WR DeSean Jackson, Philadelphia Eagles

HT: 5-9, WT: 169, Born: 12-1-1986, College: California, Drafted: Round 2

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David Dodds15.03.0186.00.065.094914.67.0139
Bob Henry15.03.0206.70.068.0107015.77.0151
Jason Wood16.02.0105.00.070.0106015.17.0149
Maurile Tremblay16.02.0126.00.064.094914.87.0138

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Overall: P Harvin (50), R Rice (51), DeSean Jackson (52), S Vereen (53), J Cameron (54)
Position: C Patterson (49-WR19), P Harvin (50-WR20), DeSean Jackson (52 - WR21), M Floyd (56-WR22), T Hilton (62-WR23)
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Overall: R Rice (52), J Bell (53), DeSean Jackson (54), T Hilton (55), C Johnson (56)
Position: P Harvin (49-WR20), M Floyd (50-WR21), DeSean Jackson (54 - WR22), T Hilton (55-WR23), J Edelman (57-WR24)
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Eagles head coach Chip Kelly called releasing DeSean Jackson a 'football decision.' Yet, it's hard to understand what Coach Kelly meant when you consider Jackson led the Eagles in receiving yards (1,332), receptions (82) and touchdowns (9). In spite of his size (5'9", 169 lbs.) Jackson has proven to be one an elite game-breaker. Division rival Washington was more than happy to disagree with the Eagles, signing Jackson to a 3-year, $24mm deal with $16mm in guarantees. He'll pair up with Pierre Garcon (who led the NFL in receptions last year) to give Robert Griffin III the best receiving tandem of his career. When Jackson is on the field, he'll be a borderline fantasy WR1. The only cause for concern is his size and history of concussions.

2014 Schedule

1 Jacksonville Jaguars
2at Indianapolis Colts
3 Washington Redskins
4at San Francisco 49ers
5 St. Louis Rams
6 New York Giants
Bye week
8at Arizona Cardinals
9at Houston Texans
10 Carolina Panthers
11at Green Bay Packers
12 Tennessee Titans
13at Dallas Cowboys
14 Seattle Seahawks
15 Dallas Cowboys
16at Washington Redskins
17at New York Giants

2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Jackson looked sharp to start out the game and used his speed well on many short variety throws early on. He looked like a WR that was enjoying the game and he was trusting his teammates for blocks downfield. His yards after the catch were a big part of the offense moving up and down the field in the first half. He made a great catch at the back of the endzone for the Eagles first touchdown. When Vick needed a first down he trusted Jackson and looked in his direction and Jackson used his quickness to get to the marker.

Week 2 - Jackson was on his game today and he was clearly Michael Vick's favorite target as he caught 9 of his 15 targets for 193 yards and a touchdown. Jackson looked quick after the catch all day long, he would take short passes and immediately turn and run to the first down marker. He looked like a WR1 and has the trust of his QB and coach. He is not afraid to run routes over the middle of the field as he displayed with his 41 yard catch over the middle in the 2nd quarter. He is a weapon in the offense and on his touchdown catch got behind the defender and created the big explosive play that this type of offense depends upon. Jackson showed that he has a certain confidence and swagger back that he showed he had earlier in his career. The Eagles offensive scheme is really favoring Jackson's speed and quickness.

Week 3 - Jackson was blanketed by Brandon Flowers all day. Several times Vick looked deep for Jackson only to find him well-covered. Flowers gave Jackson the underneath, and that resulted in only 2 catches for 22 yards in the first 2 Ω quarters. In the third quarter, Jackson finally made Flowers pay in man coverage for a 40 yard gain down the right sideline. Flowers had no safety help for most of the game and was still able to contain the deep passing game.

Week 4 - Jackson for the most part was shut down today, surprisingly not being able to break a long play. He was targeted 6 times but only ended up catching 2 balls total. On his first catch he took a quick Vick pass over the middle and ran and slid his way to a 14 yard gain. His leg looked to buckle a little bit on the play and he was shaken up a bit and exited the game for a few plays. Later on the drive he was targeted at the corner of the endzone on a bullet pass from Vick that he dropped. Jackson later went on to make a 20 yard catch that it looked like he trapped but replay showed that it was a good catch. Jackson also had another nice catch and run that was taken back because of an offensive holding penalty. On the same play he showed some of his flair and started barking back and forth with Broncos linebacker Woodyard.

Week 5 - Jackson missed a bullet pass from Michael Vick on 3rd down on the opening drive which resulted in a 3 and out. The ball was perfected thrown by Vick but Jackson failed to secure the pass with two defenders guarding him. The very next drive Vick went right back to him on 1st down and Jackson again couldn’t make the catch in a tight window. He had a great 56 yard catch on a deep ball from Vick that slipped right through the hands of a Giants defender. Jackson caught a nice pass at the sidelines to give the Eagles a FG to end the half. Late in the 3rd quarter he drew a pass interference penalty with his elite speed down the sidelines. Jackson caught his 5th pass on a low ball that was around his shins and helped keep a drive alive with another 1st down catch. Jackson picked up another 1st down on a pass from Foles with 10 minutes to go in the game. He looked to be the safety net on the day with both Vick and Foles being able to trust him in key situations. A couple of plays later Foles threw him a nice ball near the corner of the endzone and Jackson jumped up and secured the ball for a touchdown. In Jackson fashion he added a little flavor to his touchdown with a salsa dance ala Victor Cruz.

Week 6 - Picked up a 1st down inside the Tampa Bay 5 yard line as he sacrificed his body to do so. Foles and Jackson had a good connection today as 6 passes were thrown his way and made a great catch as he came across the back of the endzone to pick up his first TD of the game. He was thrown a few quick passes to the outside and with no room to run simple ducked his head and ran out of bounds. Took a long pass from Foles into the endzone in stride showcasing his speed and quickness once again. He is a WR1 going forward and has been trusted and used often by both Michael Vick and Nick Foles.

Week 7 - On his first target of the game he took a screen pass for -1 yard as the Cowboys read the play perfectly. He made a nice catch near the sidelines for a first down as time was winding down in the first half. He was thrown a deep ball on a 3rd and 1 right at the end of the half but Foles threw the ball over his head and out of bounds. Foles later tried to force a ball into Jackson in double coverage but in a touch situation Jackson couldn’t make the catch. Jackson did have a near touchdown as Foles threw a nice pass to him at the back of the endzone that was nicely defended by the Cowboys defensive back.

Week 8 - Jackson saw plenty of targets on the day but just couldn’t make a big play. Most of his targets came after only a few yards beyond the yard of scrimmage and even then he was blanketed by the defense and had very little chance of making a bigger play. He had a nice catch from Barkley at the end of the first half showing that he can be counted on at any time and once again showed some great hands on the catch. Jackson had a nice catch over the middle of the field late in the fourth quarter and looked to have a 1st down if he would have went straight forward but he did a slight hesitation and because of that was tackled and held short of the first down and the Eagles were forced to punt.

Week 9 - Made a quick catch and run early in the game to get his hands on the ball for the first times. Jackson also showed his versatility as he had a great punt return of 32 yards and almost broke it for a touchdown. He had a first down catch over the middle on a play that Foles had all day to get him the ball. A couple of plays later he had another first down catch and continues to show that between him and McCoy they are valuable in the middle of the field moving the ball and picking up first downs keeping drives alive. Jackson showed off his speed on his 46 yard touchdown reception as he easily out raced the Raiders defender and pretty near walked the ball into the endzone. On the very next series the Eagles kept the ball moving and Foles showed his trust in Jackson once again as he threw him a deep ball in coverage and Jackson made the tough catch which resulted in a 59 yard reception.

Week 10 - Jackson continued his strong offensive play this week. He is all over the field and even when he is not making plays directly he is still opening up the field for the rest of his teammates because of his big play ability. He had a quick catch and run to start his game off and to help ease him into the offense which was important right at the start. On Jackson's touchdown reception, Nick Foles threw up a deep pass and it was underthrown and the two Packers defenders ran into each other and popped the ball into the air and the ball came right to Jackson and he was able to then walk it into the endzone. On his third catch of the game he took a quick pass from Foles and immediately turned up field picking up additional yards with his speed.

Week 11 - Jackson had his first catch of the game on a 3rd and 11 and picked up the first down and got the chains moving early for the Eagles. Jackson had a big catch in the middle of the second quarter to pick up a first down and get the ball into Washington territory. Things are continuing to open up for him with LeSean McCoy and Riley Cooper both making plays all over the field. Jackson had a big catch early in the 3rd quarter to move the ball into Washington territory again and picked up 26 yards doing so. He didn't have the big game with a long touchdown today but he did catch all 4 of his targets and helped the Eagles pick up key first downs all game long.

Week 13 - Jackson's first catch came at the start of the 2nd quarter and he used his speed and quickness after the catch to pick up the necessary yards to get a first down. He made a great catch for a 25 yard gain down the sideline and got out of bounds and stopped the clock near the end of the 2nd quarter. Jackson had a quick catch out of the backfield that he got hit hard immediately on and looked to be a little shaken up.

Week 14 - On Jackson's first touch of the game he took a run for a 10 yard loss as he could never get his footing as he was heading to the outside. On Jackson's first catch of the game he made a big first down catch right near the sidelines making sure to keep his feet in bounds. Jackson had another first down reception on a quick screen pass that he showed some toughness on stiff arming defenders to ensure the first down. Jackson continued his first down catching on his third target securing a nicely thrown Foles pass that fell close to the ground. On the same drive Jackson worked his way to get wide open at the back of the endzone and made an easy catch for a 19 yard touchdown. Foles threw a deep pass to Jackson in the next drive and Jackson had his man beat but unfortunately the ball was over thrown as it could have been another touchdown for Jackson. Right after that play Foles once again looked for Jackson and this time in the endzone but the ball was knocked away by two Lions defenders.

Week 15 - On Jackson's first look of the game it came in the 2nd quarter and Foles only slightly over threw him as Jackson tried to put one arm up high and grab the ball but it quickly bounced away. On the very next play Foles came back to Jackson and Jackson found a way to shake his defender and get open and secured the catch for a first down. On the third play in a row Jackson was targeted and he made another first down catch as he raced out of the backfield and made the catch at the right sideline. On a 4th and short the Eagles tried a double end around to Jackson and he raced into the endzone for a what would have been touchdown but QB Nick Foles was thrown a flag for a peel back block and the Eagles were forced to settle for a field goal. At the end of the first half Jackson made two key quick catches that helped to move the Eagles into field goal range. Nearing the end of the third quarter Jackson made a great catch on the sidelines and got both feet in bounds and then a couple of plays later beat his defender in one on one coverage and made a 30 yard touchdown catch. Jackson continued his torrid fantasy pace this season having a huge game picking up first downs when the Eagles were in trouble. His most impressive play of the game came on a 51 yard catch and run where he eluded defenders all over the field and just kept running down field.

Week 16 - Jackson's first touch of the game came on a quick screen pass that took in the backfield and went for 8 yards and put the ball inside the Bears 5 yard line. In the second quarter he took a quick pass from Foles for a 6 yard gain. Jackson showed once again his ability to get open and help pick up first downs as he had 3 catches to start the Eagles 2nd half drive and 2 of those 3 catches went for first downs.

Week 17 - Jackson's first catch came on a 2nd and 20 play where he did everything after the catch to make sure he picked up the full 20 yards to get the first down. On Jackson's second catch it was just a short one over the middle of the field for minimum gain. Jackson couldn't get open downfield as he was targeted on a deep throw from Foles but was grabbed while he was running and just couldn't seem to break free. Jackson had a near touchdown as he caught a catch right at the goal line and was held out of the endzone inside the one yard line.

Week 18 - Jackson was having a tough game as he was matched up with a tough defender all game long and couldn't get any separation. His first catch of the game came after the Saints cornerback Lewis was knocked out of the game and Foles went to him a couple of plays later for a 40 yard catch to put the Eagles into scoring range. Jackson showed how valuable he is to the Eagles with his ability to get a big play in the blink of an eye and to swing the momentum into the Eagles favor. On the very next play Foles went right back to Jackson for a short pass. Jackson made another big play on a punt return where he put the Eagles into nice field position. Jackson had one more catch in the game as he caught a quick pass which he raced to the left side of the field and it looked like he was going to be short of the first down before he jumped over a diving defender and made his way to the first down marker. He had another key play in the game when he beat his defender down the field for a deep pass and was held on the play which lead to a Saints penalty and the ball inside the Saints 5 yard line.