WR Vincent Jackson, Free agent

HT: 6-6, WT: 235, Born: 1-14-1983, College: Northern Colorado, Drafted: Round 2

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Vincent Jackson's two best statistical seasons of his career have been the two he's spent with Tampa Bay after signing with them in 2012. Jackson is one of the best deep threats in the NFL and had no help in the passing game last season. Mike Glennon was solid as a rookie quarterback, but Jackson's running mate at receiver, Mike Williams, missed 10 games. Josh McCown was signed this offseason in free agency after fueling the highly productive seasons of big-bodied receivers Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery in Chicago last season. Tampa Bay looks to recreate that aerial attack with incumbent Vincent Jackson, top-10 draft pick Mike Evans, and second round pick Austin Seferian-Jenkins.

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2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Jackson proved to be a bright spot on the Tampa Bay offense. Two of his seven receptions went for 40 and 39 yards. Jackson lined up in the slot against Antonio Cromartie playing single coverage. He made a double move to the inside, caught a perfectly throw ball and raced down the hash for a big gain. On his other chunk play, he also lined up in the slot. This time, Jackson read an all out blitz and cut his route hot to catch a 5-yard hitch and turn it into a 40 yard scamper also down the hash. That play was a shoestring tackle from being a touchdown. Jackson added consecutive catches in soft coverage. Freeman notice the corner was 7 yards from the line of scrimmage and got Jackson the ball quickly on an out route and a hitch. The most alert play Jackson made all day came when the pocket broke down and Freeman improvised with a scramble right. Jackson came back to the ball down the right sideline for a 12-yard grab. If he hadn't slipped immediately, it could have been a monster gain. The Bucs lined Jackson up all over the field on Sunday. He played flanker, split end, and they even motioned him into the slot and into stack looks. This was an effort to create mismatches for Jackson. When the arose, the Bucs did a good job taking advantage.

Week 2 - Jackson seemed to be the only Bucs' receiver that could shake free of the Saints secondary all day long. It's evident that he has the best chemistry with Freeman, being targeted 11 times throughout the course of the game. The Buccaneers designed the opening play from scrimmage for Jackson. Freeman rolled right immediately at the snap and cut the ball loose to Jackson on a 5-yard out in soft coverage. Jackson made a great play later in the 1st quarter on a comeback route toward the sideline. He made a diving catch between two defenders that could have been a pick six. Unfortunately for Jackson, the best play of his day didn't even count. In the middle of the third quarter, down six points, Freeman snapped the ball from a single back look and play faked to Martin. Jackson streaked down the sideline and Freeman heaved the ball high and long. Jackson and the defensive back stopped dead in their tracks as the ball was under-thrown and both leaped in the air for the stab. Jackson hauled it in and broke free into the end zone, but the play was called back on an illegal formation. Jackson came up big again in the clutch on the last drive for the Bucs. With only a few minutes to go in the fourth, Jackson lined up in the slot. At the snap he shook Jabari Greer on a deep out that netted 20 yards before being tattooed by Vacarro, but still holding on to the ball. Later in the same drive, Jackson again in the slot, ran a post over the middle for 18 yards before being up-ended by Jenkins near mid-field. Jackson is the far and away number one receiver for the Bucs. His stat line isn't great, but if you add in the touchdown called back, it's another monster day.

Week 3 - Despite making a few nice grabs against the Patriots, the most important news concerning Jackson remains his exit with a rib injury in the third quarter. There really wasn't much mention of the severity, nor the exact injury from the Buccaneers, but Jackson didn't return for the rest of the game. Freeman targeted Jackon six times, connecting on three for 34 yards. Jackson contributed to the interception thrown by Freeman. On the out route that was picked by Talib, Jackson rounded his break to the sideline instead of making a hard cut and it allowing Talib to sneak under the route for the pick. This would be a big loss for the Bucs as Freeman looked even more lost than usual after Jackson exited.

Week 4 - Jackson's rib injury undoubtedly limited his effectiveness against the Cardinals. Glennon targeted Jackson eleven times, the most of any other Bucs pass-catcher, but he could only come up with two receptions on the day. Jackson did an excellent job on Patrick Peterson for his first of two catches on the day. Peterson played soft coverage, so Jackson drove him down field and as soon as Peterson opened his hips to turn and run with him, Jackson broke the route off for a comeback to the sideline to gain 13 yards. On his second catch, Jackson ran a skinny post and sat down in front of two defenders as Glennon zipped the ball right into his hands for 14 yards. Both completions came on play action and were uncontested by a defender. Jackson had trouble making catches in traffic or through contact on Sunday, most likely due to tender ribs. On certain throws it seemed as though Glennon overthrew Jackson, but they are catches Jackson could normally make. Two notable plays were both in press coverage in which Peterson bumped Jackson hard and got him off his route. Jackson never recovered and finished the route on either play, hanging Glennon out to dry and making his pass seem overthrown. Basically, Jackson only converted easy catches in which he broke wide open. When the passes were contested or required beating jam coverage, he couldn't haul them in.

Week 6 - Jackson turned in the best performance of the season against a struggling Eagles' secondary. His first touchdown occurred in very soft zone coverage in a high percentage run situation. Eagles were looking run all the way on the play. Glennon play faked to Martin sucking up the linebackers. Jackson ran a perfect post route over the middle. Glennon zipped the ball over the linebackers and hit Jackson in stride as he slipped past a converging safety for the touchdown. The second touchdown, a 1-yard fade, saw Jackson leap over a smaller corner and snag the ball with strong hands in the corner of the end zone while tapping his feet. Anytime the Bucs recognize single coverage for Jackson, they try to throw him a 50/50 ball and trust he'll be the guy that comes down with it. Jackson stepped up with the absence of Mike Williams and imposed his will against the Eagles. Early in the third, Jackson split out wide and drove his man hard down field with what looked like a fly route, but he broke it off and came back for a 16 yard comeback catch. The Bucs featured Jackson a ton in the slot before this game, however the lack of depth at the position forced Jackson to split out wide and play either the X or Z position. One of his most important catches did come from the slot backed up on the Bucs' 1 yard line. At the snap, the Eagles backers all dropped into zone coverage a bit too far, allowing Jackson to catch a wide open crossing route and turn it up field for a 12 yard gain. Glennon targeted Jackson 14 total times on Sunday, looking his way on just about every route in the playbook. Jackson caught fades, posts, comebacks, drags, digs. Basically, the Bucs tried to get Jackson the ball anyway they could. Jackson over-matched the Eagles secondary physically, using his leaping ability and strong hands to make catches in traffic and secure yards after the catch for his best performance of the season.

Week 7 - There is no doubt Jackson is Mike Glennon's favorite target. After targeting him twenty-five times in the last two games, Glennon slung the ball his way twenty-two times against the Falcons, half of the forty-four passes he threw. Once again, the Buccaneers moved Jackson all over the field in order to exploit match-ups in the Atlanta's man-to-man coverage. Jackson caught balls from the flanker, split-end, and slot positions on a variety of routes. Jackson cashed in on a streak down the seam while being defended by Asante Samuel. Glennon recognized Jackson had a one-on-one match-up with Samuel down field and chucked it deep. Jackson made a great play on a somewhat under-thrown ball. Jackson turned and back-pedaled waiting for the ball to reach him. As it arrived, Samuel had Jackson bodied up with great coverage, but Jackson stuck his arm out of pulled the ball in with one hand pinning it against his body. He waltzed freely into the end-zone from there. On his second touchdown catch of the day, he used a skill he has perfected during his time in the NFL. Lined up on a an island at the goal line, he leaped and snagged a back-shoulder fade before tapping his toes for the touchdown. Jackson beat the jam off the line by using his hands and sprung off the ground to catch the ball at it's highest point. He seems to make that catch every time it's thrown his way. The entire day, Jackson over-powered his defender. With his size and strength he was very hard to jam at the line of scrimmage. Jackson used his quick hands and feet to be bump and run coverage all game. Jackson snagged a few out routes on the day, a pattern they love to run for Jackson when he is in single man coverage. Jackson runs a 7 yard out and Glennon throws it high and wide where only Jackson can make the play. Jackson continued to rack up the catches in the final moments of the game. On the Bucs final drive, Glennon hit Jackson on a post route after he shook free with a double move and rumbled down deep into Falcon territory. Jackson added some great run blocking to his tape as well, springing Martin for a big 16 yard gain with a nice kick out of a defensive back.

Week 8 - Jackson again led the team in targets against the Panthers on Thursday night. Despite leading the team in targets, Glennon spread the ball around more in this contest. Jackson had a terrible drop on third down in the first quarter. He was manned up on a corner, beat him to the inside, and simply dropped the well thrown ball from Glennon. He made a nice play coming back to a scrambling Glennon to catch a 29 yard pass near the sidelines. He redeemed himself on the next drive. Making the exact same catch that he'd dropped earlier when he beat man coverage on a slant route. In the second half, the Buccaneers changed their game plan for Jackson. In the first half he mostly lined up as a split end on the outside running comebacks and slants. In the second half, he ran a bunch of out routes from the slot. Jackson caught an 11-yard and 15-yard out route from the slot. The Panthers caught on quickly and began breaking up the out route by jumping it. They also broke up a nice square in from the slot as well late in the fourth quarter. Many of Jackson's 13 targets were uncatchable. Specifically, Glennon threw two passes out of bounds on streaks down the sideline by Jackson. On this type of throw, Glennon should have at least given Jackson a shot to make the play. Instead, the ball sailed out of bounds on both throws and into the back of the end zone. The Panthers did a great job anticipating the routes Jackson would be running. They had a few pass break-ups as a result. Overall, Jackson's sub-par game was a combination of drops, good defense, and poor throws from Glennon. He had opportunities, but they just couldn't convert in this particular game.

Week 9 - The boatload of targets came to a screeching halt for Vincent Jackson against the Buccaneers. Both Seahawks cornerbacks, Sherman and Browner, matched up with Jackson and shut him down. They were very physical through his entire route-running. They jammed at the line and continued the tugging and jerking as Jackson's route developed. The physicality of the Seahawks corner play altered Glennon and Jacksonís timing. Jackson also didn't do a great job of coming back to the football when Glennon scrambled, which occurred often on Sunday. The Seahawks had a great game plan for Jackson, they also leaned on the run much more than they have in the past few games. Both passes caught by Jackson came when he lined up in the slot. The Bucs attempted to get Jackson open by motioning him all over the formation and lining him up in different positions, but Browner and Sherman did an excellent job of being aware of Jackson's whereabouts on the field and shutting him down. Glennon neglected to force feed Jackson the ball because Tampa had the lead and it just wasn't necessary. If the Bucs had been trailing, I think more passes would have been forced Jackson's way.

Week 10 - Tampa Bay lined up Jackson in the slot often, like they have been all season. He caught two crossing routes on the first two drives and another out route from the slot later in the second quarter. For the most part, Brent Grimes kept Jackson in check the entire night. He is a much smaller than Jackson, but he played physical at the line of scrimmage. Grimes followed Jackson into the slot a few times, but mostly played the traditional corner back position. Jackson's night can be summed up on back-to-back plays in which he made absolutely no effort to go after passes thrown his way. Specifically on a fly route down the right sideline in which he came to a complete stop as the ball traveled over his head. The play left many players and spectators stunned. As Glennon threw the ball to Jackson and the camera panned down field, Jackson was slowing down, watching the catchable pass sail over his head. Jackson saw a total of eight targets. The passes he didn't catch were either well defended by the Dolphins defense or he lacked the effort to make a play.

Week 11 - Jackson returned to dominance against the Falcons on Sunday. He struggled in the last couple contests, not even seeing his usual amount of targets. But against the Falcons that all changed. Jackson was a physical mismatch for Falcon corners. The Bucs again line Jackson up every where trying to exploit size mismatches. They succeeded in getting Jackson lined up across from smaller, weaker defenders and proceeded to take advantage. Jackson caught his lone touchdown pass late in the game when he beat a corner in press coverage and elevated high in the air to bring down a Mike Glennon fade. He held on to the ball as the defender swiped at it furiously. Glennon targeted Jackson early and often, a total of 11 of his 23 attempted passes. Jackson came up with some amazing non-scoring plays as well on Sunday. The first came on a play-action fake fly route in which Glennon under threw him. Jackson streaked down the right side of the field but had to slow down and wait under a high fly ball. Amidst defenders, Jackson made the 53-yard catch falling backwards, setting the Bucs up with a 1st and Goal. The most dazzling catch of the day came on an out and up route by Jackson down the right sideline. He was matched up with Asante Samuel, but out-leaped him and reached out with one hand to reel in the pass from Glennon. The Buccaneers ran Jackson over the middle a great deal against the Falcons. They lined him up in the slot, out wide, and in bunch formations. From these positions, they call mostly crossing routes. Jackson did a great job of finding holes in the zone and coming wide open over the middle. Every completion to Jackson seemed as though he got great separation from the defender.

Week 12 - Jackson received a season low three targets throughout the course of Sunday's contest with the Lions. Jackson began the game on fire, so it looked like it'd be another torching of a porous secondary for Jackson. However, after his only two catches, the Lions started to roll coverage towards his side of the field. It seemed as though there was either bracket coverage or a safety lingering over the top of Jackson on every play. Glennon began to hit teammates Tiquan Underwood and Tim Wright throughout the second half with success. The need to force it to Jackson didn't present itself in this contest. Jackson did make two nice catches on the day. On a play-action fake to Bobby Rainey, Jackson beat zone coverage down the sideline. Glennon under threw the ball, but Jackson leaped over the trailing defender to haul in the 47 yard grab. The second catch allowed the Bucs to get into better field goal range on 3rd and 19. Jackson ran a crossing pattern that the Lions allowed to be completed because it was short of the first down. Jackson wiggled through the defense and almost reached the first down, but came up short. The Buccaneers ran the same crossing route for Jackson early in the 3rd quarter, but Lions' linebacker Levy crushed Jackson as he came over the middle jarring the ball loose. Overall, this game showed that despite having the highest percentage of his team's receiving yardage of any player in the league, Glennon will find other options if the defense chooses to take Jackson out of the game.

Week 13 - Vincent Jackson didn't have an easy time beating press coverage and separating from his defender like he usually does. Glennon only looked Jackson's way 4 times the entire game. On Jackson's best catch of the day, he was flanked out wide in double coverage. There was a corner in press coverage and a safety over the top of Jackson. Jackson somehow made a move to get a free release without much jamming from the corner. Jackson streaked past the safety who thought the corner could put up more of a fight. Jackson hauled in a 60 yard floater, but was tripped up at the 4 just before getting into the end zone. Jackson's last two receptions on the day came from the slot. The first was a square in towards the middle of the field for 7 yards, beating zone coverage. The second was a hot route in which no one lined up over Jackson, so Glennon immediately zipped him the ball at the snap. Other than those three receptions, the Carolina defense held Jackson in check. Glennon is getting better at spreading the ball around to the open receiver. He isn't forcing it Jackson's way any more. There are a few Bucs players receiving equal numbers of targets lately, rather than V. Jax getting all the work.

Week 14 - Once again Vincent Jackson is the go to receiver for Mike Glennon. Jackson hooked up with Glennon on a 38 yard touchdown pass that he should get all the credit for. Jackson ran a comeback route to the sideline, but recognized Glennon was scrambling away from pressure. He broke the route off deep to give Glennon a target. Glennon under threw a jump ball to the end zone, but Jackson adjusted, fought through interference and made a catch falling down. Unfortunately for Jackson, all of his three catches were made on that scoring drive. He was held without a catch after the two minute mark of the first quarter. Once Jackson made the touchdown grab, the Bills shifted focus to Jackson. They rolled safeties over the top of him, jammed him at the line of scrimmage, and put the physical Gilmore on him the entire game. Being up big early, Glennon didn't have to force it to Jackson to make plays. The Bucs ran the ball and found the open receiver for the rest of the game. Jackson seemed to have trouble with the man coverage, especially with the physical nature of the Bills' defensive backs. The Bucs did as the always do and moved Jackson all over the formation, but Glennon just couldn't find him after the first quarter. The Bills adjusted their game plan to take Jackson away and it worked.

Week 15 - Glennon decided not to force the ball to Jackson in the first half. He only saw two of his eight targets before halftime. One of those targets came in the form of an eight yard touchdown catch, though. Jackson lined up in the slot, got a great jump at the snap, and pushed the route to the outside. At the last second, Jackson snapped the route into a post over the middle, gaining a step on the safety assigned to him. Glennon fit the ball in nicely, while Jackson used his body to shield the defender from making a play. He did an excellent job of holding onto the pass as the defender ripped at it from behind. Jackson heated up in the second half. For some reason, the San Francisco defense decided to play soft coverage on Jackson in the second half. Possibly because they didn't want him to burn them deep. But this allowed Jackson a clean release off the line. He caught a 16 yard out route, 9 yard hitch, and 11 yard comeback all in a relatively short period of time by taking advantage of the loose coverage. On each route, Jackson was wide open for an easy grab. For the most part, the 49ers kept Jackson in check, mainly by holding him in front of them and not allowing him to beat them for a long touchdown which he has done to many teams this year.

Week 16 - Jackson had a productive day relative to the rest of his teammates on Sunday. Jackson worked out of the traditional flanker position often during the game, more often than usual. He caught a 30 yard post route by faking the corner on a double move and cutting hard to the inside. The pass was completed down to the 3 yard line, setting up a Rainey touchdown run. He also caught a 22 yard pass on the same exact play, except Jackson broke the route off and sat down in the hole in the zone instead of continuing the route across the field. The Rams sold out to stop the run, bringing backers and safeties close to the line of scrimmage, not leaving any underneath help for the corners on Jackson. As a result, Jackson was able to beat one-on-one coverage for big gains on a few occasions. The corners didn't press Jackson, so he had a free release on most routes, as well. Jackson eclipsed his career best for receptions in the 2nd quarter. They ran Jackson across the formation at the snap as if he was going to make a kick out block on the play action, but he leaked out into the flat for a dump off that he rumbled down the hash for 11 yards. Overall, Jackson's day could have been better had he converted an end zone target, but he still used his athletic ability to beat defensive backs in single coverage for nearly 100 yards.

Week 17 - Jackson had several chances to make plays against the Saints, but he turned in one of his worst catch rates of the season. Jackson saw 12 targets throughout the game, but only hauled in 12 passes. The Buccaneers moved Jackson all over the field as they've done all year. He worked out of the slot, where he caught his nicest ball of the afternoon on an out route to the sideline for 12 yards. He also worked out of the traditional flanker and split end positions. The Saints corners were overly physical with Jackson, bumping him a good deal at the line. This limited his effectiveness throughout the game. Glennon did make some poor throws that Jackson could have hauled in had they been a tad more accurate.