RB LeSean McCoy, Buffalo Bills

HT: 5-11, WT: 198, Born: 7-12-1988, College: Pittsburgh, Drafted: Round 2

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2014 Projections

David Dodds15.0285.013404.710.043.03277.62.0239
Bob Henry16.0290.014455.09.040.03408.52.0245
Jason Wood16.0295.014204.810.046.04259.22.0257
Maurile Tremblay16.0309.014664.79.039.03759.61.0244

Average draft position

Current as of August 25th. [Full ADP list]

Overall: J Charles (1), LeSean McCoy (2), A Peterson (3), M Forte (4)
Position: J Charles (1-RB1), LeSean McCoy (2 - RB2), A Peterson (3-RB3), M Forte (4-RB4)
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PPR Average draft position

Current as of August 25th. [Full PPR ADP list]

Overall: J Charles (1), LeSean McCoy (2), A Peterson (3), M Forte (4)
Position: J Charles (1-RB1), LeSean McCoy (2 - RB2), A Peterson (3-RB3), M Forte (4-RB4)
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There are only a handful of running backs that could legitimately be considered the best in the league; McCoy is at or near the top of that list. After back-to-back elite seasons in 2010-2011, McCoy took a step back in 2012 and missed time while failing to finish among the top 20 at his position. Those who dismissed his 2012 as an anomaly were handsomely rewarded last year as McCoy became the centerpiece of Chip Kelly's offense. McCoy led the league in rushing yards (1,607), yards per game (100.4), and yards from scrimmage (2,146) to go along with 11 touchdowns and 53 receptions. At 26 years old, McCoy remains in his prime and should be one of the top picks in any draft this year.

2014 Schedule

1at Chicago Bears
2 Miami Dolphins
3 San Diego Chargers
4at Houston Texans
5at Detroit Lions
6 New England Patriots
7 Minnesota Vikings
8at New York Jets
Bye week
10 Kansas City Chiefs
11at Miami Dolphins
12 New York Jets
13 Cleveland Browns
14at Denver Broncos
15 Green Bay Packers
16at Oakland Raiders
17at New England Patriots

2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - McCoy was used often in the first half, totaling 20 rushing attempts at the half. He used his cut back ability several times to make defenders miss and always seemed to pick up an extra yard or two by simply lowering his head before the tackle would occur. He showed the ability to go side to side, straight forward, jumping over defenders, spinning, and just straight up out running the Redskins defense. He had a particular run on the first drive that that he took from the 17 yard line and made 3 defenders miss and nearly snuck in for the touchdown. McCoy's feet never stop moving as he uses that ability to make the defense miss. McCoy's 34 yard touchdown run in the third quarter was a highlight reel type as he hurdled a defender and then turned on the jets and got to the endzone in a hurry.

Week 2 - McCoy did most of his damage on a screen pass he took for 70 yards inside the 10 yard line. He was more of a focus in the passing game this time around totaling 5 receptions for 114 yards and only rushed the ball 11 times for 53 yards. He continued to show his big play ability every time he touched the ball and seemed to be just one miss away from breaking a long run. On Michael Vick's touchdown run in the 4th quarter, McCoy could have easily been thrown the ball and walked it in for a touchdown as well - instead he put a perfect block on Eric Weddle and let Vick walk into the endzone.

Week 3 - McCoy looks like he was built for this offense that gives him a ton of freedom. His great vision was on display as McCoy seemed to jump cut to just the right hole whenever he needed to. When he didn't need to cut, he hit the hole hard, wasting no time behind the line of scrimmage. McCoy did have a scare in the second quarter when he left the game with a lower leg injury. The injury came at the end of a beautiful 18 yard run. While it didn't look good at the time, he returned in the second half and continued to dominate. On his first carry back he burst through a small hole in the line and sped up field for a 30 yard gain. The Chiefs bottled McCoy up for 13 yards on his next 6 carries, but McCoy got loose again in the 4th quarter. McCoy's 41 yard touchdown run went through a huge hole and took nothing but speed as he was untouched and undeterred. It's difficult to imagine, but McCoy's day could have been even better, he was completely uninvolved in the passing game.

Week 4 - McCoy started the game with a few short runs not being able to find any holes but also managing to pick up a key first down to keep the Eagles second drive of the game going. He had a nice run late on the second drive where he set up his blocks and put the offense in a nice position on first down. In usually McCoy fashion he would get wrapped up early on the run and where it looked like he would be sure to lose yards he somehow would escape and get back to at least the yard of scrimmage. McCoy continued to hit the holes that were given to him using his elite vision and his elusiveness to make defenders miss on tackles. On the Eagles first touchdown drive McCoy wasn’t on the field and gave way to both Brown and Polk. With not much of a hole on one of his runs in the third quarter he made the best of it and picked up positive yards while jumping over a tackle to do so. At no point in the game did it look like McCoy was going to give up as he continued to run hard despite the score.

Week 5 - McCoy kept trying to run strong up the middle and the Giants just weren’t giving him much room to work with. He had a nice run where he hit the hole strong and took the ball for a 9 yard gain. Early in the 2nd quarter McCoy made the first reception of the game for the Eagles taking a screen pass 12 yards and hurdling over a Giants defender doing so. On McCoy’s TD run he followed all his blocks and pushed his way into the endzone. Although not a big game as far as average goes per play, McCoy picked up some key 1st downs helping to keep some big drives alive. He was the man guy that helped Foles out at the end of the half and helped by taking a few screen passes and picking up big chunks of yards along the way. He made a great tip toe catch on a 3rd and 10 on a play that was reviewed but not overturned. McCoy broke a lot of tackles in the backfield where it looked like he would be stopped for a loss but ended up getting back to the line of scrimmage and even picking up a couple yards on some occasions.

Week 6 - Took the first offensive play for 40 plus yards busting out of a screen pass from Nick Foles. He showed his best abilities as he was running down field dodging defenders and picking up additional yards as he quickly moved side to side. McCoy had a nice run to the outside picking up a 1st down and at the end got flipped in the air as the ball came out and McCoy was credited with a fumble. He continued to run hard and patiently set up his blocks and took the yards were they were. He never seems to get frustrated when he gets stuffed at the line and keeps coming back and running hard on each run, knowing that he can bust a long run at any moment. He picks up yards at ease and almost without notice rushing for 5 yards here and 5 yards there. What doesn't show up on the score sheet is McCoy's 4th quarter running game where he picked up positive yards each time he touched the ball and worked the clock and helped the Eagles get down in FG range and ice the game.

Week 7 - Picked up a 1st down on the first play of the game as he took a screen pass from Foles to the outside and used his speed to excel to the sidelines. He showed a nice burst on a 4 yard run to the outside after that but couldn’t quite ever seem to find the big play today. McCoy had times where he looked to be stopped completely in the backfield and would still manage to find away to shake his way forward and pick up positive yards. McCoy took a screen pass in the backfield and ran side to side trying to find some positive yards but never could and eventually ended up taking a 7 yard loss on the play because of it. McCoy continued to run the ball hard looking for holes and positive yards but the holes just weren’t there today as he took minimal gains on most of his carries. McCoy made a nice catch and run and picked up a big first down to end the half as the Eagles tried to get into field goal range. Despite all the struggles with the Eagles QBs, McCoy continued to run hard and pick up first downs when he could. It is clear that McCoy will get his positive yards on plays but for him to be even more dynamic he needs consistent QB play and for the passing offense to be more of a threat in order to open up the field for him even more.

Week 8 - McCoy started the game off with a 1 yard screen pass and followed that by a 1 yard run and that pretty much summed up how his day was going to go as he failed to find much space against the Giants defense all day long. On the next drive when the Eagles were backed up and in a 2nd and 22 position he was given the ball back to back again for minimal gains on the ground and through the air not being able to shake off defenders to the outside. He had a chance on a swing pass from Barkley inside the Giants 30 yard line but was held and resulted in a Giants penalty, giving the Eagles a first down. On the next play he caught a screen pass and tip toed his way to a first down and almost stayed in bounds for a much bigger play that would have put him close to the goal line. His best run of the day was only an 8 yard run that he took hard straight ahead using his quickness and speed. McCoy was giving 3 straight carries as the Eagles were backed up mid way through the third quarter but was held a yard short of the first down.

Week 9 - McCoy had one of those days where he didn't have the big offensive numbers but he certainly showed it on the field of play and always kept the ball moving and helped in keeping the defense honest and always having to account for him. He was one of the key players in Nick Foles having his career day as the Raiders looked to shut down McCoy that helped open the rest of the field up and that resulted in Foles having all day to throw and putting up 7 touchdown passes. McCoy took a screen pass from Foles early in the game and made sure to pick up a first down and keep the drive alive. McCoy's best rush on the day was a 17 yard run where he showed his explosiveness and raced down the left sideline. Two plays later Nick Foles threw him a screen pass where McCoy showed his blazing speed and took the pass 25 yards to the right sideline and got the touchdown.

Week 10 - McCoy ran hard today using his blocks to find the open holes and then just using his quickness and speed to pick up positive yards. On the Eagles third possession McCoy had a strong run to the right side picking up a handful of yards and then on the very next play he bounced it out to the left sidelines and picked up a 20 yard gain. He was making it hard for the Packers to guess where he was going to run and really was the difference in the game even without a touchdown. He ran the ball 25 times today for an average of 6.2 a rush and helped take the pressure off of Nick Foles as the defense had to account for him on every possession. McCoy only had one pass thrown his way and it was for a minimum gain of 6 yards but on the catch and run he put some moves on the defense. On the Eagles second touchdown drive the Riley Cooper touchdown pass was really set up nicely on the play prior when LeSean McCoy took off for a 30 yard run down the right sideline. One the very next possession McCoy carried the ball on 3 of 4 of the offensive plays as he picked up a big first down on the first carry and then continued to run hard and help the Eagles control the clock and work the Packers defense. Something that you may not see unless you were watching the game is that all of McCoy's hard running really opened up the rest of the Eagles offense and helped buy Foles time to make plays down the field. This was evident on the Eagles third touchdown pass as Riley Cooper was left wide open downfield. McCoy's best work was at the end of the game as he kept the drive alive picking up positive yards and moving the chains along the way.

Week 11 - On McCoy's first couple of runs he was backed up and had no room to run as Washington shut him down in the backfield. McCoy got his big play on the Eagles second possession as he took the second play of that possession for a 49 yard gain on a screen pass from Nick Foles. He showed off his speed on the catch and run and had a nice burst down inside Washington's 5 yard line. He then played a key part in Nick Foles touchdown run as he was faked on a handoff and had the defense all over him as Foles sneaked the ball over the goal line. McCoy had back to back runs were he was dominant and just took the yards that were giving to him with a 9 yard gain and then a first down run on the very next touch. Two plays later he ran in a 1 yard touchdown on excellent blocking from the Eagles offensive line. McCoy had a quick run up the middle to get the Eagles off the goal line half way through the second quarter. After the play he got a flag for taunting the Washington defender as Meriweather was starting to get under his skin. McCoy had one of his best runs late in the 2nd quarter as he eluded defenders in the open field on a 2nd and 19 play and picked up 16 yards as he first shifted to the outside and then took it back to the middle of the field to pick up even more yards. McCoy did have a scare with his hamstring as it looked like he might be out of the game after the second half but came out of the locker room fresh and ready to go. McCoy had his second touchdown on the 1 yard line once again and McCoy found the hole and made sure to get the ball across the line. McCoy benefited from both Celek and Cooper falling just short of the endzone and picked up both of his 1 yard touchdowns because of it. McCoy did show why he is the leading rusher in the NFL as he would take off and gain yards when he should have been stopped and have no where to run. He continues to create space for himself shaking off defenders with spin moves, his signature cutback, head fakes and with his pure speed.

Week 13 - On his first carry of the game he was stuffed at the line of scrimmage for no gain. On his next three carries he was also stopped for minimal gains and picked up 8 yards total on 3 runs that were all back to back. Backed up at the Eagles 1 yard line, Foles looked for some breathing room by throwing a quick screen to McCoy to the right side as he picked up 6 yards. On the next play McCoy used his speed to get to the outside on the left side this time and picked up a first down. McCoy had a great catch and run on a screen pass from Foles and picked up 19 yards while showing off his elusiveness in doing so. On the very next play he took a hand off for an 8 yard gain and basically had a Cardinals defenders hand grabbing his jersey for the full 8 yards. McCoy was a key part in the Eagles 2nd touchdown in the game as he caught a couple of Foles passes in a row and picked up a first down in keeping the drive alive. He later was given the ball on a 4th and 2 situation and found the hole and picked up the first down with ease. To start out the 2nd half Foles ran back to back times picking up 9 yards and then picking up the first down the next play. McCoy had one of his better runs right up the middle and basically just found the hole and excellerated in speed and picked up a first down. McCoy had a 37 yard run taken away by a block in the back.

Week 14 - McCoy ran hard on his first run finding a hole right up the middle and looked to have good footing in the snow early on. On his next carry he tried to bounce it outside and was hit immediately for a 5 yard lose, and then on 2nd down he gained the yards back going straight forward and hitting the open hole. McCoy had a nice run on a draw play and it went for 7 yards, and immediately followed that with a first down run right up the middle. As the game was going along it was noticeable that McCoy was feeling more comfortable and the holes were getting bigger and he was hitting them with more speed. He had his best run of the game so far with 6 minutes left in the first half as he hit a big hole and raced to a first down. The next play he had a nice stutter step and picked up 6 yards and came back with another run that he cut to the outside and picked up a big first down. Starting the 3rd quarter McCoy had a sweep run that he took for a quick first down out the left sidelines. Later backed up near their own goal line McCoy had three straight runs where on his initial run he lost 6 yards and then followed that up with a double digit yard run and then fell short on third down. On the next possession he caught his first pass and tried to dance his way to additional yards. McCoy had a big burst on his 40 yard touchdown run as hit the hole hard and then hurdled a defender and shook another off and raced to the endzone for the touchdown. On his next touchdown he sprinted once again through the hole and won a foot race rather easily on his way to a 57 yard touchdown. He had another long run that he looked to have a chance to break for a long touchdown down once again but he slipped and was tackled early. He was later given a couple more opportunities near the goal line but could only run the ball to the 1 yard line. McCoy continued to run hard at the end of the game and helped pick up first downs and kill the clock once the Eagles had the lead. This is something that he has been quietly doing all season long that doesn't go noticed when it comes to purely just looking at the box score.

Week 15 - McCoy's first touch was on a 2nd and 12 and he could only go forward to pick up 2 yards as there was not a lot there and was a foreshadow of how the day was going to go. On the very next drive the Eagles looked to get McCoy involved early in the running game as they got him the ball to the outside and let him race to the sidelines for a first down as he shook off defenders with a full head of steam. McCoy looked very sharp on a 24 yard catch and run from Foles that he raced down the right sidelines. He was given another carry in that drive but was immediately stuffed at the line of scrimmage. After a Vikings field goal the Eagles started the next drive with a run up the middle for McCoy that was once again stuffed and he only managed to fall forward to gain 2 yards. McCoy had one of his best plays of the game right before the half ended as he took a high screen pass right out of mid air and quickly secured the ball and raced for a 20 + yard gain that helped the Eagles secure a field goal before half time. On back to back plays the Eagles gave the ball to McCoy to try to pick up one yard on their own 24 yard line and he just couldn't find any space to pick up the 1st down. McCoy only saw 8 total rushes in the game and he did most of his work in the receiving game as he was an outlet for Foles when he was in trouble.

Week 16 - McCoy took the first offensive play for the eagles for a 19 yard rush to the right side of the field and did it with ease. The very next play he had a screen pass that was stopped at the line of scrimmage. On the same drive he had a couple of chances inside the Bears 20 and ran the ball hard down to the 5 yard line. On the second drive McCoy had back to back runs inside the 5 yard line and picked up a first down on his first run, putting the ball on the 1 yard line and the next play he ran hard up the middle and pounded the ball into the endzone for a touchdown. On a 4th and 1 McCoy picked up a big first down as he cut back to the left side and found some open space and picked up 10+ yards. On the same drive McCoy caught two passes that he bolted out of the backfield for some big positive yards helping to move the chains. After the Eagles were up 21-0 they looked to establish the run and McCoy saw back to back carries that he found big holes and went for 5 and 16 yards without any hesitation. He later caught another screen pass for a first down and then caught one for a loss of 8 yards that finally got sniffed out by the Bears defense. McCoy looked to lose a fumble but as the ball came out his knee touched the ground. On the next drive he started it with an electric 17 yard run through a big hole and later ended it with a 1 yard touchdown that he pounded into the endzone after doing an initial spin move at the 5 yard line.

Week 17 - On McCoy's first carry of the game he picked up 7 yards running hard up the middle following his blockers. He had another good run that he danced to the outside for a first down but the ball was brought back due to a holding penalty. McCoy was finding space in the first half and he picked up a big first down right up the middle on the Eagles touchdown drive and once the ball was in his hands he showed his excelleration to the next level. McCoy found the endzone while on the 3 yard line of the Cowboys he took a screen pass from Foles and nearly walked it in for the score. McCoy had another big run up the middle in the second quarter that he picked up 20 yards and showed his ability to do some damage in the open field. After Foles took a 9 yard sack on first down, McCoy came back on the very next play and ran for a 16 yard gain setting the Eagles up for a very manageable third down. McCoy was able to find the edge on back to back runs late in the third quarter picking up first downs on each run and setting up the Eagles with some great field position. The Eagles had a key opportunity on a 1st and goal at the 6 yard line and failed to give McCoy a single touch on the possession and the Eagles ended up running a quarterback sneak on 4th and goal. McCoy finished the game pounding out the yards running for 6 and then 5 yards to pick up the first down and allow the Eagles to kneel the ball and get the victory.

Week 18 - McCoy's first run of the game he had little room to move and could only pick up 3 yards. He had another rush for 2 yards and still couldn't find room to run. On a third down play Foles checked down to him on a screen pass and he came up short on a catch and run to the right side of the field. He was giving another screen pass for a 3 yard gain and then followed that up with a 6 yard rush and then was stopped at the line on a 3rd and one. On the next play which was a 4th down, the Eagles got the ball back in the hands of McCoy and he powered through the Saints defenders for a first down. McCoy ran hard when he was giving his chances but the Saints defense clearly had a game plan centered around getting immediate contact on him whenever he touched the ball. At the end of the 1st half he picked up a first down to get the Eagles inside the Saints 20 yard line. One of McCoy's best runs of the game was on a play where he starting out looking to go to the right side of the field but nothing was open so he ended up bringing the play back to the left side and weaved his way through defenders to eventually pick up a first down as he gained 11 yards. McCoy saw three straight carries on 2nd, 3rd and 4th down at the Saints goal line. He finally punched the ball into the endzone on his third try as he found some space on the right side of the line. All year long McCoy has stepped up his game in the 4th quarter and did so once again making big runs and helping to pick up 1st downs along the way.