RB Rashad Jennings, Free agent

HT: 6-1, WT: 231, Born: 3-26-1985, College: Liberty, Drafted: Round 7

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David Dodds15.0210.08614.16.042.03157.52.0166
Bob Henry16.0200.08654.35.048.03607.52.0165
Jason Wood16.0200.08404.26.042.02906.91.0155
Maurile Tremblay16.0205.08864.36.048.03637.61.0167

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Overall: F Gore (46), V Davis (47), Rashad Jennings (48), C Patterson (49), P Harvin (50)
Position: T Gerhart (44-RB19), F Gore (46-RB20), Rashad Jennings (48 - RB21), R Rice (51-RB22), S Vereen (53-RB23)
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Overall: R Mathews (45), A Luck (46), Rashad Jennings (47), C Patterson (48), P Harvin (49)
Position: T Gerhart (44-RB19), R Mathews (45-RB20), Rashad Jennings (47 - RB21), R Rice (52-RB22), J Bell (53-RB23)
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The New York Giants are looking to reinvigorate a moribund offense that could neither run the ball nor keep it out of the opposing defenses' hands. With David Wilson's health concerns and Andre Brown signing with Houston, GM Jerry Reese moved quickly to sign Rashad Jennings to a four-year, $10-million deal with $3 million guaranteed. The question is whether Jennings is up to the challenge of being a feature back. Last year Jennings started 8 games for the Oakland Raiders and played well, averaging 4.5 yards per rush and scoring 6 rushing touchdowns. He showed more power, instinct and vision than his more heralded teammate Darren McFadden. Yet, Jennings is 29 years old this season and was a complete non-factor in four seasons in Jacksonville. Jennings should be on the field a lot in 2014, but don't get overzealous in your expectations -- particularly with rookie Andre Williams finding an immediate role as the goal-line back. He's a high upside fantasy RB2 at best, but more likely rates as a fantasy RB3.

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2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Jennings saw back-to-back caries from inside the two yard line and was unable to get the ball across the goal line. There were no huge holes, but he didn't get much push.

Week 2 - Jennings didnít even come in until the third quarter and when he did it was pretty unceremonious. He caught a screen pass and had one defender to beat for a first down but was taken down with ease. Jennings finally saw one of the big holes McFadden had been seeing and burst through the hole for a 28 yard gain. It was all straight line running through a huge hole. Jennings also saw some action running the clock out, but for the most part the team leaned heavily on McFadden

Week 3 - Jennings saw no carries in the game and very little time on the field. His only success came on a screen pass at the end of the half with the Broncos in prevent defense. He followed good blocking for a gain of 15 yards, but most any running back could have picked up the same gain on the play.

Week 4 - Jennings success in the absence of McFadden only illustrates how big a day it could have been for the latter. Jennings showed little creativity in the running game, picking a hole and slamming into it. He broke several tackles with his straight ahead style, and was hugely involved in the passing game. In the first half he broke three tackles on an 11 yard swing pass and finished as the Raiders leader in receptions and receiving yards.

Week 5 - Jennings missed a huge opportunity by leaving the game in the first half when his team had a three score lead. When he was in he ran hard and determined, if not creative. He hit the hole hard and pushed the pile forward on nearly every run. His tweaked hamstring came on an eight yard run up the gut. It was hard to see how he hurt it, but he limping noticeably on the next play and did not return. One other negative was that Jennings was not involved in the passing game at all.

Week 6 - Jennings only action in the first half came as the team was trying to run out the clock. He picked up 8 of his 12 rushing yards on 2 carries with less than a minute remaining in the half. His one catch came later in the game and he did nice work to elude a defender and dart up the field for a nine yard gain and a first down.

Week 8 - Jennings saw limited action with the team intent on getting Marcel Reece more involved. He showed the same hard-nosed style on his two carries that he's shown most of the year, falling forward on both carries with little creativity.

Week 9 - Jennings saw a huge increase in his workload due to the injury to McFadden. While Jennings showed little imagination, especially early in the game, his hard-nosed straightforward approach was exactly what was called for on his eight yard touchdown run. He took the ball on the read option, hit the right hole and drove through an ankle tackle for the score. His most impressive run of the first half came with 32 seconds left. He broke three tackles and showed great determination on the 1 yard run. Too often in the first three quarters Jennings saw one of two results. He either took the handoff and ran straight into the pile or a he caught a ball in the flats and was tackled by the first defender he encountered. That started to change after the Eagles built a 42-13 lead. Jennings began breaking tackles and had gains of 26, 24, 15, 11, 9, 8, and 7 yards in what would be traditionally called garbage time. While it's true that some of these huge gains came against backups, Jennings absolutely looked different. He seemed to gain confidence each time and Eagle missed a tackle and by the end of the 4th quarter he actually showcased some creativity.

Week 10 - Jennings saw a full load but hardly made the best of his opportunities. He showed decent power to break through one arm tackle on his first carry but was taken down at the one yard line. That was one of three times in the game Jennings was stopped at the one, including one goal line carry where he was stuffed for no gain. Jennings got what the blockers gave him all day but not much more. Early on he had success on well blocked runs to the outside; picking up 15 yards on 2 carries. Jennings best run came on a 2nd and 14 carry in the 2nd quarter. He broke one tackle in the backfield, then two more downfield for a gain of 10 yards. On 3rd and 2 in the 3rd quarter, Jennings picked up 18 yards on an extremely well-blocked play. He wasn't even touched until he was 16 yards downfield. Jennings was not as utilized in the passing game as he was last week but he did do a nice job eluding a tackler on a 12 yard gain in the second half.

Week 11 - he story of the day was an 80 yard touchdown run for Jennings in the third quarter. The play was run out of the Wildcat and extremely well blocked at the line. It wasn't all that surprising when Jennings ran through a safety's tackle at the second level, but it was downright shocking when he ran away from the rest of the Texans defense for an 80 yard score. Jennings ran hard the rest of the day as well, regularly running through arm tackles and stiff arming would be tacklers. He picked up a key first down late in the game with three hard-nosed runs. The only disappointment in Jennings day is that with McGloin at quarterback he was not nearly as involved in the passing game, totaling just two catches for -2 yards.

Week 12 - Jennings showed good explosion up the middle for much of the day and was more involved in the passing game than he had been in past weeks. He proved difficult for linebackers to cover, as evidenced by his 21 yard reception on the right sideline in the first quarter. His longest run came on a very well blocked run off left tackle and he outran the linebacker to the sideline for a 15 yard gain. Jennings didn't show as much elusiveness but he showed good power, twice running over a safety after finding a small hole in the line. He left the game for a short while in the third quarter with what looked like a stinger, but returned in the 4th quarter. Because of the Titans dominance of time of possession and Jennings injury, he didn't see as many carries but he did contribute in the passing game. He had a key reception for 15 yards on the team's final drive that he caught short and then showed good vision to maneuver up the field.

Week 13 - The Cowboys really stacked the box against Jennings and he spent a lot of time running into a brick wall. Jennings still handled a majority of the action even with Darren McFadden back and handled all of the red zone work. Had his day not been ended by injury that would have been a really encouraging sign. Jennings first touchdown came on kind of a hybrid jet sweep from the one, and he got all the way to the pylon untouched. His second touchdown came at the end of his most productive drive. On the drive Jennings ran the ball 8 times for 27 yards including the final 1 yard plunge into the end zone. He really had the Cowboys defense on their heels and ran over more than one linebacker on the drive. The game script really flipped in the second half and Jennings only saw three carries before taking a knee to the head that knocked him out cold. The injury came on Jennings only catch that counted in the game, but he also had a 15 yard receptions called back because of a penalty.

Week 15 - Jennings ran hard but had several defenders in his face on every early run. He was once again fortunate to get several red zone carries and once again made the most of him. His first one yard touchdown came with him diving over the top of the pile for a score. Later in the second quarter he scored his second 1 yard touchdown showing good vision to bounce outside when the middle was plugged. Jennings finally got a little room in the second half and made the most of it. Jennings broke 3 tackles on a 21 yard draw that would be his longest run of the day. Jennings picked up more than half of his 93 yards in an explosive 3rd quarter but was limited in the 4th due to the game script.

Week 16 - Jennings had a disappointing day on the ground as he was underused and lost a touchdown to Darren McFadden. An eight yard run in the second quarter was one of his best of the day not counting a 9 yard carry on 2nd and 20 in the 4th quarter. He showed good leg drive all day but the Raiders wouldn't commit to the run long enough for him to get rolling. His biggest play of the day was a 16 yard screen play that included him running through an arm tackle.

Week 17 - Jennings had nowhere to turn in this game and his inability to create at the line of scrimmage was exposed. It seemed like every time he touched the ball there were three Broncos waiting for him. His best play came on a dump off in garbage time that he turned into an eight yard gain. Jennings touches were limited by the game script and Darren McFadden's heavy usage in the second half.