QB Jake Locker, Free agent

HT: 6-2, WT: 231, Born: 6-15-1988, College: Washington, Drafted: Round 1, Pick 8

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2014 Projections

David Dodds14.0290.0505.033236.621.016.053.03456.52.0281
Bob Henry14.0242.0400.028507.
Jason Wood13.0260.0450.029506.618.018.045.02856.32.0242
Maurile Tremblay15.0292.0490.033186.819.016.060.03666.12.0275

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Overall: H Douglas (205), Jake Locker (207), C Anderson (208), R Streater (209)
Position: J McCown (171-QB24), E Manuel (202-QB25), Jake Locker (207 - QB26), T Bridgewater (219-QB27), G Smith (220-QB28)
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Optimism with Jake Locker hinges on his health. The 25-year-old has started just 18 games over the past two seasons and he wasn't always fully healthy when he was on the field last year. Before suffering his first setback last season, Locker was playing well within the Titans offense. That play wasn't leading to big numbers, but his potential was apparent. New head coach Ken Whisenhunt hasn't brought in anyone who should immediately replace Locker, so his presence should only help the quarterback when he is healthy. Combine that with Justin Hunter and Kendall Wright's development at the receiver position and Locker could have a productive season. Of course, he needs to stay healthy which seems unlikely at this stage.

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2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - The Titans did an excellent job of taking the spotlight off of Locker. They didn't have a dominant running game, but in a close game they were able to manage what throws he made and simplify the offense. What the Titans did ask him to do, he did well. In the second half, Locker made more throws deep down the field as he repeatedly converted third downs with precise, powerful throws.

Week 2 - Locker started off the game with two sacks, but soon after he hit Nate Washington with a perfect throw to convert a third and six. Locker released the ball early, with good velocity and perfect accuracy. The same decription could be used for the touchdown pass he sent Kendall Wright's way at the end of the same drive. After that, Locker followed up with a handful of errant passes that gave his receivers no chance, before he forced a pass to Kenny Britt that should have been intercepted. Locker was inconsistent during the whole game, both as a passer and in the pocket. He was sacked too often and fumbled a snap at one point. He did throw another very impressive touchdown pass to tight end Delanie Walker late in the fourth quarter when the score was 16-10 to the Texans. The jury is still very much out on the young quarterback.

Week 3 - The Titans looked to Locker early in the game again as they came out throwing to star their first two series. Bad play combinations for the Titans put them in third and long on both situations, bringing both drives to an early close. On his third drive, Locker made his first big play of the game, but he did so with his running ability as he escaped through the middle of the field for a very impressive 39 yard gain. After that big play, Locker nearly connected on a touchdown pass to Kenny Britt but slightly underthrew the pass and his receiver couldn't make a tough grab. In the second quarter, he should have had a touchdown when he threw an outstanding pass to Justin Hunter deep down the field. Hunter beat the secondary and the pass was timed and placed perfectly, but he couldn't make the catch. Soon after, Locker would find the end zone with his feet. Even though he ran the ball in on a designed run, the quarterback made some very, very impressive plays to bring his team to that position. He did fumble the ball on a designed run after an excellent hit from a defender and that final touchdown pass was basically just a heave to the endzone, but Locker was very good against the Chargers. Not just very good in relation to how he had been previously either, he was very good in terms of any other quarterback in the league. He was consistently making good decisions and very accurate, on time passes and would have had much greater production if his receivers had given him more help.

Week 4 - Locker's first attempt of the game went for a touchdown as the Titans took over a short field after a Geno Smith interception. On third and goal at the one yard line, Locker found Delanie Walker wide open in the back of the endzone after play-action. While that first touchdown was made easy for him, Locker's impressive form from recent weeks carried over after that point. As he had done so often, Locker was throwing very accurate passes on time down the field. He connected with three different receivers before finding Nate Washington underneath at the goalline for his second touchdown. After another Jets turnover, Locker was able to orchestrate a touchdown drive that featured Damian Williams a lot before Justin Hunter caught a jump ball in the endzone for Locker's third touchdown. With 11 minutes left in the third quarter, Locker was hit twice in the pocket and left the game with a severe hip injury.

Week 7 - Locker wasn't as mobile in this game as he had been before his hip injury, but that was to be expected. He was still throwing the ball much better than Ryan Fitzpatrick did at any point however. Locker's first big mistake came in the second quarter, as he didn't get enough on a deep pass down the sideline against man coverage. His underthrow allowed the defender to come up with an easy interception ahead of Nate Washington. Locker's movement improved as the game went on. He was no track to potentially bring his team back, but a special teams touchdown for the 49ers all but decided the game. Locker threw an impressive touchdown pass to Delanie Walker after the game had already been decided.

Week 9 - Locker struggled during the first half of this game. There was no real rhyme or rhythm to the offense as a whole which gave Locker no comfort. He led one touchdown drive, but the condemning play came within two minutes of halftime. Locker threw a pass directly to Cortland Finnegan as he looked to find Kenny Britt on a slant. The passing game as a whole never really got going. Part of that was Locker, part of it was the offense as a whole. Locker did use his feet to find the endzone early in the fourth quarter though. He scrambled well after converting two earlier third down plays with precise throws. After completing a perfect pass to Kendall Wright immediately after the Rams tied the game late in the fourth quarter, a miscommunication between Locker and Washington led to another interception for the St. Louis Rams.

Week 10 - Locker didn't throw the ball much in the first quarter, but he threw it well when he did. With his first pass of the second quarter however, the ball sailed over the middle of the field and was easily intercepted. Not only was it a bad throw, but it also appeared to be a bad decision from the quarterback. Locker played a part in the Titans next turnover, as he and Chris Johnson messed up a handoff between them midway through the second quarter. Locker didn't return to the game as he was injured on that play.