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HT: 6-4, WT: 234, Born: 9-12-1989, College: Stanford, Drafted: Round 1, Pick 1

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David Dodds16.0369.0610.044357.328.013.062.03385.52.0367
Bob Henry16.0375.0610.043707.
Jason Wood16.0375.0600.045007.530.012.050.02204.42.0367
Maurile Tremblay16.0363.0602.043557.

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Overall: V Cruz (40), R Mathews (41), Andrew Luck (42), R White (43), T Gerhart (44)
Position: A Rodgers (17-QB3), M Stafford (35-QB4), Andrew Luck (42 - QB5), T Brady (55-QB6), N Foles (60-QB7)
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Andrew Luck is entering his third year in the league and second with the same coaching staff led by head coach Chuck Pagano and offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton. Luck amassed 4,374 yards passing in his rookie season, only to drop his yardage totals down to 3,822 with the same number of touchdown passes (23). Interestingly enough, he finished higher in fantasy rankings last year compared to 2012. Luck adds a rushing threat to his arsenal, rushing for 9 touchdowns in his first two years in the league. If he can put it all together and accumulate more passing touchdowns, he'll be near the top among fantasy quarterbacks. It is definitely possible for Luck to take the next step forward this year and become one of the elite quarterbacks in the league. The Colts will have a strong mix of talent in the receiving game for the 2014 season. The trio of wide receivers, Reggie Wayne, T.Y. Hilton and Hakeem Nicks will handle the majority of the load. There's also the combination of Dwayne Allen and Coby Fleener at tight end, who will provide additional weapons. The blueprint is in place for Luck to continue to rise to fame. He has always been a consistent and capable quarterback from a fantasy perspective with little to no risk. If there is any one quarterback in the league that is capable of taking his game to another level, it's Andrew Luck. The Colts have a bye in week 10, with five other teams. From a drafting standpoint, his bye week concern is moderate.

2014 Schedule

1at Denver Broncos
2 Philadelphia Eagles
3at Jacksonville Jaguars
4 Tennessee Titans
5 Baltimore Ravens
6at Houston Texans
7 Cincinnati Bengals
8at Pittsburgh Steelers
9at New York Giants
Bye week
11 New England Patriots
12 Jacksonville Jaguars
13 Washington Redskins
14at Cleveland Browns
15 Houston Texans
16at Dallas Cowboys
17at Tennessee Titans
18 Cincinnati Bengals
19at Denver Broncos
20at New England Patriots

2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - With a new OC bringing a new gameplan to Indy, football fans wondered how Andrew Luck would look this season- well how does opening the season 11/11 sound? Because that's specifically what Luck did. Can't emphasize enough how calm Luck was in the pocket; between taking what the defense was giving him and just going through all his progressions, it never looked once like Luck was forcing passes. Flawless in the interception category, Luck also 2 TD passes. The first one was a beautiful pass to Reggie Wayne from 12 yards out where he threw to the corner of the end zone, leading Wayne to where only he was able to catch it. His second TD pass was on a nice play action to Dwayne Allen; Luck faked the handoff, turned around and had a defensive lineman right in his face- knowing he was going to get hit, he stayed in and delivered a great pass, avoiding the hands of the defender guarding Allen. Having both tight ends healthy, Luck ran more plays from under center than he did throughout his few preseason snaps with both Fleener and Allen on the line. The Raiders really stepped up their defensive pressure in the second half, and while it did cause problems, it still couldn't contain Luck; 4th quarter with the team down 3, Luck leads them down the field and capped it on a 19 yard TD scamper. Pressure came from the outside, and Luck, recognizing the defense was in man to man, took off truly showing his mobility and ended up scoring. With no turnovers and all three Indy TD's coming from either Luck's arm or his legs, it can't be emphasized enough that the sky will be the limit to what Andrew Luck can do with this team.

Week 2 - Facing a rather underrated Dolphins defense, Luck wasn't able to sit back comfortably much in the pocket during this game, forcing himself to shuffle around in the pocket much of the afternoon to avoid pressure. It didn't much rattle him as his head was always downfield and looking for the open guys; Luck did scramble for three first downs when the pocket did break down and he had the room to run, two of which were on third and long. Early on he had a fumble that was recovered by the FB Havili. The go-to play for Luck and Colts is the play action and they weren't shy to use it yesterday. His lone TD pass came early in the second quarter on a three yard out route by Coby Fleener. He had a second TD that was called back due to an illegal shift call on the O-line, it too was to Fleener (15 yarder). His best ball of the day was a deep bomb to TY Hilton where Luck put it where TY could go up and get it- he did and it resulted in the longest completion of the day, for 47 yards. Just like last weekend's game against Oakland, the opposing defense made second half adjustments and were getting in Luck's face way more- ultimately resulting in Luck's first INT of the season- it was a pass to Reggie Wayne who didn't have much room between him and DB Brent Grimes. Luck forced him a pass in the end zone and Grimes simply turned around and snagged it. Outside of that INT, Luck didn't have that bad of a game- throwing for over 370 yards when it was all said and done.

Week 3 - You know Luck was eager to play against his former head coach Jim Harbaugh, and there were no early-game butterflies for the quarterback as he led the team right down the field for an opening drive touchdown that set the tone for the rest of the game. The Colts coaches knew that they were outmatched when it came to their offensive line and the 49ers front seven, so in this game you saw a lot of Luck under center, with quick three-step throws a staple of the offensive gameplan. There wasnít a ball thrown all game over 20 yards, with a lot of 'dink and dunk', controlled passing plays called. But Luck executed this gameplan, perfectly throwing no interceptions throughout the contest. The highlights of Luckís game came from what his legs can do, not his arm - Luck scrambled to keep a drive alive when the defender in pursuit underrated the fleet of foot quarterback's speed, allowing Luck to get the first down. Late in the fourth quarter, he executed a bootleg on the goal line, selling it beautifully and ran untouched into the end zone. Luck didnít light up the box score with completion after completion, but he managed a lead from the first score on and did exactly what the gameplan called for to beat a superior team on their home field.

Week 4 - Not wanting to have a hangover performance from the week before's victory over the 49ers, but realizing it was the Jaguars they were playing, Pep Hamilton kept the gameplan pretty basic for #12. He saw himself under center for most of the game, and wasn't testing the Jaguars secondary deep at all- with his longest completions being 31 yards and both of them had YAC to make them that long. Luck wasn't shy about using his legs this game however: had a couple rushes, one of which was a 17 yarder on 3rd down that eventually led to the team's first TD. He threw an INT in this game off a tipped ball that was sort of forced on his part, and actually would've thrown a 2nd but there was a defensive penalty that offset it. His first TD pass, a nice play action pass to Coby Fleener, had the defense stunted on the fake handoff leaving Fleener free to roam, so free that he had no defender within a 10-yard vicinity when he caught it, allowing him to jog his way into the end zone. Luck would've had a second TD earlier than he did when he found Wayne in the back of the end zone on a play he totally kept alive with his feet, that throw was brought back due to a hands to the face penalty. He did end up throwing a second TD, to Wayne incidentally, on a slant route inside the 10, where he just waited for Wayne to break and found him rather open once he did. An easy display of pitch and catch for six. There was also a point starting in the 3rd quarter and extending to the 4th where Luck had completed eight straight passes. Luck found himself throwing mostly under crossing routes because that's what was there; against the Jaguars you don't have to force much to beat them, and with that mindset is how Luck played and it was rather successful from the get-go.

Week 5 - Having the task of facing one of, if not the, NFL's top defense, Luck knew it wasn't going to be an easy day- and he was right. Seattle's defense was bringing pressure the whole time and early on you could see it was affecting Luck as throws were being rushed and their first three drives ended up going three and out. After the OL settled in and the Colts used Fleener as a primary blocker, Luck had much more time and it showed as he hit TY Hilton is a beautiful 73 yard bomb that led TY to the sidelines and right up it. Perfect pass. His lone turnover of the game was a strip fumble of him in the pocket- he was hit in the facemask before the strip, so one could've made the case for roughness on the QB, but it wasn't called. Luck was making plays with his feet throughout the game as well, short 6/7 yard gains, rollouts to extend plays, he was really out there willing his team to victory. His second TD pass came late in the third quarter, and it too went TY's way as it was a 29 yard pass where TY just went by his defender and Luck placed it perfectly in the endzone for 6. This was another one of them games where Luck took what the defense was giving him, however he wasn't shy to chuck it downfield and put the ball out there for his receivers to make a play, they did, and this is why the Colts won. As a whole performance, this could've been Luck's best game up to this point in the season.

Week 6 - The Chargers came in with a gameplan to play keep away from Luck if they got an early lead- well they did and they were rather successful keeping the ball out of his hands. Running a third less plays and having the ball for 17 minutes less than San Diego, Luck was pinched for time whenever he got his hands on the ball. Unfortunately for him, his teammates weren't on their game themselves, dropping 5 passes- one of which by DHB would've been a 60+ yard TD. Luck was pressured all night, however that isn't anything new to him as the Colts OL has continually struggled all year. With only 18 completions, 10 of them combining to Wayne and Hilton, Luck just didn't have it going on Monday night. His mobility came into play in this game as well as he scampered for a few first downs. The story in this one was the pressure San Diego put on him- he never really was able to take his time in the pocket, he'd always have to rollout or throw an awkward pass- so credit goes to that Chargers defense for coming up with a scheme that disrupted Andrew all night. It will be interesting to see how Luck and the Colts bounce back from this one with the highly-touted matchup against the Broncos coming up on Sunday night.

Week 7 - Luck couldn't have picked a better game to put up his best performance of the year. He outdueled Peyton Manning on his hyped-up homecoming matchup, something not many saw happening. All night Luck was firing on all cylinders as he was seeing routes develop, always with his head downfield, and was very aware in the pocket. Sacked for just a season-low two times, he definitely made use of his legs all night; so much so that he had an 11 yard TD scamper in the third where coverage was great and he just made a play with his legs, something he still isn't given enough credit for. Not turning the ball over once, most of Luck's passes where on point, with not many being forced. Unfortunately his worst ball of the game is likely going to cost Reggie Wayne his season as Wayne tried making a shoe-string catch, potentially tearing a knee ligament in the process. Outside of that one dark spot, Luck played pretty flawless and in the biggest game of his career to date, he showed football fans why he has the capabilities to be the next big thing.

Week 9 - Outside of turning the ball over, this game couldn't have started out worse for Luck and the Colts offense as they clearly looked disoriented without Reggie Wayne and the offensive line for Indy was playing horrendous, giving Luck zero to no time in the pocket. However as the game went on they found themselves and ultimately in the end it was another 4th quarter comeback notched into the belt of Luck. When it was ugly early on in the game, Luck was constantly being hurried, thus balls were skipping to receivers, he was never setting himself- it was a real mess. However as soon as the line gave him any sort of pocket, Luck found himself and in doing so was finding TY Hilton. All three of Luck's TD passes went TY's way; the first being down by the goaline where Hilton ran a simple corner route and Luck put the ball right where it needed to be. The second one made it a game- a 58 yard bomb where, again, the OL held up just long enough for Luck to launch it deep to Hilton who got passed the safety and scored. Finally the third one was also down in the red zone where Hilton ran a quick out, made a man miss, and got in for 6. Hilton stepped up realizing he needed to and Luck had no problem leaning on him as he would Wayne. No turnovers this game for Luck either as he continues to take care of the football. It was a tale of two different halves but at the end it was the same consistent message we've seen al year from Luck- when plays need to be made, he has no problem doing so.

Week 10 - Well it goes without saying that this goes down as Luck's worst game of the year- and that's by far. Early on in the game, the Rams stripped/sacked Luck and scoop and scored with it, and that play alone got the Colts, as a team, out of sync. St. Louis had a gameplan to get to Luck early and often and they succeeded with that plan resulting in Luck having to often hurry to get his passes off and not being able to set himself. Luck was throwing mostly under routes all game, as that's what the Rams we're giving him. Luck was overthrowing guys all game because of it, with two of his INTs resulting in pretty bad overthrows. His third pick was inside the Rams 10 going in where he made a bad read on the coverage STL was playing and it resulted in a pick in the endzone. His best ball came on a wide-open TY Hilton route where Luck led him perfectly in stride and Hilton potentially could've scored if he kept his balance and didn't trip up entering the red zone. Luck was mobile this game, but again, credit has to be given to the STL defense as they drew up a plan and it was very successful. One would have to be semi-concerned with this Colts offense without Reggie Wayne as it's evident they're still trying to put together an offensive scheme with him not in the lineup.

Week 11 - After the most dismal outing of his season last week, things didn't start out so hot for Luck this week either; with the gameplan out there that the Colts don't have a reliable offensive line, the Titans brought pressure which disrupted Luck early on and being down 14-0 out the gate, the outlook looked dim. Luck's guys were dropping passes and he wasn't the most accurate QB either. However it certainly was a tale of two halves as Luck found himself in the second half- even running for a nice 11 yard scamper and finding paydirt where he pump faked a screen and took it up the middle, made a few guys miss and got into the endzone. With his receivers, he had a mismatch with Coby Fleener all night and so he was getting it to him whenever he could. Under routes were what he was calling mostly all night as his long was only 39 yards and a lot of those yards came after the catch. Down two scores early, Luck kept his cool and focus and wasn't rattled in the slightest. It's a good sign showing that he could bounce back from last week's atrocious performance and even from this game's disappointing first half.

Week 12 - Just when you thought Luck got passed his worst game of the year- the Colts travel to Arizona where he posts his second straight rather disappointing game. Yes the Cardinals have a very legitimate defense, but Luck didn't help his cause much at all; passes were being under/overthrown in every which way, he was missing receivers when they'd break free from their coverage- it just wasn't a very Andrew Luck-ish kind of game. He only threw one INT however you won't find a worse Luck mistake than that one- he was being taken down in the pocket and as he was going down he thought he saw an open Fleener so he throws it and the defending LB Dansby slipped right in front of the tight end and took it to the house, thus really putting momentum in the Cards pocket. However Luck's lone TD was a beautiful throw to Fleener in the endzone where Luck put it in one of the only spots Fleener could get it as he was draped in coverage the whole way down the field. His scramble of 28 yards was the team longest play from scrimmage as the Cardinals secondary showcased why it's one of the best in the game. Luck and company clearly seems to be in a funk when it comes to an offensive gameplan post-Reggie Wayne, but that's no excuse some four weeks later. Let's hope this can just be chalked up as a hostile environment, road game loss and look for Luck to bounce back next week versus the Titans.

Week 13 - Having a tough time the last time his team faced the Titans, one could see this game being a bit more difficult than someone would assume- and that's kind of the case of what happened here in this one as Luck continued with his streaky play. The Colts offensive line was putrid in this one, rarely giving Luck time to sit in the pocket, always having him throwing awkwardly or rolling out to either side when making a throw. Luck's lone turnover of the game was an interception that bounced off Hilton's hands, wasn't much Luck's fault as he put the ball where it needed to be. However he did have a pass thrown terribly that should have been intercepted but the safety dropped it. The best part of Luck's game in this one was his ability to avoid the rush and turn the play into a positive one as he scrambled for three first downs throughout the game. Luck also fumbled the ball twice, two times in a three play span as a matter of fact, but luckily for him and the Colts a lineman fell on it both times. All in all, Luck managed the game just enough to lead Indy to a W- and while it wasn't a great fantasy outing, it's games like these that a QB needs to win with no excuses.

Week 14 - Playing in frigid temperatures was something new to Luck and with the team playing catchup mode practically all game, this was a boxscore fill-up kind of game for him. Not having one turnover, Luck was very controlling of the ball, not forcing many passes and was finding guys open for the most part all day. This would've been a far more close game had the Colts D even of semi-showed up. Luck shared the wealth with his pass catchers, completing a pass to 9 different players. He added a nice 20 yard scramble to his stat sheet in this one as well. Basically throwing it every play in the second half, Luck made Da'Rick Rodgers his top target in this one throwing him two TD passes with the one a nicely laid out deep ball in the endzone in which Rodgers had no problem getting under. Being held scoreless in the first half, Luck played about as good of a second half/attempted comeback role as he could, it's just the defense wasn't getting their stops. This one will show up as a Colts loss, but you'd be hardpressed to find a critiquer who could make the case that this loss should fall on Luck's shoulders.

Week 15 - Luck looked on point on their first drive, leading Indy right down the field. There wasn't much pressure on him in this game, a contrast to what he usually faces, so he was able to dissect the defense- something he's one of the best at. The opening drive TD pass to Griff Whalen was from 16 yards out and was a simple in route that Whalen got on the inside of his defender and Luck put it where it needed to be. He was mobile in this one as well, scrambling for a few first downs. Luck did throw an INT going into score- an underthrown ball across the middle, down inside the 5, that his receiver couldn't really make a play on. That lone INT being the only blemish on the day for Luck as he orchestrated a successful offense Sunday, something Indy definitely needed to get back on track.

Week 16 - Abandoning the run early in the game and opting for short passes to make up for it, Luck threw a lot in this one (37 times) for it being a game they were in control of for most the afternoon. His OL held their own against a highly touted Chiefs defense, allowing Luck to only be sacked once; they were also doing their jobs protecting him as he was able to check down his progressions when he was dropping back, not much hurrying either- so when a team allows a QB like Luck to basically pick them apart, this result should be expected. Not turning the ball over at all in this one, Luck kept good care of the football. His lone TD came on a simple check down to Donald Brown but there were no defenders on that side of the field and Brown basically went untouched from 33 yards out. The up and down year for the Colts continued in this one as Luck played a rather flawless game while leading his team to victory, on the road, in one of the most hostile environments in football.

Week 17 - Surprisingly Luck threw the ball early and often in this one, totaling 37 passes and was sacked only once in this one. He seemed the most comfortable heís been in some time, letting routes develop and finding the right man on what seemed like every pass. Finding Hilton on most of his completions, Luck was putting the ball where it needed to be- whether it be a fade route, quick bubble screens, timed out route, it was all working in this one. With no turnovers, his lone TD pass came in the third quarter inside the 10 on a Griff Whalen slant route. What seemed like a tune up game for the playoffs, if it showed anything of what to expect from Luck in the postseason- other teams better watch out.

Week 18 - With the stage set for the opening of the playoffs, Luck made sure he didnít disappoint; he came out the gate guns a blazing- connecting on his first seven passes en route to a TD to Hilton. Luck continued firing away and unfortunately for him, when you pass 45 times and face a solid defense, youíre bound to make mistakes; Luck threw three INTs in this with the first pick having the DB get in front of the receiver on a slant route. His second was the first play from scrimmage in the second half where he threw behind Donald Brown in the flat and the corner reached his arms out and snagged it; and finally the third ďwasnít his faultĒ as TY practically got the ball taken away from him. Only being sacked once, Luck was always looking to make a play, even with his feet, as he ran for a couple drive-extending first downs in this one. His highlight play of this one came in the 4th quarter- as Brown was going into the end zone on a goal line handoff, he fumbles the ball and it just so happens to take a favorable Indy bounce right into the waiting hands of Luck, he dives forward into the endzone making the game a one-score deficit. Their lead-taking TD came on a pass from Luck to TY where Hilton just got behind the secondary and Luck put it on the money. With five total TDs in the game, Luck did all he could to get his team the W- and thatís exactly what they got. Now itís onto the outdoors of Foxboro, where Luck is now two games away from the Super Bowl.

Week 19 - Throwing just nine interceptions all season long, Luck practically tossed half that in this game as he was in comeback mode from basically out the gate. He didnít help his case when his second pass of the game, less than two minutes in, was picked off as he stared down his receiver from the get-go. Luck was sacked three times in the game and was hurried many more times than that, and with Belichick being known for removing the opponentís top threat (Hilton only had four catches), Luck had little to work with. His two TDs both went to Brazill in comeback mode, both passes being on the dime. Itís not like Luck played terrible either- two of his picks ďwerenít his faultĒ as they went off a receiverís hands and the other got taken away by the corner- and needing points fast it wasnít like he was able to pick his spots, he needed to make something happen. With all that being said, he did post one of his bottom three QBR/QB rating games of the season. This inefficient loss closes out an overall great statistical season for Luck and given the injury losses, an ineffective o-line, and the dismal Trent Richardson deal, you canít give him enough credit for getting this team where it ended up going.