RB Doug Martin, Free agent

HT: 5-9, WT: 223, Born: 1-13-1989, College: Boise State, Drafted: Round 1, Pick 31

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David Dodds15.0255.010714.28.038.02667.01.0188
Bob Henry15.0280.011053.97.031.02257.31.0181
Jason Wood16.0288.011754.17.048.03306.92.0205
Maurile Tremblay16.0227.09974.47.038.03338.81.0181

Average draft position

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Overall: L Bell (21), J Nelson (22), Doug Martin (23), A Jeffery (24), A Morris (25)
Position: A Foster (20-RB10), L Bell (21-RB11), Doug Martin (23 - RB12), A Morris (25-RB13), Z Stacy (27-RB14)
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Overall: A Foster (23), A Jeffery (24), Doug Martin (25), R Cobb (26), R Gronkowski (27)
Position: L Bell (22-RB10), A Foster (23-RB11), Doug Martin (25 - RB12), A Ellington (28-RB13), A Morris (30-RB14)
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Doug Martin is coming off a significant sophomore slump in 2013. After a huge rookie season with more than 1,900 total yards and 12 touchdowns, Martin struggled for six games in 2013 prior to missing the rest of the season with a shoulder injury. Martin's yards-per-carry dropped a full yard, his yards-per-reception was nearly cut in half and the Tampa Bay running game struggled mightily. After Martin's injury, reserves Mike James and Bobby Rainey outplayed the incumbent. The three best rushing performances of the season for Tampa Bay came after the Doug Martin injury. This offseason, the team drafted receiving back extraordinaire Charles Sims in the third round. With James and Rainey both showing their mettle as between-the-tackle options and Sims joining the fray, Doug Martin's time as the workhorse back could be over. In addition to the added direct competition at running back, Tampa Bay added oversized passing targets Mike Evans and Austin Seferian-Jenkins in the top-40 picks of the draft. Both will shift the offense to more pass attempts in the red zone that were previously going to Doug Martin. With Charles Sims injuring his ankle in the preseason, missing more than half the regular season in the process, Martin regains some of his passing game work as the best receiver, by far, in the Tampa Bay backfield.

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2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - The Buccaneers called Martin's number for every designed rushing attempt against the Jets on Sunday, as he toted the rock 24 times. The offensive line had issues opening up holes for Martin. On 18 of 24 carries, he gained three yards or less. They lined up almost exclusively under-center for Martin's runs and tried to pound it down the Jets' throat. Martin scored on a weak-side run from the five yard line. From a single back set, left guard Gabe Carimi chipped on the defensive tackle and moved to the second level where he buried LB David Harris 3 yards deep in the endzone. This allowed Martin to squirm through the line for six. Aside from the touchdown scamper, Martin's two best runs of the day came from shotgun draws. On both plays, Martin had a wide alley up the middle for gains of 8 and 17 yards. He fumbled on the 8 yard gain to end the half, but it was not lost. After viewing the tape, Martin did an admirable job despite the box score stating otherwise. Muhammad Wilkerson got penentration often and David Harris did an excellent job shedding the Bucs guards and filling the A gap all day. Martin did the best he could with what he had in front of him. He was often contacted before the line of scrimmage, but ultimately gained a few yards each time. Of the four targets Martin didn't catch in the passing game, he did drop one pass, but Freeman's accuracy was the main cause for the low reception total.

Week 2 - The Buccaneers offensive line deserves a ton of credit for opening holes for Martin against the Saints Sunday. Martin averaged 5 yards per carry while being effective on virtually every drive. Despite the absence of Carl Nicks for a second straight week, they improved in their drive blocking significantly from week 1 to week 2. Last week, the majority of Martin's carries went for less than 4 yards with a few decent gains. This week, 14 of Martin's 29 carries gained 4 or more yards with 5 carries netting more than 10! A few carries really stood out as fabulously executed run plays. A direct snap to Martin caught the Saints off guard as the linebackers hesitated on Freeman's fake of the bad snap. Martin strung the play out and found a seam, shooting through for 11 yards. Early in the third quarter, Martin took a stretch hand off from the single back set, the design of the play took Martin left, but he made a nice cutback and avoided the Saints backers as they got caught in the wash to the left. And on his longest carry of the day, a 28-yard gain, Martin received textbook blocking from the left side of his line. From the strong-I, Gabe Carimi doubled on the tackle and got to the second level in a heartbeat to seal off the backer. In addition Donald Penn turned his man away from the whole and Erik Lorig lead up through the hole with a brilliant crunching block on the outside backer. Martin was aided by a poor pursuit angle from safety Kenny Vacarro, and eventually the Saints brought him down near the 50. The running game looked amazing to say the least against the Saints. They blew up huge wholes and Martin showed great instincts to find the alley.

Week 3 - Martin failed to score for the second straight week, but had a good deal of success on the ground against a good Patriots front. Martin averaged 4.4 yards per carry and totaled 88 yards. Martin had nine carries of 3 yards or less, but did add six carries of 7 yards or more. New England did an excellent job of making tackles at the second level, never letting Martin bust that big run that he often uses to pad his rushing total. His longest carry netted 11 yards. The Bucs passed twice as much as they ran against the Patriots because they were trailing for the entire game. They involved Martin heavily in the passing game, targeting him six times. Unfortunately, Martin could only haul in two passes for 20 yards. The split him wide against LB Mayo on the first drive of the game. The Bucs' tried to take advantage of all the man coverage the Pats' were playing. Martin split out as a flanker and ran a 9 yard hitch on the first drive that was converted, beating Mayo. The running game was aided by The Bucs bringing in an extra tackle and ran the ball using six lineman on a number of plays. Martin picked up 11 yards on a nice run up the gut in which he cut back left and found some room, then moved the ball for the first down by gaining an extra few yards. On the next play, they ran the exact same design and Martin blasted through the middle for 9 yards. Vince Wilfork did a great job occupying multiple blockers all day, allowing New England to keep only 7 in the box and still make plays with their linebackers. Tommy Kelly and Brandon Spikes did an excellent job playing the run fit and getting into gaps to disrupt the rhythm of the running game.

Week 4 - Martin routinely faced eight men in the box on Sunday. The Cardinals game planned to stop Martin first and foremost and make the rookie beat them in his debut. Only four of Martin's twenty-seven carries netted five or more yards. The Cardinals defensive line disrupted the run game on almost every play with inside penetration. The Cardinals achieved penetration so often, Martin had more runs go for negative yards (7) than he had go for five or more (4). Martin possesses great vision which allows him to find holes and make cuts to set himself free, but when defenders meet you at the hand off it's difficult to gain yards. On Martin's longest gain of the day, he took a pitch to the left out of a strong I set. He received a nice kick out block from FB Erik Lorig, as well as nice seal blocks from the right side of the line to spring him free to the secondary where Dansby brought him down. Martin picked up an 8 yard gain on a classic isolation play later on the drive. He followed the FB again, this time through the A gap. The Bucs showed flashes of a power run game with a few nice gains, but they couldn't impose their will as they hoped. Glennon not being able to check out of runs whenever he wanted to hurt the Bucs. Martin often had defenders at his heels at the snap as Arizona stacked the box all afternoon. Unfortunately for Martin, the Bucs attempted to execute plays even though they were outnumbered in the blocking scheme. On the same pitch play that Martin gained 12 yards on earlier in the game, the Bucs had nine men within four yards of the line of scrimmage. At the snap, Karlos Dansby and Darnell Dockett came through the line unblocked to stuff him for a 5 yard loss. There aren't too many running backs in the NFL that could have had success running the ball with the blocking Martin was given. The Bucs again got Martin involved in the passing game, but not as often as last week. With a rookie quarterback making his first start, involving the backs in the passing game is usually a top priority. Martin saw four targets on Sunday, three of which seemed to be check downs after no one came open. The target Martin didn't convert came on a designed swing pass that Martin flat out dropped attempting to make a one-handed catch. Martin did convert on another designed swing pass for twelve yards later in the game. After he made the catch, he stuck his foot in the ground and juked a linebacker to gain extra yardage. Poor offensive line play contributed greatly to Martin's horrific yards per carry average on Sunday.

Week 6 - The Eagles' main objective was not letting Doug Martin beat them. Similar to every team the Bucs have faced thus far, the Eagles often creeped a safety up in the box to help with run support. Martin had issues getting going again, running into a bunch of clogged holes. His best run of the day almost saw him put six points on the board, but he came up a yard short. The Eagles were in base defense with only 7 defenders in the box. An extra receiver lined up to the right side drew a defender out of the box in man coverage. Martin took the ball straight up the gut with the help of a pulling guard to kick out a linebacker. Martin dashed through the secondary only to be pulled down at the one yard line by CB Wolff. The rest of Martin's gains were pretty pedestrian. On Martin's other carry of note, he gained 9 yards on a stretch play to the right in which Bucs' RT Dotson absolutely blew his man 7 yards into the secondary allowing Martin to stick his foot in the ground and cut it up field for a big chunk of yardage. Aside from those two runs, Martin struggled to get going. The play log is filled with a bunch of one, two, and three yard gains because Philly did a very good job in run fit. Linebackers Brandon Graham and Mychael Kendricks did an excellent job filling gaps and slowing Martin all game. The presence of Martin allowed Glennon to have an impact, however. Almost every play action pass, you can see the Eagles' linebackers dart towards the line of scrimmage hoping to make a run stop, only to realize the ball was about to sail over their heads. The Bucs involved Martin again in the passing game, targeting him four times. Glennon hit him on a designed swing pass that saw Martin weave through linebackers for a 10 yard gain. Overall, Martin may not have had an outstanding game numbers wise, but his impact greatly impacted the Bucs' offense. His big run set up the Vincent Jackson touchdown fade. And his presence alone allowed Glennon to have success in the passing game by drawing defenders attention on play fakes.

Week 7 - Martin looked very good hitting holes and making cuts against the Falcons' defense, but unfortunately he left the game with a shoulder injury early in the third quarter. Martin ran a wheel route to the pylon only to be drilled mid-air by a Falcons' defender. Reports indicate Martin tore his labrum on the play and is likely to be done for the year. Up until the play, Martin looked the best he has all year, save the 144 yard week two performance. Davin Joseph pulled around the left end of the line and sprung Martin for a 16 yard gain early in the second quarter. The offensive line did a nice job sealing the left end and Joseph trotted around to take the only unblocked backer. Vincent Jackson added a nice block as well. The offensive line as a whole did a nice job on Atlanta's front seven. They showed great fire off the ball and often knocked the Falcons line a yard or two backwards. This was all aided by Glennon's progression. In previous weeks, defenses were able to stack the box against the Bucs and stuff Martin by out-manning the offensive line. On Sunday, Tampa saw a lot of base defense with 7-man fronts. This helped Martin find holes and churn out positive yardage on almost every play. The Falcons only stopped Martin for a loss twice, a stat that has been much higher in the first six weeks for Martin.