the next drive McGloin put good zip on a pass to Mychal Rivera in the seam for an 11 yard gain and a first down. Three plays later he threw a ball into traffic once again on a slant to Streater, this time the ball got through and when it got to Streater he had nothing between him and the end zone for a 48 a yard touchdown. McGloin picked up 61 of his passing yards and his final touchdown in what was essentially garbage time. His final touchdown was a one yard pass to Mychal Rivera with his team down by 17 and less than three minutes remaining.

Week 15 - Despite throwing for nearly 300 yards and two touchdowns McGloin struggled mightily. Much of his success was dependent on his receivers making great plays on 50/50 balls. When they did he looked very good but when they didn't he looked awful. His 45 yard pass to start the game was just a short flare off play action that Marcel Reece took for a long gain. McGloin did make a good throw in tight coverage to Mychal Rivera later in the drive but then badly overthrew Reece in the red zone on what would have been a sure touchdown. McGloin started the second drive with another well-placed slant, this time to Rod Streater who broke away from the defender for a 26 yard gain. Three plays later McGloin threw his first of four interceptions. He was baited into the throw by Eric Berry, who pounced as soon as the ball was thrown and returned it for a touchdown. Even after that pick McGloin continued to throw into double and triple coverage, resulting in yet another pick by Berry later in the first half. McGloin made a nice pass late in the first half to Denarius Moore down the right sideline for a 34 yard gain, but had at least two more would-be interceptions dropped. In the second half he looked to Andre Holmes more, including a six yard touchdown where he showed good patience in the pocket. At that point his fearlessness was really paying off and he found Mychal Rivera in the end zone for another touchdown later in the third quarter. McGloin threw the ball up into tight coverage and Rivera just went up and got it. That was the end of the positives for McGloin as his next two drives ended with interceptions and he was replaced by Terrelle Pryor for good. McGloin rotated with Pryor throughout the game, and never looked happy about it. He also sustained a minor eye injury.

Week 16 - For much of the game McGloin played like a quarterback that had been scolded for his four interception performance the previous week. Early on everything was short with his first deep shot being a badly overthrown ball down the left sideline. McGloin finally got things going in the second quarter. He started the drive with a well-placed slant to Andre Holmes for a gain of 11 yards. Later in the drive he scrambled right and heaved a pass 37 yards downfield to a leaping Mychal Rivera to set up the Raiders only touchdown. McGloin was intercepted on his next drive. He didn't see Eric Weddle underneath the route and Weddle made an outstanding play to pick the pass off. He missed Andre Holmes in the end zone on a slant at the end of the first half, putting the ball a little too far behind him. McGloin went super conservative until the 4th quarter when he finally started winging the ball around. He hit Andre Holmes on consecutive passes down the right sideline to start the 4th quarter and put the Raiders in position for a field goal. On the game's final drive McGloin lost two touchdowns to drops. The first was a well thrown ball 39 yards downfield that Rod Streater looked to catch but lost as he hit the ground. The second came on McGloin's final throw, a heave under pressure that went through Marcel Reece's hands. McGloin was badly flustered by the pressure all day and far more conservative than he had been in past games. 110 of his 206 passing yards came in the 4th quarter with his team down two scores.