QB Eli Manning, New York Giants

HT: 6-4, WT: 218, Born: 1-3-1981, College: Mississippi, Drafted: Round 1, Pick 1

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2014 Projections

David Dodds16.0323.0561.039217.
Bob Henry16.0338.0570.040207.
Jason Wood16.0330.0555.037006.725.020.020.0351.80.0269
Maurile Tremblay16.0352.0589.041457.

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Overall: H Miller (148), J Flacco (149), Eli Manning (150), A Smith (151), M Wheaton (152)
Position: R Tannehill (145-QB19), J Flacco (149-QB20), Eli Manning (150 - QB21), A Smith (151-QB22), J Manziel (161-QB23)
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Eli Manning has always been prone to interceptions, but last year marked a concerning regression. Manning threw for just 18 touchdowns (his lowest TD% since his rookie season) yet led the league with a mind-boggling 27 interceptions. His completion rate (57.5%) fell for the third consecutive season, and the team finished below .500 for this first time in his career. The Giants hope new OC Ben McAdoo will bring the West Coast principles from Green Bay and get Manning on track. A focus on rebuilding the offensive line and the addition of rookie WR Odell Beckham are positive developments that make predicting a turnaround likely. Suffice to say, Manning should be nothing more than a fantasy QB2 on draft day even if he enjoys a strong preseason.

2014 Schedule

1at Detroit Lions
2 Arizona Cardinals
3 Houston Texans
4at Washington Redskins
5 Atlanta Falcons
6at Philadelphia Eagles
7at Dallas Cowboys
Bye week
9 Indianapolis Colts
10at Seattle Seahawks
11 San Francisco 49ers
12 Dallas Cowboys
13at Jacksonville Jaguars
14at Tennessee Titans
15 Washington Redskins
16at St. Louis Rams
17 Philadelphia Eagles

2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Eli Manning had a rollercoaster game against Dallas. Manning had some moments of excellence and accuracy with his accuracy down the field but sloppy play and turnovers managed to undo a lot of good work. Manning's first pass was an inexplicably poor decision and turnover, as he somehow failed to see a Dallas defensive tackle jump into his throwing lane in time to take away his pass. Manning somewhat made up for this blunder by hitting Hakeem Nicks perfectly in stride over the middle for a big pass play to set up the Giants in the redzone. Manning was picked off shortly again however on a later drive, completely mis firing and throwing the ball right into the hands of a Dallas defensive back. Manning almost had touchdown early to tight end Myers but the play was one yard short of the goal line. Manning finally got something going, taking advantage of miscommunication by Dallas he hit Victor Cruz running alone deep down the field for his first touchdown. Manning picked on certain Dallas cornerbacks at the line of scrimmage, frequently throwing hot inside over the middle of the field to Nicks/Randle/Myers on short slants and in breaking patterns. Manning kept many drives alive with this strategy as Dallas struggled to take away the quick pass option. Manning fired a terrific touchdown to Cruz on a post route in the redzone, fitting the ball perfectly between Dallas defenders and allowing Cruz enough room to outstretch his arm for the touchdown. Manning connected again to Cruz in the redzone, this time hitting him in the back of the endzone on a well placed fade pattern for the score. Manning and the Giant offense started off incredibly poor and slow paced but did manage to pick it up somewhat in the second half. Manning spread the ball very evenly and randomly to Cruz/Nicks/Myers and Randle while Dallas guessed wrong a lot of the time. Manning's myriad of targets made life difficult for Dallas at times but ultimately turnovers marred his performance. Manning's third interception was the most costly as it was taken back for a touchdown in the final minutes. Manning called a screen pass audible to running back Scott but the ball deflected off his teammates pads and fell into the hands of a Dallas defender instead. Manning got a final touchdown on a simple curl route to tight end Myers, placing the ball just far enough away from the defender. Though not technically thrown in garbage time as the Giants had a chance, the Cowboys played soft zone defender for the most part and gave up quick short throws while trying to prevent the big play.

Week 2 - Eli Manning had a very unfortunate day, as a struggling ground game forced the Giants' offense to become one-dimensional early. Manning was only sacked once and hit once more, but he was under pressure all day, and that pressure caused Manning to revert to his bad habit of overthrowing balls. An opportunistic Denver defense capitalized to the tune of four interceptions. When he wasn't throwing the ball to the other team, Eli Manning was actually fairly effective at moving an otherwise foundering offense, as New York managed to muster 5 scoring drives between interceptions. Other than the interceptions, Manning's greatest problem was on 3rd downs on a short field, as three New York drives ended in a field goal after Manning failed to complete the ball on 3rd down.

Week 3 - Eli Manning never had a chance in this football game against Carolina. Manning's offensive line played extremely poor early in the game and he faced a huge amount of pressure in his face right after the snap on most of their plays. Will Beatty and rookie Justin Pugh were beaten into submission by Greg Hardy and Charles Johnston but the entire line was poor. Manning could not keep his eyes down field from the first snap and had to take huge sacks due to the immediate pressure. Carolina did not need to blitz multiple defenders, the simple 4 man rush was sufficient to hurry Manning in the pocket. This allowed the Panthers to drop 7 defenders and play significant coverage that was well aided by the front 4. The Giants offensive line were in 1 on 1 situations for the most part and were hugely outmatched. This left the Giants with no time to establish a running game and Manning was forced to throw to try and catch up on the scoreboard. Manning tried to get Victor Cruz involved but he didn't have enough opportunities to spread the ball around and establish any rhythm with his teammates. The Panthers pass coverage was better than expected and the Giants had no answer to their front 4. Manning began to throw prayers into the endzone and was picked off on an errant pass that was thrown into double coverage with no chance of success. Manning struggled but the majority of the blame for this game should be on the offensive line and the offensive coaches for New York who were outmatched in every facet.

Week 4 - Eli Manning struggled again for the Giants and the entire passing unit fell short of expectations. Manning had to contend with pressure given up by his offensive line, drops by his receivers and a lack of running game. Manning's offensive line held up better than last week in Carolina but the Chiefs mixed in blitzes which overwhelmed them at times. Early on in the game, Manning found Nicks down the sideline with a long fade pass play but Nicks dropped the pass. Things looked good for Manning then as he hit receiver Cruz running open down the sideline for a big pass play on a streak route, placing the ball perfectly in stride and away from the defender. Manning placed a lot of trust in his receivers and threw the ball into double coverage where he gave his teammate a chance to win the ball with mixed results. He then took a big sack however and lost the ball in the process of going to the ground, getting hit from behind by a Chiefs blitzer. Manning was never afforded any length of time in the pocket and took sacks when he tried to hang in the pocket and wait for his receivers to uncover. Manning began to feel the pressure and force passes into covered receivers. He was almost picked off numerous times like this, sometimes simply heaving the ball down the field to avoid the sack. One of these attempts was finally picked off by the Chiefs safety as Manning threw a deep pass to receiver Randle, who had broken and stopped his route far short of the play. Manning tried to hit Randle deep down the field late in the game as the Giants were in desperation mode but there was little to no separation as the Chiefs defensive backs were ready for the deep passes.

Week 5 - Eli Manning played two very different halves of football on Sunday against Philadelphia. In the first half, he was mostly mistake free and attacked the middle of the defense well with slant / seam routes. Wide receiver Randle dropped a well placed deep pass attempt from Manning early on. Manning tried again on the very next play and this time connected on another great pass deep to Nicks. Manning was efficient and threw in stride to his receivers, especially on slants inside of the defense. Manning threw a nice touchdown pass to Randle on a slant route, simply getting the ball to his receiver in space and allowing Randleís speed to take over in the redzone. Manning then threw an accurate ball on a fade route to Nicks in the corner of the endzone, which Nicks subsequently dropped. Manning then targeted Randle again in the corner of the endzone on the next play and threw a well placed pass away from defenders while on the run. Eli Manningís play began to deteriorate rapidly after these plays however. Manning was called for 3 intentional grounding penalties throughout the game that each killed off the respective drive in progress. Manning then began to force passes all over the field and carelessly fire passes into double coverage as the Giants fell behind on the scoreboard. Manningís first interception was unlucky as a tipped pass flew into the air and was easily picked off by the Eagles defense. Manningís next interception came as he threw a high pass up for grabs towards Cruz but the Eagle defensive back beat him for the ball and wrestled it away. Manning then threw his third interception right to the Eagle cornerback on a slant route as receiver Nicks stopped running halfway through the play. While not all of the interceptions were directly his fault, Manning still played erratically and made terrible decisions when throwing the ball into covered receivers.

Week 6 - Eli Manning started off very poorly against the Chicago Bears on Thursday night. Manning had a drop from one of his receivers but then began to make his own mistakes. Manning was rushed in the pocket from a free blitzer and tried to throw the ball away to the outside but it was picked off by a Bears DB. Manning then threw an interception which was returned for a touchdown on another terrible play. Manning had miscommunication with his receiver and threw a curl route, while Reuben Randle ran a stop and go route deep instead, which led to the easy pick 6. Manning began to settle down after these initial blunders and put together some drives. Manning got decent pass protection and was afforded time in the pocket to progress through his reads. Manning looked very comfortable and was accurate during these times. He completed many curls, digs and crossing patterns via short passes to his receivers. Manning threw a nice fade pattern on the outside to Cruz, fitting it perfectly between the receiver and sideline for the first down. Manning converted many third downs when he was afforded pass protection. Manning tried to connect with Cruz in the redzone on a fade pattern but got a pass interference penalty instead. Manning had a lot of errors as the game was coming to a close however, and missed a lot of throws that could have won the game. He threw a poor pass off his back foot that was underthrown and could have been picked off. Manning tried to connect with Myers on a deep middle pass but the pass was too high and merely tipped off Brandon Myers hands before falling into the lap of CB Jennings, which sealed the game for the Bears. Manning got much better pass protection in this game overall and had a good productive running game. His turnovers were the difference however and they continue to plague his season and production as a fantasy quarterback.

Week 7 - Eli Manning had a mediocre fantasy game against the lowly Vikings defense on Sunday but played well enough to secure the win. Manning started off the game by rushing up the middle for a first down, which is a rare thing for the quarterback to do in this offense but was the correct call in that situation. Manning misfired down the middle of the field later in the quarter but got lucky as the ball fell incomplete after it hit a Viking defender in the hands. Manning had Nicks open in the endzone on a fade route but just barely missed his target as he overthrew Nicks by one yard. Nicks did not have his best game with Eli Manning and had two dropped passes on slant patterns. Manning and Nicks were able to draw a pass interference penalty deep on a go route, which helped set up a Giants touchdown. Manning's only touchdown came on a terrifically placed pass to Reuben Randle on a fade route. Randle got open on the outside shoulder down the field and made an excellent adjustment to the ball for the score. Manning was almost picked off two more times later in the game as he threw the ball away to avoid taking a sack but the Viking defensive backs could not hang onto the ball. Manning had a shot at Nicks deep in the endzone on a fade route but the ball was not thrown in bounds for his receiver to have a shot at it. Manning and Cruz almost hooked up for a late touchdown on a fade route but the pass was well defended by a Viking defender at the last second. Manning played just well enough and showed the good chemistry he has with Victor Cruz as the duo converted many downs into first downs. He was not helped by Nicks' drops however and should have been picked off numerous times as he was, at times, careless with his throws.

Week 8 - Eli Manning played a solid and steady game on Sunday against the Eagles. Manning was efficient, avoided the big mistake but simply couldn't get his team into the endzone at any stage. Manning threw the ball with confidence from the start as he hit Nicks on a fade down the sideline, placing the ball between his receiver and the sideline perfectly. Manning then had a terrific corner route throw to Cruz on a roll out play, executing it exactly as it is supposed to be. Manning tried to hit his tight end in the back of the endzone for a touchdown but his receiver couldn't keep his feet in bounds. Manning remained patient in the pocket and simply took what the defense gave him. Manning had better pass protection up front from his line and was afforded enough time to progress through his reads. Manning even managed a miraculous escape in the pocket, simply throwing a short pass to Hillis to escape the sack as he was getting wrapped up by a defender. Manning almost had a touchdown to Nicks in the back of the endzone but Nicks couldn't get his feet down in time as he hauled in the grab. In this regard, Manning was somewhat unlucky not to get at least one touchdown in this game as he made the right decision with his throw. The Giants offense was woeful in the redzone, which obviously hurt the production of the entire unit. The Giants had an inordinate number of penalties as a result of delay of game and failed to get lined up correctly at the line of scrimmage repeatedly. Perhaps Manning's most important throw was late in the game on a pass over the middle to Myers to help seal the game for the Giants. Manning managed to move the ball well between the 20's for his team but his teammates somewhat let him down catching the ball at times, especially in the redzone.

Week 10 - Eli Manning had a very mediocre performance against the Raiders on Sunday. Manning made some terrific throws and ultimately got his team the victory but had a lot of help from the rest of his team and had a few bad plays. Manning showed confidence early to Cruz and made a terrific completion over the middle of the field, placing the ball high and where only his receiver could get it. One of Manning's better throws came on a fade route to Randle in the endzone for a touchdown. Manning placed the pass perfectly over the shoulder for Randle to grab and tap his feet in bounds for the well executed play. Manning made a horrific blunder later in the game on a pick 6 play by the Raiders however. Manning faced pressure from a blitz by Oakland and threw a poor pass to the outside which Tracy Porter intercepted and easily returned for the touchdown. Manning had another mistake as the Giants were in the redzone late. Manning had Victor Cruz wide open near the goal line on a simple out pattern but inexplicably missed his receiver with a very inaccurate pass. Manning relied heavily upon Andre Brown and the running game on Sunday against the Raiders and he had far fewer pass attempts than usual. He also spread the ball consistently amongst his receivers and did not allow the defense to focus on one player. The Giants also played well on defense/special teams and the offense was not depended upon to score a lot.

Week 11 - Eli Manning played well for the most part against the Packers but his stat line unfortunately does not reflect this. Manning was able to convert a lot of third down situations through the air with his receivers and he helped keep the offense on the field. Manning's day started off well as he hit Randle on a post route in the redzone for his only touchdown pass. Manning's pass was perfectly placed in stride and allowed Randle to run into the endzone untouched. Manning was lethal over the middle of the field at times and found huge gaps in the Packer's defense with players like Victor Cruz. Manning took a deep shot to Cruz and threw an accurate ball into the endzone but a great defensive effort broke up the pass at the last second. Manning did throw an interception that looked to be as a result of miscommunication with his receiver. Manning threw an out route as his receiver ran an in breaking pattern, which lead to the easy pick by Green bay. Manning was able to get a lot of big chunks of yards through the air, including a nice pass down the sideline deep to Nicks. Manning later managed to fit an accurate deep ball between two defenders to Cruz. Manning did not score many touchdowns and had one mistake but played at a high level for the most part. He was accurate, knew where to go with

Week 12 - Manning and the passing offense continued to struggle in Week 12 against what has been one of the weaker passing defenses in divisional foe Dallas. Manning didnít complete a pass in the teamís first two drives, missing on his first five throws before taking a sack on his sixth dropback. Manning finally connected with Victor Cruz on a quick out on the teamís third drive, but Cruz turned the ball over on the completion. Manning unofficially missed his next throw too, but a penalty extended the drive on the play and the quarterback finally connected with a 21-yard strike to Reuben Randle down the middle of the field. Two plays later the duo connected again as Manning hit Randle on a shallow crosser and the WR was able to turn up field for a 22-yard gain. After a defensive pass interference penalty moved the Giants into the red zone, Manning completed his next two throws on the drive but only amassed four yards and New York was forced to settle for a FG. The former Ole Miss Rebel struggles continued on the following drive as his lone throw sailed out of the back of the end zone. Manning had plenty of time in the pocket to work through his progressions, but ultimately decided to throw the ball away. Perhaps the clearest indicator of his confidence in the passing offense, OC Kevin Gilbride ran a draw on 3rd and goal from the 10 the next play. The QB was a perfect four for four on the next drive, but not one pass traveled further than 10 yards and three of them were way too safe dump offs to Andre Brown in the flat. Not much changed after halftime as Manning missed on all four of his throws including an incompletion to Cruz on 4th down on the Giants opening drive. The following drive proved more successful, production-wise, but clearly showed the issues with the passing game were still prevalent. After moving the offense into Dallas territory with a pretty throw to Randle on a dig for 21 yards, Manning and Jerrel Jernigan continued the communication struggles that have somehow plagued this offense for the duration of the season. Coming out of a timeout, Manningís throw suggested he expected Jernigan to go vertical with his route but the WR curled up seven yards deep whilst the pass fell incomplete in the end zone. The QB responded well, however, as he completed his best throw of the game on the following play. TE Brandon Myers appeared to be sitting down on an out before he turned on the route and was able to get behind the coverage from LB Bruce Carter. Needing to beat both the underneath and help coverage coming from DB Jeff Heath, Manning dropped the throw in the proverbial bucket and Myers was able to take advantage of some mental lapses from the two boneheads in coverage and turn the diving catch into a 27-yard TD. The next two drives netted no 1st downs, but did have another incredulous miscommunication between Manning and one of his WRs. Facing a 2nd and one, Manning quickly opened up after taking the snap and threw to Randle on the outside. Only problem was Randle was blocking on the play and the pass fell incomplete. The QB ultimately received one more drive to tie the game and while he delivered, itís hard to give him too much credit. Relying heavily on the ground game, Manning didnít drop back to throw until the fifth play of the drive and shoddy mechanics had him badly underthrowing Jernigan on the pass. New York needed a conversion and Manning dropped back to throw on the following play. Despite the dangerously high throw that put WR Cruz in an exposed position; he made the 22-yard catch to get the offense inside the five-yard line. Two plays later, Manning made a nice move to get outside the pocket and scrambled just long enough to find Louis Murphy in the back corner of the end zone for a four-yard TD pass. A valiant comeback indeed, but itís hard to not wonder if Manning and the passing offense could have provided any consistency that the outcome would have been different.

Week 13 - Eli Manning played an efficient and conservative game against the Redskins on Sunday night. Manning distributed the ball well amongst his teammates which caused confusion on the Redskin defense. Manning had a high completion percentage as he routinely checked down passes and found the open receiver on the field. Manning was patient and had very few mistakes in his decision making. Manning's only touchdown pass came on a post route over the middle to Myers. Myers was able to get wide open down the field and Manning had an easy throw for the touchdown. Manning threw with anticipation and in stride to his receivers down the field. He did have a costly interception in his own half as the pass hit off the fingers of his intended receiver and fell into the hands of a waiting defender. Manning was able to convert a lot of long distance downs also, throwing with confidence and into tight windows to enable his receiver to pick up the first down. Manning had a particularly impressive play, narrowly escaping a sack and simply heaving the ball to Myers as he was being tackled to the ground to keep the drive alive. The Giants tried to keep the running game involved as much as possible but it was not as effective this week. The running game was featured more in the redzone however, and the Giants were effective in the short yardage running game. This reduced the potential for touchdown passes for Manning and kept his fantasy numbers modest for the game.

Week 14 - Eli Manning did not play well in one of the most hostile environments he has likely ever played. Charger fans booed him throughout the game and he did not have his best performance on the day. Manning struggled with turnovers and consistently keeping drives alive. Manning had a nice deep pass over the top to Nicks early on, placing the ball perfectly in stride for his receiver to catch it. However, this good play was undone as a tipped pass flew into the air and was easily picked off. Manning had a chance at another deep play to Louis Murphy but he had too much air on the ball and it fell incomplete. Manning connected to Nicks as time expired on a Hail Mary play but Nicks was tackled just yards shy of the goal line. Manning was lucky to avoid an interception on a poor throw that was negated by a defensive penalty. Manning eventually found the endzone on a simple crossing pattern to Myers. He was able to fit the pass in between two defenders and Myers showed toughness by hanging onto a contested ball. Manning made a poor decision by throwing a late ball to the outside which a charger player almost picked off but he was unable to make the catch. Manning got some luck on a tipped pass play late in the game that fell into Nicks' hands after a defender almost got his hands on the ball. Manning ended the game with another poor decision and threw an interception to the outside. Manning played recklessly as the Giants were down big in this game and took a lot of risks. He could have easily been picked off more than twice. Manning has played poorly overall this season and turnovers are a huge reason for his drop in play.

Week 15 - Eli Manningís play on Sunday afternoon started off relatively solid and he made some nice throws on the run to his receivers early on. However, Manningís play quickly became erratic after this and his decision making was very questionable. Manning repeatedly threw at receivers that were well covered by Seattle defensive backs and he had very little chance at completing the pass. This resulted in many turnovers for Manning. His first interception came on a deep out play where the Seattle defensive back was simply in a better position than the receiver to catch the ball and the throw never should have been attempted. Manningís second interception came on a streak pattern. He forced a pass downfield despite Richard Shermanís excellent coverage and position. Manningís third interception was a simple hail mary play that was essentially meaningless as very little time was left. Manning could have had more turnovers as he fumbled twice in the pocket but his teammates were able to gather the ball in time. Manningís fourth interception came on a crossing route pattern that was extremely well covered by a Seattle linebacker. Manningís final interception happened on a tipped pass in the redzone as he forced the pass into double coverage again. Manning faced heavy pressure throughout the game and had very little running game to work with also. He played a very poor game overall however, and his accuracy and decision making were downright awful at times. Manning has consistently turned the ball throughout this season and his mistakes have cost the Giants many points.

Week 16 - Eli Manning played a solid game considering the tough circumstances he was placed in. Manning was under fire a lot in this game as the Detroit defensive line routinely beat the Giants offensive line. The Giants could not run the football well at all and a lot of the offense had to come through Manning as a result. Manning played conservatively early in the game and managed to almost have a turnover free game until the end. Manning did miss Nicks who was wide open on a seam route near the redzone however. He also had a touchdown throw to Jernigan negated by a silly delay of game penalty but managed to erase this mistake on the very next play. Manning found Jernigan again but on a post route that he threw in between two defenders and looked very accurate in doing so. Manning had a chance to connect with Reuben Randle deep but his pass was just overthrown and fell incomplete. Manning faced heavy pressure at times from Detroit and gave up a sack in his own endzone for the safety. Manning's only turnover came from what looked like miscommunication with his receiver. The pass sailed far over the targets head and easily into the hands of a waiting Detroit defender. Manning was clutch on the final drive however and managed to convert a 4th and 7 with the game on the line over the middle to Jernigan. Manning and the passing game was far from dominant on Sunday but they made the necessary plays to move the ball at the right time and found a way to win the game in the end which is more than you can say for how they've handled most of this season.

Week 17 - Eli Manning finished his season on a somewhat uneven performance against the Redskins. Manning had a high number of incomplete passes and was very reckless with the football at times. Manning used play action well early in the game and got some first downs through the air but subsequently missed open throws including a crossing pattern to Nicks. Manning did have one touchdown pass that came on a very accurately placed ball. Manning placed the ball over the shoulder for Jernigan deep in the endzone and the receiver kept his feet in bounds to secure the score. Manning then had another big play down the field to Nicks on a post route, simply heaving the ball high and away from the defender so Nicksí could use his large frame to get to the ball first. Manning should have been intercepted on a pass over the middle as he threw it carelessly to avoid a sack but the defender could not hang onto the ball. He did throw his only interception on the next play as the football was tipped into the air and fell into a defenderís hands for the easy pick. Manning was held out of the entire second half of the game due to an injury he sustained in the first half. He made some nice throws down the field to his talented receivers but still made the same characteristically bizarre decisions when rushed in the pocket and turnovers have almost been the sole reason for his subpar performance this year.