RB Darren McFadden, Free agent

HT: 6-1, WT: 211, Born: 8-27-1987, College: Arkansas, Drafted: Round 1, Pick 4

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2014 Projections

David Dodds12.0135.05404.04.024.01687.01.0101
Bob Henry12.090.03453.84.026.02007.71.085
Jason Wood16.0150.05503.73.025.01506.01.094
Maurile Tremblay16.0135.05313.95.015.01057.00.094

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277 0.1 0 0.0

Average draft position

Current as of August 25th. [Full ADP list]

Overall: M Bennett (112), B Roethlisberger (113), Darren McFadden (114), D Freeman (116)
Position: D Williams (108-RB39), C Hyde (110-RB40), Darren McFadden (114 - RB41), D Freeman (116-RB42), T West (119-RB43)
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Overall: B Roethlisberger (115), D Hopkins (116), Darren McFadden (117), D Williams (119)
Position: T West (107-RB40), C Hyde (108-RB41), Darren McFadden (117 - RB42), D Williams (119-RB43), A Williams (121-RB44)
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Darren McFadden struggled with injuries for the sixth consecutive season and with production for the second. His 3.3 yards per carry matched his career low from 2012 and he was outperformed by Rashad Jennnings even when he was healthy. McFadden's 10 games played in 2013 was just one below his career average and he's never made it through more than 13. McFadden looked at least a step slower in 2013, a bad sign for a back that relied so heavily on his speed. Three years ago he was an elite back that had trouble staying healthy. He was a threat to take it to the house from just about anywhere on the field and a productive back in the passing game. In 2013 his longest run was 30 yards and he caught a career low 17 passes for 108 yards. McFadden looks to be the favorite to lead what will surely be a RBBC with Maurice Jones-Drew.

2014 Schedule


2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - McFadden found very little running room for a majority of the day. When he did get a small hole he showed good leg drive to push the pile once he got past the line of scrimmage. McFadden's first catch came in the flats to start the second quarter and he had one man to beat to pick up the first down, he couldn't do it. He did show good burst on a well blocked screen later in the half and picked up 12 yards, but was still taken down by the first tackler. McFadden banged through a tackler on his one yard touchdown run. McFadden broke his first tackle with 7:50 left in the third quarter, bouncing a run that looked broken outside for a six yard gain. McFadden just missed a 30 yard receiving touchdown when he couldn't get both feet in bounds, which only added to the frustration of the day for him.

Week 2 - McFadden ran with a more juice in his legs than we’ve seen in quite some time. He was pushing the pile and showed a burst that reminded you why experts fell in love with him. On a screen pass at the end of the first quarter, McFadden sped up the field after the catch, picking up 12 yards. The running back had 4 carries of 22 yards or more, starting with a 24 yard gain in the second quarter. He burst through a huge hole and then made the safeties look silly because he got to the second level so quickly. His 22 yard run in the third quarter was the best example of his speed. Again he had a big hole, but McFadden outran a linebacker at five yards past the line and then a safety at ten. At his top speed he made other players look like they were standing still. McFadden’s fumble came at the end of an impressive 27 yard run that included a complete reversal of field behind the line of scrimmage. It looked like he just ran out of gas at the end of the run and got a little lackadaisical with the ball. There were still plenty of carries where McFadden was stuffed at the line, but when the line gave him a hole he looked like his old self. McFadden was the dominant force in this game.

Week 3 - McFadden’s day running the ball was every bit as miserable as the stats suggest. Gone were the huge holes he saw against Jacksonville last week and in their place was a Bronco at every turn. McFadden was hit at or behind the line on nearly every run and wherever he tried to cut it seemed like there were three Broncos waiting for him. McFadden was also completely absent from the passing game, unless you count him throwing the ball. All of his success came on designed halfback passes. On the first, he lofted a beautiful pass the Marcel Reece in the end zone over decent coverage. Then, on the Raiders final offensive play he chose to keep the ball and willed his way into the end zone for another touchdown.

Week 4 - This game was a microcosm of McFadden's career. It started off so promising, with McFadden breaking a tackle in the backfield and bursting up the field for a 14 yard gain on his first carry. On his next carry he executed a jump cut at the line and picked up six. Of course, then he went to the locker room with a hamstring issue. McFadden tried to come back in the game in the second quarter and ran a couple of plays out of the Wildcat. He looked fine breaking another tackle at the line and trucking a safety, but left the game after that play and never returned.

Week 6 - Darren McFadden was uninspiring to say the least in the running game. The offensive line couldn't open gaping holes and McFadden had little success getting past first contact. He did one time in the first half and picked up eight yards straight up the middle. He also had a seven yard run off left tackle where he showed good patience waiting behind his line to clear a path. Most of McFadden's success came in the passing game, especially a 16 yard reception on a screen in the second half. He broke a tackle on that play and showed excellent effort to get to the first down marker on 3rd and 12. McFadden had another big gain on a screen to the right later in the game, but that one was more about scheme and blocking than anything he did. McFadden does not look to be fully recovered from his hamstring issue and too often ran into the first guy he saw instead of trying to find a way to pick up additional yardage.

Week 8 - McFadden saw much more success than we would have expected against a stout Steelers defense, with almost all of that success coming on read options or the Wildcat formation. McFadden was often stuffed when lining up behind Pryor. Out of Wildcat formation he picked up his first positive gain of the day on the ground in the red zone, picking up five yards up the middle. On the next play he stiff armed one defender at the line and then carried three others into the end zone for a seven yard touchdown run on a read option. His first success in a traditional formation came late in the first quarter when he made one cut into a sliver of a hole and burst through the line for a ten yard gain. McFadden looked spry as ever, taking a read option run around the left side to pick up 19 and jump start the Raiders third touchdown drive. He finished that drive with another touchdown, this time out of the Wildcat formation. McFadden took the snap and rolled right, looking to pass. When that was defended, he pulled the ball down and scrambled 4 yards into the end zone. Like the Raiders offense, McFadden saw very little success in the second half.

Week 9 - McFadden left on the team's third series because of a hamstring injury. His best carry, and eight yard run around the left side, was called back because of holding. McFadden showed good vision and one really nice cutback, but ultimately his day was shortened for an all too familiar reason.

Week 13 - McFadden was used sparingly and was ineffective when he was used. He didn't have the speed to get to the edge or the second level and also dropped an easy pass in the flats. It looked as if he was stuck behind Jennings in the rotation until Jennings suffered his head injury.

Week 16 - McFadden played sparingly all day, but picked a good time to have his best run. On a second quarter run from the five yard line McFadden showed a good nose for goal line with a shifty cut before powering through one tackle for a score. His day was pretty mediocre other than that score and he definitely didn't look like his old self.

Week 17 - McFadden had a nice five yard gain on a toss right where he snuck through a small hole and flashed decent burst. On his other six carries he totaled one yard. He fought hard for yardage, making the first man miss more than once but there was always another defender there. McFadden made two really nice catches in the game, one a shoestring snag on a swing pass and another a dump off where he took a huge hit but held on to the ball.