RB John Kuhn, Free agent

HT: 6-0, WT: 255, Born: 9-9-1982, College: Shippensburg, Drafted: ---

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2014 Projections

David Dodds15.06.0233.80.06.0386.30.06
Bob Henry16.05.0153.00.07.0608.61.014
Jason Wood16.010.0353.52.010.0808.01.030
Maurile Tremblay16.05.0193.80.010.0818.10.010

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2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - John Kuhn did what he always does - ran off-tackle for a first down and blocked almost the entire rest of the time he was on the field. Kuhn was also a target of a dump pass from Aaron Rodgers who was about to be sacked. The pass was too far for him to catch and fell incomplete, ending the game.

Week 6 - John Kuhn kept on doing what he does—plowing over would-be tacklers to protect Aaron Rodgers and occasionally stepping in for a carry or reception. Sunday he actually caught the ball twice, one of which was for a big first gain of nine yards. On the play, Kuhn slipped out on a short route and Aaron Rodgers dumped him the ball. Nobody was anywhere near him, so he turned upfield and ran for another few yards, eventually being upended just short of the first down marker.

Week 7 - As is the norm, Kuhn saw just 18 snaps out of 71 offensive snaps overall, most of those blocking either for an Eddie Lacy run or to help keep Aaron Rodgers upright. He did have a nice catch and show some elusiveness after the reception on an 8-yard play in the third quarter. Kuhn also had a decent run near the end of the game for four yards. Overall though, his work is mostly blocking with a little short yardage on rare occasions.

Week 8 - As always, fullback John Kuhn was on the field as a blocker for most of his 29 offensive snaps. He was the target on two passes, one of which he caught and took for another few yards. Still, Kuhn will never be more than a blocker with the occasional offensive touch.

Week 10 - As is always the case, fullback John Kuhn is mostly in the game to block. He did have several nice offensive plays on Sunday though, including a bruising short run for a first down and a nice catch on a side-armed dump pass by back Scott Tolzien.

Week 11 - It was an unusual day for fullback John Kuhn, as he touched the ball four times, three of which were on passes. The one really notable play was a screen pass in the fourth quarter when the Packers were down 20-6. On the play, Kuhn caught the ball behind the line of scrimmage and had a blocker in front of him. Kuhn chose to run the ball inside though, despite the blocker having walled off the defender that way. While Kuhn isn’t fast, he would have had a better chance to score the touchdown by running outside where there were no defenders, rather than inside into the teeth of the defense. Instead he didn’t even get the first down.

Week 12 - It was an odd day for fullback John Kuhn who never ran the ball once but was targeted four times by Packers quarterbacks over the course of the day. His first catch caught everyone (maybe even Kuhn) by surprise. On the play he ran a short route off the right side of the line where there were no defenders. Quarterback Scott Tolzien saw him open and dumped a quick pass to him. Kuhn turned upfield and gained 20 yards before a Vikings defender got anywhere near him. Kuhn continues to be on the field largely for blocking though—his four targets represent very little of the 32 snaps he was on the field for.

Week 13 - As is normally the case, fullback John Kuhn’s 22 snaps were largely spent on blocking. He continues to get the odd target or carry but most of his day has been—and will continue to be—about blocking.

Week 14 - John Kuhn was used primarily to block and even then didn’t see the field all that much. His one target was tipped at the line of scrimmage, bounced off a foot and was intercepted.

Week 15 - As usual, fullback John Kuhn was on the field for about 37% of the offensive snaps, primarily as a blocker. His one target was a screen pass which was immediately sniffed out and shut down for a loss.

Week 16 - Kuhn saw his touches jump back up against the Pittsburgh Steelers as he was targeted in the pass game as well as the subject of several hand-offs. He also scored a game-tying touchdown in the fourth quarter on a run off the right tackle for a score.

Week 17 - Kuhn had a single carry for a first down, and the rest of his 24 snaps were mostly blocking.

Week 18 - Kuhn continues to get a small amount of touches, although his five Sunday represented almost half of his 13 snaps. Kuhn scored a 1-yard touchdown on a straightforward run play and made a nice catch on an eight-yard reception early in the second which gained enough yards for a first down.