RB Fred Jackson, Free agent

HT: 6-1, WT: 215, Born: 2-20-1981, College: Coe, Drafted: ---

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David Dodds15.0135.05814.35.038.02857.51.0123
Bob Henry15.0155.06554.27.040.03258.11.0146
Jason Wood16.0180.07504.26.040.02957.41.0147
Maurile Tremblay16.0155.06574.25.039.02897.41.0131

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Overall: T Williams (91), J Cutler (92), Fred Jackson (93), R Wilson (94), B Cooks (95)
Position: L Miller (82-RB32), M Jones-Drew (84-RB33), Fred Jackson (93 - RB34), D Sproles (96-RB35), D Woodhead (97-RB36)
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Overall: J Cutler (93), Fred Jackson (95), D Sproles (96), S Jackson (97)
Position: S Ridley (91-RB32), D Woodhead (92-RB33), Fred Jackson (95 - RB34), D Sproles (96-RB35), S Jackson (97-RB36)
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At 33 years of age, Fred Jackson is definitely getting closer to the end of the line. His production has been defying the age stereotype for a few years now (injury-riddled 2012 the exception) and will likely still be a solid producer again this season. It's the last one on his contract with the Bills, so he has a lot of incentive to put a good year together. The Bills will split carries with he and C.J. Spiller (and new addition Bryce Brown) again, and we see another productive season from him, though likely not like last year when he finished as the 11th back in fantasy. Brown is likely in Buffalo to replace either Jackson or Spiller (or both, with Jackson being more likely since he is the elder of the two and has less upside. Jackson is good fantasy depth —he plays hard and will put consistent yards on the board but the risk of an age-related drop-off as well as injury and other backs stealing carries hurts his overall potential for fantasy owners, but the volume of the Bills running game can sustain his bench value.

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2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - If Spiller was indecisive and too patient; Fred Jackson was the opposite. Given space and gaping holes, Jackson burst through with power and delivered blows instead of taking them. After averaging three yards per carry on his first two carries, Jackson took his third and blasted the middle of line for a seven-yard gain. Buffalo went back to Jackson the very next play and the hole was even bigger as Jackson gashed the defense for a 12-yard gain. Jackson would get three consecutive carries on the Bills first drive of the 2nd half and again punished the defense and picked up chunks of yards, including a 10-yard run. Jackson’s final run may have been his most bruising, as he again attacked the middle of the line and ran over defenders and his O-linemen alike on his way to a six-yard gain. Jackson was just downright impressive running the ball on Sunday, averaging 5.2 yards per carry. Jackson also led the team in receiving too, picking up two 1st downs (and another that was wiped out by a penalty). Mark Twain said it best when he said, “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.”

Week 2 - Perhaps a bit surprising, Jackson was given 12 carries on Sunday, but he really struggled to make much of them. Averaging only 2.5 yards per carry, Jackson’s long went for five yards and came on his second, and probably most impressive, carry. Facing a 3rd and five, Buffalo ran a rare toss and Jackson was met with almost immediate resistance. He was able to do a good job getting behind his pads and showed some nice power as he had to really work to pick up the first down. Later Jackson was called on again on 3rd and short to power for a 1st down. It may have even been that carry that opened Jackson up to the goal line tote that came later in the game on the Bills first TD. Running off right tackle, Jackson easily slid through the line on the four-yard TD run. Outside of his TD run, Jackson’s biggest impact came in the receiving game on the Bills game winning drive. Catching a dump off on over the middle of the field, Jackson was able to slip a tackle from Kuechly and pick up another 10 yards after the broken tackle. Far from the spectacular game that Spiller had; Jackson was efficient on Sunday.

Week 3 - Just as he did in Week 1, Jackson looked the better back against a stout Jets rush defense. Jackson didn’t get his first carry until the 3rd drive, but boy did he make it count. As the Bills have done all season, they called on Jackson in short yardage situations. Needing a yard for a first down, Jackson was initially stonewalled on the play. However, Jackson was able to do what he does best, continuing to press the hole and keep his legs churning. Like flowing water looking for a crack, Jackson found that seam and emerged from the mess of bodies upright and got downhill quickly. With the defense converged in the middle of the line, Jackson found plenty of space on the outside and galloped to the Bills into scoring position with a 59-yard run. Jackson only ran the ball six other times, but was often hit behind or at the line of scrimmage and was only able to pick up 13 more yards on those six carries. Jackson was plenty active in the passing game, catching four balls on five targets with a long of 17 yards. Jackson’s best catch wasn’t his longest, but instead one in which he only picked up seven yards. Jackson ran a swing route, catching the pass and meeting the defender right at the line of scrimmage. Like he has done so many other times, Jackson absorbed the first hit and turned what would have been a one-yard gain into a seven-yard pickup. Jackson didn’t find the end zone, but again was the goal-line back and received two carries inside the New York 15-yard line.

Week 4 - The veteran continues to impress in a run-heavy Bills offense under Doug Marrone, adding a physical element and an all-round solid presence. CJ Spiller's injury gave Jackson the bulk of the touches in the second half, with his downhill, no-nonsense style churning out positive yardage. Jackson was assisted by a solid performance from the Bills offensive line, which got good push and allowed him to press a hole before cutting back, or simply powering between the tackles. Jackson's touchdown run in the second quarter was the culminations of a great drive as he scampered in from 16 yards out, making a tackler miss in the hole on the way with a nifty sidestep. With performances like this, Jackson will continue to be a key contributor for the Bills for some time to come.

Week 5 - With Spiller ailing, Jackson stepped into the lead back role with 17 carries and performed admirably against one of the league’s best run defenses. Jackson’s first carry came from the Cleveland one-yard line and he easily converted the run into a touchdown to open the scoring for the Bills. Jackson did his best work on the draw, compiling 21 of his 53 yards on the four delayed handoffs, including his longest run. Taking the handoff, Jackson used the stellar blocking to ease through the gaping hole before reaching the second level and bouncing the run outside. Running through one arm tackle, Jackson picked up five more yards after initial contact. Later Jackson would receive another carry at the Cleveland one-yard line and he again converted. Jackson patiently hesitated before bouncing the run outside into open space and easily walked into the end zone for his 2nd touchdown. Jackson also caught four of his six targets, including a long of 13 yards on the final drive of the game.

Week 6 - Jackson didn’t have the flashy runs his teammate did, but still showed why he continues to be the heart and soul of the Buffalo Bills. With the game on the line and the Bills facing a 3rd and six, Thad Lewis targeted Jackson as he worked out of the backfield. Hit short of the marker, Jackson carried the tackler two extra yards and through the first down. Three plays later, Jackson’s made another huge impact on the game without ever touching the ball. The Bengals brought pressure off the corner, leaving Terrance Newman in single coverage on Marquise Goodwin. Jackson stonewalled the blitzer, allotting extra time for Lewis while he waited for Goodwin to get behind the coverage on the way to his 40-yard TD catch. Jackson’s day wasn’t without its disappointments, though, either. Receiving three consecutive carries inside the Cleveland two-yard line, Jackson only managed to pick up one yard combined as Cincinnati’s penetration never allowed Jackson to get a head of steam.

Week 7 - Jackson’s day, and career in Buffalo really, could easily be summed up by one play he made on the game’s final drive. Desperately needing a first down to further bleed the clock and shorten the game-winning FG try, the Bills turned to Jackson. Facing a 3rd and six and with the entire Dolphin defense crowding the line; Jackson took the carry off right tackle. With only a sliver of space, Jackson leaked through and just as he hit open space LB Phillip Wheeler delivered a blow three yards short of the marker. Jackson absorbed the hit and stayed upright before plowing forward for seven more yards and a 1st down. The 10-yard run was Jackson’s longest (and last) of the day and while not necessarily a spectacular run, it was made as such because of the fact Jackson was playing hurt. Three quarters earlier, on Jackson’s first touch of the game he had his knee rolled up on by Scott Chandler as he stepped out of bounds. Jackson dropped immediately and writhed in pain for extended period of time and didn’t return until his short touchdown run a drive and nine plays later. Clearly limited, Jackson struggled all day with his burst because of the knee injury and was robbed of another potential TD run. Getting the carry inside the Miami five, Jackson was able to slip the initial tackle, but like a car running on two cylinders, didn’t have enough power to get back up to speed before the defense collapsed on him. Jackson also uncharacteristically missed a blitz pickup resulting in a sack on the same drive. A true warrior, Jackson led all Bills in touches with 15, including four catches on five targets and a long of 21 yards coming on the screen where his knee was rolled up on.

Week 8 - Missing his partner in crime, Jackson was the man in the backfield and he wasted little time getting out of the gates. His longest run of the day, Jackson took his first carry 15 yards. Plenty of space to operate, Jackson immediately got up field and wasn’t touched until he’d already picked up 10 yards. Never the type to go down easy, Jackson carried the pile an extra three yards. Like a tractor gobbling up crops, Jackson efficiently piled up 25 yards over his next four carries and appeared headed for another big day. The Saints had other ideas, however, as Jackson only amassed three yards on his next ten carries. Jackson did find the end zone on a one-yard plunge early in the 4th quarter, coming on the 3rd of three consecutive carries inside the New Orleans five-yard line. Shockingly Jackson was rendered hapless in the passing game. Buffalo repeatedly tried to use the talented pass catcher in the screen game, but the Saints held Jackson to two catches on five targets for a measly eight yards.

Week 9 - Jackson led the team in carries and while he lacked the monster plays Spiller exhibited, he still averaged just under five yards per tote and received all the goal line work. Jackson brutalized potential tacklers all day, including what was probably his most powerful run that took the Bills down to the two-yard line. Running out of the shotgun, Jackson showed tremendous balance as he immediately used a jump cut to elevate over Justin Houston’s attempt at his legs whilst at the same time shrugging off a tackle from Kendrick Lewis. Lewis did just enough to get Jackson stumbling and Brandon Flowers finally was able to bring him down at the one-yard line. Later Jackson again split two defenders as, this time doing it in the open field as he ran left. Like a scene from Saturday morning cartoons, Tamba Hali and Derrick Johnson converged on Jackson but only tackled each other as they collided on the play. Jackson continued up field and dropped another tackler with a vicious stiff arm that led to seven more yards on the 15-yard run. Jackson finished off the linebacking corps the following drive, this time running right through James-Michael Johnson at the line of scrimmage on his way to 11 more yards. Sunday wasn’t all broken tackles and positive yards, however, as Jackson experienced troubles for the 2nd time this season at the door step of the end zone. Receiving back-to-back carries from the one-yard line, Jackson found no running room and surprisingly was dropped immediately on both runs without providing any forward push. Jackson’s legs were incapacitated immediately on the first and Derrick Johnson did a tremendous job going high and not allowing Jackson to fall forward. The following run, the Chiefs defensive line as a whole did a nice job pushing into the backfield and Jackson was never able to get any forward momentum. Jackson was only targeted twice in the passing game, both coming on screens and he turned the first target into a 22-yard gain.

Week 10 - Where nearly every other player struggled on offense, Jackson led the Bills in both carries and rushing yards on Sunday. Jackson averaged a respectable 4.6 YPC, but the struggles and inconsistencies of the passing game meant limited opportunities for the RB. While Spiller may have been given the starting role, it was Jackson the Bills turned to for their lone trip into the red zone in the 1st half. Set up inside the Pittsburgh 10-yard line, Jackson’s first carry came on a zone run. Despite being hit at the line of scrimmage, he was able to bounce off the attempted tackle and stumble his way to a six-yard gain. The Bills went right back to Jackson on the following play, but he was cut down one yard short of the end zone as he burst through the middle of the line. Jackson’s long went for 11 yards and came on the final drive of the game. With the defense backed off, Jackson was able to find some space working right off the read-option. Gliding through the line, Jackson was reached the sideline and turned up field before finally getting bumped out of bounds at the Pittsburgh six-yard line. Jackson was targeted four times in the passing game and caught three passes, but with a long of only four yards. After losing his footing on his initial catch on a screen, Jackson was badly hung out to dry by his QB on consecutive throws just before halftime. No where to run on either catch, Jackson was led right into the defender on both throws with the latter ending with him being upended on a vicious shot to his legs.

Week 11 - Jackson lead the Bills in rushing Sunday, but like the rest of the rushing attack, it wasn’t pretty. Jackson opened the game with consecutive carries for seven yards, but wasn’t able to match that yardage output until the opening drive of the 2nd drive. Jackson’s long of seven yards came on that first carry out of halftime and would be the first of three straight for the RB. Running right, Jackson made a nice cut in the backfield and found a rare crease in the New York defensive line. Quickly turning up field, Jackson was able to pick up seven yards on the carry. Two plays later disaster appeared to strike as Jackson took the handoff on a read option. Fighting through the line on an important 3rd down, Jackson took a shot to the outside of his left knee and was writhing in pain almost immediately. The tough-as-nails RB ultimately returned the following drive, but never rushed for more than two yards on any of his remaining carries. Rather surprisingly Jackson missed out on the two carries inside the New York five-yard line, but he was in the backfield on the second of those two carries. Jackson also caught both of his targets, but only amassed five total receiving yards with a long of six yards coming on a screen.

Week 13 - While Jackson lacked the explosive plays in the running game he more than made up for it with one absolute undressing in the passing game. The first play following an Atlanta fumble, Jackson took the screen pass and slowly worked his up the field as he angled towards the sideline. Desmond Trufant broke off his coverage and angled with the RB. With the slightest of hesitations Jackson planted and cut back inside and up field with one fluid yet vicious movement. Unprepared for Jackson’s explosion and overcommitted to his angle, Trufant flailed but didn’t even come close to laying a finger on Jackson. With the rookie in his wake, Jackson waltzed into the end zone untouched on the 21-yard TD catch. Maybe not as flashy, but Jackson also had a rushing TD on Sunday. Powering through the middle of the line the RB was stood up at the one-yard line, but continued to churn his legs and drive. With a little help from his offensive line, Jackson eventually powered through the pile and into the end zone for the four-yard TD. Jackson was caught all four of his targets in the passing game, including the aforementioned 21-yard TD and had a long of eight yards rushing the ball.

Week 14 - Like Spiller, Jackson could get absolutely nothing going in the running game and was limited to just five carries as the Bills chased a deficit from the 2nd play of the game. Jackson’s longest run was only four yards and he struggled to find much space as the Tampa defensive line dominated the trenches. Jackson’s biggest contribution came in the passing game, as he was second on the team with four catches on seven targets including a long of 14 yards. Slipping out of the backfield on the first play of the 4th quarter, Jackson and Scott Chandler crossed with Jackson escaping uncovered, as he was able to turn up field on the short throw. Jackson appeared to miss a shot at a big play on the Bills final drive. The screen was set up quite well, with two hunting blockers in front of him, but Jackson wasn’t able to hold onto the easy catch.

Week 15 - Like the passing offense, Jackson and the rushing attack took some time to get going on Sunday. Jackson led the team in carries, but the split was nearly identical prior to Jackson getting three straight on the Bills final drive. After his first five runs were four yards or less, Jackson’s sixth carry finally set the tone. Taking the carry through the middle of the line, Jackson was met on the other side by S Winston Guy. Jackson lowered his shoulder and powered through the initial shot, using a stiff arm to create some more separation and pick up seven more yards. Jackson continued to run through the Jaguar defense the following drive as he ran off the left guard and despite being met at the hole, spun off the initial attempted tackle and picked up nine yards. Jackson’s longest run came two plays later as he again attacked the middle of the line after the run started right, but Jackson cut back against the flow of the play. Safety Chris Prosinski had backside help, but stood no chance as Jackson easily ran through his arm tackle and into open space. Taking advantage of an over committed collapsing defense, the veteran RB bounced the run wide and used a well-timed block from Stevie Johnson to pick up 19 yards. Jackson received two red zone carries on the game-winning drive and just missed a TD on the latter carry as he was tackled on the one-yard line after another smooth backside cut got him into space. Jackson also caught one pass on a designed swing, picking up eight yards on the play. Jackson briefly left the game with an apparent injury in the 3rd quarter, but he returned the following drive and showed no issues the rest of the way.

Week 16 - Jackson’s performance on Sunday was impressive, but especially so considering the veteran running back touched the ball 21 times despite the fact he was playing with broken ribs. Easily the most productive runner, 10 of Jackson’s 21 touches were five yards or more, including a 9-yard TD run early in the 2nd quarter. Jackson took the hand off on the read-option and patiently worked parallel to line before cutting through a perfectly blocked hole untouched. Chris Clemons was waiting at the goal line, but stood no chance as Jackson easily ran through him into the end zone. Jackson exhibited his tremendous feet earlier in the game, taking the handoff inside the Bills five-yard and immediately was pressured well behind the line of scrimmage. The RB was slight in movement, but worked the defender with a thin juke and turned what should have been a loss into a five-yard gain. In the 2nd half the Bills were able to work 9 minutes off the clock with a 19-play drive and Jackson’s fingerprints were all over the drive. The 32-year old RB carried the ball five times, four of which were six yards or more including a huge six-yard run on 3rd down to extend the drive. The following play Jackson was hit just beyond the line of scrimmage, but as he does so often absorbed the hit and drove the pile another three yards as he fell forward. Despite the consecutive carries, the Bills went right back to Jackson and he responded with a 13-yard run that took Buffalo inside the Miami 10-yard line. Jackson received one more carry on the drive, but was caught in a logjam with one of his linemen and couldn’t get moving forward as he was dragged down just before reaching pay dirt. Jackson was also targeted twice on screens and turned both into catches for seven yards.

Week 17 - Jackson didn’t have the carries Spiller did nor the consistent big plays, but man alive did he make Patriot defenders look every bit as bad on his six-yard TD run. Running right initially, Jackson cut backside and just like Spiller in the 1st half was met by a waiting Steve Gregory. Playing Medusa to Gregory’s common Greek soldier, the Patriot safety was turned to stone by one slight head fake/outside lean from the veteran RB. Without even an attempt from Gregory, Jackson moved on to his next victim in DE Chandler Jones. Jones lunged at his feet, but Jackson was able to elevate above the attempt before meeting Dont’a Hightower in his final act at the goal line. Landing just before contact, Jackson blasted through the attempted tackle from the LB on his way to the end zone. One play, only six yards, but Jackson managed to show both his elusiveness and power on the TD run. Jackson’s longest run went for 16 yards, but was more the result of tremendous blocking than much else. Taking the handoff on the read-option, Jackson found a gaping hole through the middle of the defense and wasn’t touched until he was finally brought down in the Patriot secondary. Jackson also caught three balls, including a 37-yard catch and run that directly set up the aforementioned bloodbath, er, TD run. Matched up with a DE, Jackson easily got inside on the arrow route, was able to catch the pass in stride and run free down the middle of the field with no defenders even remotely close until he approached the red zone. Despite the reports of crack ribs in Week 16, Jackson showed no ill effects on Sunday.