WR Greg Little, Free agent

HT: 6-2, WT: 231, Born: 5-30-1989, College: North Carolina, Drafted: Round 2

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2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Greg Little flashed his ability but also showed why he can't make the next step as a wide receiver. On the first drive of the game, Little made a quick cut into the middle of the field and snagged a fastball from Brandon Weeden that was high and behind him. Little also made a few nice moves to gain extra yards after catching the ball on a hitch route in the fourth quarter. Despite these positives, Little dropped 2-4 passes, depending on whom you ask. His most brutal drop was on a crossing route in the first quarter, as the ball smacked him right in the hands and deflected into the hands of a Dolphins defender. Little also struggle getting separation on intermediate or deep routes, as he was only open while trolling the underneath section of the Dolphins secondary. Every time one sees something positive or spectacular from Greg Little, it seems like a miscue or a dropped pass follows it.

Week 2 - Greg Little saw his fair share of targets on Sunday but showed once again why he is not a reliable receiving option. Little did have make a spectacular leaping catch in the 2nd quarter on a high throw from Brandon Weeden, but otherwise put forth a rather uninspiring performance. Little had two drops; both being beautiful throws from Brandon Weeden. In short, Greg Little wasted great quarterback play on Sunday. Little's route running was decent, showing good burst out of his cuts. However, Little often failed to get much separation from defenders. This may be partly because Little was forced to run deep routes when he specializes in underneath crossing routes.

Week 3 - Greg Little was a non-factor throughout much of the game. His marginal talent has been clearly exposed, especially playing next to a beast like Josh Gordon. On multiple occasions, Little could not fight through a defender on his way to a ball, most notably on the final drive of the game. To add to Little's inconsistent hands, he rounded his route in the third quarter and did not catch up to a Brian Hoyer boundary pass. The one thing Little had going for him was solid route running, but when that is not going for him, you will see many more performances like Sunday. Consider Little nothing more than a marginal fourth option on this Browns offense.

Week 4 - Greg Little was a no show on the stat sheet for the Browns, and seems to have fallen out of favor with Browns coaches. Little did do a good job blocking on the boundary throughout the game, but lacks the ability to get open and make plays. Consider Little to be nothing more than anecdotal when discussing the Browns' passing attack.

Week 5 - What a change a week can make! Greg Little has gone from relevance to obscurity and is now back to relevance with Brandon Weeden at quarterback. Little had the longest reception of that night, a 47-yarder on a deep post without safety help over the top. While Greg Little may not possess the elite tools that Josh Gordon has, he is still a big receiving threat that flashes brilliance at times. We saw what that brilliance can do on Thursday night, as Little beat the cornerback, stayed in stride, and caught the ball for a 47 yard-gain. Do not be surprised if one sees Greg Little supplants Davone Bess as the Browns' third receiving option in the coming weeks with Brandon Weeden at quarterback.

Week 6 - Despite a bevy of targets, Brandon Weeden was only able to connect with Greg Little twice on Sunday. Little's first reception was a touchdown, as Brandon Weeden completed a short pass to Greg Little running a short route to the sideline near the goal line. One gets a feeling that Greg Little does not separate from receivers very well, as his breaks and cuts can seem slow and non-fluid.

Week 7 - Greg Little had a few nice moments on Sunday and looked like a legitimate NFL receiver. Amazingly, Greg Little made more of an impact on Sunday's game than Josh Gordon did. Little's most impressive reception came on a short crossing route where he cut up field, making a defender slip while pushing for extra yards. Little always is determined to gain yards after the catch, but often times that determination does not result in yards gained. Little did make a youthful mistake in the fourth quarter on 3rd and 15 that might have given the Browns a chance at scoring deep in Packers territory. Little was slow to get off his route and failed to cut to the sideline for a deep out and instead ran a streak. Weeden delivered the ball to sideline, where Little was nowhere to be found. That catch could have potentially led to a first down or fourth and short deep in Packers territory. Lapses in concentration such as these are what keep Little from ascending to the next level as a wide receiver. WR Davone Bess

Week 8 - Little's only catch came during the Browns' second possession. Little ran a short hitch route, which looks to have been cut off too early, as Jason Campbell's throw came too late and was nearly intercepted. Greg Little does not possess the ability to get open consistently or prove to be a threat to opposing defenses.

Week 9 - Greg Little had his best day as a pro against the Ravens on Sunday, looking the large, after the catch threat that the Browns had envisioned him becoming when making his a second round selection in 2011. Greg Little displays his athleticism when contesting for passes in coverage, as he multiple times wrestled for the ball in traffic and came down with a huge catch. On one instance in the first quarter, Little fought for a ball in double coverage, broke two tackles and gained around 20 extra yards after the catch for a 32-yard gain. Late in the game, Little came up huge on 3rd and 10 by jumping once again up for a ball, coming down, evading defenders and taking off to the races. When in the open field, Little showed great straight-line speed. However, while Greg Little looked like Josh Gordon with his receiving ability, he also looked like Josh Gordon by drawing 30 yards in unsportsmanlike conduct penalties in the first half. Overall, Little looked like a mini Josh Gordon on Sunday, with his first 100-yard game of the season.

Week 11 - Why not try Greg Little at running back? With the Browns receiving barely replacement level production from their running backs, the Browns might be better off attempting to convert Greg Little into a running back. Alas, that notion is only half-sarcastic. Little put forth another underwhelming effort, but this time it seems like Little was forced to deal with an incompetent quarterback. I would really like to see what Greg Little could do with a good NFL quarterback, but at this point in his career, he is dealing with career backups who overthrow him by seven-eight yards on intermediate passing routes. Consider Greg Little a marginally talented receiver with a carousal on incompetence for a quarterback.

Week 12 - Greg Little was a non-factor on Sunday, amassing only 17 yards against the previously eighth ranked Steelers defense. Little dropped another pass on Sunday, a laser at eye level on a short comeback route from Brandon Weeden. Little's best moment came on a comeback route in the third quarter where Little wrestled the ball from Cortez Allen, using his size to shield away the smaller Allen. However, despite his obvious physical gifts, Little lacks the ability to separate from defensive backs. Rarely will one see Little "open" when targeted; he seems to always be followed closely by a cornerback or safety.

Week 13 - Greg Little was quiet for the most of the game on Sunday while his teammate Josh Gordon completely blew up. However, when Gordon was in the locker room being inspected for a concussion, Little capitalized and came down with his second touchdown of the season. Little caught a laser from Brandon Weeden, and took a lick from a Jaguars defender while still holding onto the ball for six points.

Week 14 - Greg Little couldn't get much going on the day, as it belonged to Josh Gordon and Jordan Cameron. Little narrowly missed a couple passes that would have day much more palatable, but due to slight overthrows, his day was well below average.

Week 15 - Little caught the longest reception of the day, a 44-yarder on a screen with a plethora of blockers ahead of him. Little used a deceptive fake to lure the cornerback away from the play as the Browns lineman set up their blocks. Little then accelerated forward for a large gain after the catch. When given the ball in space, Little excels and makes plays. However, Little does not excel at making plays downfield. Greg Little is largely an underneath receiver, not exactly a fit for this offense. Nonetheless, Jason Campbell checked down quite often on Sunday and was able to find Little four times.

Week 16 - Greg Little managed only one catch on Sunday, and at this point is nothing more than dead weight on the Browns roster. Little dropped a touchdown pass in the end zone in the first quarter - dropped right off his hands. Little has made almost no progress since his rookie season and cannot even develop a role on an offense starving for producers.