RB Brandon Jacobs, Free agent

HT: 6-4, WT: 260, Born: 7-31-1982, College: Southern Illinois, Drafted: Round 4

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Week 2 - Reports during the week indicated that Brandon Jacobs was not yet in game shape and would not see a large role. Whether those reports were true or simply a smoke screen, Jacobs clearly was a part of New York's plan from the beginning, coming in on the third play of the game and finishing tied for the team lead in carries. Perhaps due to his conditioning, Brandon Jacobs was too slow to make anything happen against a swarming Denver defense, and even his lone touchdown comes with an asterisk; after facing 1st and goal from the 9, three Denver penalties gave New York 6 tries to get into the end zone before Jacobs finally punched it in.

Week 3 - Brandon Jacobs had the second most rushing attempts for New York on Sunday but still contributed very little against the Panthers. The Giants struggled to generate any running game, no matter who was in the backfield. Jacobs got two carries on stretch plays to the outside and one on a dive play up the middle. Jacobs was met at the line of scrimmage quickly in all plays and had no chance to push the defense backwards. Jacobs's main strength as an running back is his bruising strength and momentum he can have when there his offensive line creates some holes. The Giants gave Jacobs no room to work with however and Carolina swarmed him every time he touched the ball. Jacobs is behind Wilson on the depth chart and will not be fantasy relevant unless he can score multiple touchdowns on the goal line in one game.

Week 5 - Brandon Jacobs replaced David Wilson as the feature back due to injury but the drop off in quality and utility was big. Jacobs was not a factor in the passing game and had very little success running the ball against the Eagles defense. Jacobs did himself no favours in the first half when he was tackled at the line of scrimmage and subsequently fumbled the football as he was stood up. Jacobs was only able to gain significant yards up the middle when the play was blocked well up front. If any penetration occurred, he struggled to make any defender miss and was easily brought to the ground. Jacobs is extremely limited as a running back at his age but will receive a lot of carries if David Wilson continues to miss time due to injury. The Giants have quickly become very thin at running back and Jacobs could still be asked to be the feature back, despite his mediocre play.

Week 6 - Brandon Jacobs had a surprisingly highly productive fantasy game for the Giants on Thursday. Due to the absence of David Wilson, Jacobs has taken almost sole possession of the workload as the feature running back for the moment. Jacobs got excellent run blocking support from his offensive line up front, especially the right side. Jacobs ran almost exclusively off the right side for big yardage consistently. Jacobs is a power runner and was given the opportunity to gain momentum and push back defenders often. He used the stiff arm well and delivered a lot of punishment to defenders when he got going in the backfield. Jacobs showed incredible power and toughness on his first touchdown run, simply hitting the hole up the middle and pushing forward over defenders for the score. Jacobs got his second touchdown on a simple dive play from the 1 yard line that was set up by a pass interference penalty. Jacobs’ production cooled down somewhat as the Bears began to catch onto the Giants running game but he still had the best performance for a Giants running back this season. His stiff arm was a deadly weapon against the first defender and if he can continue to get a good offensive push up front from his line, he can continue to consistently rip off big gains.

Week 11 - Brandon Jacobs had very few carries against the Packers as Andre Brown has taken over as the number one back in this offense. Jacobs was used only to spell Brown in the running game and in short yardage situations. Jacobs was highly effective in the short game however. Jacobs converted a 4th and 1 situation twice to sustain drives for the Giants. Jacobs' touchdown came on a 1 yard plunge off left tackle on the goal line, simply powering into the endzone for the score. Jacobs was somewhat lucky to get this touchdown as Brown was taken down 1 yard shy on the previous play. Jacobs could not get anything going apart from these situations as he had so few carries to work with.

Week 12 - Reminiscent to his first stint with the Giants, Jacobs brutalized the Cowboy defense on his nine carries including a 37-yard run where Jacobs showed 2009-burst. After picking up nine yards where he bowled over DB Barry Church at the 2nd level, Jacobs was given another carry on the next play. Running off right tackle, Jacobs found a huge hole and appeared to shock not only the viewers but the Dallas defense as well. As the defense collapsed, Jacobs took the run to the sideline and surprisingly was able to not only beat the defense to the edge, but also turn upfield. Rumbling down the sideline, the Cowboy defenders seemed hesitant to challenge the full-steam ahead locomotive and Jacobs picked up an extra 20 yards while DB Jeff Heath figured out how best to slow the RB down. Eventually Heath pushed Jacobs out of bounds, but not before he took the offense down to the Dallas four-yard line. Later Jacobs mimicked Brown’s fleet footedness with his own cut back. Initially running left, Jacobs went backside and was even able to get wide on the 11-yard gain before finally getting pushed out of bounds.