WR Julio Jones, Atlanta Falcons

HT: 6-2, WT: 220, Born: 2-3-1989, College: Alabama, Drafted: Round 1, Pick 6

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2014 Projections

David Dodds16.
Bob Henry15.02.0105.00.090.0130014.49.0185
Jason Wood16.
Maurile Tremblay16.

Average draft position

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Overall: D Brees (16), A Rodgers (17), Julio Jones (18), G Bernard (19), A Foster (20)
Position: A Green (12-WR4), B Marshall (15-WR5), Julio Jones (18 - WR6), J Nelson (22-WR7), A Jeffery (24-WR8)
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Overall: A Green (11), D Murray (12), Julio Jones (13), B Marshall (14), G Bernard (15)
Position: D Bryant (9-WR3), A Green (11-WR4), Julio Jones (13 - WR5), B Marshall (14-WR6), J Nelson (19-WR7)
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Julio Jones enters the 2014 season as the unquestioned #1 wide receiver in the Falcons' stable of pass catchers. His impact on the team's offense was made clear during 2013 as the Falcons' passing attack struggled in Jones absence - (he was lost after week five, 2013 due to a fractured foot). Jones had over 100 yards in three of the five games he appeared in last season, and 99 yards receiving in a fourth, before going down to the foot injury (the second time he's broken the foot in the same place). During the first five games of the season - with Jones in the lineup - Ryan threw for over 300 yards three times, over 400 yards once, and he connected for two TDs per game (10 over the first five contests) with just three total interceptions during that span of time. Assuming Jones has fully recovered from his foot injury, he should have no problem returning to or surpassing the level we saw from him during 2012 (138 targets for 79/1198/10 receiving over 16 games). He is one of the dominant, young wide receivers in the NFL right now at 25 years of age. With legendary tight end Tony Gonzalez now in retirement, Jones and his compatriots at wide receiver - Roddy White and Harry Douglas - are likely to see even more opportunities to catch the football during the upcoming NFL season as the wide receivers will inherit some of the 120-130 targets and 80-90 receptions that Gonzalez handled annually while with the Falcons..

2014 Schedule

1 New Orleans Saints
2at Cincinnati Bengals
3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
4at Minnesota Vikings
5at New York Giants
6 Chicago Bears
7at Baltimore Ravens
8 Detroit Lions
Bye week
10at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
11at Carolina Panthers
12 Cleveland Browns
13 Arizona Cardinals
14at Green Bay Packers
15 Pittsburgh Steelers
16at New Orleans Saints
17 Carolina Panthers

2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - The ineffectiveness of Roddy White hurt Jones' game in the sense that the Falcons had to use Jones in three-receiver groupings to flood zones and prevent consistent double coverage. The bigger issue for Jones was the Falcons' offensive line. The front five allowed too much pressure for Matt Ryan to look deep to his receivers and this restricted White to screens, seams, and crossing routes. One of Jones' best plays of the day was also his worst: a play-action dig route where he fought for additional yards, but the Saints defensive backs stripped the ball from Jones' grasp as he extended his body forward. Nearly a third of Jones' yards (22) came on the final drive against a two-minute offense on a seam route. He also made a fine, back-shoulder catch on a slant that Ryan placed there by design. Throw in a score on a crossing route and Jones had a solid afternoon, but his big-play upside might be in purgatory until the Falcons' line and Roddy White can perform better.

Week 2 - Jones had moments this week where he carried this offense. The screen game was a big part of it, but it didn't start off with much success. He was held to four yards on the first two screens in the first quarter. Later he couldn't bring a sideline fade inbounds against Janoris Jenkins. The corner pushed Jones out of bounds after Jones made a full extension on the ball. But Jones followed up later in the quarter with a seam route on third-an-one where he made a move inside that fooled Jenkins and then bent the break outside the corner to catch the target in stride, break the corner's wrap and take the ball a remaining 60 yards for an 81-yard score. While the Falcons were silent in the third quarter on offense, Jones helped revive the unit in the fourth quarter on a scoring drive where the receiver caught three straight passes, including two screens. One was a 16-yard run where he hurdled a defender's wrap attempt to get down field. Another was a third-down reception between two defenders in zone after he worked to the middle of the field to get open for his quarterback, who was forced from the pocket. He did an especially good job hanging onto the ball after sandwiched by both defenders.

Week 3 - Jones made some nice plays, but it's clear that the Falcons miss a healthy Roddy White in the primary role. Jones was often used on crossing routes, screens, and square-in routes and he did a fine job on these short passes to make the play. However, the Falcons weren't confident in its pass protection to go deep with play action and its only intermediate route was a first-half sideline fade that Jones extended to catch, but then dropped when the safety Rashad Jones delivered a hit to Jones' back and the receiver dropped the ball. Whenever Jones was matched with Nolan Carroll, the defensive back looked overwhelmed. Carroll allowed Jones to post up on a play that he had room to defend but seemed a step slow to reaction in this game. Until Roddy White can return to form, Jones will see a safety over top on intermediate and deep routes and the Falcons lack the protection up front to take a lot of shots without White opening the field so Atlanta can use Jones on the twins or trips alignments to cross up zone assignments.

Week 4 - The third-year receiver had a fine game in the box score and excellent moments, but some of those opportunities came courtesy of New England changing its priority from stopping Jones to limiting Tony Gonzalez. Jones dropped three passes in this game, two of them in situations where the Patriots placed a defender over top to allow an underneath defensive back to watch the quarterback and earn position under Jones to force a tight-window throw that the receiver couldn't handle. Jones also dropped a crossing route that was placed a little behind the receiver but should have been caught and this forced a punt in the third quarter. Jones also couldn't beat Aqib Talib in single coverage on a slant route on the play before. Talib played well as a man-to-man safety in this game against both White and Jones. This included a deep sideline route against Talib, but mistimed his leap over top and behind the defender inside the five. In the fourth quarter, Talib earned inside position on a streak up th right sideline and never gave it up, intercepting a deep pass with 9:35 left on the first play of the series. Despite these struggles, Jones also came up big in moments the Falcons needed him most. He injured his knee in the fourth quarter on a pass at the right sideline, taking a hit to his hip and landing on his knee while fumbling the ball out of bounds. If not for issues with the replay equipment, Bill Belichick might have succeeded in having the play ruled an incomplete pass because it was that close a call. Jones limped off the field and missed the remainder of the series. However when the Falcons scored a touchdown and closed within 10 points, Jones returned to the game and despite being gimpy between plays, he got down field and made two excellent plays. The first was a fade where Jones earned separation with a late push on the defender and caught the ball over his head with his back to the boundary as he exited the sideline with two feet inbounds. On the final drive, he made a fantastic, catch over his inside shoulder in the tightest of coverage on a perfect throw to get the Falcons into Patriots territory. Monitor Jones' injury because the adrenaline of the situation might make it appear less serious than it might be once Jones' body cools down. Jones played well enough that he should be good to go next week despite the minor concern.

Week 5 - Jones made several fine plays on Monday night. He scooped up a loose ball for an extra 15 yards after Roddy White had the ball knocked free on a quick slant in the first quarter. Jones then earned a nice gain on a corner route against two-deep zone in the late second quarter to get inside the Jets' 25 yard line. However, Jones really didn't earn opportunities to shine until the fourth quarter when the Falcons were down by double digits. Jones made a diving attempt on a go route in the end zone that he nearly secured if not for a fine play by Antonio Cromartie ripping the receiver's arms at the last second. In the following series, Jones juggled a sideline fade and lost control before exiting the boundary. He was also called for pass interference against Cromartie on the play. However, Matt Ryan went back to Jones on the following play and the receiver made an awesome one-handed grab over his outside shoulder with his outside hand while Cromartie held Jones' inside arm down field. Cromartie was called for a pass interference foul, but the reception put the Falcons into Jets territory and set up a 20-yard touchdown run to bring Atlanta within 6 of the Jets. Jones isn't seeing looks in the red zone and his down field targets are more limited than they would be with Roddy White healthy, but he's generating at least one 1-2 big plays a game that are making a difference.