WR Alshon Jeffery, Philadelphia Eagles

HT: 6-3, WT: 216, Born: 2-14-1990, College: South Carolina, Drafted: Round 2

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2014 Projections

David Dodds16.014.0916.51.082.0117314.38.0180
Bob Henry16.010.0707.00.090.0132514.77.0182
Jason Wood16.05.05010.00.084.0133015.88.0186
Maurile Tremblay16.09.0535.90.087.0124514.37.0172

Average draft position

Current as of August 25th. [Full ADP list]

Overall: J Nelson (22), D Martin (23), Alshon Jeffery (24), A Morris (25), A Brown (26)
Position: J Jones (18-WR6), J Nelson (22-WR7), Alshon Jeffery (24 - WR8), A Brown (26-WR9), R Cobb (28-WR10)
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PPR Average draft position

Current as of August 25th. [Full PPR ADP list]

Overall: L Bell (22), A Foster (23), Alshon Jeffery (24), D Martin (25), R Cobb (26)
Position: J Nelson (19-WR7), A Brown (21-WR8), Alshon Jeffery (24 - WR9), R Cobb (26-WR10), K Allen (33-WR11)
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Best Case

Jeffery had a breakout season last year, posting some monster games and pushing his way into the top 10 from a fantasy prospective in just his second season. Another year under Marc Trestman and Jeffery could emerge as an NFL Elite receiver. With Brandon Marshall keeping defenses from double teaming Jeffery, and Jay Cutler with time to find the open man, Jeffery could see a lot more one-on-one coverage down the field. With his big play potential and great physical stats, Jeffery could easily finish the season as a top five fantasy receiver this year.

Worst Case

A big chunk of Jeffery’s stats came when Jay Cutler was on the sideline. While Cutler may be a better quarterback than Josh McCown, Cutler also likes to get the ball to Brandon Marshall. McCown is gone and if Cutler is under center, he’s going to look Marshall’s way early and often. Jeffery still has big play potential, so his floor is pretty high compared to most. That being said, with Cutler under center, Jeffery’s upside will definitely be limited. People expecting a top 10 performance might find a guy posting WR2 stats instead.


It’s hard not to be excited when thinking about what Alshon Jeffery can do in his third NFL season, and second under offensive minded coach Marc Trestman. With Trestman calling the shots, the Bears went from a 3300 yard passing team in 2012 to a 4400 yard passing team last year. Jeffery was their big play threat and his third season has set the table for him to push himself into NFL elite status. While Jay Cutler does like to get Brandon Marshall the ball, Jeffery’s talent is undeniable, and he’s going to get plenty of opportunities to make an impact. Look for another solid performance from Jeffery this season, with a possible top 10 fantasy finish again this year.

2014 Schedule

1 Jacksonville Jaguars
2at Indianapolis Colts
3 Washington Redskins
4at San Francisco 49ers
5 St. Louis Rams
6 New York Giants
Bye week
8at Arizona Cardinals
9at Houston Texans
10 Carolina Panthers
11at Green Bay Packers
12 Tennessee Titans
13at Dallas Cowboys
14 Seattle Seahawks
15 Dallas Cowboys
16at Washington Redskins
17at New York Giants

2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Alshon Jeffery continues to emerge as a legitimate wide receiver threat for the Bears, and is the perfect complement to Brandon Marshall in Chicago's passing game. Jeffery didn't get into the end zone in this game, but Jay Cutler still targeted him eight times throughout the contest. In the first quarter, Cutler hit Jeffery on a quick slant that only gained 4 yards but gave Chicago their first first-down of the game. In the third quarter, Cutler faked a pitch to Jeffery as he came around behind Cutler after the snap. Cutler looked down field, but when no one was open, he dumped the ball to Jeffery in the flat for a nice 12 yard catch and run and another first down. A few plays later, Cutler hit Jeffery on a deep square in for a big 18 yard gain. The ball was thrown a little behind him, but Jeffery made a nice adjustment to come up with the tough catch and give Chicago a 1st and goal at the six yard line. Forte scored two plays later. At the end of the third quarter, Jeffery ran a short curl route and Cutler threw him the ball. It was a little off target though, and Jeffery had to reach out, making a nice one-handed grab to haul in the pass. It was only a five yard gain, but the play showed that Jeffery has really matured and is developing a Brandon Marshall 'My Ball' like attitude when it comes to pass catching. His contribution in this game wasn't spectacular, but he was a key reason that Chicago was effective.

Week 2 - Jeffery finished the game with just one catch for 11 yards. It came on the final drive of the game and it was just a short curl for 11 yards. He was targeted on a couple other passes in the game, one that he dropped and one that deflected off of the official and fell incomplete. However, Jeffery's big contribution was in the running game. The Bears frequently brought him in motion behind the quarterback so that when the ball was snapped, Cutler faked to him before handing off to Forte to go up the middle. Before the end of the 1st quarter though, Cutler actually handed the ball to Jeffery and when he got to the outside, he was able to turn it up field and blow it up into a 38 yard gain. It was a huge gain that set up the touchdown pass to Marshall on the next play. The Bears tried it again later in the game, but it was sniffed out by the defense and Jeffery was stuffed for an eight yard loss. But the key take-away is that it shows that Jeffery is a weapon that the Bears intend to use in different methods and keep the defenses from focusing on Brandon Marshall and Matt Forte.

Week 3 - Jeffery was Jay Cutler’s primary target in the first quarter, when the Bears were building up their 17-0 lead. After Cutler overthrow Jeffery on a deep crossing route for his first target, Jeffery caught two consecutive short passes and fought his way for a 1st down. Three plays later, Cutler hit Jeffery on a perfectly time comeback route, where Jeffery ran eight yards, turned around and the ball was right in his chest. Jeffery finished the quarter with four of his seven catches, and added three more before the end of the third. None were for more than nine yards though as the Steelers wouldn’t allow Cutler enough time to set up the deep ball.

Week 4 - Alshon Jeffery finished the game with just five receptions, but he was definitely the big play receiver for the Bears in this game. At times, Jay Cutler tried to force the ball into Jeffery and Cutler’s first interception was a crossing route over the middle where the safety saw the play the whole time and made a great jump to make the pick. Early in the second quarter, when the Bears were only down 3-6, Jeffery took a reverse around the left end, and broke it up the field for a big 30 yard gain. On the next play, Matt Forte took a pitch around the other side of the line and it was great down-field blocking by Jeffery that allowed Forte to score. Later in the quarter, Cutler tried to float the ball to Jeffery down the right side of the field. However, he threw it off his back foot, and it floated in the air and was underthrown. The other safety made break on the ball and picked it off, nearly taking it back for a touchdown. With under a minute to go in the first half, Cutler targeted Jeffery down the right side of the field. Jeffery had blown up the cornerback and was side open for a big 44 yard gain that set up the last second field goal before the end of the 1st half. On the second series of the third quarter, Cutler again forced the ball into Jeffery down the deep right side of the field. Despite being double covered and the defender making a great play, Jeffery made a better one and came down with the ball for a big 44 yard reception. In garbage time as the clock was winding down in the 4th quarter, Cutler targeted Jeffery on a back shoulder pass and Jeffery dropped it. Cutler went back to him on the next play but this time he hung on and came down with the TD. Cutler went back to him again for the 2 point conversion and he came down with that as well.

Week 5 - Alshon Jeffery set a team for most receiving yards in a game with 218 yards. That being said, almost half of them came in the final three minutes of the game when the Bears were down by 16 points and the Saints were playing not to lose. On just their third possession of the second half, Jeffery opened the drive with a nice 9 yard catch. Jay Cutler went right back to him on a 13 yard come-back route on the next play. On the next, Cutler saw Jeffery working one on one down the left sideline, and flung the ball to him with a deep rainbow. Jeffery made a great catch and was pushed out of bounds at the 3 yard line. Brandon Marshall scored on the next play. With 21 seconds left, Jeffery came up with a true garbage-come catch over the middle – a 21 yard catch and run but when he was tackled, time expired and the Bears lost the game. Jeffery’s touchdown in the second quarter was a crossing route that he ran with Earl Bennett. Jeffery was supposed to scrape the defender off for Bennett but the guy jumped in front and became tangled with the guy guarding Bennett. Jeffery was left alone and Cutler flipped him the ball. Jeffery went up high and came down with a nice catch, giving the bears a much needed TD at the time to prevent the game from getting out of hand. Jeffery had another garbage time catch at the end of the first half, a 25 yard catch on a Hail Mary pass that would have been called back due to a penalty on the offensive line. But the Saints elected to end the quarter and declined the penalty, leaving Jeffery with a meaningless 25 yard catch (at least to non-fantasy owners). Jeffery looked sharp in this game, and took full advantage of the double-teams that Brandon Marshall faced all day. His record may deserve an ‘*’, but Jeffery is in the middle of a legitimate breakout season and he will be an excellent complement to Marshall this season.

Week 6 - After setting a franchise record for receiving yards in a game last week. Alshon Jeffery finished the game with just two touches. His only catch came in the second quarter – a 27 yard bomb down the right side of the field. On the play, Jeffery made a nice move and the defender was completely twisted around. By the time Jeffery turned to get the ball, the defender had lost track of him and Jeffery was side open for a huge gain. In the third quarter, Jay Cutler faked a hand-off to Matt Forte and Jeffery took the ball around the outside for a big 15 yard run. Jeffery was targeted a few more times in the 3rd and 4th quarter on deep passing plays but Cutler overthrew on one play and on the second one Jeffery was open but couldn’t locate the ball and it fell just out of his reach. On another play, Jeffery had a step and Cutler placed the ball perfectly but as he went around the defender, Jeffery was held and he couldn’t quite get to the ball, drawing the penalty and the 1st down. On all three plays, Jeffery had a step and if he could have come up with it, he would have broken it for a long touchdown. If any of them would have connected, it would have been the play of the day for Chicago.

Week 7 - With DeAngelo Hall chasing Brandon Marshall for most of the afternoon, Alshon Jeffery found himself facing single and zone coverage for most of the day. Yet he finished the first half with no receptions and only a five yard end around to his credit. He was the target of Jay Cutler’s interception, and the play probably falls on Jeffery as a result. The ball was thrown a little high, but Jeffery was able to jump and get his hands on it. However, as he was coming down, he bobbled the ball and the Washington defender came in and knocked it up into the air where it was picked off and returned for a touchdown. In the third quarter, with 8:06 left, Jeffery took a quick pass from Josh McCown and ran for 22 yards, taking advantage of some great down-field blocking by Brandon Marshall. That setup the 50 yard TD run for Matt Forte. On the next series, Jeffery came up with a big 28 yard catch down the right side of the field, but was leveled by Brandon Meriweather and came out of the game for a couple plays to catch his breath. The pass was a perfect throw into a soft spot of the defense, and Jeffery made the catch, knowing he was going to take the hit but held on anyway. In the 4th quarter, Jeffery had another 11 yard end around, and followed it up with a nice 20 yard strike on the next play. It was another pass where Jeffery found the soft spot in the defense and McCown put the ball right on him. Jeffery’s big play of the day came later in the quarter though – a deep post pattern where he made the catch and again took a bit shot from the defender. But this time he was ready for it, and since the defender was more interested in the hit than making the tackle, Jeffery shed him and burst up the middle of the field for another 10 yards, finishing the day with a big 35 yard catch.

Week 9 - The Bears are taking full advantage of Alshon Jeffery’s ability to run the ball, and although he had only one carry in this game, the frequently brought him in motion toward the middle as the ball was snapped, and faked to him before going to Matt Forte in the other direction. This happened on the opening drive, and it froze the defense just long enough for Forte to get to the edge and get a couple yards before Josh McCown found Brandon Marshall on the next play for the score. Jeffery finished the first quarter with three catches for nearly 40 yards. On the second drive of the third quarter, McCown targeted Jeffery on a couple passes, but he was only able to come up with a 15 yard come-back on 3rd and 9. The drive stalled a few plays later and the Bears had to punt. On the final drive of the third quarter though, the Bears drove the ball deep into Green Bay Territory and were facing second and goal from the Green Bay Six. McCown saw Jeffery working one-on-one on the right side and rifled a pass high to him. Jeffery stretched his arms up and used his size and athleticism to make the catch with the ball over his head. The defender tried to knock the ball out but Jeffery same down with the catch, holding his hands over his head like he was a basketball player. It was a big touchdown and it put Chicago back up for good.

Week 10 - Alshon Jeffery finished the day with a whopping 18 targets and two carries, making him the receiver that Jay Cutler tried the hardest to get involved into the offense. While they connected on nine of those passes, Jeffery only finished with 114 yards receiving. As they have done in the last few weeks, the Bears tried to get Jeffery involved in the running game as well, but on the two end-arounds that he had for the day, the Lions were able to string him along and limit his effectiveness compared with the opponents that Chicago has faced in the past. Jeffery really started getting involved in the passing game late in the second quarter. On Chicago’s final drive of the half, Jeffery made a key 17 yard gain on a square in deep over the middle. Jay Cutler threw the ball high on 3rd and 8, and Jeffery was able to come up with the play. Two plays later, Cutler overthrew Jeffery by a bit, and had the throw been on target, it would have been a touchdown for sure. On the next play, 3rd and 8, the Lions blitzed hard, but Cutler was able to hang in and hit Jeffery on a deep curl for a 13 yard gain and another first down. Two plays later on another 3rd and 6 play, Cutler hit Jeffery for a 12 yard gain on a square in pattern. It really kept the drive alive and put Chicago in position to go up at the half. But Cutler threw an interception in the end zone and the half ended. Mid-way through the third quarter, Jeffery had another deep out route that Cutler hit him perfectly on, giving Chicago a big 18 yard gain. Two plays later Cutler targeted him in the end zone, but Jeffery couldn’t come up with the catch for the touchdown. The Bears settled for a field goal on that drive. Jeffery had a couple more catches early in the 4th quarter, but came up big on Chicago’s final drive of the game. On 3rd and 13 from their own 46, Josh McCown hit Jeffery on a comeback route down the right side of the field. However, Jeffery lost sight of the first down marker and went out of bounds just short of the first down. The Bears converted though, and on the next play, McCown again found Jeffery on a come-back route, but this time Jeffery spun to the inside, shook the tackler and was able to get up field for a first down before going out of bounds. It was his last catch of the day.

Week 11 - Alshon Jeffery was frequently used as a decoy in this game, motioning behind the line of scrimmage when the ball was snapped to keep defenders guessing if he would get the ball or if Josh McCown would hand it off to Matt Forte. Jeffery actually did get the hand off on the end around on three different plays – the biggest was in the second quarter where he even had a lead blocker in Dante Rosario and Jeffery was able to spring it for 11 yards. Jeffery’s first catch of the game was a big one – a 17 yard crossing route early in the second quarter. He was targeted in the end zone twice by McCown when the Bears were at the 3 yard line, but he was well defended and couldn’t come up with the catch. By the end of the third quarter, he has as many rushing attempts as he did receptions (2) and he had just 43 total yards from scrimmage. He opened the 4th quarter with a bang though – a 15 yard catch and run on 3rd and 6 – where the defense lost track of him and he was wide open over the middle of the field. He had another 15 yard gain a few plays later on a curl that could have gone for more, but he slipped as he was making his turn and couldn’t regain his footing. In overtime, he had another big 15 yard gain – the exact same play where the Ravens lost track of him in the 4th. The safety was visibly upset when he made the tackle because the blown coverage left Jeffery wide open on a critical 3rd down again. On the next play, Martellus Bennett had his big 44 yard gain and the Bears kicked the field goal to win the game.

Week 12 - Alshon Jeffery had a pretty quiet game for Chicago, finishing with just one carry for four yards and four receptions for 42. He was targeted only three times in the first half, making the first two catches for first downs and only missing the third because Josh McCown was hit as he threw it. In the second quarter, Jeffery took an end around and broke it for a bit 28 yard gain, but it was called back for a holding penalty and the Bears were pushed back to 1st and 16. He wasn’t targeted again for the rest of the half. Jeffery didn’t have a catch in the third quarter, but opened the 4th quarter with a nice 18 yard catch and run on a quick slant. Later in the drive, he was targeted in the end zone but was held, drawing a penalty and giving Chicago another 1st and goal from the 1. Jeffery had a seven yard catch and run on the final drive, but that was it and he finished the day with just average stats.

Week 13 - Another career and franchise day for Alshon Jeffery. He took full advantage of the fact that the Vikings were double-teaming Brandon Marshall all day and simply lit them up, especially in the third quarter. Forget the incredible catch that he made on the opening play of the third quarter, where the ball was thrown two yards behind him and he contorted his body backwards to somehow make the catch for a nine yard gain. Of the 11 yard catch and run that he had on the next play on a quick slant. You can even forget the four catches for 63 yards that he had in the second quarter. While that would have been a good day for 90% of the league, Jeffery was just getting started. On the opening drive of the third quarter, Jeffery had his typical end around carry for the game, except the cornerback penetrated deep, spun him around and Jeffery was dropped for no gain. So on 2nd and 10, Jeffery started out on the edge, then motioned back into the slot, taking straight up the left hashmark when the ball was snapped. With a nice move, he beat his defender and Josh McCown hit him in stride. The defender dove for the ball, missing it and Jeffery, falling down as Jeffery made the catch at full speed in the open field. He outran the safety toward the corner of the end zone and fought through the desperation tackle attempt for a huge 80 yard touchdown reception. His biggest play of the season. But that catch didn’t even make the highlight reel. It was on the following series, on 3rd and 14 where Jeffery made the catch that became the NFL’s top reception of the day. On the play, from the slot, Jeffery took off down the left side of the field again. When McCown lofted him the ball, Jeffery used his size to go up over the back of the defender, make the catch with his arms fully extended, hold his arms up above his head as he went to the ground, keeping a tight grip on the ball to avoid a fumble, kept both feet in bounds and scored another touchdown to put the Bears up by 10. He chipped in another 19 yard catch and run before the end of the third quarter, and even without a target or catch in the 4th, Jeffery still managed to set a franchise record for most receiving yards in a game. The 15 receiving yards in overtime were just icing on the cake.

Week 14 - After setting a franchise record for receiving yards against the Vikings, you might expect Alshon Jeffery to have a down game, especially with the frigid temperature of Soldier Field. But that wasn’t the case at all, and while Jeffery didn’t turn in another 200 yard performance, his five receptions were devastating to the Cowboys just the same. Jeffery’s first catch was a 15 yard curl in the first quarter on third and 10. It extended the drive and led to Chicago’s first touchdown. On the next possession, Jeffery started off the drive with a 12 yard catch and run on a bubble screen. That drive also ended in a Chicago touchdown. On the next possession, Josh McCown lofted a bomb down the left side of the field. Jeffery elevated himself over the defender, and made a great catch for a big 25 yard gain. The Cowboys were flagged for a 15 yard roughing the passer, making it a 40 yard play. On Chicago’s final play of the first half, McCown again threw a jump ball to Jeffery in the back corner of the end zone with 17 seconds to go. Jeffery used his long arms to out jump the defenders, coming down with both feet in bounds and putting Chicago up 24-10 at the half. Jeffery was targeted a couple times in the third quarter, but the Bears were in total control at that point. They ran the ball for much of the second half and Jeffery had to ‘settle’ for the 84 yards and a touchdown that he had in the first two quarters.

Week 15 - Alshon Jeffery continues to make big plays for the Bears, and despite Jay Cutler’s obvious bias for Brandon Marshall, Jeffery came up with the biggest catch of the day. Jeffery’s first touch of the day was the typical end around where Jay Cutler faked to Matt Forte, and then handed to Jeffery for the end around. However, Cleveland was ready for it and they stuffed him for a loss of 4. Jeffery added four short catches for less than 10 yards each over the first three quarters of the game, but came up big with his final reception about four minutes into the 4th quarter. On 3rd and 11, Jay Cutler dropped back for a deep pass and his line gave him plenty of time and protection. He launched the ball deep down the right side to Jeffery who was double covered at the time. However, the defenders were both much smaller than Jeffery and he was able to adjust his position to out-jump both of them to make the catch with his arms high over his head. He muscled his way into the end zone for a huge 45 yard touchdown pass and it tied the game for Chicago.

Week 16 - Alshon Jeffery faced strong pressure from the Eagles as well, but he did not see as many double teams as Brandon Marshall and was able to come up with a few bigger receptions. However, most of his yardage came in the second quarter after the Bears were already down by 21. His best catch of the day may have been his first though, a quick dump into the left flat where Jay Cutler was under pressure and had to get rid of the ball. Jeffery calmly stuck his hand up and made a great one-handed reception, and sprinted up field for an eight yard gain. In the second quarter, Cutler looked to Jeffery a little deeper down the field and Jeffery rewarded him with some nice receptions. With Under a minute to play, Jeffery came up with a big 21 yard reception on a deep curl route, and a nice 17 yard gain just two plays later on a low square in where Jeffery was able to go down and make the tough catch. He made a nice seven yard catch late in the third quarter on 4th and 5 to give Chicago the first down on the drive that eventually led to the Brandon Marshall touchdown. They tried to use Jeffery as a decoy in the 4th quarter, bringing him in motion but handing the ball off to Matt Forte up the middle instead. The Eagles were not buying it and the most that they gained was eight yards. It was Jeffery that caught the pass from Jay Cutler that broke Sid Luckman’s career passing record in the 4th quarter. Two plays later, Cutler threw a pick-six and that was basically the ball game for the Bears.

Week 17 - Alshon Jeffery finished another game without a carry, but the Bears continued to use him as a decoy. At multiple times in the game, Jeffery would motion from the outside across the back of the offensive line, and when the ball was snapped, Jay Cutler would hand or pitch the ball to Matt Forte going toward the side that Jeffery just vacated. It sprung Forte for solid gains almost every time they ran it, including a 21 yard gain in the second quarter and an 11 yard gain on 3rd down in the 4th. Jeffery had a quiet night receiving, except in the third quarter. For the first half, Jeffery had just two catches. The first was a quick out where he was tackled immediately and the second was a 12 yard curl where he was stripped of the ball and the Packers took over, ending the 1st half for the Bears. On the opening drive of the third quarter though, on a critical 3rd and 4, Jay Cutler uncorked a bomb down the left side of the field. Jeffery had pulled a double move and the corner was expecting safety help over the top. Jeffery was wide open and hauled in the pass, racing to the end zone, narrowly being tackled at the 1 yard line. The Bears considered a challenge, but accepted 1st and goal, and Matt Forte scored on the next play. He had a couple more passes thrown his way, including a key 3rd and 17 in the 4th quarter when the Bears were trying to put the game away. He out-jumped the defender, but couldn’t come down with the reception and the Bears had to punt. He was targeted twice on the final drive of the game, but he was well covered both times.