WR Marvin Jones, Detroit Lions

HT: 6-2, WT: 199, Born: 3-12-1990, College: California, Drafted: Round 5

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2014 Projections

David Dodds11.
Bob Henry10.02.0105.00.030.041013.73.060
Jason Wood10.
Maurile Tremblay12.

Average draft position

Current as of August 25th. [Full ADP list]

Overall: T Eifert (176), T Kelce (177), Marvin Jones (178), A Hawkins (180)
Position: M Lee (174-WR60), D Baldwin (175-WR61), Marvin Jones (178 - WR62), A Hawkins (180-WR63), M Austin (186-WR64)
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Overall: T Eifert (177), A Dobson (178), Marvin Jones (179),
Position: D Baldwin (175-WR61), A Dobson (178-WR62), Marvin Jones (179 - WR63), A Hawkins (184-WR64), H Douglas (187-WR65)
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Marvin Jones burst on the seen in a Week 8 game in which he scored four touchdowns against the New York Jets. Heís a nice compliment to A.J. Green on the other side, but he'll miss some of the regular season after suffering a broken foot in Training Camp. Jones could be placed on the PUP list or the IR Designated to Return list. Either would come with a significant chunk of the season missed.

Latest News

Dolphins | Marvin Jones a FA option for Miami? (Thu Jan 7, 08:37 PM) - Detroit Lions free-agent WR Marvin Jones is expected to have interest in the Miami Dolphins if they decide to pursue him during free agency, according to a source.

Our View: Jones will have plenty of suitors in free agency. With WR Kenny Golladay missing most of the 2020 season, Jones secured 76 catches for 978 yards and nine receiving touchdowns. He's excited to test the market and the Dolphins could use a veteran like him to add talent to the wide receiver room.
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Lions | Detroit's offense strong in loss (Sun Jan 3, 05:29 PM) - Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford went 20-for-31 for 293 yards, three touchdowns and one interception against the Minnesota Vikings in Week 17. RB Adrian Peterson rushed for 63 yards and one touchdown on seven carries, while RB D'Andre Swift rushed for 54 yards and one touchdown on 12 carries. WR Marvin Jones caught eight passes for 180 yards and two touchdowns on 11 targets, while WR Quintez Cephus caught two passes for 51 yards and one touchdown on three targets.

Our View: Stafford looked great despite playing with a myriad of injuries. He should be on the trade market as the Lions look to the future in a rebuilding moment. They'll hire a new head coach and general manager this offseason and Stafford is probably at the very end of his prime. Jones will also be a free agent and can still start elsewhere.
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2014 Schedule

1 New York Giants
2at Carolina Panthers
3 Green Bay Packers
4at New York Jets
5 Buffalo Bills
6at Minnesota Vikings
7 New Orleans Saints
8at Atlanta Falcons
Bye week
10 Miami Dolphins
11at Arizona Cardinals
12at New England Patriots
13 Chicago Bears
14 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
15 Minnesota Vikings
16at Chicago Bears
17at Green Bay Packers
18at Dallas Cowboys

2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Jones got the ball on an end-around early in the game and used his athletic ablity to run around the left side for 14 yards. It was one of the only times on the day that a running play worked heading toward the sidelines. Jones also had a short reception on a quick throw from Dalton. Dalton did a great job of spreading the ball around to the open receiver, and with so many options in the passing game, itís going to be hard for Jones to stay relevant.

Week 2 - Jones exudes talent and physical ability. In the second quarter, a short comeback to Marvin Jones turned into a 12 yard gain when he avoided Ike Taylor and scooted ahead for a 12 yard gain. Then in the fourth quarter, Jones beat the defense on another short pass and got a 16 yard gain on a really nice play. Jones is still not a big enough part of the offense to garner much attention from fantasy owners, but his physical ability is there, and the Bengals are slowly working him into the offense.

Week 3 - Marvin Jones was having a quiet day as the Bengals took the field for the final drive. The attention that Green, Sanu and Bernard were drawing opened things up, and Jones took advantage. First, Jones headed upfield then cut toward the left sideline on a corner route. Dalton threw a strike upfield, and Jones got a big 22 yard gain, and 15 more yards tacked on with a personal foul. Then at the 11 yardline, Jones ran a very similar route and completely turned the CB around. Dalton threw it right over the defenders head, and Jones jumped up, caught the ball, and fell to the ground cradling the TD. Jones at this point still remains that X-factor that doesnít get a lot of looks, but has the ability to make big plays. His role doesnít appear to be changing all that much, but he is beginning to make the most of his opportunities, which could put him in line for more work in the future.

Week 4 - Jones had an extremely quiet day, as he failed to catch a single pass. Jones did get a ball thrown his way on a deep out pattern at the end of the game, but the Browns defenders nailed him as the ball hit his hands, and he dropped the catch. Despite some of the exciting plays weíve seen Jones make this year, he still isnít working his way on the field all that often.

Week 5 - Jones and Sanu are beginning to look like carbon copies of each other. They both will run occasional running plays, as Jones did on a reverse that went for 8 yards. They also both tend to get a number of slant passes and the occasional deep ball, as they run similar routes and look similar in their style of play. Jones showed great physical skills on two occasions in this one. One was a nice slant pass between defenders where he made a great catch with his hands and got an 11 yard first down. The second was a leaping grab of a deep ball thrown from the Bengalís own 2 yard line. Dalton threw it in the air between two defenders, and Jones jumped up and grabbed it for a huge first down. If you could combine Jones and Sanu into one player, youíd have the perfect number 2 to Green and a solid fantasy player. As it is, the two offset each other more often than not, and kill any fantasy value that might otherwise be there.

Week 6 - Jones took some big strides in this game, as his athletic ability was used in a number of ways by OC Gruden. First, Jones took a reverse from Bernard on the gameís opening drive, picked his way through defenders and got a big 34 yard gain. Then on the next drive, Dalton hit Jones on a screen pass, and Marvin Jones hit the hole, found daylight and ran 41 yards down the left sideline. Later, Jones ran a comeback route in the endzone and Dalton fired it right to the goalline for a second big play. Jones did a great job of attacking the ball and scoring the TD. Finally, on the final drive of the fourth quarter, Jones got open across the middle for a 19 yard gain, making a leaping grab across the middle for a big first down. Jones is certainly improving and becoming more and more integrated into the offense. He is in a big battle with Mohamed Sanu for the number two spot, and although neither is pulling away with the job, this performance doesnít hurt things.

Week 7 - Jones had a very solid game, emerging as a second threat on the outside. Late in the first half, Dalton threw a fade over the defenderís head in the endzone and Jones jumped high in the air, and pulled down a 12 yard TD. In the third quarter, he went back to Jones. First, he found Jones open down the middle for 18 big yards on third and long. Then on the same possession, Dalton hit Jones on the sideline, and then Marvin shook off a big hit, and fought his way for a 16 yard gain.

Finally, in the 4th quarter, Jones got another sideline catch, made Slay miss, and got 11 yards again. Jones showed tremendous hands, was very physical, and made some very athletic moves in the open field. Although he wasnít on the field nearly as much as Sanu, he gets open and gets the ball when heís out there. If he takes over as the primary number 2 guy, he could legitimately become a serious fantasy factor.

Week 8 - The story of the day was Marvin Jones and his four touchdowns. Two of the tdís were back shoulder throws. Dalton and Jones showed great chemistry on those TDís. On his 3rd TD, Marvin was heading for the sideline where Dalton threw a beautiful ball high in the air. Jones jumped high, caught the ball and then somehow got both feet down for a TD. The athleticism to complete that play was incredible. His final TD was a screen pass. Jones caught the ball, shook a tackle, spun and then drove into the defender at the goalline to get his fourth TD. Those four passes are proof of why Jones is a great redzone option. But he had a number of other big plays in the game. On the second drive, Dalton hit Jones on a slant pass deep downfield. Jones caught the bal and then carried a few defenders ahead to get a big 30 yard gain. His best play was late in the first half, when he hauled in a short pass, broke the tackle of Milliner, broke 2-3 additional tackles and streaked downfield for 45 yards, setting up a TD. The chemistry that Dalton and Jones have is quickly surpassing that of Dalton and Sanu. Much of this year, Sanu has been the number 2 and Jones has come into the game on 3 WR sets. This game started out the same way. But as the game went on, Jones started staying on the field, and it would be criminal if he doesnít move into the permanent number 2 slot in the rotation.

Week 9 - A week after a break-out 4 td performance, Jones looked to keep up the momentum and get a stranglehold on the number 2 job. He started the game with a 8 yard slant in the 2nd drive, and then took a floater on the left sideline for a big 26 yard gain. But the play of the game was a 50 yard TD in the 3rd quarter. After making some great moves, Jones broke out down the left sideline for a TD. But Jermaine Gresham held a defender, unnecessarily, and brought the TD back. Then a few plays later, Dalton threw a pick 6. A great example of a penalty completely changing the entire game. Jones didnít end up with a TD, but he has stepped into a valuable role in Cincy. Heís the ďotherĒ playmaker at WR, and at this point, heís getting looks in every game. While he didnít explode on the scoreboard, he put up solid points, and has done so for a few games now. He looks to be a very safe flex play from here on out.

Week 10 - Dalton badly overthrew Jones on two occasions, and they were such bad throws, that you almost wonder if Jones didnít run long enough routes. Itís impossible to tell if that was the case, but Dalton and Jones showed none of the chemistry that they showed a few weeks ago. The cornerbacks played Jones really tight, and he didnít respond. On one of Daltonís interceptions, the throw was actually pretty good. But somehow Webb just ripped the ball right out of Jonesí hands, completely out-muscling him for the reception. For a receiver that is trying to become the permanent number 2, and trying to get on the field for as many snaps as possible, it was a pretty poor showing.

Week 11 - On a day where Dalton threw for less than 100 yards, there just weren't enough looks for Jones. He had one end-around that went for negative yards, and he caught one short pass at the end of the first half for 9 yards that setup a field goal. The problem with Jones is simply that he still hasn't beaten Sanu out of the number 2 role, despite his big game a few weeks back. When the Bengals offense is struggling like this, Jones isn't going to do much.

Week 13 - Jones also only had 2 short receptions in this one. Dalton did throw Jones a lob in the endzone. The announcing team seemed to think that if the ball were thrown further that Jones would have been able to catch it. But the reality is that Jones had zero separation from his defender, and likely wouldnít have been able to come up with the ball in either case.

Week 14 - After a disappearing act over the last few weeks, Jones rebounded with two big plays. One was a 29 yard touchdown on a deep pass in the endzone. Dalton put it where only Jones could catch it, and Jones made a beautiful diving catch, and somehow held onto the ball even when he slid into the grass. Then later in the game, Dalton threw another lob over the head of a defender, and Jones jumped high into the air and caught another 29 yard pass. Jones still doesnít get a lot of targets, but he makes plays when he gets the opportunity. If he ever becomes a favorite of Dalton, his numbers could skyrocket. Heís got the talent and makes big plays. At this time, he still isnít getting the number of snap counts needed to get consistent production, but that will change in the future if this production continues.

Week 15 - Jones had a rough first half, along with the rest of the team. In the second, Jones also was the beneficiary of a defense designed to prevent the big play. Jones touchdown was a blown coverage, as he found himself absolutely wide open in the left side of the endzone. Jones should some game-breaking ability on one play in the 2nd half. Dalton hit Jones on the left side of the field, and Jones cut all the way to the other side of the field, making four people miss and racking up solid yardage. His lone mistake of the day was a dropped slant pass on the final drive, but it was a big drop, as it put a dent in any potential Bengals comeback.

Week 16 - Jones really helped move the chains in the first half, serving as the perfect number 2 option when Green was covered. Early on, Dalton found Jones open in between four defenders and nailed him for a big 18 yard gain. In the second quarter, Dalton fired a 21 yard strike to Jones who made a beautiful diving catch right at the sideline for a big gain. He then followed that up by going over the middle for 13 and holding onto the ball despite getting drilled by the DB. Jones final big play came in the 3rd quarter when he again got open across the middle on a play-action pass. Jones picked up 18 yards, and then made a nice move to avoid taking a big hit. Jones has been up-and-down this season, but has really emerged as the best option to become a true 2nd option in the passing game. He has athleticism, he can make a play on the ball in the air, and he can run every route in the playbook.

Week 17 - Jones had a big day and got a lot of opportunities to make plays. Early on, Dalton threw him a jump ball about 20 yards downfield. Jones leapt high in the air and got both hands on the ball, only to then lose the ball to the defender who ripped it away and got an interception. That was a play Jones needed to make. However, Jones made up for it with a beautiful TD reception on a ball that was thrown really high. Jones jumped in the air, and had to reach behind him with one hand to corral the ball. Then as he was falling to the ground, he managed to have enough concentration to continue to get the ball under control and finally caught it just as he was hitting the ground. Jones also drew a pass interference call in the endzone which led to another TD, and added a number of big receptions. Later in the 2nd half, Jones streaked down the left sideline and made another circus grab high in the air and then was blasted by the DB. Jones fell out of bounds, but caught the ball and drew a personal foul penalty. Jones also had a couple sideline catches, one for 17 on a Dalton scramble, and an 11 yard play where he caught the ball on a comeback, made a defender miss and got a first down. Jones has completely eclipsed Sanu as the number 2 WR and has a bright future on this squad.

Week 18 - Jones had a tremendous day, putting up one of his best games of the season. His best play was a 49 yard bomb down the left sideline that put Cincy in position for their only TD. Jones got behind the defender and easily caught the perfectly thrown ball for a long gain. In the final part of the game, Dalton leaned on Jones as he tried working the ball down the field. He had a couple 8 yard outs for first downs, and he also caught a ball across the middle, and did a great job of streaking toward the sideline and getting out of bounds so that he could stop the clock. Jones did a great job of jumping in the air and nabbing a couple high passes from Dalton. The duo of Green and Jones has turned into a one of the NFLís best. Throw in Bernard, the TEís and Sanu/Hawkins, and you have the makings of one of the best wr corps in the NFL, if not THE best. This is why there is frustration in Cincy today. But despite having WRís who can put up big numbers, the turnovers and pass blocking killed this game for Cincy. However, Jones can look back on this year as the season in which he arrived as a legitimate player in the NFL.