WR Mario Manningham, Free agent

HT: 5-11, WT: 181, Born: 5-25-1986, College: Michigan, Drafted: Round 3

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2014 Projections

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Mario Manningham has returned to New York after two disappointing seasons in San Francisco. The 5'11", 181 lbs. veteran enters his seventh season hoping to reclaim his once promising trajectory. Unfortunately Manning was placed on injured reserve, ending his season and hopes of a triumphant return.

2014 Schedule


2013 Game Summaries

Week 10 - Manningham’s long awaited return was viewed by some as the necessary addition to open up the passing game. While Manningham did lead the team in receiving yards, the passing offense as a whole was in a sorry state. The longest pass of the day came when Manningham received a short throw on a crossing route, and with some great speed Manningham crossed the field and turned for a 1st down, only for the whole play to be called back on an offensive penalty. On their own 1-yard line in the 4th quarter, 3rd and long, Manningham made a quick twitch move to beat the corner inside on a slant and Kaepernick made a perfect throw to hit the receiver in stride. One of the rare 3rd down conversions, that pass was also vital in terms of displaying that Manningham’s most valuable asset, his quickness, was not fully diminished by his injury. And though Manningham dropped a quick WR screen that hit his hands, that’s to be expected in the first game back after such a long layoff, while the importance of his physical skills returning to a pre-injury level can not be overstated in terms of San Franciso’s future success in the passing game.

Week 11 - Still working his way in to game shape, Manningham found himself unable to make catches in traffic. When his corner played physical, one-on-one man coverage, Manningham lacked both the strength to win body position and the quickness to outfox the coverage. When Kaepernick delivered well-located balls to Manningham, the defense was able to force incompletions by hitting the receiver, tussling with the upper body. Without an attribute that allowed Manningham to beat the man coverage, the receiver looked stiff.

Week 12 - Following a largely ineffective game against New Orleans, the combination of soft defense and good timing between Manningham and Kaepernick allowed the receiver to make multiple catches over the middle. Manningham’s best asset is his quickness, so when Washington played off, Manningham was able to make a quick cut on his slant to find himself wide open. Kaepernick made these throws accurately, showing developed timing with the newly recovered receiver. Manningham didn’t show the ability to get much more yards than what was open in front of him, often being tackled by the pursuit. He also was unable to separate downfield whatsoever. But on those quick routes, where Manningham could make a sudden movement and the ball would arrive in his gut, he thrived.

Week 15 - Manningham’s only catch came when Tampa Bay played soft on 3rd and long. With space underneath, Manningham caught a pass on a short crossing route but couldn’t manufacture anything afterwards. San Francisco mostly lined up with only two receivers, leaving Manningham on the bench for much of the game.